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You let a small content sigh as you adjusted your bag on your shoulder and started walking down the silent road that led to your house. Well, almost silent.

A sound caught your attention and normally you would have brushed it away. But the fact that you were still so close toCastiel’s house and the fact that the sound seemed all the more like footsteps made you panic on the inside because-Because it would only mean someone was there and watching you as you came out of Castiel’s house and even kissed him. It would not be hard for them to realize that you had spent the night there considering the time of the day, it was pretty early.

You stopped dead on your track and even if you dreaded to you turned around. Only to come face to face with-

“Can we talk?” came his broken voice.

You let out a small breath, trying to put on a hard face but it was impossible considering the look on his face.

“About what?” you snapped.

“Us” he whispered.

“Really?” you tried to suppress a laugh “You’ve got to be kidding me” you willed yourself to be sharp and not crack because of the hurt look on his face.

“I don’t think we have anything to talk about Jensen” you wished, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I do” he tried to say firmly “Won’t you just give me this one chance?”

You clenched your jaw “As far as I remember I gave you that one chance long ago and you crushed it like it was nothing to you, why should I keep waiting my time now?”

You saw hurt in his eyes along with… anger? At whom though? Himself? You?… Castiel?

“Is it really that or the fact that you are scared that maybe your boyfriend will see us and might start doubting you?” he said through gritted teeth and you looked at him more angry than before.

“Just so you know, although it is none of your job, he trusts me. As hard as it may be to understand, couples do trust each other. One of the basics in a relationship, other than love. But of course you have no idea what those words even mean.”

He smiled bitterly “As hard as it may be for you as well I do know what those words mean.”

“Oh really?” you crossed your arms over your chest “And when was that exactly? Because the Jensen I know was never one for real feelings. No strings attached and just having his fun. Not giving a fuck about the hearts he broke”

“I did-” he said firmly, truly believing his words “You know I did” he looked at you dead in the eyes.

You shook your head, looking away from him “I don’t know anything anymore Jensen”

“You said you love him” he said as if completely ignoring what you had said – though the look on his face said otherwise.

“Oh so you’re spying on me now?” you said defensively.

“No I-” he frowned shaking his head “I’m not. But you are trying to change the subject”

The tone in his voice made your blood boil. You did under no circumstances want to give him that satisfaction. But above all you did not want to give him hope that somehow you cared about him, about hurting him. You did not want him to know that even if it was true. He had hurt you without giving a single care all that time ago and kept rubbing it in your face, maybe not intentionally most of the time, but still hurting you every single day ever since that one time all those years ago. While he had found out about you and Castiel just a few days ago and was supposedly hurting. Supposedly. That was what you tried to convince yourself of because there was a great part of you that even felt guilty.

“Fine. You want to hear it so badly again?” you snapped “Yes. Yes I said I love him because I do! I fucking love him! Are you happy?”

You could literally see his heart along with face drop, as his mouth hang agape slightly. HE swallowed thickly and you tried to ignore the fact that his eyes seemed to be glistening with tears.

“…More than you loved me?” he whispered in a barely audible voice but you still heard him.

You felt your throat close and you could hardly breath or swallow properly. Your heart thudded inside your chest and you knew just what both your brain and heart were screaming at you to say. You knew the truth very well but- you were not going to admit it. You were never going to admit it again to anybody much less him.

“Who said I ever did?” you said as cynically as possible and his eyes widened in shock and pain. He slowly nodded his head, trying but not wanting to believe your words. He lowered it and looked down at his feet, his fists clenched by his sides. Just like yours.

“Sorry to break it to you but-” you forced yourself to laugh “-I don’t think it matters that much huh? Not that you ever did after all” you shrugged, although you actually dreaded to hear him answer to that indirect question.

“You know the answer to that” he looked slowly up at you, his eyes filled with pain.

“I told you I don’t know anything anymore” you said void of any emotion.

“But you know that. Don’t you ever doubt that. Even if you didn’t-” he shook his head “-You know how I really felt about you”

“Oh do I really? Honestly I have no idea who you even are anymore Jensen, what makes you think that I would have so much faith in what you said back then?” you snapped “I told you before but you obviously have a hard time getting it through your thick skull, but I am gonna say it again. The Jensen I knew- that Jensen that told me he loved me no longer exists. He’s dead to me and so is everything he ever said to me. You are not him, so don’t expect me to act like it”

“I hurt you” he whispered almost to himself. You could swear for a moment that his voice cracked but just like every other time you willed yourself to be cold towards him. You had decided long ago to put walls up and you were not going to let the only person that ever could just break them so easily. You were not going to let him break you so easily again. Never again.

“Oh do tell!” you exclaimed, faking surprise with raised eyebrows, full with sarcasm but you knew it was only a defence. As always “You think so? Good thing you finally freaking realized it” you ended up growling the words at him.

“Won’t you at least let me explain myself? Are you just going to walk away?” he looked at you with a deep and heartbroken look on his face.

“Exactly” you hissed and sharply turned around to walk away from him, your pace as quick as possible close to light running.

“No. (Y/n). (Y/n)!” you heard his voice call out for you but you paid no attention to him, only walked as fast as possible away from him. Though he followed. And kept calling your name and you to stop. And following. And calling. And following. And calling. And following. And calling. Until-

You stopped abruptly and turned to look at him with a sharp glare. You were far away from Castiel’s place but certainly far away from your place as well.

“What?!” you roared at him “What do you want now?!”

“To talk. I want to talk” he tried to be firm.

“Well too bad cause I don’t. Leave me alone, Jensen. Leave me fucking alone finally! What have I ever done to you? What did I ever do to you so that you keep hurting me!? Aren’t you done? Aren’t you finally done hurting me!? Cause I’m done Jensen! I’m done pretending everything is fine and as if I am over it because truth is I am not! And it is you that won’t let me! Why the hell won’t you finally end this game?!” tears had started running down your cheeks but you did not care, just like you did not care about your throat hurting from the screaming.

“You’ve ended me. You’ve ended all I ever was…” your voice was low and hoarse and he stared at you with wide eyes, void of any emotion but pain “I don’t know what I ever did for you to… do this to me” you sniffled, brushing your tearsaggressively “But please… just please, for once stop this. Stop hurting me. I am finally happy just a little bit, why must you take this away from me again? I was able to put everything away and you- you keep on reminding me everything… why?” your voice cracked in the end.

“I…” he could only utter as he stared at you. Your eyes red and puffy, your cheeks flushed as well and filled with tears.

“I never meant for this to happen” he whispered, his head bowing in shame.

“But it did” your voice broke again.

He shook his head almost at his own thoughts and looked back up at you “I guess there is no point in saying anything anymore. Maybe it won’t change anything anyway. Alright then-” he took in a shaky breath and smiled weakly “-as hard as it may be for you to believe I want you to be happy and if it is with Castiel then- so be it. I won’t bother you ever again, nor will I try to get to talk to you again. I will just say this one last thing and I hope you believe me even if it one last time… I’m sorry, for everything. I never wanted it to happen, even if you can’t understand what I mean.”

“…What…?” you breathed out, suspicions crawling up your chest as his words swam inside your head.

“It doesn’t matter anymore I guess. It won’t change the pain I brought to you. I only want you to know that I never really wanted this… and that I am sorry” he smiled weakly, although a tear rolled down his cheek.

You felt your throat close and as if you could not breath you only stared at him turn around and walk away from you. His head bowed in shame and pain. He was drained of any emotion and energy, just as you felt. You instincts screamed at you to shout after him, to question him and listen to him- what he so desperately wanted to tell you but despite everything, despite your true feelings, you turned around as well and walked away from him without a second look despite your blurry because of tears vision.

~One Week Later~

You sighed playing with your lunch and not paying any attention to the people around you that chatted happily. You especially tried to ignore Richard’s comments at you with a bored look. Truth it was more of a sad one actually, and Jared was the only one to notice. Just like more Saturday night he’d come over by your place and have dinner with you and your family and then of course sleepover would follow. Richard had started teasing you in the beginning about something happening at nights but when Jared go with Genevieve Richard finally stopped.

“(Y/n)? Honey are you not hungry?” your mother’s voice caught your attention and you looked at her.

“Huh? Oh no. Not very much, I think I’ll go to my room” you smiled pushing your plate away.

“But honey, you’ve barely been eating this week. Are you sure everything is alright?” she frowned at you.

“No mom, I just- I just eat out sometimes that’s all” you tried to reassure her.

“Yes which by the way reminds me, you’ve barely been home these days, and I don’t mean just during daytime” your father said a little sternly.

You felt a blush rise up on your cheeks and you tried to hide your stunned and guilty expression for a second by looking down. It was true that this week when you were not at school and sometimes studying with Jared and Misha you’d be atCastiel’s place. You’ve been in need of his comfort more than ever lately and you just needed more than anything to be in his arms and forget everything that was going on. You wanted to brush your thoughts away. You wanted to forget everything, you needed to and the only way to that was to be with Castiel. He had an amazing ability to make you forget all your worries in just a matter of seconds even when he talked about them.

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?” he had asked you, his hold on your waist tightening as you rested yourhead on his shoulder “Maybe it will make you feel better?”

You shook your head “No Cas, I don’t want to. I am with you now, I don’t want anything else to matter. I don’t want to be thinking about anything or anyone else. I want to give even the little time we have to you Cas” you had whispered.

He sighed kissing your forehead “I know that maybe it is something that bothers you and you think might bother me as well-” you’ve had a hard time trying not to show any sign of emotion to that “-but I want you to know that no matter what, there is not a single thing that will make me want to change my mind about what we have”

“…You cannot be so sure” you had whispered.

“I can. Because I am sure of my feelings fo you. I love you (Y/n) and as long as I know you love me too-” you had cut him off at that.

“I do” you had never said it more sincerely, because you truly felt it “I really really do” you had tears welling up in your eyes.

He had smiled softly “I know” his thhumb rubbed over your cheek “But I want you to know this, I will always be by your side. Until the moment you don’t want me to”

“I always will” you had hugged him tightly “I’ve never been able to feel this much at peace with somebody else Castiel,you- you offer me so much and I don’t know how I’d ever be able to repay you for this. The only thing I can think of is loving you and never letting you go. I actually… don’t want to” and you had pressed your lips to his in a kiss that didn’t take much to get heated.

You didn’t have time to reply to your father as Jared spoke in your defence “It’s been homework. We’ve had too much studying to do these days sir, that’s all. And I have to say you could also blame me and my poor Maths that she didn’t sleep many times at your place” he smiled politely and your father nodded his head at him.

“Very well, but you know you could even do some studying home. There is no need for you to leave all the time”

“We’re sorry” Jared had mumbled apologetically and they all went back to eat, except you and Jared that kept exchanging looks.


“You didn’t have to cover up for me” you sighed softly as you sat on your bed, Jared doing the same on the bed set up next to yours.

“Nonsense. What are friends for?” he smiled with a shrug but you still had a frown on your face. It seemed to be the only thing you did this week.

Not that you could help the thoughts about Jensen and what he’d said all that time ago, or at least what he meant to say. You had a feeling it was something you didn’t know, something that was going to change things radically but at the same time you did not bring yourself to ask him. You did not know what it was, how could you? And even if your senses were screaming at you to find a way to find out what that was but- at the same time you didn’t. You’d often watch Jensen at school. Most of the time if not always he was on his own. Not because everybody had left him, no, you had seen many of the school jocks go to him and ask him to seat with them but he refused. He always refused, no matter who it was. He knew just like you did that it was not going to change his image. He was, is and would always be the school’s most popular and liked kid. But you’d see him always be on his own even at class and when his eyes locked with yours it was not you that would glare at him and then look away. It was him that would look at you with a broken face and a weak smile and then turn his head around or even leave.

You certainly were not used to this. Jensen was never like this. Never. You had never seen him so sad, broken and full of regret. His romance with Joanna was long ago over and when they would by chance see each other at the hallway she would glare at him but he would only ignore her. You had heard her once talk with her friends saying ‘After all these years he finally decided to go back to her’ she had scoffed and continued 'But I won’t bother anymore. I got bored of him anyway, I guess it was a waste of time stealing him from that worthless bitch all that time ago’

You could not help the frown at her words and even if you wanted to brush it off you could not do it. It was a thought that kept running through your mind, and that made you want to talk with Jensen even more. But of course your mind would keep screaming at you to back away from him, to not talk to him. Even if you wanted to know more about it, not being able to help the feeling inside your chest, you in the end backed away.

But of course Jared had noticed. He had noticed how you became a little introverted, not speaking and only thinking. All the meanwhile your eyes glued to Jensen. And of course he understood everything because…. he knew everything.

Everything. Even things you didn’t.

“Certainly not to get in trouble because of one another” you mumbled fidgeting with your hands.

He sighed “You know I certainly would for you but- we both know that’s not the case here. It’s not about the fact that you’ve been gone during some nights. And it’s not my job to question you at that. We are friends and you will tell me when and if you want it to” he smiled softly and you bit your lower lip.

“But-”he came by your side and took hold of your hand “As I said- we are friends (Y/n). And as a friend I need to care about you, about your happiness just like you care about mine”

You looked up at him with a frown, not really liking where this was going “What do you mean?”you whispered.

“You haven’t been happy (Y/n). I can clearly see it and don’t you deny it. You’ve been all about thinking these days and worrying and… unable to stop looking at him” he ended with a sigh and your eyes widened for a second. You opened your mouth to speak but he didn’t let you “Don’t deny it please. I’ve noticed the way you look at him and especially the way you’ve been looking at ech other this week. The way he looks at you is…”he sighed.

He shook his head “He’s regreted everything (Y/n), and I don’t mean just not hanging out with us as much as he used to” he said more firmly.

“…How do you know that?” you breathed out “How do you know there is something he should regret other than that?” you felt panic rise up inside you.

“Because… I know that he didn’t mean it in the first place. It was not something he wanted (Y/n) and-” he swallowed looking you fully in the eyes

“-It is high time you finally learnt the truth. The only truth to it”
Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU) - Part 7

The rest of the days went by uneventfully. The morning you woke up you found Jensen there where you left him on the kitchen an almost empty bottle of whiskey in his hands and it didn’t even surprise you on where he had found it, nor that he was able to drink so much of that heavy drink. He had taken on many habits the last years after all – you scoffed at the thought – and just walked by him without even sparing a glance.

Or basically you did. Call it out of curiosity or (even if you did not want to admit it) worry you did look at him for just a second and even if your heart was in pieces from remembering all those events that happened all that time ago, it still did break in a thousand more pieces. He looked tired as hell, probably having stayed up all night and drinking, his face tired and as if he would pass out any given moment. But it was not just his physical condition that caused a pang in your chest but the second he sensed you there and looking at him he looked up and locked eyes with yours. The pain written all over them made your regret everything you had said, even if you knew you were saying the truth.

But you shook it all off. You put on a hard face and hid that it was affecting you even in the least bit. You looked at him with a cold look that only made him scrunch his eyebrows even more, pain filling his eyes as they reflected his soul. You wanted to scoff again at that thought. He felt no pain, no regret, nothing. That was what you would keep repeating to yourself that morning as you made breakfast for the guys and tried to avoid his pleading eyes. He just wanted to play with you again. That was it. Or at least you wanted to make yourself believe that. You did not want to be hurting again. Finally after so much time you had managed to be able to fall asleep and not wake up crying. You were not going back to that, you were determined.

You were only thankful for all of the guys making jokes and teasing you, just to get your mind off the green-eyed teen and the kicked-puppy look on his face. And it got even more worrying when at Robert’s or Chris’ quite inappropriate jokes he didn’t glare or snap but only kept looking down at his food.

“This really is a sight I would gladly wake up to” Robert had said with a wide grin, winking at you as you had only giggled at your best friend’s behavior.

“You and me both Downey” Chris had mumbled and you had giggled at him as well.

“Hey back off Evans. I saw her first” he had thrown a small piece of bacon at him.

“No that was actually me!” Chris had retorted, throwing a piece of pancake at him.

“And so Civil War has began” Brendon had mumbled with a shake of his head and you had nodded your head at him “Would be great if you didn’t choose any of them though” he had grinned at you.

You had chuckled “Maybe. But sorry Brendon, I have eyes for someone else” you had given him a sympathetic smile.

“It’s ok, as long as he takes care of you” he had brushed it off.

“…But I will be there just in case” he had added with a sly grin and you had shaken your head at him with a laugh.

You had tried to avoid looking at Jensen when you said about your heart belonging to someone else but once again you couldn’t help it as your head turned to him and his had snapped to you. But of course once you noticed you put on a stoic face and all-but-glared at him. Clearly meaning to show that you did not mean him. And oh did that hurt him.

It was obvious but you shook it off and thought nothing of it, because once again you did not want to get hurt. You had been in enough pain just because of him and you were not going to let him hurt you again.

And that was just what you did every day after that morning. Tried to ignore his looks of hurt and pain. It was uneventful, yes, but that did not go as far as your inner battle was concerned. Jensen did not try anything for those days, unlike theprevious ones he did not try to get you alone and quite shamelessly hit on you as if everything was alright. But he did not try to talk to you either. It was true that the previous days he had tried to get you to talk, just like that night – no doubt about what, but these days he didn’t even try that. He just looked so tired. That morning you had attributed it to him staying up all night and drinking but these days you really didn’t know what to make of it. Probably he would stay up every night, who knew, considering the bags under his eyes and the tired look on his face, his lack of attention and of course lack of willingness to do anything.

You had heard from rumors at the school – of course everybody would talk about him and everything he did – that it was not just at class as you had noticed but also at soccer that he was just unwilling to focus at. It was a first and the coach shouting at him, the star of the team, was a big thing for everybody.

Just as was his breaking up with Joanna. It was something you both expected and not. They were the dream couple, she was the head cheerleader after all, and Jensen was, well, Jensen. Everybody just knew they were going to be prom king and queen by the end of this year- that is if they had no broken up just a few days ago. It seemed as if he had gotten fed up with her and you could not blame him. She was not just head cheerleader but also head whore of the school. You had heard about her sleeping with other guys while she was still dating Jensen- you felt bad about him even if it was just what he had done to you all that time ago. But those two actually breaking up? That was something you thought you’d never live to see.

It was so unexpected. Especially from him being the one to ask her to break up. Everyone was making a big fuss about it and you could not blame them. Never would have someone expected him to do that. Quiet fairly if that ever happened it would have been coming from her because honestly she was just using him and everybody could see it, no matter the happy facade they put up in front of everybody. So it certainly not only surprised you or the rest of the school but her as well. Some talked about watching her shout at him or even slap him but what mostly got to you was what they said they had heard her say. She talked about him leaving her for someone else, a girl he finally maned up and decided to fight for.

You tried not to let it get to you but it was hard near impossible. You just could not help that small spark of hope within you as you closed your locker way too slowly just to hear them say more about that mystery girl that had Jensen breaking up with Joanna for. Because in all honesty some part of you hoped that it was you. That he did, in the end, truly care. But you had to shake your head and even curse at yourself for all that wishful thinking. You just should not wish for that. Because not only were you with Castiel and he did not deserve it but also because what you and Jensen had all that time ago was over and you needed to let go just like he had let go of you for another girl. He had played with you. There was nothing more to it. That was what you tried to convince yourself of.

But even as the feelings started to take over you just pushed them over on the back. You only opted to think that he was breaking up with her just like he had done with every other girl. Sure it had lasted longer than with any other but he had eventually got tired of his current game and ended things with her for yet another one. Sure she was a major slut and had slept with most of the guys at school but as you thought about it, she just was another girl on his list. Yet another hit. Yet another toy he had gotten tired of and decided to throw away. And you were just not willing to become that again.

Even if the look on his face showed the exact opposite. Even if he did seem to actually be tired of this life of doing all of this. You just had to remind yourself that he was not going to change. That maybe this was his new way of getting what he wanted. And you were not willing to give it to him. Your heart may have been in small pieces from last time but even as that you were not going to give it to him again. No there was only one person you were going to give it to so that you made sure it was not going to be more shattered but only mended. And that was-

“(Y/n)? (Y/n) are you alright?” his deep voice brought you out of your trail of thoughts.

“Wha- huh?” you asked with a frown, looking up from the pancake on your plate.

“I asked if you wanted more but it seems as if you are not really in the mood for food. Which is worrying me a little” he added mostly to himself and you could not help a small laugh despite how you were feeling.

Oh Castiel you thought. What this man could do to you was impossible to describe.

“No, no I’m fine really. Don’t worry” you shook your head with a smile.

“Are you sure?” he placed a hand on top of yours.

“Yeah yeah just-” you hesitated “-I just can’t wait for school to be over so that I will no longer have to hide… this” you locked fingers with his and he smiled a little.

“Really?” the disbelief in his voice hurt a little, because you knew that you were not thinking just about that. You were thinking about Jensen and you really shouldn’t. You just shouldn’t.

“Y-yeah” you breathed out getting up from your seat and walking around the kitchen table and straight to him “I just- I need to be with you Castiel. And the thought of losing you just drives me crazy. I don’t know what I would do” you whisper, wrapping your arms around him as he did the same.

He opened his mouth to say something but shook his head and decided against it “I will never leave you. Not as long as you do not want me to, (Y/n)” he brushed his thumb over your cheek “You are really important to me as well and I just want you to know that I will be here for you. Whenever you want me to.”

“Thank you Cas” you whispered.

“You don’t have to thank me. I love you” he smiled faintly “I am always here for you, through thick and thin. You can always count on me.”

“Oh Cas” you felt tears well up in your eyes at his words. He had never expressed his feelings to you this way, nor had any of you really said those words in this way. You could never realize how you’d gotten so lucky. You never thought you could deserve someone as him, someone that would truly love you and care for you like he did. He not only offered you the comfort you needed to go through this everyday hell but also much more than that.

He smiled but did not say anything more, instead he leaned in and as you did your lips locked. For the first time in a long while you felt as if you did not want to be anywhere else but in his arms. You did not want to think about anyone else but him. And it felt good. After all, it was true that you were feeling slightly guilty lately for thinking about Jensen so much and your feelings over him while the one you were with, Castiel, got pushed at the back of your mind.

It didn’t take long for the kiss to get heated and soon enough Castiel had you pressed against the kitchen counter. And just as soon his arms were on your legs that got wrapped around his waist and he lifted you to sit you there. His lips of course not for a second leaving yours. You loved this about him. Some times he would be all hesitant and shy, not sure of what he must do but always doing it and being the sweetest guy you’ve ever met and others he would go all fierce and be hard, pushing you against the wall and kissing you like there was no tomorrow. Just like last night, ad just like now.

You moaned slightly into the kiss, feeling the corners of his lips curving up into a smile at that. He pressed you close as possible to him and you could not help but let out a gasp, which of course gave him the perfect opportunity to enter histongue and as that make you go completely weak. The control he had over you was impossible to describe. You didn’t even have the strength to find back so of course he won the battle between your tongues and as that he could do whatever he wanted with you. Not that you minded in the least bit.

“Be-bedroom” you manged to stutter out as his lips trailed down your collarbone.

“Sure” he mumbled through your skin and in a second he had you in his arms, yours wrapped around his neck, as he carried you upstairs where you had been just less than an hour ago. Good think you had not worn any of your clothes yet, just his shirt.


“Gosh you really manage to surprise me every time, angel” you said, using your favorite nickname of his, cupping his face and looking deep in his blue eyes. Your feet were tangled as you both lay in bed, the soft sheets over you just covering the essentials. Castiel played with your hair as he looked at you with a blissful smile. You cuddled close to him as you only gazed up at his eyes that looked even more blue by his eyes being shone over by the warm light coming through the curtains.

He chuckled and looked at you sheepishly “Thanks… I guess” he shrugged and you giggled, leaning in to peck his lips.

“Oh trust me it is a complement” you winked and he chuckled more “Thank you though” your voice took a much softer that flirty tone.

“So so much. For everything” you rested your forehead against his “For being more than I could ever ask and wish for.Certainly more than I deserve”

“You deserve a lot (Y/n). Certainly much more than me”

“Well, what I only want is you. So I am content with how things are… for now” you shrugged slightly and he smiled.

“But you have to go” he finally said with a small sigh, his smile falling just slightly.

“Oh Cas” you breathed out, burying your face in his chest “I want to stay here so much. I wanted it so so much. I really wish I never had to leave you but my parents- I don’t want them to suspect anything. Not even that I am lying because if they do they will start searching and even if they don’t- gosh I don’t want to think that they will forbid me to go out. And I can’t stand that long without seeing you… this way” you ran a hand down his bare arm.

He smiled slightly, nodding his head “I undrstand. You dont have to apologize. It’s alright” he brushed his thumb over your cheek.

You wanted to say more, of course, you wanted to say so much more to soothe him down because you could see despite the facade of calm that he was not ok with it, that he was worrying. And for the first time in a while you were not. You were sure you wanted to be with him and needed to show him that, but at the same time you knew you couldn’t at that moment. Because that would just risk what you had more.

So without a word you got up and got dressed as he did. But in silence. Although he did not show any signs of being bothered you knew he was deep down.

He escorted you down the stairs to the door but as he was ready to open it for you to exit you stopped him. You placed a hand on top of his and cupped his face so that he would look at you.

“I will be back, alright? The soonest I can. Please don’t be mad at me for leaving like this. I just… have o other option. If I could stay, I would. Please know that” ou whispered, pleading at him with your eyes.

He let a small sad sigh, looking down for a second and then back up at you “It’s alright” he nodded his head “It’s alright. I don’t blame you. I will just look forwards to the next time” and he smiled faintly.

You smiled as well, nodding your head “I’ll try to make it as soon as possible”

You leaned in and pressed our lips to his in a soft kiss “I love you” you whispered and he smiled.

“I love you too” he whispered back.

You smiled at him and even if you did not want to, you pulled back from him. You opened slightly the door to check if someone was walking around and as expected nobody was. It was a quiet neighborhood after all and it suited Castiel, something you could have never been more grateful about when you started seeing each other.

You looked back at him, leaning in once again to give him another kiss- or well a few more butterfly kisses that made him chuckle and you giggle. You waved back at him as you walked out of his house and away. He stood at the doorway looking at you with a smile but after a while he decided to close it.

You let a small content sigh as you adjusted your bag on your shoulder and started walking down the silent road that led to your house. Well, almost silent.

A sound caught your attention and normally you would have brushed it away. But the fact that you were still so close toCastiel’s house and the fact that the sound seemed all the more like footsteps made you panic on the inside because-Because it would only mean someone was there and watching you as you came out of Castiel’s house and even kissed him. It would not be hard for them to realize that you had spent the night there considering the time of the day, it was pretty early.

You stopped dead on your track and even if you dreaded to you turned around. Only to come face to face with-

“Can we talk?” came his broken voice.

You let out a small breath, trying to put on a hard face but it was impossible considering the look on his face.

“About what?” you snapped.

“Us” he whispered.
Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU) - Part 6

You ran to your room so that you wouldn’t even be in his presence anymore- scared that he was probably going to hear the sob or basically sobs that one after the other left your throat. You entire body started to shake as the tears that youhad been struggling to keep in started to now stream down your cheeks. You buried your face in your pillow, biting your trembling lip furiously as you were unable to keep yourself from letting the tears and sobs out.

The memories of that time were impossible to keep back and just like your tears they came in waves, making your heart tighten unbearably in your chest as you remembered… that.

You hiccupped a few times, and you tried to purse your lips to keep yourself from crying even more.

In vain.

The tears flowed down, no matter how hard you tried to keep it back, just as the memories could no longer me contained. You had been fighting so hard for all this time to keep them away and it seemed that you had finally reached your breaking point. It was bound to happen, you knew it yourself, especially when – even if you tried – the memories could not be erased. How could you ever erase those memories from your mind?

It hurt like hell to remember all of it, to remember what he had done, to still… feel what he had done both in soul and body. And at the same time, even if you wished to forget everything, you… did not.

You wanted to laugh and cry at the same time – and you did – at how crazy this was.What proved to be the hardest time of your life, the one to be the beginning of everything- of all the pain, was both a moment you wanted to forget and… not. You thought you maybe were a masochist – you laughed despite your tears at that – but you wanted to relive that moment actually. Again. And again. And again.

“Oh God, why?” you breathed out shakily, putting a hand on your forehead as you looked up at the ceiling.

You shook your head and shut your eyes tightly, the tears all the more rolling down. When did they ever stop?

When did the memories ever stop?

It was like this every night. You dreaded anymore the nights when you were not in Castiel’s arms, him whispering sweet things to you, that you could actually forget what you had to go through every other night.

The memories that hunted your dreams every night you were on your own and actually the memories you could never escape from…


You sighed as you let your backpack drop on your bed. For a moment you were jealous at it because it could just lay there, on the soft blankets, while you couldn’t. You laughed for a moment at it but shook your head. Truth was you were feeling beat but there was just one thought keeping you going: you were going to go out with Jensen.

You giggled slightly at the thought of getting to spend some more time with your best friend was one of the best things and certainly something you looked forward to ever since he asked you too. It was not something unusual or unexpected because you’d usually spent most of the time of your days together – Misha and Jared being there most of the times as well – but this time- this time seemed different. This time was different. Because the way he had asked you out was different. It would seem like any other time but as you thought about it, the small blush that had risen on his cheeks, the small stutter and awkward laugh just made that spark of hope inside you turn into a flame. You tried to keep it down but it was just impossible. You wanted to deny it but- it was true. The green eyed teen had stolen your heart long ago and the way he asked you out today could only prove that in the tiniest bit he felt the same.

You were pretty thankful actually. Things had started to change these years that you were in high school and at moments you were afraid you were going to lose your friend. He had started hanging out with other guys at school, sometimes you’d worry he was ignoring you, but then of course he would immediately prove you wrong by showing you how you were above everybody else. He was your friend, you had to remind yourself, you were not going to lose him of course. So you two going out, finally after quiet a long of time, meant a lot.

You checked yourself on the mirror, some light make up on but not too much. Truth be told, you wanted to look extra pretty today. For him actually.

You wanted to laugh at your own self. You were acting like a little girl while you were just seventeen and you could say pretty mature at that. But you knew that Jensen could have you acting like a love-struck teen in just a matter of seconds. You usually didn’t of course, because he was just your friend, but these days you had noticed a change in his behavior and when he asked you out you could clearly see it yourself.

You skipped down the stairs- literally, two at a time – as you practically kept yourself from running down the stairs to the door as soon as the doorbell was heard. You were pretty lucky both your parents but above all Richard was not home cause he was definitely not going to let you go out just like that. Oh definitely not without teasing you about it even as Jensen was there.

“Hey” you breathed out as soon as you opened the door.

“Hey” it came out a little shakily as he looked at you up and down, almost a little shocked. It’s not as if you’d wear a dress very often, in front of him anyway.

“So… are we gonna go or what?” you could not keep yourself from giggling at his expression.

“Oh. Oh yeah! Yeah right! Sorry” he chuckled nervously, running a hand through his hair “Come on then (Y/n/n)!” he smirked at you, all playful attention back on.

“Ditto” you said cheerfully, exiting the house and locking the door behind you “So where are ya taking me?” you followed him to his car.

“Somewhere I know you’ll like” he grinned cheekily, moving in front of you to open the door to his car.

You laughed “Thanks”

“But you know that doesn’t really narrow it down a lot” you pointed out as soon as he was inside the car as well.

“Oh come on! It’s a surprise, cannot ruin this now!”

“But you tell me almost every time we go out what the destination is” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest like a stubborn little child.

Jensen sighed rolling his eyes “Yes but not every time is a date (Y/n)!” it seemed to slip him.

You tried to keep the expression of shock off your face but it was hard. Like it was hard to keep the smile off your lips. It was true that you had an idea, that you suspected it to be a date but at some point you thought that it was just your own wishful thinking. That probably it was yet another time out with him. But it obviously wasn’t.

Just like every other time after that.

You almost lost a count after the first times. Even your movie nights with Jared and Misha actually turned into dates for you and him. Although those times you had to be more careful in not letting the guys realize anything or even see you as Jensen tried to steal some small kiss. Oh those kisses.

The feeling of the first one seemed to be still marked on your lips and every time he kissed you after that you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel like you were on cloud nine. And kiss after kiss, touch after touch it was not long before you found yourself in the situation you were in at that moment.

That moment that was bound to mark your life for the best and worst at the same time.

“J-Jensen” you panted as his lips slowly but surely kissed your neck, fast to return back to your own lips though.

There was something in the kiss, there was something in the way he was touching you and holding you that just did not feel right. That something was not alright with him. They felt needy, as if he needed to be with you and this close because something was going to happen and he was going to lose you just the following morning, that you were not going to be there or at least you and him were not going to be together anymore.

“Jensen” you tried to say more firmly, although your voice was a little shaky and you pushed him away softly.

You could see for your own in his eyes that feeling of… fear. Of longing. Longing for what? It looked as if he was scared of losing something dear to him and had already started to miss it but you could not understand what.

“What?” his voice was low and rough.

“What is going on with you? What is happening?” you whispered, cupping his face with both your hands to make him look directly at you.

“N-Nothing’s happening, why would you think that?” he chuckled nervously.

“Jensen please” you sighed sadly “Don’t lie. I can see something is not alright. Please tell me. You’re worrying me”

He looked at you in the eyes for a good while but did not say much. He was hiding something, there was no doubt about it. And it actually worried you even more.

He chuckled but you could say how it was forced “No, no. Everything is alright. Believe me. Just- Not something to bother yourself with. All I want is to- to spend some more time with you.” he had averted his eyes from yours for a second but now looked back up at you.

“Just that” he whispered, rubbing his thumb over your cheek.

You still had a frown on, you could feel how it was not alright. You knew it. But at the same time you did not want to pressure him. He needed time, you knew it. And you were going to give it to him.

In a split second you attached your lips to his, almost harshly. It didn’t take long for him to respond and just like before you could feel the need in the kiss. It was a desperate one. Why you could not understand but for now did not want to think about it. He needed you and you could feel it. He was desperate and you just could not find it in you to not give him what he craved for. What you craved for as well. Love.

He groaned just slightly when you moved on his lap but did not stop, as his hands tightened their grip on your hips. A small gasp left his lips when your hands moved under his shirt. Although he didn’t want to he pushed you away he did and looked at you with a deep frown, he was panting.

“Are you sure…?” he whispered.

He wanted it, it was obvious but at the same time wanted to make sure he was not rushing you.

You smiled “Just as much sure I am that I love you” you whispered in a much lower voice.

You knew it was too early. Not only for that but to even say those words. However, you knew you’d been feeling that way for too long, so long that you could not wait anymore. You could not keep it inside you. And seeing Jensen like this, you knew, you had to at least make him realize that no matter what happened he would have you there. Always.

The stunned expression was hard to miss, as he merely stared at you with wide eyes. You could not deny you started to panic a little bit on the inside, thinking that it was way too early after all. Until-

“I love you too” he whispered as a smile broke on his face “Very very much” he breathed out and you could not keep yourself from letting out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t forget that, ok?” he added in a more… sad tone. It certainly meant no good.

“I really do love you. Always. It’s not going to change… no matter what”

“Jensen-” you began but could not say much as he cut you off by pressing his lips to yours. This time it was not just as rushed as before but you could still feel the need in it. The need he had to actually feel you close to him… like he was never going to lose you. Like he would never have to say goodbye.

It was needy for attention and love. He was. And so were you. And so was the entire night. Your two figures moving under the covers, clothes being shed slowly but surely, deep breathing being heard and soft noises here and there, careful and sometimes hesitant touches that left the both of you to want more, soft and sweet kiss exchanged and placed all over each other, your hands moved on their own trying to hold each other as close as possible- like there was no tomorrow for you. You wanted to live that night, that first night of you being together and one. Your bodies had a mind of their own because your minds were blank. You didn’t want to think because you wanted to be all his and he didn’t to think because… he had his reasons. Actually not wanting to think about tomorrow, not wanting to think about what could or would happen just thinking about each other. Thinking how you only wanted to show how much each other mattered to you and nothing else. It was a long night, heavy and hot, but pure bliss was the only word that could ever describe how you felt. How he felt, for the first time in his life.

Even if he’d have to say goodbye after that.

-End of Flashback-

You remember when you fell asleep that night you could not wait for the morning to come. Being held in his arms was one of the best things and actually waking up with him holding you was even better. Only thing was… it never happened.

Instead you woke up to an empty and cold bed. Empty and cold just like your soul the second you stepped inside the school.

A smile was on your face despite the fact that Jensen was not by your side that morning. You knew that he probably had something to do so even if you did call him a few times you stopped trying after a while in case you were bothering him or he was busy. But it got entirely wiped out when you came face to face with… that.

You don’t even remember anymore who the girl was but you clearly remember the position they were in and certainly the words that left her mouth in almost moans ‘Oh Jensen, I love you so much’ and it was not that which hurt most but the fact that… he said it back. It felt as if you entire world had started crumbling down as you stared with wide eyes at him having whoever-that-cheerleader-was (considering her uniform) all over him and him not doing a single thing to stop it, but only going along with it. It made you sick and you wanted to cry, shout, vomit and at the same time do nothing. The pain inside your chest made you feel numb. He was known for being a little flirty around the school but you knew at the same time that you could trust him, he had never given you a sign that you could doubt him. Until that moment. And until he only proved to you that what had happened the previous night meant nothing to him.

You had run away before he could even notice you- or at least that’s what you’d like to believe. Or maybe he did realize you suspected something because he didn’t even bother pretending to be close to you the rest of the entire day, or month or year… years. That’s when it all came crumbling down and he stopped being the guy you used to know for so long. Sometimes you wanted to believe that what you saw in his eyes was regret but you had to remind yourself multipletime- repeating the same words again and again: “I was just another one on his list. I never mattered to him”. You did not want to believe it but it was the truth and you had to numb yourself any way you could so that you could not feel.

You never actually talked about it but you knew he had come to realize it by your cold looks and certainly by your words. Although you’d never actually said it openly to him – prefering a more civilized break up, as if you actually knew nothing and only wanted it over with – you’d often throw comments at him which, well, to say the least showed how you really thought had felt about him anymore.

Like tonight…

“You… are no longer the person I used to know and that is just why I treat you as that. You are no longer my friend whom I trusted with my life, all my secrets and worries. You no longer are the person that I-” you kept yourself from completing the sentence, instead swallowed and looked him seriously “You are not that person anymore, Jensen. I may act as if everything is ok between us, even if you’ve cut all ties, but you and I both know the truth. Nothing is ok Jensen. Nothing will ever be and you know it… Not after what you did… to me. Not after what you did that time. I may act as if I’ve forgotten but-” you swallowed trying to keep in your tears “-I haven’t. And I never will. Know that no matter how much time passes I will never forget. And I will never forgive you for that. It would be different if it was somebody else but no-not you Jensen. Not the only person I could trust with my own life. Not you that I thought would never… do something like that to me.”

It hurt to even think about it but it was the truth. Jensen was no longer the person you used to know and love. He was not the guy whom you spent almost your entire life with, up to now, and the one you fell helplessly in love with. He was no longer the guy you gave yourself to just because of that. Because he only used you. Just like with any other girl. And then abandoned you, left you to your pain and sorrow because he never truly loved you. No, the guy you used to know would never do that.

This was not Jensen. It could not be. And so, you were going to treat him as such. He was not the only one that had changed after all. You had as well.


Jensen downed on yet another glass of whiskey. He was pretty glad he knew the place all too well and knew where to find the drinks. It hurt. His heart hurt and his chest felt unbearably tight. Pretty much reminding him of that exact morning he had to force himself to leave before you could wake. Or just like that time he heard your muffled crying but had to pretend he didn’t and kept on going… with whatever he was doing. It made him sick. He wanted to beat himself up for it and he knew he’d deserve it. But there was not much he could do right now, other than remember all the pain he had caused you.

Because truth be told he was the one that had led you straight into Castiel’s arms. And all he could do was to blame himself while drinking his pain as he thought back to every single moment of it. As he thought back to that. All the time wishing…

…he could really tell you the entire truth. What actually led him to do all he did.

But he knew he never could.
Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 18 - Extended Ending

You let a small content sigh as you sat on the bench on the garden, watching the sun slowly fall down. It was a little chilly but you just felt so warm inside you that it didn’t bother you. Be it happiness, be it motherhood – or pregnancy anyway, you just did not think about things like that. Watching the sunset was one of your favorite things, the warm color of the sun casting over the greens and and all of the colors of the flowers just brought back so many memories that you could not help but smile.

A small giggle left your lips as you felt a small kick inside your swollen belly. You instinctively put a hand on top of it, rubbing softly as if to sooth it down. You still refered to the baby as it when you were alone but in front of Dean you always used a ’he’. Of course the gender of the baby was left to be found in a few months from now but you just loved teasing Dean about it. From the very first moments of your pregnancy he had started referring to the kid as a ’she’. It was true that you would love a daughter that would have his eyes and your hair and certainly his smile but just to get to him you said it would be a boy. And Dean being Dean just kept insisting that it was going to be a girl.

And your father wanted just what you did. He of course wished for a grandson not only so that he knew that the kingdom would have a king after Dean but just because he would love a second version of Dean running around the castle again. Yes, as much as hard that was to believe – considering what Dean had done to him while he was a kid – it made you smile at him fondly because it was true.

Pregnancy had lots of perks. The most important of them being that you did not have to wear a corset. All of your dresses were loose fitting and most of them belonged to your mother. The ones she’d wear when she was pregnant in you. Another one was that if they treated you like a princess before (no pun intended) you now were a queen – the time would come for that soon as well for real. They would do anything you wanted, Dean above all. Sometimes he didn’t even let the maids take care of you. He took it all upon himself. And it was just one of the most adorable sights- other than when you told him you were pregnant.

He did pass out, yes, but that was certainly the cutest thing ever. Other than when you’d both stay up till late as he rubbed his hand over your swollen belly or you would wake up to him talking to your baby. Sometimes you’d catch him telling stories but most of the time it was your story. How you met and how you came to be here. Tears welled up in your eyes just like with Dean’s. You occasionally noticed his glistening with tears as he recounted the part where you were willing to sacrifice yourself for him.

‘She told him that if he wanted to kill me then she should as well kill her.’ a chuckle had left his lips as he rubbed his hand over your belly. He spoke in a hushed voice tone, thinking that you were still sleeping.

'I swear’ he swallowed the lump in his throat 'That moment I fell in love with her all over again’ he had said.

You had felt your heart swell inside your chest at the love in his voice. Not only for you but for your baby as well. That’s how it was every time.

'We will love you baby. Don’t you ever doubt about it. We will protect you and even if I can’t I know she will. I know that she has it in her. I may be the knight but she’s hella of a fighter herself as well’ he had added with a proud chuckle.

At those moments you knew he was going to be an amazing father. And every day of your life he proved you he was just as an amazing husband. You would have never asked for anyone else and it all made you realize how worth all that fighting was for.

'My knight in shining armor’ you’d often think. An amazing father and husband.

It actually made you feel over the moon to be pregnant with his child. It felt as if you had both a piece of heaven and Dean within you. Even when he had to go to some battle you would stay till late at night, looking at the stars on the balcony and rubbing over your swollen belly. You’d think about him, almost feeling as if he was there with you. And even if he wasn’t, you knew he was thinking about you.

'He’s away fighting to keep you and me safe. Because he loves us. And he will beat all the bad men- all the monsters that want to harm you. Because he loves us’ you had whispered to your baby.

And every time you were most happy to see him com back in one piece. His sword fell on his feet as he walked inside your shared bedroom. Tears welled up in both of yours eyes as you finally saw each other after so long. He had a scruff and he looked slightly dirty as well as tired as hell. But he always had the hugest smile on his lips that could lighten up an entire room.

'You’ve gotten bigger’ he’d said with a chuckle as he took you in.

'And you look awful’ you’d said back with a chuckle.

Silence would follow and none of you said anything more as you both almost ran to each other and he enveloped you in his arms. Hugging like there was no tomorrow. After those first few battles and when your birth date approached your father refused to even let Dean talk about battles. He wanted him to be close to you at any cost.

But aside from that, and aside from the worries of whether Dean was safe or not, being pregnant with his child felt amazing. If you excluded the morning sickness, the weight of your ever growing baby inside your belly, the pain on your feet and back and of course your hormones that sometimes made you want to shout at Dean and others jump on himand- yeah.

“Easy there little guy” you giggled as you felt another kick. You stroked your belly over your thin dress.

“You mean little girl” another voice was heard behind you and you had to keep yourself from rolling your eyes. You did smile though.

“I mean just what I said. Little guy” you said smugly at him as he shook his head with a chuckle, coming to sit next to you.

“Are we gonna start again with that?”

“Yes, yes we are. Until you get into that freaking stubborn head of yours that it’s going to be a boy” you poked his chest and he laughed at you.

“Don’t laugh at me!” you shrieked.

“I’m sorry it’s just-” he chuckled shaking his head “I know one thing for sure what that kid is going to be”


“Stubborn” he said and you rolled your eyes “Stubbor as hell!” he exclaimed and you hit his shoulder.

“Whatever you say” you shook your head.

Dean moved closer to you wrapping an arm around your waist as you rested your head on his shoulder, taking hold of his other hand.

“Well…” you whispered “I know for a fact that it is going to be loved”

A smile broke on Dean’s lips as he looked down at you “Very much” he whispered, leaning in to press his lips to yours.

“Can I ask you one thing though?” a hint of playfulness was in his voice “Why do you want so much a boy? Other than to get on my nerves”

You let a chuckle as he did “Well-” you started “-truth?”

“Yes” he whispered.

“It’s silly though” you mumbled, looking down at your hands.

“Come on!” he chuckled at you “Don’t be all shy with me now. Need I remind you you are pregnant and I am the father of the child?”

You frowned looking at him “What does that have to do with me being shy with you?”

“Well we both know what the process to getting you pregnant was” he grinned cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows.

Your mouth fell agape “Dean!” you exclaimed, hitting his chest and hiding your red face at the crook of his neck.

He chuckled deeply as he wrapped both his arms around you, hugging you close to him and kissing the top of your head.

“Will you tell me though?” he raised an eyebrow, smiling softly.

“I just…” you trailed off, fidgeting with your hands on top big belly.

“You just?” he urged softly.

You let a small sigh “I just get scared that you won’t love just as much as before. That’s all” you said in a barely audible voice, so low that he could barely make what you said and you actually hoped he didn’t understand anything.

But he did.

“What?” he breathed out. He seemed as if he was ready to laugh but when he saw how serious you were he didn’t.

He lifted your chin with his fingers so that you would be looking him in the eyes “Oh sweetheart” he whispered, cupping your face and pressing his lips hard to yours. You felt your breath got knocked out of your lungs and you felt a tingling sensation as you craved more of him. It’s been over seven months since you’d had the chance to do something and the hormones were only making the situation worse.

Dean however pulled away from you before the situation would get too heated at least for him to be unable to control. He only wanted to show you how much you mattered to him and as soon as the baby was born he certainly intended on proving it every night, all night.

“You know that no matter what you will always be the only woman in my life, right?” he asked softly, rubbing his thumb over your cheek.

“Yes I will love her if she’s really a girl but the love I have for you, princess-” a small smirk spread on his lips when he saw your smile “-cannot be compared to anything else. Don’t doubt it” he rested his forehead against yours.

“You know this is actually a chick-flick moment right?” a smirk spread on your lips.

He groaned, rolling his eyes “Who’s ruining the moment now?”

“You know, last time you said this we ended up somewhere else” you giggled.

He chuckled “Oh trust me I clearly remember.” his hand moved over your swollen belly as he rubbed it softly.

You giggles died off as you let a small sigh, resting your head on the crook of his neck.

“And I would never forget” he added in a whisper.

“Neither would I” you added as well.

“…And neither would your father” he added after a while and you both burst into a feat of laughter.

“Oh that I am sure about!” you nodded your head, clearly remembering the first morning after when your father caught you.

“Hey, how about we go inside now?” he asked in a low voice.

“Winchester do I need to remind you I am still pregnant?” you raised an eyebrow.

He rolled his eyes “You have such a dirty mind”

“I blame it on you” you retorted sassily and he shook his head.

“I am a terrible influence”

“Yep. But I will take care of our son so you won’t ruin him too”

“You mean our daughter?” he retorted.

You groaned “You are not going to give up, are you?”

“Nope!” came oh so happily from him.

“Stubborn ass” you grumbled and he looked at you with wide eyes.

“Hey! Don’t talk like that in front of the kid!” he exclaimed.

“What kid?” you frowned.

He placed a hand on top of your belly leaning down to whisper “Don’t listen to your mommy sweetheart, those are not nice words to say”

“Really?” you raised an eyebrow “She- I mean he- He is not even born yet! As if it can even understand you Dean!” you groaned loudly.

“Don’t talk about my daughter like that!” he pouted, fake-glaring up at you.

You rolled your eyes “Here we go again. I really don’t want to imagine how you will react when he’s born”

“You mean she” he corrected.

An idea came to your mind “Hey, but you know if it is actually a girl that one day when she grows up she will bring a guy over” it certainly got his attention as his back straightened and he looked at you fully in the eyes.

“Why?” he asked.

Why?” you repeated snickering “You really are asking why?” you laughed “You’re seriosuly joking me.”

“No” he said actually serious.

“Dean I hate it to break it to you but she won’t forever be your girl- if it is a girl!” you raised a finger.

“Why?” he asked like a stubborn child.

Why? Well Dean sorry to tell you but that is the way life goes. There will be one day she will leave you, she won’t beforever your baby girl. She will find a guy she loves, the one she’ll probably spent the rest of her life with, away from you, not needing you anymore, and the man she will give herself to-” you didn’t have time to continue as he immediately cut you off.

Panic was in his eyes “No! Let me stop you right there! Stop! Not another word! She is my baby girl! My little girl!” he said stubbornly almost pouting.

You could hardly keep your laughter “Oh Dean, now I really long for it to be a girl!”

“No! Stop! Don’t say it again!” he said ever so stubbornly

“… What if it is a boy?” he added.

~Two months later~

“Try to hold on sweetheart, please. The maids are on their way” Dean’s voice whispered as soothingly as possible as he held your hand tightly in his.

“I’m trying. I’m trying” you could not say more as a screamed ripped through your throat.

You panted as you squeezed Dean’s hand tightly. He was by your side the second your water broke and Dean’s leave you even as he shouted at the guards to go inform the maids and your parents. You had been expecting the day coming any time now so almost everybody was on edge along with you. Certainly the entire castle.

A whimper left your lips as the pain stopped for a mere second “D-Dean” you whispered, holding a scream inside your throat as it turned into just a groan.

“I’m scared” you whispered, looking him in the eyes.

Your were filled with tears and you could see his watering up as well. He leaned in and kissed your sweaty forehead “I know princess. I know.” he whispered, voice hoarse and laced with unshed tears.

“But you can do this” he said more firmly, giving your hand a squeeze as he looked at you fully in the eyes “I know you can. You are a fighter. You saved me remember? And you’ve put up with me for all this time without losing it. I know you can do this. You will give birth and everything is going to be fine, I know it.” he rubbed his thumb over your hand.

A whimper left your lips as you looked at him, your tears rolling down “I love you Dean, you know that right?”

He smiled nodding his head “I know sweetheart. I love you too” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

Silence had fallen for a little while between you but it did not last long as an acute pain shot though you and a scream left your lips. It all started all over again and you literally felt out of breath at the pain. You tried to keep your breathing labored as your mother had told you but it was hard with a groan of pain ripping through every second.

Soon the maids had come, bringing with them all the necessary equipment, bowls with hot and cold water, towels, clothes and other things you could not see in your pain.

“My lord you must come out” one of them said to Dean as she tried to push him away from you.

His eyes widened “Hells no! I am staying!” he growled as you gave his hand a squeeze.

“My lord I am sorry but you must leave we cannot have you here while she-”

“I said no!” he barked “I am not leaving her!”

“Dean” you said breathlessly in a low whisper, looking at him with tears in your eyes. His own heartache was visible on his face as he looked at you.

“My lord” the maid insisted as some of them came rushing to wards you and others joined her in trying to get Dean out of the room.

“No, no!” he insisted.

“Dean” it was your fathers voice that made Dean look at him “Come on. Please” he put a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean looked at him with a pleading look but your father shook his head “Dean” he did not say anything more but you felt a little later lips being pressed on your cheek and Dean let go of your hand.

He walked away slowly with your father, clearly not wanting to leave your side, as your mother came by you whispering soft words of comfort.

Dean turned one last time to look at you. You looked at him as well but he smiled, trying to stay strong, and nodded his head at you. You smiled weakly at him.

'I love you’ he mouthed and you did the same. Within second he was out of your eye-sight as the door closed behind them.

And just as the door closed a piercing scream left your throat “Dean!” you screamed.

Dean closed his eyes in pain and clenched his fists, a tear rolling down his cheeks.

Your father placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him “It will be fine. She’s a fighter. I know she can do this. Don’t worry”

Dean nodded his head, mostly trying to make himself believe it.

For a long while the only thing that could be heard was your screams and groans. The maids rushing and trying to reassure you and help you could be heard sometimes but it was your cries that boke Dean entirely. That and the fact thathe did not know what was going on. He wanted more than anything to be there inside and by your side. He literally felt like breaking something or mostly tearing his hair- he probably already had from how much he was pulling at them.

But then-

Then silence followed and Dean’s eyes widened. Not your screams, not your mother’s words, not the maids talking to you or each other, no rushing or moving. Only…

…a piercing cry of a baby.

A shaky breath left Dean’s lips as his eyes widened. He instantly turned to look at your father that had a wide smile on his lips, a small laugh leaving his lips.

The second realization downed on his, he found himself pushing the doors and barging in as he strode to your side. He stopped in the middle of the way as he saw a wide smile on your lips as one of the maids handed you the baby.

“My lord not yet-” one of the maids started but was stopped as your father shook his head at her and she let Dean walk closer to you.

He took tentative steps towards you and the baby wrapped in a white towel along with silk sheets that had the royal sign on them. The second you heard the footstep you looked up at him, the widest smile on your lips as you saw him. You looked and were tired as hell, your hair sticking to your face, but you still had the biggest and brightest smile Dean had ever seen on you.

Dean smiled as well as he came closer and closer by the second, tears had welled up in his eyes. It felt like forever but he finally came by your side. He dared look over at the baby in your hands and the tears finally rolled down.

“Seems like you lost the bet Winchester” you whispered in a hoarse voice.

He placed a hand over the baby’s head and looked at you in the eyes “… It’s a boy?”

You grinned, nodding at him.

~Eight years later~

Loud laughter could be heard even through the hallways as you walked downed them, making your way just to the area that under no circumstances would you expect to hear laughter coming from. Childlike laughter.

“Got ya!” a voice exclaimed in victory.

You chuckled as you walked close to the training area that was empty, save for the two of them.

You shook your head, crossing your arms over your chest as you leaned against a pillar. You chuckled to yourself as you watched them… fight. If you could ever call it that.

You watched as Dean chuckled, effectively dodging a blow from your son’s wooden sword. But you mostly saw how proud he was when little Sam managed to dodge a move Dean made. Wood clashed with wood and panting could be heard along with some groans and laughter of course.

“Nice go, Sammy” he said with a big grin.

“It’s Sam, dad” your son retorted grumpily and both you and Dean laughed.

“Just like your uncle.” Dean panted a little with a sake of his head.

A groan soon left his lips as Sam’s sword hit his leg which made Sam grin smugly.

Dean groaned more but a smile was on his face “Well good to know that at least you have a better blow than him.” you could hear the pride in his voice and you could not keep our smile.

“I took after my father” Sam shrugged which made the grin on Dean’s face get bigger.

“Sure you did fella” Dean chuckled, unexpectedly made a move towards Sam who was caught off guard for a second but managed to still himself before falling “But still takes some practice buddy” Dean chuckled as he back away, Sam advancing as their wooden swords clashed.

A hiss left Sam’s lips as he got hit but it was not that that made him hurt. You realized how he already had a small wound on his knee, some blood staining his clothes, and you immediately felt alerted. Your back straightened and you stiffened, worry edging inside you. They both stopped for a second as Sam looked down at the wound. The smile immediately fell from Dean’s lips as he dropped the sword and took the steps closer to your son.

“Hey Sammy you ok-” he was soon cut off as within a second as Sam jumped on his and pointed his sword on Dean’s face.

A wide grin was on his face, all the hurt he previously showed was gone “What happened to rule number one dad? Never drop your sword”

“You little-” Dean did not complete his sentence but only shook his head laughing out loudly.

“You got me there for a second. Fine, this round’s on you” Dean huffed and the grin on Sam’s face got as wide as possible.

“Yes!” he exclaimed and as soon as his eyes landed on you he waved excited.

“Look mom! I took over dad!” he exclaimed, jumping off Dean and running to your side, hugging you by your waist.

You chuckled, looking down at him and raffling his hair “You sure did, huh?” you asked and he nodded his head happily.

“Yeah after he tricked me into thinking he was hurt” Dean said with a groan as he approached you.

You shrugged “Called tactic” you defended Sam and Dean rolled his eyes at you.

“But I did well, right?” Sam asked Dean hopefully and he chuckled, raffling his hair.

“Yes kiddo you did.”

“Can we practice more later? I really want to get better” Sam asked him again and Dean nodded his head.

“Well with this rate in a while you will be one of the best knights out there” Dean said proudly and Sam smiled widely.

“Even as good as you?” he asked hopefully and grinning widely Dean nodded his head.

“Hells yeah! You will be the best knight ever known!”

“And that way I will be able to protect you and mom?” he asked and a warm smile spread on your lips.

“Of course sweetheart” you whispered and he turned to look up at you “Just as long as you are fighting for the ones you love”

He grinned widely nodding his head and hugging you once again “Maybe I should go to grandpa and tell him I beat dad?”

“Of course! He will be thrilled! Go go!” you encouraged him and with a nod you saw him ran down the hallway.

“…Not a word” Dean told you with a serious face and you let a giggle.

“I wasn’t going to” you said innocently.

“Yeah sure” he rolled his eyes.

You snickered “But he really got you there for a second huh? Moments like this it feels as if I am looking at your younger version” you chuckled.

“Maybe” he shrugged “But other than that he will be an amazing knight and I know it. He wants to do it to protect and not because he likes it”

“He already is a knight” you whispered as Dean wrapped his arms around you and you rested your forehead on his shoulder “A young knight in shining armor”
Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 17 - The End

And it all was so obvious as you and Dean walked, holding hands, down the small forest. Your father had made his decision and it was all well-accepted by you and Dean.

You turned your head to look at him with a small smile that got just a little bigger as you saw his forest-green orbs shining brightly and his freckles like small stars shining because of the warm mid-day light shining over him. It was such abeautiful day. Pretty warm, but not too much. There were birds singing in the far distance as you could hear and even a small warm breeze was blowing. The rustling of the leaves gave you such a relaxed feeling that you just could not help but remember that one first time you had come with Dean here and were about to kiss. It was all before everything had started. Before all of this had started. But now it was over- It was going to be over. During such a beautiful say… it actually felt a shame that you were both going to die on such a day.

Dean’s hand took hold of yours, both your hands were bound together by a rope attached to a longer one that a soldier in front of you had hold of. You smiled ever so faintly at Dean looking deeply in his shining eyes- shining because of the welled up tears. But he refused to shed them and so did you. Your father had made his decision and you were both willing to accept it. Well, Dean had raised objections of course when the first words had been said but you were not taking no for an answer.

“Very well” your father had said, all emotion draining from his face and eyes.

“If this is what you want. Then so shall be it. You will be both be hanged tomorrow morning at the forest and till then you shall spend your last few hours here with him. Just so that you see what you are giving your life for.” he hissed the last words, his voice dripping with venom, as if it was filth.

“No” Dean had breathed out “No! No don’t you dare!” he had snapped, quickly getting on his feet but being held back by soldiers before he could make a move, you as well.

“You won’t do this” you had never heard this much fear in Dean’s voice before.

“She asked for it herself and that is how it’s going to be” your father had looked at Dean with such a hard look “You will both die. And you-” he had approached Dean, looking at him dead serious “-will die with her blood in your hands. Because it will be you that have caused her death.”

And he had dismissed you after that, ordering the soldiers to lock the both of you up and of course some to guard Henry’s room so that he would not escape and try to save you.

So here you were now. Walking the final steps to your death. Brought to you by your own father, oh wasn’t that pure luck.

He smiled ever so faintly at you as well but you could see the pain through it. You knew very well why that was.

“We’re going to be together” you whispered, just like you had done the previous night “I’m not going to let you go on the other side without me.”

“So I’m pretty much stuck with you for an eternity?” the corners of his lips lifted just slightly.

“Hey!” you said still in a low and slightly hoarse voice “I should be the one complaining” you let out a humorless chuckle that was cut by a sob, even if you tried to hold it back.

Dean’s smile immediately fell as even a tear slipped your eyes. You quickly brushed it off, trying to act brave but it was near impossible. Your throat felt tight and your eyes stung with tears. But it was not only because of the fact that you were about to die. It was because of the fear of being without him. Not being with Dean was a thought that made your heart tighten insufferably inside your chest.

Dean opened his mouth, ready to speak. His own face had fell and you could see his own lower lip tremble. He was ready to speak but before he could dare utter a word he was jerked forward by the rope tied to his hands, just like you were. You stumbled a little, almost falling which actually made Dean glare hard at them, a small growl leaving his lips.

You both soon had walked the small stairs up to the gallows. You looked straight in the eyes of your father as he stood a few feet away, a cold look in his eyes- not a single regret. You had come to the point to think that you did not recognize this man anymore. You did not see your mother here, and you didn’t have to guess that he had (like with Henry) ordered to keep her inside till all of this was over. You could see him still glaring at Dean but he turned his head from him to look at one of the soldiers that was there close to you.

He nodded his head, the soldier doing the same. Not many words were said but they weren’t needed anyway. He moved so that he placed the noose around your necks. Now it hang loose but you knew that it soon would not be this way. Inactual reality it had started to feel a little tight, as you felt as if you could not even swallow properly, although it was not near that. The soldier moved to the side as he took hold of the handle there. He squeezed it tight, ready to move it.

In just the few seconds left you turned your head to look at Dean who had his own head turned, already looking at you. You both smiled at each other, just a small way of trying to reassure each other. You wanted to reach out to him, to even hold his hand but you couldn’t with how they had tied your hands. You only looked at each other deeply in the eyes, not for a second wanting to break eye contact. Even till your last moments. You were going to die, yes. The both of you, yes. By your own father at that, yes. But if you died and had as a last image each other then- things did not seem all so bad.

“I love you” you whispered, your voice hoarse.

The soldier squeezed the handle more tight.

“I love you too” he whispered back.

He turned his head to look at your father.

“Always?” you asked back in a whisper.

Your father gave him a nod.

“Always and forever, sweetheart” he smirked just slightly and reassuringly.

And he pulled the handle.

The floor beneath you opened and in a swift movement it felt as if the entire ground was swept from your feet and you-

Woke up with a jolt.

Your eyes were wide and your heart was beating rapidly in your chest. It felt ready to break out of it and you put a hand on top of it. You tried to take in deep breaths to sooth yourself down.

It was all a dream.

Of course
you thought as a smile spread on your lips.

“Baby?” a voice next to you was heard and you immediately turned your head to look at him.

You met the worried eyes of Dean Winchester.

“Hey, sorry. I woke you up, didn’t I?” you whispered apologetically.

“Mhm Hadn’t fallen asleep properly yet” he shrugged slightly, a small grin on his lips as he ran his hand down your bare arm, moving it to ran his fingers down your bare spine.

You smiled sheepishly down at him, a small blush creeping up your cheeks and you tightened the hold of the silk sheet over your bare chest.

“Sorry again, though” you mumbled as you moved so that you could lay back down next to him, laying your head on his bare chest.

“What was it about?” he asked in a low voice.

“Nothing, it was nothing” you shook your head, trying to brush it off.

Dean tightened slightly his grip on you “(Y/n)” he sighed “I’ve had a fair amount of nightmares myself, most of them being these weeks for that matter. It is not nothing” he insisted.

You let a small sigh “I- It was a nightmare. You- you and I got hanged. We died. That’s all.” you ended up whispering.

Dean’s hold on you tightened a little bit and you let out a small content sigh. He kissed your forehead softly and you closed your eyes for a second.

“It was just a dream” he whispered soothingly “It was just a dream. None of that was real”

You nodded your head at him “I know. I know.” you opened your eyes to look up at him “It’s just- I’m still a little shaken after all of that” you shrugged slightly.

“I know” he whispered in a rough voice. It had been just a few hours ago that he was locked inside a cell and now – as much hard as it was – he was here with you. Holding you and not letting go ever again.

Who would have thought that all it took was for you to say how you actually felt to convince your father that you truly loved him. Your father seemed reluctant for a second but when he could really see how you felt about Dean there really was no choice for him to make. You were going to live just like Dean would. The two of you together.

Dean kissed your forehead softly. He kissed again a little lower and lower till his lips moved to your cheek and then he placed a kiss on your lips. And another. And another.

“Maybe I could do something to make you feel a little better?” you could hear and feel the small smirk on his lips.

You let out a small giggle, proceeding to hum “Mhm somebody wants a second round?” you mumbled in between the kisses.

“You mean third? Or wait fourth? Maybe more. I’ve really lost count with you” he said, a deep chuckle leaving his lips, his chest rumbling making you giggle yourself.

“I think fourth, now that you’re talking about it” you mumbled, as he moved to kiss your neck “But I’m kinda sore so-maybe if we could, you know, in the morning…?” you ended up asking, looking up at him a little shyly but he only smiled down at you, warmly.

“It’s ok. Only when you want to” he said, kissing your forehead.

“Thank you” you whispered as he laid back down, pulling your body close to his again and you rested your head on his chest again, his arms moving to wrap around your form.

You let out a small content sigh, closing your eyes momentarily just enjoying the warmth Dean provided you.

“You know-” his voice broke the silence, making your eyes open to look up at him.

He chuckled a little to himself before speaking again “You scared the hell outta me down there” you could not help a small giggle at hearing him speak the way he usually did, no formalities.

“I- I got scared that for a moment he was going to-” he swallowed, the frown evident on his features “That he was going to say yes and decide to kill us both. And it’s not that I am scared about me, it’s- it’s you- it’s you that I don’t even wanna think of something happening to” he ended up whispering, his eyes looking up at the ceiling or around at the curtains of the bed, but not at you.

Your body stiffen just slightly and you pursed your lips in a thin line, a frown set on your face as well.

“Would you-” you swallowed “Would you ever consider, stopping this before it all came down to that? Me begging my father for both our lives?” you asked tentatively.

He glanced at you for a second, letting out a sigh “I would never consider stopping this for anything” he let a small chuckle soon after that “Which is ironic cause I actually did, once. But- Truth is if I’d ever consider stopping this forever?No. No I wouldn’t. Call me selfish o-or greedy but I just- I guess you could say I am addicted”

“… To me?” you breathed out, biting your lip,

He looked down at you, a wide grin spread on his face- or more like a smirk “That surprised?” he raised an eyebrow “You’re pretty much addictive, you know” his voice was lower than before, his one hand running over your bare waist.

Goosebumps created all over your skin and you bit your lip, looking away from him shyly; a dark blush rising up our cheeks “Dean” you moaned slightly.

“I love it when you say my name that way” he almost purred in pleasure, pressing his lips to your cheek.

“Dean” you almost whined this time, hiding your face at the crook of his neck.

He laughed out loudly at this, kissing the top of your head this time and moving to lay back down on his back, his eyes looking at the ceiling again.

“But you know, now that I think about it. Maybe there is one thing that would make me want to stop this” he let out a rather sad sigh, his eyes closing for a moment.

“A-and that would be?” you really did not know if you wanted to hear the answer or not.

“What you want” he breathed out, glancing at you for a second.

“When you were with Henry I- I actually thought for a second that there was no point in fighting for you. You-” he sighed “It was obvious how you wanted him. Only him and honestly that was hard to take. I watched you fall for him more and more and I just could not take it. But you looked happy and I thought that if at least you were happy then so should I. Hard yeah I know but- if you think about it with him you actually where whereas with me you were always either hiding or having to be careful not to be seen. Really, when the heck did I ever make you happy without you having to worry? About the both of us at that” he shook his head “I thought for a second that finally you were getting what you actually deserved, somebody you actually deserved. All I could do was bring you pain and-”

“Dean” you wanted to shout at him but it only came out breathlessly and almost in horror. It instantly got his attention and he turned his head to look at you, stopping what he was saying. He frowned at you and you, with pursed lips and a deep frown, shook your head at him.

“No” you whispered “No.”

You brought one hand up and cupped his cheek. As he was about to open his mouth and question you, you pressed your lips to his. His eyes fluttered shut, he did not move for a little while and only let you kiss him.

“What?” he asked, pulling just slightly away to look at you with a frown. You looked down at him as you had crawled over and on top of him.

“Weren’t you sore?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Was. ” you pressed a kiss over his lips “Not anymore.” another on his jaw “Besides-” another under his jaw “Need-” you kissed over his jawline “-to get these fucking stupid ideas-” you peppered kisses down to his chest “-outta your mind” you licked occasionally “Now”

“Really?” Dean breathed out in disbelief, mostly at what you were doing, and you looked up at him from where you were kissing his abdomen , a small smirk on your lips.

“Well, I said now, didn’t I?” you smirked at him and he only grinned widely.

A small chuckle left his lips “Oh I’m a terrible influence”

“Nah” you shrugged, smiling widely and winking at him.

It was certainly going to be a long night.

~Next morning~

You let a small yawn as Anna combed through your hair “You didn’t get much sleep, my princess?” she asked and you could literally hear the smirk in her voice.

You giggle “Nope. Not much. But hey can you blame me?” you raised an eyebrow at her and she laughed as well.

“I’m just a little sad he was not here when I woke up” you added in a mutter, looking down at your hands.

“But the maids had to prepare him for breakfast princess, it is not that simple anymore. He is the future king after all.”

“The maids?” you frowned.

“Yes. They came this morning while you were still sleeping. Woke him up and led him to the royal baths and later onwould lead him to his new room to get him dressed. You are not to share a room before the wedding even if you already have… yeah” she chuckled to herself.

“Oh is that so” she nodded her head at your words, giving you the final touches “Then maybe we can go by there if you’re done.”

“Of course”


“No, hey- no need for that ok? I can do it myself, alright? Just- just stop for a second and listen damn it” Dean groaned in exasperation. Maybe being a royal was not an easy task in the end.

“We’re sorry but we were ordered to take care of you and prepare you for the breakfast, my lord” one of the maids said, looking down. Since he was actually not a prince or had any other royal title he was always going to be addressed as my lord, till of course your wedding.

“Well he can sure as hell prepare himself pretty well now.” you said, crossing your arms in front of your chest as soon as you entered the room.

He seemed to let a small sigh of relief though he was too amused to care about that now. How could he not be after all?

“My princess-” one of them dared to speak “But the king ordered us to-” you didn’t let her finish of course.

“Forget what my father ordered you to do. I now order you to go tide my room and leave Dean on his freaking own. He’s got hands of his own, I’m sure he can take care of himself.” you said, smiling sarcastically at Dean but still glaring at him.

“Y-yes my princess” she replied, giving you a bow; as did the rest and they all left the room along with Anna.

You closed it as soon as the left and it didn’t take a second for your attention to be again on him as he started laughing out loudly.

“Something funny?” you raised an eyebrow at him, lips pursed in a thin line and hands on your hips.

“Well actually-” he could hardly keep his laughter “You know you didn’t have to snap at them like that. Poor girl seemed about to have a heart attack from looking at your glare. Maybe thought you were going to kill her.”

“Excuse me?” you scoffed.

“Come on they were just trying to do their job, maybe a little unsuccessfully since I was not co-operating but- still.” he shrugged, though the wide grin was still on his face.

“Of course they were” you rolled your eyes “Which is why you are standing half naked right here”

Dean laughed “Oh is that a hint of jealousy I’m seeing there?” a wide smirk covered his lips, especially as he saw your eyes widen for a second.

You laughed, rolling your eyes “As if”

“Oh but I think you are” he teased you, taking a few small steps closer to you.

“Shut up” you grumbled “I’m not jealous”

“Ok ok” he raised his hands in surrender “Whatever you say”

“I’m not, Dean!” you insisted “I just don’t get why they would have to- to do all that and- you’re practically naked- half naked, ok details. But point is- that- that-” you groaned in frustration “Just shut up! I’m not jealous, alright? I’m not!”

“Alright! Alright! I didn’t say you were. Nope” he shrugged, pretending innocent.

“But if I must say…” he came even closer to you, a smirk on his lips “You look absolutely adorable when you’re not jealous” he grinned widely as you groaned in frustration.

You were about to turn and leave but he caught you in the middle of that, his arms encircling your waist and not let you go. He pressed your back to his chest and you felt the deep rumble of it as he laughed wholeheartedly.

“Sorry sorry” he said, still laughing slightly “Sorry” he mumbled, his face buried at the crook of your neck for a little while “It’s just-” he looked up at you with a way-too-adorable-for-your-heart-to-take look “It makes me really happy to know you feel the same”

“I thought you’d know by now” you muttered, your arms still crossed over your chest; you were still playing hard.

“Oh trust me after last night every inch of doubt vanished for sure” he laughed and you could not help a small smile either; though you tried to not let him see.

He chuckled slightly “But what I meant is that- it’s nice to see I am not the only one getting possessive sometimes. It’s nice to know that you want me to be only yours just like I want you to be mine. And only mine.” he mumbled, pressing his lips to your neck in a soft kiss. And another. And another. And another.

If it was hard to hide your smile before, it now was impossible. But that just did not mean you were going to give him the satisfaction.

“Whatever” you rolled your eyes, pushing him away “Just get dressed Winchester. My father is waiting for us. And don’t take long or else-” you tried to put on a serious face, pointing a finger on him.

“Just get done quickly. I’ll be waiting outside”

“As you wish my princess” he said, bowing at you though a smirk was on his lips.

You visibly rolled your eyes at him but tried to keep the smile at bay as much as possible.

He winked at you and chuckled as you sent him a small glare, but exited the room to let him get ready on his own.


“Well finally!” your father exclaimed with a smile as soon as you and Dean entered the dining room.

“Sorry, it took a little while to get ready” you said with a small laugh.

“It better be that cause I am too young to be a grandfather already” your father said with a deep chuckle your mother laughing slightly along with him, shaking her head, and your own eyes widened.

“Dad!” you hissed but Dean chuckled as well, only to earn a glare from you.

It made him shut up for a second but you could still see him laugh a little when you turned your head away.

“Come, seat” he gestured to you.

You sighed softly, making your way to your already set place. You looked at Dean who seemed a little reluctant, thinking once again if this was where he should really seat or if he was supposed to take his place behind your father’s seat.

“Dean” you said softly and his attention snapped to you “Seat” you smiled reassuringly and he nodded slowly.

He took his seat next to you, but still seemed to be deep in thought, his eyes roaming the entire place; worried about everybody’s looks. That was something you felt as well so you could relate to him. But for the moment you were among your family, your loved ones and the ones hat knew you and accepted you so you did not have- you did not want to think about that. You only wanted to enjoy this for now and when the time came you knew everybody would in the end accept it. And if they didn’t? Well, you did not want to care. As long as you were with Dean you had all you wanted.

“Hey” you whispered softly, placing a hand over his. You only smiled at him and he did not need you to say anything to realize what you meant to say. What you were saying with your eyes.

He smiled as well, letting a small sigh and you smiled even more at it. You leaned in to press your lips to his in a kiss but the second your lips touched his, he immediately pulled away. You would have laughed at the look on his face, especially the wide eyes. If you were not feeling quiet offended anyway.

“What?” you asked.

“What what?” he whisper-hissed “Your father’s here!” the look on his eyes was certainly one to make you laugh.

“You’re kidding me right?”

“What? No!” and the funniest thing was that he actually meant it.

“Dean, do I need to remind you how he found us just the previous morning?”

“…No.” he cleared his throat awkwardly “But even if he did, we do not have to actually show it so openly”

You bit your tongue to keep yourself from snapping at him. It actually was getting too irrational.

“So Dean-” your father spoke up, effectively getting your attention away “-I hope you found your new room and bedquite comfortable”

Dean smiled “Uh yeah I d-”

“He didn’t really have time to check it out much” you cut Dean off before he could continue “He slept at my room last night” you said casually, but actually made Dean’s eyes widen.

Your father chuckled “I should have guessed”

“Wow poor Dean. She’s already ruining you huh?” Arthur asked sarcastically but you could not help but have a small smile on your lips as you glared playfully at him.

Dean chuckled, feeling a little more at ease “Maybe it is my doing”

“Maybe” Arthur shrugged “But I feel sorry for you.”

“Arthur!” Morgana exclaimed, glaring at him.

“What?” he asked shrugging “I actually feel sorry for both of you now that I think about it” he seemed to talk mostly to himself.

“Me and (Y/n)?” Dean frowned.

“You and Sa- Ow!” he cut himself off before he could finish his sentence.

“What was that for!?” he asked, turning to look at Morgana with a frown.

“Just shut up and eat your breakfast” she glared at him, certainly meaning to say more than she already was.

Dean could not help but frown too but you certainly had a knowing smile on your face. He shook his own head but smiled nonetheless. Maybe Arthur’s jokes were a little out of taste, or at least for Morgana anyway. Mostly because she did not want anyone else to know anything about her and Sam but the end result was Dean relaxing so that was what mattered. He seemed more at ease now. It didn’t look as if he felt out of place completely.

“Forgive Arthur, Dean” your mother spoke to him with a gentle smile.

Dean smiled just barely “It’s ok. I don’t mind. I actually appreciate your trying to make me comfortable.” he shrugged.

“Dean” she sighed “There is absolutely no need to thank us. You are part of the family. You always were, now it’s just more official”

“Yeah… probably not the way it should though” he clenched his jaw, looking down at his own food and you let a sigh of your own. Before you could speak though, your father did.

“It is just the right way, Dean” your father spoke in a firm but a little sad voice tone “I know-” he stopped himself for a moment and looked down “I know that they way I acted at first was not right. I felt guilty about it from the beginning, don’t doubt about it. I only forced myself to do what I was about to because I thought it was the right thing to do. I did not want it in the least bit, though, please believe that.” he looked at him sincerely. It didn’t even surprise you how he was being so honest and open with Dean, seeing as he saw him as a son more than just another knight.

“It is not hard to understand” Dean mumbled, turning his head to look at you with a barely visible smile. Maybe a sad one at that.

“But do not doubt that despite everything I would have never wanted it to be any different” he looked at him fully in the eyes “I had my doubts in the beginning, yes, and that was what led me to do what I did. For what I am sorry Dean. But I luckily realized that you meant a lot to her. I do not care of your status Dean, you’ve known me your entire life to know that what I really think and that what I really want is for my family to be happy.”

The corner of Dean’s mouth lifted to a half smile “I remember you saying how you’d always do everything for them. How you’d be willing to give your life for the ones you loved. I didn’t know much then, but I now understand” he nodded his head.

You smiled slightly, placing your hand on top of his and linking fingers with his. Dean giving you a small squeeze.

“Trust me. The only reason that made be willing to do what I was about to was only because I wanted to protect her. Not your status, not who you are but only her. But knowing- knowing that you truly love her and so does she, I do not have any reason anymore to not want you with her.” he smiled “I’ll be honest a prince would have been a good choice-” he added.

“Dad!” you exclaimed, irritated.

He chuckled “I’m kidding. Just kidding. As long as you two are happy then so am I. Besides, I know you will do a good job at ruling the kingdom. I taught you well”

“Glad to know that then” Dean smiled in appreciation, nodding his head.

Your father did the same, with silence following shortly afterwards.



“So… if I get this right, our sweet and innocent princess jumped yo-”

“Arthur!” both you and Morgana exclaimed, effectively cutting him off before he could say much.

Dean’s eyes were a little wide but an amused grin was starting to appear on his lips.

“Welcome to the family Dean” your mother said with an awkward smile and you let out a sigh.

But good thing was that Dean actually laughed, so it was enough for you to smile anyway.

And the rest of the morning was luckily uneventful, just like the entire day and-

~Time Skip~

You let out an almost shaky sigh as you looked at your reflection in the mirror. It had been so long it was impossible to comprehend. All those months felt like just a few hours and now the minutes as you waited felt like centuries. It felt like you were centuries away from that moment. From him.

It was so hard to understand but as your heart hammered in your chest like never before, as you could barely hear anything else from the blood rushing to your ears, your breath hitching on your throat and your lungs hurting and protesting for air but you still refused to breath in- you honestly could not think about all the time that had passed and how quickly that was. Because the moment had- was about to come and you could certainly not keep the smile away from your lips anymore.

The memories were all in a blur as they flashed by your eyes. They were so many, both happy and sad. From the moment you first laid eyes on Dean, to him locking his with yours, to the first time you heard his voice; so deep that it shook you to the core, to your name leaving his lips for the first time and then those lips touching yours for the first time. And then another time. And another. And another. His lips and then his hands being all over you in all those secret places as you hid from everyone and everything. The feeling he gave you was still there as you thought back to those moments. And then the feelings of when he left you were there as well. But it all vanished, it all went away as the memory of being in his arms again made your heart swell and the smile get even bigger. You cheeks really hurt by now.

So many memories. They all became blurred as you thought about it. From happy to sad ones. There had been some difficult times, even when you got together again. It was hard for the kingdom, some of them at least, to accept how you and Dean were together. Mostly because Dean would not stop beating himself about it. It really took you so many times-nights basically to convince him you would never want anybody else but him. No prince, no king but only him. Just the way he was. He seemed to believe you sometimes but even when he did not you would never stop but want to show him that he was the only one you wanted.

And just like him, so did the rest of the kingdom get used to the situation. Most of them after all knew him already and really thought he would be an ideal king. And that was a moment that was going to come soon. After this one. After the seconds-centuries passed and the door opened.

Arthur walked in smiling at you and placed two hands over your shoulders “Ready?” he asked and you nodded, nerves setting in more than ever before.

What bride wouldn’t feel nervous right before their own wedding after all?


The butterflies went crazy in your stomach as you realized that there were just a few steps and you’d be standing right next to Dean and in front of your father, ready to be married. Your nerves were getting the best of you and you started to feel a little dizzy but then again you knew fully well it was just not the nerves.

You knew after all that you should get used to this even after the wedding. For the rest few months after all waking up to feeling dizzy and almost throwing up every morning was going to be your routine for quite a while. Maybe it was early but you knew you loved Dean so that was what only mattered to you. Having his kid was yet another gift sent from heaven. One just as precious as meeting Dean himself.

You squeezed Arthur’s hand without realizing it and he did the same to give you some encouragement. He smiled reassuringly “It’s going to be ok”

You nodded your head, a little absentminded but still smiling widely nonetheless “Yeah” you breathed out, not being able to unlocked your eyes from Dean’s. The grin plastered on his face as he waited at the top of the stairs, you were sure, was just as wide as yours.

“He’s so handsome” you breathed, not only because of how he was dressed up or looked pretty much perfect in his white suit and with his hair brushed back just like that day on your birthday. It was mostly because of the wide grin spread on his lips and his eyes shining so brightly and as you got even closer you only realized that the sparkle you were seeing was because of the tears that had welled up in his eyes. No wonder, seeing as you were tearing up as well.

It seemed to be impossible for the both of you to believe how after all this time, after all these struggles you were finally here. About to get married. With nobody raising an objection and you (most important) being able to fully express how you felt about each other. No hiding, no lies, no secrets. You were free. And as you realized it you began to realize how you could breathe more freely. Like there was nothing holding you back anymore. No weight on your shoulders. No pain making your heart feel heavy like a rock. Nothing.

“Hey” Dean whispered, leaning to give you a kiss on the cheek.

You giggled slightly “Hey” you breathed out with a big smile.

“You look stunning” he said in just a low voice, looking down at your wedding dress for a second.

“You’re not so bad yourself” you said cheekily and he chuckled deeply.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but your father clearing his throat cut him off before he could say anything. That was mainly the reason why he had not accompanied you to Dean. He was going to be the one to carry the ceremony.

“We-” he spoke in a loud and clear voice, and you both turned to look at him, Dean quick to take a hold of your hand and the corners of your lips immediately curled up in a smile , especially as you noticed the smirk on Dean’s lips “-have gathered here to join the lives of two people-”

You didn’t really hear anything more after that and you were pretty sure Dean didn’t either as he constantly kept sneaking glances at you. You did the same and when your eyes locked he’d only wink at you with a cheeky smile.

“I love you” you heard him whisper and as soon as you turned your head you saw him looking directly back at you, his eyes holding an emotion that made your heart swell in your chest.

You could not do anything else but smile back at him, a shaky breath leaving your lips for a moment.

“I love you too…” the corners of your lips pulled into a smile as you realized the true feeling of pure happiness you felt at being with Dean. You were going to be with him for the rest of your life now.

“… my knight in shining armor”

The End
Knight in shining armor -Dean x Reader -Chapter 17
This is it. A little belated, I know, and I'm sorry. I planned to have it up earlier but things came up.
Here you go though!

A/N: Sorry if there are any mistakes and errors in this this version is still not checked and just waiting on my pc for upload.

Tumblr No9b9ncjfr1qmw13co1 500 by angelmewmewTumblr No9b9ncjfr1qmw13co2 500 by angelmewmew

“Sam” you whispered, voice barely audible yet so loud in the silence that had surrounded you after you returned the bunker. Dean was now out for drinks, leaving you and Sam alone.

“Don’t, (Y/n). Just don’t” Sam said and then pursed his lips, deciding to look down at the sandwich he was making for you - because you had burned your hand.

You were leaving a flower on top of Charlie’s burning body when you heard Dean say ‘I think it should be you up there and not her’. Your eyes had widened at hearing Dean say something like that to Sam and you had momentarily forgotten that your hand was above the flames. When you realized it it was too late. If it wasn’t for Dean coming to your aid immediately you would have been left with a really bad burn right now, that was for sure.

“But Sam-” you whispered to him with a pained look on your face.

“Don’t say it, (Y/n). It’s ok. Really.” he turned to give you a tight smile - obviously forced - and then turned to look back at the food “It’s ok” he whispered, mostly trying to reassure himself.

You started taking in deep breaths, your lips pursed as you stared intensely at his back “No, no it’s not. And you know it” you said firmly.

“(Y/n)-” he started but you cut him off.

“No, don’t ‘(Y/n)’ me Sam. It’s not ok and you know it!”

He let out a sigh as he handed you your food “I know (Y/n). But just listen-” he started and you cut him off once again.

“No Sam you listen!” you said in a harsh voice.

You let out a sigh and looked back up at him “He didn’t mean it Sam. He didn’t really mean it. Dean- he would never say something like that. Not to you. Never to you. He was just- It was too much for him. That’s just it. Charlie dying was just too much for him to take but you know that he would never say something like that and actually mean it. You’re his brother Sam.” 

“I know (Y/n)” he smiled just slightly at your trying to reassure him “But I know perfectly well that it is true. Maybe I didn’t expect him to actually say it. Maybe that shocked me a little bit but-” he let out a sigh “-I know that it is true. You do too, just don’t want to accept it” he smiled sadly, shrugging slightly.

“No, Sam. No.” you said firmly “I don’t think that it is true. And neither does Dean. He didn’t mean it, Sam. He didn’t!” you emphasized your words, trying to make him believe that he was worth saving. That his own brother did not think that he was unworthy.

You let out a sigh and shaking your head walked towards hims. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in his chest, biting your lip to keep the tears from rolling. Seeing the brothers like this broke you. And you were not able to stand seeing them apart.

Sam hesitated but hugged you back “It’s ok” he whispered “It’s ok”

“Sam” you breathed out, lip trembling just slightly at seeing the look in his eyes.

“He didn’t mean it, ok? He didn’t. Dean would never say something like and actually mean it when it comes to you. You’ve been through so much together. So much and yet you managed to pull through. Together. Because you are brothers. And the bond you two have is much more than just that. It is much more than just blood relation, Sam. Dean- Dean would never wish that for you. Hell, if it happened I am sure that he would trade his life for yours. Once again! Sam he would never be able to live without you. You, Sam, are his brother. And no matter how many arguments you’ve had. No matter how many things you have said to each other. No matter how many bad and unforgivable things you’ve done, you always pulled through. Together. Come Hell, Heaven or Purgatory you two always made it through. Together.” you let out a breath, pulling completely away from him.

“You’re his brother, Sam. There is no chance on this Earth that Dean Winchester would put anything else above you. There is no chance that he would chose anybody else before you, if need be.” you added in a softer voice, smiling when you saw a smile appears on Sam’s face.

“You always are right (Y/n).” he looked at you with a true smile and you nodded with a bigger one of yours.

“Just not this time” he added and your smile fell. A perplexed look was on your face as Sam kept smiling. Mostly since it seemed to be a true one.

“Even though Dean might not admit it, now or ever, there is one person that he would chose above everyone. Above himself. And above me.” he put a few strands behind your ear “He would chose you over me any given second, if need be”

You shook your head at hearing Sam’s words, a sting in your chest. You both wanted and not to believe Sams words. Mostly because you could not deny the deep feelings you had for Dean for a really long time.

“Sam-” you let out a sigh “-He doesn’t see me that way. Dean and I are just friends we-” Sam’s deep chuckle made you stop.

“You may be oblivious to it, (Y/n). And Dean may not have said anything openly to me but- I see the way he looks at you. He has never looked at a woman like that. Hell, it is so obvious even a blind man could see it. I have seen it for a while now, (Y/n). The way he talks to you, the way he tries not to show how he’s worried about you, the way he feels for you is impossible to hide. Even though he might try. I haven’t gotten to say it before and I don’t think I will get to say again, to another woman anyway but- (Y/n). Dean’s in love with you” he said with a sad smile.

“Sam-” you bit your lip but he cut you off.

“He would chose you over me, (Y/n). Dean would chose you over anyone, even himself, even me, any given second.” he cupped your cheek and smiled at you, though it only made you feel even more sad.

“We both would” he added and leaned down to kiss your cheek. His face lingering close to yours for a little longer than needed.

When he pulled away he just smiled down at you, brushing his thumb on your cheek and then completely pulling away to leave.

While you just stood there, eyes wide and heart hammering in your chest at what Sam had said.

Sam had just told you what you wanted and feared to hear.

Maybe some thing were Better Left Unsaid, after all.


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Soon enough
I won't think about you every single day
And I may forget to mention your name as I pray
Soon enough
I'll be able to survive without you
Cause soon enough
you'll be gone
and I'll be left to look at our broken pieces
Soon enough I will be nothing but a fallen angel
Cause you are my heaven

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