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Jurassic World - Dean Winchester x Reader x Owen Grady

"But pleeeease! I really really really wanna go!" you begged as you trailed off behind the older Winchester like a puppy.

Dean simply rolled his eyes but did not look back at you because he knew that if he saw that puppy look on your face then he was bound to give in. He really was on the verge of agreeing just at hearing you ask him. He could hardly deny you anything as it was.

"I said no (Y/n)." he grumbled, feeling a cup with coffee.

"But why? Oh come on Dean, why not?!" you whined and he rolled his eyes again.

"Because it's freaking dinosaurs (Y/n)!" he said matter-of-factly.

"Dean! You fight monsters on a daily basis. Monsters ten times more dangerous than those dinosaurs that are, by the way, held under strict control! Come on Dean! Please please it's just one day there! You don't have a case anyway" you tried to convince him.

"Yeah but what if a case comes up, huh?" he retorted and you rolled your eyes.

"Then we'll have somebody deal with it! There are so many hunters out there why does it have to be us? Come on Dean, please just please say yes! It's Jurassic World we're talking here about! They have live dinosaurs there!" you said with excitement "Please please please just say yes!"

"(Y/n)" he all-but-whined when he caught sight of you giving him the puppy eyes.

Your hands were clapped in front of your face and you were looking up at him with sad puppy eyes, a quite evident pout was on your face.

"Please Dean, please. I will never ask you for any other favor ever again. I promise. And you won't have to pay for the tickets. I have saved enough money for the three of us. Please Dean?" you ended up whispering. You batted your eyelashes at him and Dean let out a big groan, running a hand down his face.

He knew he had long ago lost the battle.

"Fine" he grumbled and looked the other side from you.

"Oh my God, thank you! Thank you so so much Dean!" you exclaimed happily, throwing your arms around his neck and jumping right on him.

"(Y/n)" he groaned your name.

It wasn't that he was bothered by your close proximity. Oh he certainly was not bother by that at all. If he was actually honest with himself then he'd say that he was actually happy to be in this situation. Having you in his arms, hugging him while he got to hear your beautiful laugh was the best thing for him but still, he was Dean Winchester. He had a reputation to live up to. Showing how much of a softy you turned him into just by your hugs was no good for that, at all.

"Thank you! Thank you so much! I promise you won't regret this!" you said when you pulled away with a wide grin on your face that may or may have not just made Dean go weak on the knees.

His eyes slightly widened at the realization.

Snap out of it damn it he shouted to himself in his mind.

"This is going to be awesome!" you exclaimed and gave Dean a big kiss on the cheek.

When you realized what you had actually done, though, you felt your eyes widen and heat rise to your cheeks. You immediately pulled yourself away from Dean and took a few steps back, completely avoiding eye contact with Dean who, by the way, had a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Yeah I uh better- I better go pack some things- just, you know, just in case we uh need them and uh... yeah." you started stuttering, looking anywhere but him and in an instant you were out of the room, hurrying to your bedroom to hide your furiously blushing face.


"Uh is everything alright? Did (Y/n) talk to you about Jurassic World?" Sam asked as soon as he entered the kitchen and saw Dean just stand there, looking at one direction with a grin that, he was sure, was going to make his face later hurt.

"Uh yeah, yeah she did" Dean mumbled, not taking his eyes off of the direction you left.


"Oh my gosh Sam look, look!" you took hold of Sam's arm and shook him violently so that he would look at the direction you were looking at.

"It's Triceratops, Sam! Triceratops!" you said excitedly jumping up and down like a little child and Sam chuckled.

"Yes (Y/n), I know." he laughed more.

"We'll get to ride them later, right? Right?" you looked up at him with puppy eyes and he chuckled some more.

"Yes, (Y/n). Don't worry. You'll get to ride them later." he ruffled your hair and you squealed happily.

"What are you five? This things are for kids!" Dean pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, first of you already know my age because we grew up together and second of, who cares!? It's freaking Triceratops, who wouldn't want to ride one?! They're so so so adorable!" you said making faces and Dean shook his head.

"Whatever" he grumbled trying to show how annoyed and bored he was.

You rolled your eyes at him and ran away to look at another exhibit.

Sam looked at Dean with a smirk that once Dean caught sight of simply rolled his eyes at.

"What now?" he looked at his brother with an annoyed look.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Sam asked and Dean just ignored him.

"Me? Pff it's dinos, what do you find enjoyable in all of this?" he avoided answering the question directly.

"Lots of things but I don't mean just the dinos. I mean seeing her like this?" he motioned to you a few feet away "Happy and excited over something. It's rare for a hunter to be like this even for just a full day in his life. Especially for us. What with all of the things that are going on. You like seeing her like this, don't you? Now, come on Dean, don't deny it. There is no point in it after so many years"

"I- What- No, I- Well, maybe. Oh shut up Sammy" Dean grumbled and walked away from a laughing Sam.


"But how did you manage to get us here? I don't think visitors are allowed at this side of the island." you frowned, looking up at Dean as you all three walked towards the cage with the Raptors in it.

"Well, yes visitors are not allowed at this place but first of; I need to see those dinos you've been bugging me about-" he said, glaring at Sam that smirked at him, knowing fully well that Dean was doing this because you wanted to see the Raptors "-and secondly; the chick on the entrance was willing to do anything for a piece of this" he motioned to himself with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

"Of course she would" you said and Dean smirked more.

"Why you're jealous?" he asked and you scoffed.

"You'd wish" you brushed him off and walked a little bit faster towards the cage with the Raptors. Walking away from them was the only thing you could do at that moment to hide the blush forming on your cheeks from Dean's remarks. Yes you were slightly jealous, although you already knew that nothing was going to happen between that chick and Dean but still, yeah, the crush you've had on the older Winchester had developed into a lot more over the years. As a result you couldn't help but feel jealous.

Dean merely watched you with a big smile and Sam shook his head, the both of them walking towards where you were standing.

You watched with a smile as a Raptor ran after a pig before immediately stopping at hearing a voice.

"Hold!" was heard a somewhat rough voice.

Three more Raptors came behind the first one and stood on its sides.

"Hey! Ok. Eyes on me" the same voice was heard and just like the Raptors looked up at somebody you followed their gaze with wide eyes to see a man. You couldn't really make out his features, the light was almost blinding, but you couldn't help but be in awe of what had just happened.

"Blue? Blue!" he said, clicking something in his hand and one of the Raptors' head snapped to his direction.

"Watch it!" he pointed to her "Charlie, hey! Don't give me that shit." he pointed to a different one and you let out a giggle at hearing what he told her, obviously she was a female.

"Delta, lock it up!" he talked to a different one.

"Good!" he praised, making more clicking noises "Aaaand- " he raised his hand "Moving" he said walking further on that metal thing he was on and looked like a catwalk, the Raptors following his movement and you just stared there with wide eyes and a big smile.

"Hold!" he said again and you now realized you've been doing just what he was saying as well, just as if you were one of the Raptors.

"That's good. That is damn good" he said making clicking noises again.

He took something from the bucket and threw at one of them "See, Charlie? That's what you get." he threw another one to a different Raptor "Echo here you go!" and another one "Delta!" he took another one from the bucket and held it up in the air "Blue... this one's for you" and he threw it at the last Raptor.

"Hold!" they stood still "Eyes up!" they all looked up and so did you "Go!" he made a motion with his hand and the Raptors started running again.

A wide smile was on your face no matter how much you wanted to suppress it and you felt your cheeks already hurt but you were unable to stop, nonetheless. You were stunned at seeing them follow his every instruction, much less that it was dinosaurs you were talking about.

"Damn" you breathed out, with a slight shake of your head. Unable to comprehend how he had managed something like this. Your eyes were glued to him then the Raptors, therefore you missed the roll of eyes Dean gave him. Sam let out a small laugh at seeing what the man had just done and so did you.

You could not take your eyes off the Raptors- or well, you were mostly trying to spot them through all those plants and trees.

“Well, thank you” a voice said next to you and your head snapped to his direction. It was the man from before. You saw him walk down a few stairs and approach you with a smile that instantly made you melt.

“That was amazing” you said with a big smile, truly in awe of what the man could do and… now that you got a closer look, at how handsome he was. How could you not smile at those looks?

Broad shoulders, slightly tanned skin, soft-looking as far as you could see, short light brown hair, messy as far as you could see and pretty daring, if you could say, for you to run your fingers through and a small scruff. A dazzling smile, definitely to die for, and bright green eyes that you could certainly get lost in.

“Glad you think so then” he flashed you a smile and you could hardly hide yours, now.

“I’m Owen, by the way. Owen Grady.” he didn't miss a beat to add and extended his hand towards you.

Biting your lip you extended your hand towards his “Name’s (Y/n). (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n). And these are my friends, Dean and Sam Winchester” you said shaking his hand and motioning to the brothers standing right behind you. The brothers that you had slightly forgotten about while staring at the man in front of you.

“Nice to meet you” Sam, always politely, extended his hand as well; a small smile on his face. Obviously he was equally amazed by the dinosaurs and Owen.

Dean extended his hand for a handshake as well but his face was as stoic as ever, his jaw was even clenched which made you frown for a while. But of course your attention was brought back to Owen.

"So, did you guys enjoy the show?" he asked but his eyes were mostly on you, a small smirk playing on his lips.

"Very much so" you found yourself answering before anyone else could, voice low almost in a whisper and slightly out of breath.

His smile only got bigger and you were sure your knees were about give away any moment given. Damn what this man was doing to you in just a few minutes of talking with him. You doubted you'd be the first woman to feel that way in front of him, though.

"This is not exhibit, though. Why?" Sam asked and Owen glanced at him for a while.

"Well, this is the training area. These Raptors are still in training and specialists get to study their behavior here. There's still lots of job to be done before people got to see them" he said putting his hands in his pockets.

"And you're the trainer?" you asked him and a smile formed on his lips again when he heard you and turned his head to look at you.

"Yep" he said excitedly "Been with these girls ever since they were inside their eggs" he said with a grin and you giggled slightly.

“Do they have names?” Sam asked him.

He glanced behind him for a while and then back at the three of you “Yeah. That one there is Echo, that one Delta, the other Charlie and the bluish one is Blue.” he said with a small chuckle, motioning to the raptors standing behind the cage “She’s the Beta” he added, looking at you.

“And who’s the Alpha?” you asked with a small smile.

“You’re looking at him, sweetheart” he said with a smirk and wink that made you giggle again. This guy was clearly trying to impress you and, hell, was he doing an amazing job at that! Not that he needed to put much effort into it, anyway.

"It's astounding how they listen to your every command" Sam said with a small grin and Owen nodded.

"Well, that's what the Alpha male is for. Being dominant is my thing, anyway. In all kinds of fields" he said with a smirk and you couldn't help the smile (and blush, as well) from making its appearance.

"But yes to answer your question. I was with them ever since they were in their eggs as I told you before. I got to create a bond with them and that is what I am mostly proud of" he said with a smile that would resemble that of a proud father talking about his children. You smiled more at  seeing the look in his eyes and felt your heart melt at seeing this side of him.

"It is great to see this. Most people that work here and we got to meet treat them like they are just... things. A way for them to make money" you said with a small shake of your head and Owen sadly nodded.

"Unfortunately" he shrugged a little bit "Not many here seem to think that they are actually animals and should be treated as that. Realizing that allows you to get close to them"

"And you have?" Sam asked again. Dean not having uttered a word yet. You were worried that something was wrong with him but you just found yourself unable to tear your eyes from Owen.

"Well, yeah" he shrugged slightly "It's probably easier for most people that work here to pretend these animals are just numbers on a spreadsheet... but they're not. They're alive. Besides, they are animals. They think I gotta eat, I gotta hunt, I gotta-" he made a motion with his hand, biting his lip with a smile on his face "You can relate at least to one of those things, right?" he shrugged slightly, his eyes mostly on you all the time he spoke.

"I surely can" you said with a half smirk, looking at him.

He grinned even more widely, his eyes not stopping to roam your face. You must have been staring at each other for a good while, not that you seemed to notice or care, but your gazing was cut short by Dean clearing, rather loudly, his throat.

"So you're basically doing what a dog trainer does, huh? Interesting" Dean said with a rather annoyed look on his face.

Owen raised an eyebrow at him "Yeah only that these 'dogs' are 10 times more dangerous and can tear you into pieces in just a matter of seconds." he said simply.

"'Sides, earning their trust is much harder than you'd imagine. It needs time and certainly needs... skills" he said the last part with a smirk, glancing at you with a look that could only be described as suggestful. You raised a playful eyebrow and let out a small giggle as you couldn't help but think what he meant with that.

"Hmh something that you obviously have, seeing as there is not much to do in this island. Tell me, though, how does it feel the only women in your life you had ever had control over being those Raptors?" Dean said with a - rather arrogant but mostly satisfied - smirk and a raised eyebrow at Owen.

Sam coughing next to you could be heard clearly in the - almost - silence that had surrounded you. It was clear that all that it was for was to cover up his laughing but no matter how much he tried to cover it up by that - or putting a hand in front of his face - you could clearly hear him laugh. A few giggles escaping his mouth as well.

Owen stared at Dean with an almost stunned face. His eyebrows were raised but he soon covered it up. He regained his posture and crossing his arms over his chest he spoke up "You tell me, though, how does it feel to have never had any control over a woman in your life?" he asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow and you saw Dean clench his jaw and narrow his eyes at him.

"But to answer your question, it doesn't matter much anyway" Owen said nonchalantly with a small shrug "If anything. Getting to have control over those fierce female Raptors means that I can dominate any woman I want to" he said with a smirk and immediately looked at you that couldn't hide the smile from your face.

Dean opened his mouth to speak, probably to say something sassy again - considering the smirk on his face - but was cut off by another voice that was heard behind you.

"Grady!" it was rough and certainly manly "I need to talk to you!"

You saw Owen visibly roll his eyes, obviously the man was not somebody he went along with "Damn Hoskins" he muttered - or more like grumbled - running a hand down his face.

His gaze softened when he looked at you and a small smile appeared on his face despite how annoyed he was “I’ll be back in a while. Maybe we could talk some more about the raptors, if you’d like. Or I could take you on a tour of the island later? ” he said, mostly directed to you.

You smiled up at him and gave him a small nod that only made him smile more widely "Of course" you breathed out and he nodded.

“See you in a while then” he winked at you, smiling that flirtatious smile of his and you did the same. He walked by you, stopping for a while to rub a hand on your shoulder. His hand lingered a little bit more as you looked up at him and he looked down at you but he let go anyway, and walked away from you.

“Really?” Dean’s grumpy voice was heard as soon as Owen was out of earshot.

“What?” you raised an eyebrow, looking at him.

“I can’t believe you just fell for that!” he said with an exasperated look on his face.

“What? Why? I thought it was cool” you said defensively.

“I don’t mean what he did with those things-”

“Raptors” you interrupted, correcting him.

“Whatever. The dude was clearly trying to get into your pants and sure as hell seems to be doing a good job. I really can’t believe how fell for that- for that- Raptor-boy!” he said, disbelief written all over his face.

“Huh? Well sorry Dean, but yes I did. I’m no little girl. I perfectly know how to protect myself and put a man in his place when needed. I fight monsters every day, what makes you think I won’t be able to handle him?” you raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms.

“So you are really thinking of taking Raptor-boy’s offer?” he all-but-exclaimed.

“Oh I’m not thinking. I am going to take him up on his offer because, unless you’ve realized it Dean, his is no boy. Damn, did you see that smile? Definitely one to die for! And those arms? Those muscles? I’m telling you I would let him throw me into the cage with those Raptors if I got to have him let me ride-” you started speaking but of course were cut off by him.

"Whow whow whow don't go there! Don't you dare go there!" he pointed a finger at you and you let out a soft giggle.

"Oh please stop. You're just being over-dramatic. What' the freaking problem if I actually want to take him up on that offer... and other ones that he'll probably have for me" you gave him a small shrug and he looked at you with a look that could only be described as one of horror mixed with disgust.

“Are you fucking serious?!” he exclaimed “What the hell does he have that I don’t?” he asked, not really realizing what had just come out of him mouth.

A small smirk formed on your lips as soon as you realized what he had just said.

“Well-” you started and once again he cut you off.

“Oh please don’t start again” he said making a face.

"Ok ok sorry. It's just not every day that I get to meet a man like him" you said glancing at Owen that stood a good few feet away talking to some man but sneaking glances your direction every once in a while. Obviously he wasn't really focused on what the man was saying but his attention was somewhere else... and the thought of that made you smile.

"Oh please no! No no no no. Just no!" Dean said once he saw you looking at him with a rather seductive grin on your face and a small glint in your eyes that could only be described as really promising for a man.

"Well what's your problem anyway?" you averted your eyes from Owen to look up at Dean and crossed your arms in front of your chest, just looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

Dean's eyes widened but he tried to cover up his building panic "Me? Wha- what? Why would I have a problem? What, like I would be jealous? Pf" he scoffed "I'm- I- Why would I? We're just friends anyway, right?" he stuttered out and tried to seem as cool as possible but wasn't really succeeding in it.

You studied his behavior for a while and tried to hide the smile from creeping up your face when you realized that he actually was jealous. That only meant that he felt something for you, that he saw you as more than just a friend - family even - and that there was actually a chance for you and him. Yes you were attracted to Owen, that you would not deny- you were definitely not going to deny it - especially with how good looking, charming and let's not forget funny he was. It was like he was a second version of Dean with those sassy remarks and flirting skills so how could you not be attracted to him? But still there was a part of your heart that belonged to Dean and nothing was going to change that. Especially now that you knew that some part of him felt the same way.

"Oh ok" you shrugged nonchalantly "You're right anyway. We are only friends after all" you said and didn't miss the flash of hurt through his eyes.

"I just guess it's hard to understand what your problem with him is" you added.

He rolled his eyes "Well because the douche just wants to get in your pants and nothing else and you seem to just be falling for all of that easily. I mean what does he really have that makes you want him?" he made a face.

"Well you told me that before and I told you there are plenty of reasons, but-" you smirked at him “Hey, if it makes you feel better- I think nobody, including Owen, looks as cute as you do when you’re jealous” you said with a satisfied smile and shrug.

“Wh-what?” he squeaked, his eyes all-but-widened and you could clearly see a blush forming on his cheeks “I-I’m not jealous? Why- why would be jealous? Who would I need to be jealous of? Raptor-boy?” he let out a nervous laugh “I-I’m not jealous of… Raptor-boy” he said and clearing his throat he walked away from you, to Sam that was standing close to the cage with the Raptors. Obviously wanting to hide the forming redness on his cheeks.

“Whatever” you said with a small laugh and shrug.

You walked with a smirk towards where Sam and Dean were standing. You glanced at Dean with the smirk on your face and once he caught look of your eyes he immediately averted his. He cleared his throat and turned his head to look at the Raptors pretending to be interested and desperately trying to look ok, as if nothing was wrong.

You glanced behind you for a while to see Owen and the man from before being just a few feet behind you, Owen closing the 'door' when he entered because he obviously did not want the other man to come as well. They started speaking and you only caught a few words of theirs.

"...and we end in a place like this. Charging seven bucks a soda" the man said.

"Do you hear yourself when you talk?" Owen turned to look at him straight in the eyes, speaking in a serious voice tone but still a small hint of sass there. A side that you certainly liked on him.
"This is gonna happen, with or without your boys. Progress always wins."

"Maybe progress should lose for once" he stated simply.

You decided not to pry anymore and just turned to watch the Raptors.

You watched them for a while with a small smile until a voice, shouting, was heard "Pig lose!" all eyes snapped to the direction of the cage "Pig lose!" they repeated.

You saw a guy run with a long stick to catch the pig but did not have time as one of the Raptors ran fast towards the pig snatching it with its mouth but at the same time catching the guys stick and as a result him falling... inside the cage.

Your eyes widened and you looked frantically at Dean and Sam that had the exact same reaction on their faces. The poor guy looked up from where he lay on the ground only to see the Raptors looking at him with a predatory look. Obviously they were ready to attack. He backed away as much as he could but they were not taking their eyes from him and just walked closer.

You bit your lip as worry etched inside you and you looked around you frantically to find a way to get him out of there, your hunter instincts immediately kicked in. You spotted a tablet with buttons next to the door and without thinking you went to press one of them, the door immediately started to open.

"(Y/n) no!" you heard Dean, or was it Owen - maybe both - shout but you didn't listen to them.

You didn't wait for it open fully as you crawled under it and then ran towards the poor guy. You knelt down next to him to help him up but froze on your place when you saw the four Raptors surrounding you. You glanced a moment at Dean's and Sam's direction afraid that Dean was going to do something crazy - which you had just done - and ran towards you. He seemed about to, considering how Sam was holding him back with all his strength.

"Owen no!" you heard another voice shout and you saw Owen quickly run towards you. He stood up and between you and the Raptors, hands extended to keep them away.

"No, no hold your fire!" he shouted to a couple men that had guns in their hands.

"You ever shot this animals and they're never going to trust me again" he said and the men lowered their guns as you slowly helped the guy out of the cage.

Dean hissed for you to do the same but you found yourself unable to move. Never had you felt such fear in your life before. Not even when you went on your first hunt. You've been fighting monsters all your life but all of a sudden a couple Raptors were able to make all color drain from your face and your blood run cold.

"Blue. Stand down" Owen said in a firm voice.

"Stand down" he repeated with a little bit more authority in his voice, his hands extended in front of him as if to keep the Raptors back.

"Hey, hey what did I just say?" he snapped at them once she moved and growled at him.

"Good" he murmured, giving a small nod and then speaking again.

"Go" he said in a low, rough voice after licking his lips. You knew he wasn't talking at the Raptors but talking to you "Go (Y/n). Now." his voice was calm and firm as he glanced slightly back at you.

"Wh-what? No. No I'm not leaving you here" you said in a trembling voice.

"Hey hey I know what I'm doing, ok? Don't worry about me. Don't worry about me." he repeated "I just need you out of here. Right. Now." he said as calmly as possible, no taking his eyes off the Raptors.

You gave him a small nod, although he couldn't see it, and after a small squeak escaped your throat you slowly crept towards and under the door. Your eyes were glued to Owen and you were holding your breath. But once you were out of the cage you felt a sigh of relief fall out off your lips.

No sooner had you gotten up than you felt a pair of strong arms wrap firmly around you. You let out a shaky breath and buried your face in Dean's firm chest, and clenched your fists into his plaid shirt, him only holding you tightly. Fearing that if he so much loosened his grip then you would slip away from him.

"Don't you ever do that again" his voice was rough and laced with worry.

You gave him a small nod as you only looked up at him. The close proximity you were in managed to captivate you for a while as you just stared at his beautiful face.

But soon reality downed on you. Your eyes slightly widening.

"Owen" you breathed out immediately pulling away from Dean and turning to look at Owen still in the cage. You missed the warmth and comfort that Dean's arms brought to you but it was not time for that.

The look of hurt that flashed through Dean's eyes was something you missed to notice as well.

"Delta I see you back up" he said to one of the Raptors on his side.

"Ok. Good. Good." he said calmly "Charlie? Stay right there. Good." pointing a finger at the Raptor.

"Close the gate." he said to his friend, or co-worker, that was standing next to the door.

You felt your own heart stop beating when you heard him.

"Are you crazy?" he asked in panic.

"Hey just trust me" he said and your breath caught on your throat when they guy actually listened to him and pressed the button for the door to close.

"No" you breathed out, about to dive in under the closing door. If it wasn't for Dean holding you back you would have.

And just before the door could close for good Owen jumped towards it and rolled down under it, the Raptors not managing to catch up with him. Everybody cheered or let out sighs of relief.

Without waiting a second beat you found yourself prying Dean's arms from around you and quickly jumping in Owen's arms as soon as he was out of the cage. He wrapped his arms firmly around you and let out a small sigh of relief and hugged you tightly to him, spinning you slightly around so that you had your back to the cage now. He rubbed his hand at the back of your neck and you hugged him even more tightly, your eyes shut tightly as you clenched the fabric of his jacket in your hands. Your face was buried in his neck, eyes tightly shut as you breathed in his scent and then let out a big sight of relief when you actually realized he was safe. It was something you had never felt before. Or well, maybe a couple times, with Dean. The fear of something happening to a person so close to you was impossible to shake off. You had not realized how easily and quickly you and Owen had gotten so close but- you didn't find yourself to care anyway.

All you cared about was the fact that he was safe and in one piece, here in your arms. A small blush crept up your cheeks when you realized how close you were at the moment but once again- you did not care. Owen was safe and that was that mattered to you. Maybe it was your hunter side wanting to make sure everybody was always safe and alive, no matter the situation, but you couldn't help but think that this time, with Owen, it was different. The feeling you had right now as you had your arms wrapped around him, making sure that he was alright, and than was hauntingly familiar of when Dean would come back from dangerous hunts proved to the fact that Owen had suddenly started meaning a lot to you. It sounded to crazy in your head but it was true.

Your eyes were shut tightly as you were biting your lip, your face slightly buried on the crook of Owen's neck. When you opened them, though, you felt your heart tighten at the sight of the look on Dean's face.

The look of pure hurt.
Jurassic World - Dean x Reader x Owen
Yes a Supernatural and Jurassic World crossover because eh why not?
Enjoy~! xx'
Adore - Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega!Reader - Part 7

Your eyelids felt really heavy. You were enveloped by darkness but somehow you were aware of your surroundings. Well, as much as you could be. You were laying on something soft, it felt like a bed, but you actually thought that you were on some cloud. A light blanket was covering you; managing to bring you some kind of warmth.

You took in an inhale and let out a soft groan. You forced your eyes to open and even though it hurt you slowly but surely managed to open them. You groaned more when you felt the light hit your face and blinked a couple times to adjust your eyes. Although your vision was blurry in the beginning your sight finally managed to clear up.

You frowned as you took in your surroundings, more so when you got to think of how you got to be in this place. You were in a bedroom, laying on a king sized bed. The bedroom itself was simple, not extravagant, yet it managed to make you feel instantly at home. Which was completely wrong because you were not home. You panicked slightly when everything came rushing back. From Stiles leaving, to you talking with Sam and then passing out.

What had happened? How had you gotten in this place? Where was this place?

"(Y/n)?" Sam's voice made your head snap to his direction. He was sitting on an armchair at a corner of the room, next to a big bookshelf. He had his hands resting on his knees and you could clearly see from the mess his hair was in that he had been running his hands through them. A worried look was evident on his face and you could see the bags under his eyes that indicated the lack of sleep.

"You're awake? Oh thank God" he breathed out, running a hand down his face.

"Sam? What- What happened?" you croaked out, moving in the bed so that you were in a sitting position.

He was quick to come by your side "You passed out. I-I got worried because you wouldn't wake up and I took you at my place. I called a doctor to check up on you and he said that you'd taken something like- like sleeping pills. I-I didn't get it but he told me that what you'd taken was really strong and not subscribed for people your age and-" he let out a frustrated groan and ran a hand through his hair.

"(Y/n) please tell me you didn't try anything. Please tell me that-" he started speaking again but you cut him off.

"No, Sam. I didn't do anything. Somebody must have put something in my drink last night, that's all." you said rubbing your head.

He let out a small sigh of relief and moved closer to you. He wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in your hair. You instantly let yourself relax, something that was not hard when it came to being in Sam's arms, and you buried your face in his broad chest, taking in a deep breath and smelling his scent that always brought a sense of comfort in you.

"I don't know what I would have done if something happened to you" he said, letting out a shaky breath. His face was inches apart from yours and he could easily lean in, as he was cupping your cheek, to kiss you and you, most probably, would not have raised any objection to that. Not when you saw his red and puffy eyes from crying looking at you with that puppy look in them.

You were just millimeters from leaning in to kiss him and therefore take back all you had said. But you knew you couldn't.

"Yeah, don't worry. I didn't try anything although that would be the best solution in our case" you said as coldly as you could.

"What? No, (Y/n) no. Please don't say that." he manged to say in a trembling, though, voice.

"It would not make any difference to you now, would it? You made it obvious what you think of me. To you I am just a whore that wanted to sleep with her teacher to brag about it later. Nothing more. So why not rid you of my existence? Maybe I should just-" you had started rambling, trying to be as bitter as you could although you were mostly hurt at thinking that that's what Sam thought about you.

"Don't" Sam said firmly, cutting you off "Don't you dare say it, ok? If you so much think once again that ending your life is the only solution then you are wrong"

"Well, it is the only way to numb the pain anyway" you stated calmly.

"But you won't do it because I won't allow it. You will not put yourself in danger for any kind of reason, especially me! You hear me?!" he spoke- basically shouted at you and your eyes widened. You felt the entire room shake while it was just you. It was as if something clicked inside you and you frowned at the weird feeling but nodded at him nonetheless.

"Sorry" he breathed out "I just- I'm really sorry, (Y/n). For all of the things I said last night. I didn't mean any of them. I would never think something like that of you." he said with guilt looking down at his hands.

"Then why did you?" your voice came out in a whisper.

"I- I got jealous. Really jealous." he admitted "You've been so distant and cold towards me all these weeks. You hardly paid any attention to me and didn't even want to talk just like we did in the past. Like friends. And last night- Last night you came there, more beautiful than I have ever seen you and were with another guy. You- you were so close with him, laughing and dancing and- when you looked at me you immediately averted your eyes. And I- I was hurt, yes, but most of all I was jealous." he let out a sigh and ran a hand down his face "And I messed up everything. I ruined every last chance I had of getting you back" he said with a shake of his head.

You opened your mouth ready to speak. Ready to tell him that he hadn't ruined his chances of getting you back because he had never actually lost you. That you still loved him and, though you feared it, you wanted to be with him. That he was the only in your heart and no guy could ever replace him. But you knew you couldn't.

He looked at you and forced a smile on his face. He hesitantly brought his hand to cup your cheek and rubbed his thumb over it. The heartbroken look on his face was breaking your own heart and you couldn't stand looking in his eyes for longer. You could look away either, though.

You opened your mouth to speak but another voice cut you off.

"Sam?" said a feminine voice.

Yours and Sam's heads snapped to the direction the voice came from. A girl, probably a couple years older than you, was standing on the door holding what looked like clothes folded in her hands. She was about your height and had long brown hair that she'd let down. She had a cute face, big chocolate eyes adorning it and a sweet smile, a dimple appearing on one of her cheeks; or was it a birthmark? You couldn't tell. What you could tell for sure was that she was beautiful and her mere presence made you feel self conscious. All the more when you though of what she could be to Sam. An ex that had forgotten something and came back? A girl he met and gave her his address to visit him because he liked her?... A girl he was already with in a relationship?... His mate?

"Angel?" Sam's voice was heard "Oh thanks for coming" he said letting out a sigh.

"No problem. Sorry for being late, I couldn't find the right clothes." she said in a soft voice, looking at Sam till her eyes fell on you "And you must be (Y/n), right?" she asked and you nodded.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Angel" she said warmly extending her hand for you to shake.

"Uh Angel is my brother's mate. It's the man you met a while ago at class" he said and you found yourself letting out a sigh of relief. You remembered him, faintly though. Shorter than Sam, green eyes, blonde hair.

"Yeah yeah I remember him" you said.

"Impossible to forget" Angel muttered with a roll of her eyes "Just like every Winchester" she added and earned a bitch face from Sam.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he raised an eyebrow at her and she just shrugged.

"Nothing, never mind. Just-" she glanced at you for a second "Do you mind going to get us something to eat? I'm feeling like it and I'm sure (Y/n) is hungry as well" she said and after glancing at you Sam nodded and left.

"Ok" she said letting out a sigh and looking at you once Sam was gone "So I've got you some clothes here. You look about the same size with me so I think they will fit you perfectly. You can keep them if you like them as well" she said.

"Thank you but you don't really have to. I can return home like this I have no problem" you said getting up from the bed.

"Yeah but it is no problem for me either. Besides you are not going to return home yet. We need to make sure you are alright and of course you'll have to eat something first" she said handing you the clothes "I'll let you to change. I'll wait for you outside on the living room" she added and was out of the door to leave you on your own.

With a final sigh you agreed and started taking off your dress and proceeded to wear the clothes she'd given you, which surprisingly fit perfectly well and were your taste. Maybe she was more of a nerd like you than she'd let it show. Taking a final look on the mirror you turned and exited the bedroom.

You were still trying to take in your surroundings in Sam's small apartment when you spotted her leaning over the counter and filling two mugs with coffee.

She handed you one and took hers in her hands as you both made your way to sit on the couches.

"I always tell my boyfriend that drinking black coffee in the morning without having eaten something is damaging to the health but oh well" she shrugged and took a sip of her coffee.

"Sam's brother right?" you asked.

"Yeah, his name's Dean. And much like Sam he is an Alpha" she was quick to reply.

"And you are married or...?" you trailed off.

"No. Not yet at least. We both wanted to wait some time. Mostly because I wanted to finish college first, get a job of my own and then think about family, kids and all that" she said.

"Oh and you've finished college now?" you asked, glancing at the engagement ring on her finger.

She looked at it and then back at you "Oh no. I still have three years left but an engagement wouldn't hurt. The wedding though is going to be done once I have finished school." she said and you caught yourself frowning.

"Sorry if I am being indiscreet but... how did you meat him?" you asked, remembering Sam clearly tell you that his brother, Dean, was four years older than him. That made him 33 now but this girl was... still in college. So that meant that she could be no older than 20?

"Uh well-" she started and you took a sip of your coffee as you waited for her to answer "In high school. He was my teacher." she said with a small smile and you chocked on your coffee, your eyes wide.

She patted your back softly as you tried to regain your breath "He- was your teacher?" you breathed out.

"Yeah. And my mate as I later found out" she said with a small chuckle.

"But- but how- how did you-" you couldn't form a complete sentence.

"How did I find out that he was my Alpha? Well, that's a pretty long story I have to say" she let out a chuckle that faded away once she saw the hopeful look in your eyes.

"I fell in love with him even before I knew anything" Angel started saying, a fond smile on her face "I think every girl in the school thought of him in that way, if you know what I mean. He was handsome. The most handsome teacher in the school. And he still is. But I wasn't going to say or do anything, anyway. He- he was engaged. To a Beta. She was not his mate, obviously, but still- he was with her. And I- I felt guilty, you know? I felt guilty because I caught myself not only thinking about him but also seeing him all the more often. We- we had managed to become friends pretty soon and although I felt guilty, sometimes I still do, I was relieved and... happy when I found out that he and his fiance, Lisa was her name, broke up. At the back of my mind there was this thought that... there was a chance for me, you know?" she said with a half smile, looking at you.

"But- But he was your teacher. Right?" you asked with a frown, holding your mug tightly in your hands. She merely nodded.

"Yeah. And that's why I tried to distance myself from him. To push him away, you know. It was for his own good anyway. I cared about him. I- I loved him and I would never want him to lose his job. He loved being a teacher. He still does." she let out a soft laugh "He's still my teacher in college and every time I have a lesson with him it is impossible for me to concentrate. Watching him just talk with such passion about things he likes is enough for me" she said with a fond smile, looking down at her hands.

You felt the corners of your mouth lift at the thought of Sam and how passionate he was about teaching. You could just as well watch him for hours teach and you would never be bored.

"But-" Angel spoke up letting out a sigh "-Things don't always come the way you want them to." she shook her head slightly.

"What do you mean?" you asked with a small frown.

"I knew he fought hard to become a teacher, defied his father to do what he wanted to but I knew that if I let something happen between him and me then- then he would lose everything. I wanted him. I wanted him more than anything else and I knew that he felt the same way. But- I was very aware of the fact that if somebody found out about him and me then he would never be able to teach ever again. And I didn't want that for him. I knew I couldn't take it away from him. So I ignored him. I decided to pay no attention to him anymore. But-" she spoke but you cut her off.

"It hurt" you mumbled looking down at your hands.

"Yeah" she said with a bitter smile "It hurt like hell but I knew that as long as I was protecting him... I was doing the right thing." she let out a sigh "Or so I thought" she added and you looked at her with a deep frown.

"I thought I was doing the right thing but didn't know that... he was hurting. He was hurting more than I thought he ever would." she added.

"And- and what did you do?" you asked, taking a sip of your coffee.

"Well, I had decided that I was going to stay away from him but then all it took was my best friend's advice and just like that my life changed. Radically." she let out a soft chuckle "She convinced me that being with him and risking everything was more preferable than being away from him and hurting. I agreed but well- before I had the chance to tell him anything I found myself fighting for my life. I was in a car accident, I was in a coma for a while even, and almost lost my life but I guess... it was worth it" she smiled and you frowned.

"Maybe it took me to cry my eyes out, to 'rip' my heart out to protect him, to almost-lose my life but at least I got to find out that he was my mate. He said he just didn't want to tell me before he made sure I was actually in love with him and maybe- if I had decided to take that decision earlier, to talk to him I mean, then I would have avoided all of that. But what can you do" she shrugged slightly "At least I am with him now and don't have a problem with school because he is my mate"

"But-" you spoke up, biting your lip "-How were you sure that he was your mate?

"I wasn't" she simply said "I just took the risk and it was worth it."

"Just like that?" you breathed out and she nodded with a smile.

"Just like that" she said before the door opened and Sam walked in "Besides, it's in those Winchesters to put others before themselves... Most especially their mates" she said in a low voice, giving you a wink and getting up from the couch to help Sam with the bags.

"What are you two talking about?" Sam asked her, glancing at you and your stunned expression.

"Oh nothing" she shrugged "Just how much of idiots you Winchesters are and won't say what's needed first" she said supposedly playfully but actually slightly glared at Sam who immediately understood what she meant and avoided her eyes. Which of course was telling you that he was your mate.

"You forgot the pie Sam" she said with a roll of her eyes "I'm gonna go take some ok? Don't start eating without me" she said with a smile and quickly made her way out of the door.

"So..." Sam said nervously, hand in pockets "Were you really talking about that?" he asked you.

"Sort of" you mumbled, setting your mug on the table.

"She- she was just telling me about her and Dean. And... how they got together." you said and looked up at him "He was her teacher in high school" you added and he avoided your eyes as he came to sit next to you on the couch.

"Yeah" he mumbled.

"And her mate" you pointed out again and he nodded.

"But didn't tell her." you got only a nod as response again.

"And so she tried to distance herself from him because she didn't want him to lose his job" you said again, expecting some sort of reaction from him. You didn't get any.

"She almost lost her life" again just a nod.

"They could have avoided all the pain and drama if he had spoken though. Why didn't he Sam? Why? They would have been together from the beginning and everything would have been ok. She wouldn't have to suffer. He wouldn't have to suffer either. Why didn't he speak up Sam? Why didn't he-" you started rambling only to be cut off by Sam.

"Oh (Y/n) I'm sorry!" he mumbled burying his face in his hands "I'm so so sorry" he mumbled again.

"I- I wanted to tell you something- I want to tell you something but I just- I don't know how and- ugh" he let out a frustrated groan, getting up from the couch. He ran a hand through his hair and took in deep breaths.

He took in a deep breath and turned to look at you that had gotten up from the couch to face him "I- (Y/n) there is something that I believe you should know. I know that you probably hate me right now- That you probably don't want to see me. Especially after what I told you last night. And I know that it will probably be disappointing for you. I messed up. Bad. But I- I'm in love with you, (Y/n). And I just- I have to let you know even if you don't want to-" he started rambling things that really made no sense. You rolled your eyes when he did not get to the point so you decided to take matter into your own hands.

You took two long strides and grabbed him by the hem of his jacket. You brought his face down and crashed your lips to his. He was taken aback for a moment and he was frozen in his place but when he realized what was happening he melted into the kiss and started kissing you back. It did not last long, though, because you had to pull away in need of air.

"She was right. You Winchesters are complete idiots" you said breathlessly.

"What?" he only could breath out.

"I was confused as to why you made me feel this way. I thought it was because I was in love with you but then I realized that- that's how I felt ever since the first day I met you. And- it wasn't only love." you said and rested your forehead against his "Why the hell didn't you tell me that you were my Alpha, Sam?" you breathed out.

"I'm sorry" he mumbled, looking down sheepishly.

"You're so dumb" you said with a laugh. you cupped his face and made him look up at you.

"Sam I loved you from the first moment, why would you ever think that I would be disappointed to find out that you are my mate? If anything, I am the most happy Omega in the world right now" you said with a chuckle and he smiled softly.

"Really?" he asked and you nodded.

"Yeah and- even if you weren't I would be willing to do this" you said and locked fingers with his "I want to be with you Sam. What I feel for you- it's impossible to describe. But I love it anyway. I love you Sam Winchester and no matter what, mates or not, I'm going to take the risk and fight for us"

His smile only got bigger "I love you too, (Y/n). And I'm sorry I didn't tell you anything from the beginning" he said sheepishly.

You giggled and spoke "You're lucky I adore you so much or else I would certainly torture you some more"

He chuckled as well and leaned in to close the distance between you, pressing his lips to yours in a soft loving and adoring kiss.


"Mission accomplished" Angel smiled to herself as she walked away from the door ready to go get some pie and call Dean to tell him that her plan had worked out.
Adore - Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega!Reader - Pt 7
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Adore - Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega!Reader - Part 6

You gasped and you felt your heart jump to your throat, your eyes were wide.

"Lydia!" you shrieked as soon as you caught sight of your ginger-head friend standing at the porch of your house in (almost) complete darkness.

"About time! Were have you been?" she asked crossing her arms.

"Well-" you started speaking as you approached her "-Studying History and Kira was helping me in that. I left a couple hours ago but didn't feel like returning home yet."

"So you decided to take a walk and let me wait here! You're unbelievable" she rolled her eyes.

You unlocked the door and motioned for her to come in with you. You glanced at the small bag she had in her hands along with the other one that could only contain some kind of clothing.

"What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be at the prom?" you asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, obviously but- What were you going to do?" she asked you back and you shrugged.

"Uh probably watch some movie, or read a book and then sleep. Why?"

"Because that's exactly what I thought you'd say." she said letting out a sigh "(Y/n). It's prom night and you are not going to come?"

"I don't have a date, Lydia. Besides... I'm not really in the mood" you mumbled and she visibly frowned.

"(Y/n), I know that. We can all see that, and even though you haven't told me what's wrong yet- shame on you by the way - that does not mean that you shouldn't go out and take a break. Come on (Y/n), just relax a little bit. I'm sure it will make you forget" she said with a soft smile "Besides, I already told Stiles that you want to be his date for the prom and he's going to be here any minute" she didn't miss a beat to add.

"Are you kidding me?! Lydia, seriously? Even if I wanted to come now, I don't have a dress, which means no prom. Why would you tell Stiles-" you started rambling only for Lydia to cut you off.

"Already fixed that. Here I've got your as well as my dress. And here is just some make up and things to make ourselves prettier. Now come on, we don't have much time" she said and scooted you towards the stairs.

"You're unbelievable" you muttered and she only smiled.

"I know. Now, come on. Move" she said and you both made you way to your room.

You were always surprised at how quickly Lydia could do some things so this time you were not at all stunned by her. She had finished doing your hair and make up in no time and soon followed hers. You also had to admit that she did a good job at that. Simple, natural but still elegant and for a moment you thought that if somebody looked at you they would think you had no worries in the world. Your hair was down in soft waves, beautiful but not over the top. The moment she presented you with the dress you knew that it was the perfect choice, not only because it went along with you hair and make up well but also because it suited your personality. It was all you could ever want and above all your favorite color, (Y/f/c). It had a sweetheart neckline and could fit perfectly around your curves. It was tight till your thighs and then it flowed down, reaching the floor; even as you wore high heels.

The sound of the doorbell ringing snapped you out of your thoughts and made you avert your eyes from your reflection in the mirror to Lydia.

"I guess this means we should get going huh?" you asked with a half smile and she nodded happily.

You both quickly made your way downstairs and opened the door to find Stiles' back turned to you. You shot Lydia a knowing look and she just shrugged. You cleared your throat to get Stiles' attention. And you did. He jumped, obviously startled, and turned to look at you; his eyes went wide and his mouth hanged open.

"Wow" he breathed out and you raised a playful eyebrow. You had really come close with him in this year.

"That's all you got to say? 'Wow'?" you asked and you saw him panic.

"No, of course not. I- I meant that- you look great. More than great. You look amazing. Fantastic. Stunning. Really I- I didn't just mean-" he started stuttering but you cut him off with a giggle.

"It's ok, Stiles. Just kidding. You look fine yourself" you winked at him and linked arms with his "Come on now, let's get going or else prom is going to be over by the time we get there" you said with a smile and the three of you made your way to the car.

The ride to the school was not really long but above all it was not tiring. Stiles didn't for a minute stop joking, even if he really did not mean to he was always funny to you, and you had a great conversation with both him and Lydia. Time passed by quickly and you soon were at the school.

You walked in through the crowd of people, saying hello to anyone you knew.

"Well, aren't I lucky to have two beautiful girls by my side or what?!" Stiles said with a proud smile and you rolled your eyes with a laugh.

"Well, either you are already drunk, even though we have not drank anything yet, or your wolf senses are awful" you commented and he raised an eyebrow.

"But I'm not a werewolf. Scott is remember?"

Yeah talking about werewolves as if it was the most normal thing in the world. When was your life ever normal since you moved here, anyway?

"My point" you said with a smile "Because even though you have not realized it yet Lydia went to find her date for tonight"

"Oh right" he nodded "Well I am lucky anyways. You are the most beautiful one in here"

You tried to put on a serious face "No Stiles. I'm not sleeping with you"

"What? Oh come one!" he whined like a little child and after a while you both erupted into a feat of laughter.

"Wait here, I'm going to get us some drinks" he said and immediately was out of sight for you. You took a seat on one of the chairs and rested your hands on the table.

You chose to look around you while waiting for Stiles to come back but soon regretted your choice. Your eyes locked with the ones that you didn't want to and you caught yourself cursing under your breath for not tearing your eyes from his.

Sam was there with some other teachers, talking about who-knew-what. Well, he wasn't really talking. His eyes were locked with yours and you could see him clearly check you out. A small, sad-looking, smile was on his face. It looked more of a nostalgic one but it was of adoration and awe nonetheless. You clenched your fists and slowly, and painfully, teared your eyes from his. You could still feel his eyes roaming your body, as if it was the first time he ever saw you, and you felt goosebumps form all over your body.

You let out a small sigh of relief when you saw Stiles approach you with drinks in hands.

"Here we go" he said and without waiting you downed yours.

"Well bottoms up" he said after a while of just staring at you. He drank his and looked at you with a frown "Is everything ok?" he asked in a worried voice tone.

"Yeah, yeah. Just... things" you said and looked down at your hands.

He placed his over yours and spoke "You know you can tell me everything, right?"

You looked up at him for a while. You glanced at Sam's direction and sure as hell he was still staring at you. More intensely this time and it felt as if he was glaring daggers at Stiles. You looked back at him and felt a smile form on your lips.

"I know Stiles" you said, leaning in to peck his cheek. Fact that made him blush a little bit.

"Hey a slow song. How about we dance huh?" you asked him and he didn't miss a beat to nod.

You both made your way to where most of the students dancing were and faced each other. He was hesitant, and you could see nervous, so you took the initiative and taking hold of his hands you placed them around your waist. Yours found their way around his neck and you smiled softly at him. Him soon proceeding to do the same, when he finally relaxed.

You found yourself relaxing really soon, finding a sense of comfort in Stiles' arms. Not the same that Sam's arms brought you, no, nobody could ever compare to him but you knew that you had to stop thinking about it. You had to stop thinking about him and spending the night with Stiles was the best idea. You rested your head on his shoulder and smiled sheepishly up at him. He did the same and you relaxed even more. You closed your eyes for just a few seconds but when you opened them you immediately caught sight of Sam. And let's say that the expression on his face was not the best one.

You could see the anger on his face. How he pursed his lips to keep himself from doing something he would surely regret, he was clenching his fists so tightly that you were sure (even though you could not see clearly) that his knuckles were white. But despite that, you could see the look of hurt on his face and it made your heart clench in your chest. You quickly averted them and chose to look anywhere but him.

Maybe focusing on Stiles would help, right?

It did help, that you could tell for sure. Even though you doubted it in the beginning you actually had a good time. The prom was not over yet and you honestly did not want it to end. Time passed by so quickly and it was really pleasant. Stiles always managed to make you have a good time and prom was no exception. You actually laughed and enjoyed yourself more than it was possible, considering the circumstances anyway, you felt as if a weight was lifted from your shoulders and the heavy feeling in your chest disappear for a while. You caught yourself smiling and laughing for real, many more times than you had all this time ever since the incident with Sam.

Sam. You caught yourself glancing at him really often and every time his eyes were glued to you. Watching your every movement and of course every movement Stiles made. He narrowed his eyes whenever Stiles was really close to you, closer than a friend should be, and you could literally see his inner battle. He struggled to keep himself from walking over to you and ripping you from Stiles' arms. Other times you could see the hurt in his eyes that every time pleaded with you, like a kicked puppy would, to stop this and go back to him. But every time you willed yourself and teared your eyes from him. Every time you willed yourself and looked at Stiles, focusing on what he was saying instead of thinking about Sam and his eyes always being on you.

"Wow who would have ever thought you had it in you (Y/l/n)?" Stiles said with a smile as you both walked towards your table.

"Hey don't criticize my dancing skills, Stilinski!" you pointed a finger at him.

"Hey I'm not!" he raised his hands in fake surrender "I just never expected you to be a good dancer"

"I'll take that as a compliment" you said with a giggle and he laughed.

"Hey did you... get us new drinks?" he asked with a frown, pointing to the filled cups sitting on your table.

"No dumbass. I was with you all night unless you didn't notice" you said matter-of-factly and he rolled his eyes "But probably it's something like service here. Probably some students fill in the cups that were empty on tables" you said with a little shrug.

"Well they look a little different from the ones I got us but oh well" he shrugged as well and took his drink in his hand just like you did.

His phone ringing stopped him from drinking though. He looked on the screen and saw Scott's name. He answered it quickly and even though he didn't say much you could see that something was wrong, mostly from the deep frown on his face.

"I have to go. Scott needs me" he said once he hanged up. He let out a sigh and ran a hand down his face "I'm so sorry" he mumbled and you smiled reassuringly.

"It's ok Stiles, no need to apologize. Go." you said.

"Really? But (Y/n) you-" he started only for you to cut him off.

"I had an amazing time tonight, really, and there is no need for you to say sorry. Scott needs you now. He's your friend and you have to go. I know that that's what you'd do for me, anyway" you smiled softly and with a final smile of his own he rushed to leave.

"Might as well leave too" you mumbled to yourself. You downed your drink and got up from your seat, slowly making your way through the crowd and out of this place.

You took in a deep breath of fresh air as soon as you were out of the school and away from almost everyone. You contemplated on calling a cab but in the end decided to walk to your home. You hadn't taken many steps, though, until a voice stopped you in your tracks.

"Do you really think going home all alone at night is a safe thing?" Sam's voice was heard.

Your mind told you to ignore him, pretend that you didn't hear anything, and continue walking. But your body seemed to have a completely different opinion.

You turned and faced him, putting on a blank face "Yeah, maybe not. But I need the fresh air" you said.

"So why don't you tell your boyfriend you escort you home?" he said with spite.

"He's not my boyfriend. Stiles and I are just friends" you said as calmly as you. You were started to feel more tired than you thought you would.

"Friends huh? Well I didn't know friends would be all over each other when dancing" he said bitterly and you rolled your eyes. Each passing moment you found yourself more and more tired, the energy was drowning out of you and the idea of a bed sounded really appealing right now.

"Who do you think you're kidding, (Y/n)?" he laughed bitterly "You said you didn't want anything to happen between us because you didn't want me to lose my job but we both know that it was a lie."

He walked closer to you and spoke "Why won't you just tell the truth for once huh? Why won't you admit that you just wanted to have some fun but nothing more? Why won't you admit that all you wanted was to play, to live the affair with your teacher for just a little while because you liked the idea of getting caught? Because all you wanted was to get into bed with me and that was it. Why won't you admit that you didn't want a relationship, just a night with your teacher? Something to brag about to your friends. And even your little boyfriend. What would he think, though? Huh (Y/n)? Do you think he would-" he abruptly stopped when your palm collided with his cheek in a slap.

"You've got to be kidding me." you said bitterly, trying desperately to keep the tears in "I tore my heart into shreds for you Sam. I pulled it and tore it apart, denied myself my love for you just because I didn't want you to lose your job. Do you have any idea how many nights I've cried myself to sleep ever since that day? Do you have any idea how many times I've thought of walking into your office and shouting how much I love you because I can't stand the pain? Do you have any idea how many times I've thought back to that time at my house? Do you have any idea how many times I've wished that it had never happened? Do you have any idea how many times I've wished I- I never met you Sam! I wish I had never met you! You- you destroyed my life! You made me fall in love with you! You made me feel things that I never had before only for me to be the one tear my heart, to make myself numb to pain in any way I could so that I would not feel empty. So that I would not think of how life would be without you after I got a taste of how it would be with you. And now what? You accuse me? You Sam Winchester point the finger on me? Why? Because I for once want to get my mind off all the fucking things that have happened in the past days? Because I'm so tired of feeling the pain that I-" you shook your head and wiped out the tears that had run down your cheeks "This is pointless" you mumbled and turned your back to him, walking as far away as possible.

"No, (Y/n)! Please, no wait (Y/n)!" he said in a rush and grabbing your arm he turned you to look at him.

"I'm sorry. God I'm so sorry, I-I don't know what came over me I- I'm sorry (Y/n). I didn't mean any of the things I said. Please forgive me. I- It hurts seeing you like this but please try to understand me. I can't-" he started speaking and you stopped him.

"No, Sam. No! I won't forgive you. I can't forgive you! How do you expect me to!? I-" you abruptly stopped speaking.

You felt everything around you spin. It was all a blur and you quickly lost your balance. You felt two hands hold onto you firmly and you could faintly hear Sam's worried and frantic voice shout your name. He didn't get an answer though as you lost consciousness and were enveloped by darkness.
Adore - Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega!Reader - Part 5

Waiting till the period was over was what he could only do.

And that's what he did.

You let out a small sigh once the bell was heard. Everybody got quickly up and made their way towards the door, not even thinking of waiting a second if Sam had something last to tell them. Obviously he didn't, of course, because when you looked at him you found your eyes locking with his. As it seemed, the students weren't the only ones that couldn't wait for the period to come to an end.

He was biting his lip, glancing occasionally at you and then at the students that took their time to leave the classroom. He was nervous, anybody could tell that, but hell you were as well. Of course he couldn't wait for the period to end because he wanted to talk with you in private - his constant glancing at you during the lesson proved to the fact that his mind was mostly on you. Just like yours was on him... not for the same reason, though.

"Finally" he let out a breath and let a smile rest on his lips.

"Yeah" you forced a smile on your lips as well, making your way to his desk.

He didn't say anything more. He just got up from his seat and walked towards you, closing the gap between you and wrapping his arms around you. He buried his face in your hair and took in a deep inhale. You hesitated for a while, standing completely still but you realized you could no longer fight it. You slowly brought your hands around him and hugged him tightly, burying your face in his chest and breathing in his scent. You felt him hug tighter and found yourself smiling.

"I didn't get to see you all day, today." he mumbled pulling just slightly away so that he could look into your eyes "It was torture." he breathed out, cupping your face.

"I wanted to come and talk to you but I couldn't find you and whenever I did you were with friends. I didn't want to approach you in case I caused you trouble. I don't want anybody getting suspicious but I couldn't help but want to hold you like this ever since the first second you walked into class" he said with a small smile, brushing his thumb over your cheek "I guess it would only bring trouble" he mumbled and you caught yourself thinking of what he said.

Sam would be in definite trouble if someone caught the two of you, even now as you stood like this. You were still at the school and even though all the students had left the classroom there was always a high chance that someone would return because they had forgotten something, or even some of the teachers walking in to talk with Sam and in the end finding you two like this. And, even if you were not at the school, even if you were at your place or out somewhere there always was the chance of getting caught. Always. Which meant that there was always a high chance of Sam ( you really didn't care about yourself - only him) getting into big trouble.

"But it doesn't matter anyway" he said letting out a small laugh.

He leaned in to kiss you and despite every fiber in your body screaming at you to lean in as well, you only turned your head to the other direction. His lips slightly touched your cheek but Sam was quick to pull away and understand that something was not alright.

"Is everything ok?" he asked hesitantly, afraid of what the answer would be.

"Uh yeah, yeah everything's fine. I just- I wanted to uh talk with you, if that's ok." you said, mustering all your courage.

"You don't have to ask me, baby. What is it?" he asked you, voice ever-so-soft. You had a hard time not bursting into tears once you heard him call you baby.

"It's- uh- about what happened yesterday" you said.

"What about yesterday? Did- did maybe somebody see me? Or did your parents suspect something?" he asked with a deep frown.

"No, no. It's nothing like that. It's uh-" you trailed off, not really knowing what to tell him.

A lump formed on your throat and you tried to swallow it, biting your lip. You put your hands on his chest an pushed him away, his hands fell from your waist. You saw him frown even more, a concerned look in his eyes but above all one of fear.

"It was a mistake Sam" you finally managed to say. It came out in a whisper, barely audible but loud enough in the silence that had surrounded you. It felt as if you had just stabbed yourself for saying it and you could clearly imagine that Sam felt just as bad as you did.

"What?" came out his hoarse voice. It was so low that you could barely hear it but you did. You dared avert your eyes from the floor they had been glued to for the past couple minutes and... you really wished you hadn't.

The look on his face was impossible to describe. It was one of a kicked puppy and even worse. He looked as if you had just taken his heart out and crushed it right in front of him. His eyes were almost glistening with tears they had a feeling in them that you had never seen before.

"I-" you swallowed hard, averting your eyes from his. You knew that if you kept staring at those eyes for any longer you were going succumb and take everything back. And you didn't want that. It was for his own good even though he could not see it.

"I thought about it and- it was wrong, Sam. You- you are older than me. Way older and- You are my teacher. If- if anybody found out then- you would most surely lose your job and I don't want that. It-" you let out a sigh "It was wrong and you know it as well. Let's just- call it heat of the moment and end it there. Nobody knows and nobody will ever know. It's better if we- if we don't continue this" you mumbled, eyes not for a second locking with his.

You didn't dare to even think about looking up.

"(Y/n)" he croaked out "(Y/n) please don't say this. We-" he stopped whatever he was going to say "Look at me. (Y/n), please. Just look at me." he pleaded with you but you didn't move your eyes.

"(Y/n)!" he said firmly, grabbing you by your shoulders and making you look up at him "Look at me" he said in a much softer voice and you slowly opened your previously-tightly-shut eyes.

"I wanted that. It was not a mistake. It was not a mistake for me and I know that it was not a mistake for you as well. You don't regret it (Y/n). You wanted it to happen just as much as I did. I know it. I know that you feel the same way (Y/n), don't deny it. I loved every moment of it, no matter what. And so did you (Y/n). Why do you deny it? You say it was wrong but it felt right, didn't it? Tell me (Y/n)! I know you felt it too. I want to be with you and so do you. Why do you want to push me away now? Because you got to think that I am your teacher? That I might get in trouble? That I might lose my job? That-" he started speaking only for you to cut him off.

"Yes!" you all-but-shouted "Yes damn it! Because you are my teacher and you will fucking lose your job if something happens between us. And I can't be your undoing, Sam! I can't! I love you so damn much that I can't do this to you!" you screamed at him, tears on the verge of falling down your cheeks.

"But you are my teacher and, no matter what, that is not going to change. So if you can't stay away... I am going to do this. You will not see me ever again if it is not around other people and only at school. It's better if we forget completely about the private lessons in History." you said and took in a shaky breath, closing your eyes for a moment to collect yourself and keep the tears in.

"(Y/n) no please. It's not like that. You -you have to know something. It's- We- we can be together despite the situation. I'm-" he started speaking but you cut him off again.

"No, Sam. Please. I don't want to hear more and honestly I can't. It is hard enough already please don't- just don't make it harder." you pleaded with him your voice cracking at the end.

"But (Y/n) you have to hear me out. We are-" he started saying again, just as much as desperately as before but he was cut off again.

This time by another voice.

"Hey Sammy! Ready for... dinner?" Dean's voice was heard as he opened the door, only to trail off at the end. His expression replaced by a confused and a worried one once he saw his brother's face.

"I-I have to go. See you on Monday Mr. Winchester" you said in a haste, grabbing your books and before Sam could even catch you, you walked out of the room in a hurry. Hiding the tears that were about to roll was what you needed to do right now. And getting away from Sam to keep yourself from giving in.

"Sam?" you heard the same voice ask again and Sam say something to him but you could no longer make out what it was as you sped out of the school.


The next five weeks went by agonizingly slow.

You honestly could not take it but tried your hardest to not let it show. You did everything to keep yourself from falling apart. Just like you did everything you could to avoid him.

Pretending you didn’t see him and looking the other way, walking past him and acting as if you were occupied with your things, pretending not to have heard him and that you were focused on something that one of your friends had said. Everything. You really tried to do all of those things in order to keep distance between you; although you didn’t want that at all. You wanted to be close to him, like the first few days. You wanted to get to talk with him before all the students gathered and he started the lesson, again. You wanted to share jokes with him again, laughing uncontrollably just like two good friends. You wanted, more than anything, to feel him put his hand on your back and comfort whenever you were down. You wanted to have him close and be able to smell that amazing cologne (or natural scent - you hadn’t figured it out yet) of his that drove you insane. You wanted to be able to hear him laugh, see him smile at you, his eyes shining with happiness. You missed terribly the small dimples on his cheeks when he smiled widely.

Although you tried to keep yourself you always found your thoughts drifting to him. There was nothing you could do about it.

But still, you tried. Even though it tore you apart to see the heartbroken look on Sam's face  whenever you ignored him - or at least pretended to - and acted to pay more attention to Stiles. His puppy eyes always pleaded with you to give him at least a glance, even though he did not say anything, and every time you found it harder and harder to tear your eyes from his and pretend that you were more interested in Stiles, or Scott that would sometimes accompany you through the hallway. And you always missed the look of hurt on Sam's eyes.

You thanked anyone up there, though, that you were not going to have any more lessons with him. Sure that meant that exams were coming but you actually didn't care anymore.

You let out a sigh as you walked the dark road to your house. You cursed under your breath anyone responsible for this. No lights on the street meant darkness. And darkness was not your best friend. No, not at all. Maybe you were being paranoid but you could never know what could happen.

You clenched your books tightly and held them close to your chest. Checking once in a while if there was someone behind you. The sounds that were heard once in a while, breaking the grave silence that had surrounded you, did not help in the least bit.

You looked once again behind you, maybe a little longer than any other time before, and once you turned your head you gasp loudly, feeling your heart jump to your chest.

You eyes widened.
Adore - Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega!Reader - Pt 5
Part 5 is here! Two more parts and this is over!
Enjoy~! xx'
Adore - Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega!Reader - Part 4

"Ready?" he asked in a whisper-y and raspy voice.

You hesitated for a while but then smiled when you saw Sam's small and loving smile. You gave him a small nod. You knew that that's what you actually wanted.

"Yeah" you breathed out and with a smile he dived in.

He kissed you fully on the lips and your hands went instinctively around his neck. This time he was more sweet and gentle than before. You allowed him access to your mouth and instead of battling, your tongue moved in sink like that's what you were always mean to do. One of his hands rested on your hip, gripping and trying to bring you closer to him; while the other just made it's way to your face and then to your hair.

He pulled just slightly away and moved his lips from yours, to your neck. He kissed and licked, quickly finding your sensitive spot and biting it hard. You let out a soft moan and he groaned in what could only be described as pleasure. You felt a smile tug at your lips when he started peppering kisses on your neck. He chuckled when he heard your soft giggle and continued doing what he was, his lips moving from your neck all the way down to your belly.

He was trying to show you all the adoration he had for you and... was he doing a good job at that!
He once again made his way up to your face and after giving you some butterfly kisses on the face, his lips found yours and you found yourself melting into the kiss. It was full of adoration, passion and love; the thought of which only made you smile.

Your eyes were closed, trying to savior every moment of this with all of your senses, but they fluttered wide open when you caught the sound of-

"(Y/n) we're back!" your mother's voice was heard clearly, coming from downstairs and even though you didn't want it even in the least bit you pushed Sam away.

"What...?" he said breathlessly but you didn't need to answer.

"(Y/n)?" your mother's voice was heard again and Sam's eyes widened as well.

You got off the bed immediately and quickly made your way to your door which was unlocked. Your mother's footsteps could be heard, coming all the more close to your room.

"(Y/n)?" there was a soft knock on your door.

"Yeah?" came out your raspy question.

"Are you alright honey?" asked your mother's worried voice.

"Yeah yeah" you cleared your throat, glancing at Sam that had a panicked look on his face "I'm- I'm fine mom. Just- had a shower and I'm not wearing any clothes now." you said.

Ok, not completely a lie, right?

"Oh alright. I'm going to buy some things from the market with your dad. Do you want anything?" she asked.

"No" you breathed out "No, thanks" you said in less-panicked voice.

"Ok. If you need anything call us. Love you" she said and you could hear the smile in her voice.

"Love you too, mom" it came out as a whisper.

Who were you kidding. You had just straight away lied to your mother to hide the fact that you were about to have sex with a guy in your room that oh by the way was your teacher.

You felt a hand on your bare shoulder and turned your head to look up at Sam that was gazing at you with a soft smile on his face.

"It was for the best" he said, rubbing his thumb over your shoulder.

"I hope so" you mumbled and looked down at your feet.

"Yes yes it was" he said reassuringly "Besides we don't have to rush into things. We could take it slow, hm?" he gave you a half smile.

Before you could say anything, though, he took hold of your hand and bringing you closer to him he enveloped you in his arms. You hesitated for a while but letting out a content sigh you wrapped your arms around his bare shoulders. Burying your face in his exposed chest as if you were snuggling with your stuffed bear.

"Sam-" you said in a low voice. You both pulled slightly away just so that you could look each other into the eyes.

"I know" he stopped you from continuing "I know. I better get going before they come back" he said with a soft smile, an understanding look on his face.

"Thanks" was the only thing you could mumble at that moment.

You both got dressed in silence, none of you saying a single thing after all that happen but this time- this time the silence around you did not feel comfortable at all. It didn't feel like you were at peace and you honestly only wanted to get out of this room, and situation, as soon as possible. Not because of Sam. No, never because of Sam. But mostly because of what had just happened.

You both got dressed quickly and made your way down the stairs, after of course you checked that your parents were gone. You lead him to the backdoor instead of the front one once again just in case somebody caught sight of him and told your parents that he was in your house even after they returned.

So much for being gone till the morning you thought to yourself, scoffing.

"So this is the backdoor. You will be able to get away without anyone noticing" you told him opening the door.

"Alright, so see you tomorrow?" he asked with a hopeful look in his eyes and a small smile that you honestly could not resist.

"Yeah" you said with a small smile that only widened when you saw him grin like a kid at Christmas "See ya tom-" you were cut off by Sam's lips on yours.

You were a little bit surprised but managed to kiss back as his hand cupped your face. It was supposed to be quick but as it seemed none of you wanted to break apart.

But you had to.

"Alright, yeah sorry about that" he said, scratching the back of his neck and smiling nervously "See you tomorrow" he gave you one last smile and turned to walk away.

He glanced a few times behind him, looking at you that were leaning against the door-frame until he was out of eyesight. You closed the door and rested your head against it. Silence had surrounded you you felt your heart beat even faster when you let everything sink in.

"What the hell have I done?" you breathed out, shaking your head and then clenching your fists.


You took in a deep breath, trying desperately to calm your rapidly beating heart. It was last period and you actually dreaded to walk into the classroom. You stumbled a few times , the lack of sleep contributing to it. Your mind would not stop spinning. A hundred thoughts running through it every second and it actually made you feel as if everything was moving around you and you were about to pass out.

If it was any other occasion you would be thankful that it was last period but today, hell, today was so much different. What had happened just yesterday with Sam had your mind always busy with thoughts, thus you hadn't slept at all last night. You couldn't help but think about what had happened between the two of you and, you could not deny it to yourself, that some part of you actually wanted to have continued. You found yourself more than plenty of times wishing you hadn't been interrupted. But every time you wanted to shout at yourself for that.

How could you be so foolish? He was your teacher, damn it. He was your teacher and you had almost- You shook your head at the thought. It made you felt guilty but a part of you actually liked it. A lot. No guy had ever made you feel like that before but then again Sam was no guy.

You ran a hand through your hair and shook your head, biting your lip. You thought back to yesterday and it made you wonder if it was actually real - not that the soft bruises on your hips proved otherwise, anyway. But, when you thought back to it, it felt as if it was a dream. It was as if you were under some kind of compulsion, your mind in a haze and images blurred. Maybe mostly because it was unlike you to be so forward with a man much less an older man that was your teacher but Sam- oh with Sam it was different. So different and it scared you. It scared you how this man brought a completely different person in you but- then again, that's what love did to people, right?

You bit your lip at the thought. You had fallen in love with your teacher and there was no going back. Not that you really wanted that but-

What about him?

That was the thought that had you mostly awake at night and kept you from paying any attention to the lesson the previous periods. What would happen to Sam?

You knew that you were legal, over 18, but that was not your main concern. Sure Sam would not get in real trouble with the police and such if they found out about you and him but he would certainly be in trouble with the school. The thought of you being the reason to him losing his job made your stomach tighten. Anybody that attended at least one of his classes could see how much he liked, no, loved what he did. He was so passionate about teaching to young people new things, speaking to them about things he liked so much and making them actually interested in them as well. You had never seen anybody love what he did, especially as a job, so much. It made your heart ache at the thought that he would be forced to not do so ever again just because... of you.

You loved him. You loved Sam even though you were practically forbidden to and even though it hurt you actually wished he had pushed you away that moment you leaned in to kiss him. You would have much rather preferred him to have pushed you away, gotten up and told you that it would be better for you to stay away from each other. You would have preferred it if he had said that he did not feel that way about you, if he had let you to your own thoughts about him and just walked away from you instead of... all that.

You now realized that the situation you had gotten in, with him showing that he felt the same, hurt more than it would if he said that he did not reciprocate your feelings. You were going to be his undoing and... under no circumstances did you want that. And you would do anything to prevent that.


You took in a final breath and walked into the class, hugging your books tightly in your chest. Sam's head snapped in your direction as soon as he heard footsteps and your eyes immediately locked with his. He smiled warmly as soon as he saw you and you let a smile tug at your lips despite everything.

It was obvious that he wanted to tell you something but he clearly couldn't do so with all those students walking through the door.

He wanted desperately to talk to you. He wanted desperately to be able to be close to you just like he had done the previous day, well not exactly but still- He wanted to hold you in his arms again, he wanted to be able to wrap his arms around you again, to be able to bury his face in your neck and smell your beautiful scent once again. But above all he wanted to be able to press his lips to your soft ones, to taste you just like he had done yesterday. Something that, he could not deny, had been even dreaming about all night. Well, at least the few hours of sleep he got.

His mind would refuse to stop thinking about you and everything that had happened between you and him, not that he wanted to stop thinking about it anyway. He had never felt more at peace after leaving you, although he didn't actually want to go, and he could not deny that he was on cloud nine when he thought of how you wanted to be with him as well. You didn't even know that he was your mate and yet you did want him. You did want to be with him and, he was sure, just as much as him.

Waiting till the period was over was what he could only do.

And that's what he did.

Misha took West in his hands and walked with him to his room. He helped him get dressed and then tugged him to bed. His lips were pursed and he didn’t utter a word. Thoughts would not stop running through his mind, though.

“Daddy?” West’s voice snapped Misha from his trail of thoughts.

“Yeah, West?” Misha asked with a small frown.

“Why did you not let mommy put me to sleep?” West asked, looking up at his father with ever-innocent eyes.

Misha let out a sigh and averted his eyes from his son’s. He knew fully well that he did not mean Vicki, but you.

“(Y/n) is not your mother, West.” he said in an emotionless voice, though he knew that it hut him to say it.

“But-” West started speaking only to be cut off by Misha.

“She is not your mother West!” he snapped at his young son but immediately regretted it once he saw the look on West’s face.

“Sorry, Westy. I’m sorry” he said in a low voice, bending down to kiss his son’s forehead.

“Now go to sleep” he added in voice and after patting West’s head he got up.

His heavy footsteps were the only thing that could be heard while he made his way to the door until West’s voice broke the almost-silence.

“I know” he whispered in his childlike voice.

Misha turned to look at his son with a small frown.

“I know that she is not my mommy. But- but she could be, right?” West asked, looking at his father with eyes filled with hope.

“I-I want her to be my mommy. I want us to be a family.” he averted his eyes for a few second to look down.

“Don’t you?” he tilted his head, looking up at Misha again.

Misha let out a sigh he had been keeping for long, now.

“Yeah, West. I do” he mumbled, looking down at his feet; clenching his fists.

He had known you for a really long time and you two had come close in no time. Instantly becoming really good friends and once the hard times - with the divorce and all that - came he realized the truth that lay underneath all of that. The feelings he had for you for so long and that he pushed away. It was impossible for him not to fall in love with you, maybe realizing it was, but it was true nonetheless. And he knew it. For all this time. Wishing that despite everything there might be something there. That you might feel something for him, too.

That you would want to be with him like he did. To… have a family with him, even. Maybe it was too much of him to ask, since you were nothing more than two good friends - and he doubted you felt the same way he did -, but he had been feeling that way for you for so long that it had grown into much more. So much more.

“But-” he let out a pain sigh, walking slowly towards West’s bed “-she can’t be” he looked at his young son with a pained expression.

“Why?” West asked.

“She can’t be. Not unless she wants to. But we don’’t know that yet.”

“Then why don’t you ask her?” West asked again with hope.

“That might take some time, Westy” Misha said with a small chuckle, at the eagerness of his son.

He patted West’s head and spoke “But till then we will have to wait and you won’t push her, ok? That means you don’t call her mommy or say that you want us to be family to her, alright? And no way about how I feel for her” 

West nodded slight “Alright daddy, I will wait” he said and Misha smiled.

He patted his head once again and kissed his forehead “Good boy, now go to sleep” he said and got up from his son’s bed.

A/N: I suggest you read Oh Westy before this. I just uploaded so the next part that I am going to upload on Monday makes sense. I couldn't decide whether to upload it here or as a story but anyway.


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Soon enough
I won't think about you every single day
And I may forget to mention your name as I pray
Soon enough
I'll be able to survive without you
Cause soon enough
you'll be gone
and I'll be left to look at our broken pieces
Soon enough I will be nothing but a fallen angel
Cause you are my heaven

Ariana's Stamp by BlueFrizzleEyes Supernatural by Arunaudo Ariana Grande Support Stamp by hyuga-hime Supernatural by kicsianna Ariana Grande by GoddessSellyGomez Stamp :: I Heart Supernatural by homestucktroll123 Meeting in the purgatory Stamp by Tsuki-Nekota castiel smirk stamp by Bloody-Changeling +Icon de Ariana Grande (Pedido) by RockMeYeah69 +Ariana Grande {Icon} by ImAMoustacheGilr +Dean's Cute Expression+ by FallenAngelRuby Ariana Grande Icon by CelebPngs Dean icon by Cross-EyedMary Gif Ariana Grande by ComeAndTakeMyHand +icon42 by 1Dforeverandever Castiel - stamp II by Flaminia Ariana Grande Icon (: by WasabiSky +Castiel's Awesomeness+ by FallenAngelRuby Ariana Grande Icons by LucyyHale Castiel, Cassiel... by JensenLuvr9614 Ariana Grande Gif by NeverCanSayGoodbye Castiel Icon by shdwslayer Ariana Grande Icon by dopebiebas Castiel Icon1 by NikkyJamez +Gif Icon Ariana Grande by lalalaElmosworld Ariana Grande Icon 2 by Enchancer Castiel - to the light icon by poundingonthedoor Ariana Grande Icon 1 by Enchancer Castiel by Pholelove Ariana Grande Icon by ArianaRush Castiel Icon5 by NikkyJamez Ariana Grande Icon. by faithrauhl Jensen Ackles avatar 2 by me969 Ariana Grande Gif 1 by Glitteroxy-ArtFans Icon: Heaven Sent by EmonyJade My Man Dean Supernatural Stamp by daydream--believer Ariana Grande GIF by StylishPurpleGirl14 Dean - stamp V by Flaminia Dean - stamp I by Flaminia Castiel - stamp VII by Flaminia Ariana Grande by GoddessSellyGomez Only Heaven by zerotozune Ariana 1 by EditionsUnbroken Cas Stamp 4 by angiezinha Papa WINCHESTER stamp by Evgenya Cas Stamp 1 by angiezinha Dean Stamp 5 by angiezinha Sam Stamp 6 by angiezinha Ariana Grande by MsMellaa the angel on your shoulder by mummy16 Innocence of loki by Gatewhale Icon by ChristieBrenner Loki icon by Skiebear Ariana Grande Icon by glowinginthedark13 loki (icon) by DayDreamingGal7 +Ariana Grande (Icon) by KiaraTutorials Robert Downey Jr Icon 3 by pfeifhuhn Ariana Grande icon by GoddessSellyGomez Robert Downey Jr. Stamp - smile and nod by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - proof that Tony Stark has a Heart by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - smile Tony by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - Party Time by The-GreenGoblin Icon Ariana Grande by ArianaRush Iron Man Stamp - Tony + sunglasses by The-GreenGoblin Vampire Diaries Stamp 2 by wyldflower The Vampire Diaries Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art The Vampire Diaries by fantasy-rainbow Vampire Diaries Stamp by wyldflower Sexy Vampire Diaries Stamp by sugarpoultry vampire diaries stamp by Meybeline Vampire Diaries Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Why We Love The Winchesters: Mad Drumming Skills. by moonymistress Ariana Grande GIF (Click Para ver) by RosiiEditions Kitty Cat Gif 49 by KittyCatGifs Why We Love The Winchesters: This Way Up. by moonymistress Flirty Dean by Cherry619 Gif #9 - Ariana Grande by MarisolCyrus Castiel Icon10 by NikkyJamez Ariana Grande Gif 2 by Glitteroxy-ArtFans Castiel's Wings by thebearlylovable Gif #11 - Ariana Grande by MarisolCyrus Gif #13 - Ariana Grande by MarisolCyrus Supernatural Bottle by LonelySadWanderer Finally Understood by LonelySadWanderer Ariana Grande Icons by LucyyHale Supernatural 'It's homemade' by LonelySadWanderer Ariana Grande Icon 1 by Enchancer Supernatural That's it! by LonelySadWanderer Ariana Grande with her little dog by isaaxo


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I would love to see some more alpha x omega stories. I really love those.
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Thank you very much!! Well I have an Alpha!Sam series planned out an I hope I will get some ideas to write an Alpha!Castiel as well (:
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YAY! they semi remind me of a romance novel on my kindle that i love, but i like yours even more cause then involve sam and dean :)
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Aw thank you very much! ^U^ ♥
Oooh I have a kindle as well!! I haven't gotten to read many stories there because I rarely have lots of time but it is really useful!
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No problem!!
No, it's totally ok! We all feel like children on the inside after all! :D I just saw the movie yesterday and I was really happy to find an x Reader story about it here in dA, so thank you for writing it :)
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Do you take requests or commissions?
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