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Sweet Dreams - Dean Winchester x Reader (Soulmates AU)

Dean had not stopped for a moment the pacing. He was walking back and forth, his head occasionally turning to look at the sleeping form on the bed. He hoped sleeping. Because that would mean she would wake up from moment to moment- you would wake up. Then again, the heart monitor showed a steady heartbeat so that should be enough to reassure Dean that you were alive, right?

Wrong. Despite his best efforts, and Sam's as well, he just could not help all the kinds of thoughts that ran through his mind, even the most crazy ones. His paranoia was getting the best of him but maybe, just maybe, this once he was justified.

They had found you at the warehouse, passed out. They had a lead, saying that Amara would be there and as expected she was but once again he had been unable to kill her. He didn't know what was wrong with him, he knew he was deep in for good but at the same time he couldn't find it in himself to think about that at the moment. Once he heard Sam shout at him for a girl laying unconscious he never thought that, as he ran down the old and rotten stairs, he'd come face to face with- that. With you. There. In front of his eyes.

He thought he was dreaming, at some point he pinched himself to make sure he was awake. But no it was all real and that was what shocked Dean even more. But he was quickly snapped from his trance and rushed to your side, scooping you up before Sam even could make a move and tossing him the keys of the Impala they had driven to the closest hospital.

Even as Sam asked him questions non-stop Dean would just not utter a single word. His one hand always holding yours and always in check of your pulse, making sure that you were alright.

So when you all arrived at the hospital Sam didn't even open his mouth to ask what was going on. It wasn't the time. Maybe when it all was over, yes. But not now. All he could do now was look as his brother paced back and forth inside the hospital room. Pacing until-

A small groan left your lips, making Dean's head immediately snap to your direction. His eyes widened and his breath caught on his throat. He tried to swallow the lump that had formed but it only was stuck there as he held his breath. He felt his heart hammer in his chest, never actually having felt it beat so quickly and hard. He found it hard to breath- or wait, was it because he was holding his breath? He didn't know. What he did know was that you were slowly opening your eyes and were any second given going to face him.

Your whole world was a blur in the beginning. everything made you feel dizzy and the white like a light inside the tunnel made you groan even more. It made your head actually hurt. Your left hand immediately moved to your forehead, only to stop midway by something tucking at it. You squinted your eyes at it only to see a small long kind of tube connected to your skin. It didn't take you long to realize that you were in a hospital, the maddening sound of the heart monitor next to your head all the more confirmed that.

You groaned even more, closing your eyes tightly for a second. You let a small breath, enjoying the darkness that eased your headache. The fact that you could not remember how you'd gotten in this place made it even more worse. A small sound being heard, though, soon got your attention and you recognized it as a footstep.

This time you slowly opened your eyes, blinking several times and as that slow but surely your sight adjusted. It became less and less blurry and as you moved your head to look at the direction the sound had come from-

And they immediately widened. As you faced just what you thought you'd probably never would.

Your breath hitched on your throat and you blinked several times, not sure if what you were seeing was a dream or real. You were sure you had the same awestruck look on your face like he did.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, trying to keep your lip from trembling as you said in a barely audible voice.


A small smile tucked at his lips, his voice in a low rough whisper.

“Hey (Y/n)”

And the words appeared on your skin. They appeared on his skin. On your arms, marking you once and forever.


Hey (Y/n)

Like with two real soulmates.


You looked up as the mug was placed in front of your eyes. You looked up at Dean and smiled just softly, taking hold of the mug - not missing to notice how your hands brushed “Thank you” you mumbled softly, your eyes not leaving his even as he made his way to sit opposite you. You looked down at the mug with coffee, taking a small sip.

“So...” it was Sam's voice that made you look up and that after a long time broke the silence.

“All of this must be really crazy for you, huh?” he smiled sympathetically.

“I- Not really” you shook your head slightly, making Sam frown a little.

“I mean-” you spoke again “With what Amara did- or well, was about to, yes. But I know that you mean hunting a-and monsters, so no. I- I know about all of that already” you shrugged.

“It was Amara that had you there? She was the one that knocked you out?” this seemed to interest Sam more than the fact that you were not freaking out because you knew about the supernatural.

“Uh yeah, yeah it was her. In the beginning she- she came to me and said- she said she wanted something from me. I didn't know what she was talking about. I had a teen in front of me saying they wanted something from me but not really exactly what. And the way she said it- it made my skin crawl. I knew that she was not up to something good. I wanted to leave but then- then she said she could offer me something in return. She said she could offer me... all I ever wanted. All I ever dreamt about.” you spoke the last words in a whisper, your head moving up so that you'd lock eyes with that of Dean's. He was looking at you intensely, and you felt as if his green eyes were seeing right through you.

You cleared your throat, looking down at your hands again “I- my family died a long time ago.”

“I'm sorry” Sam said softly.

“It's ok. I know they're in a better place” you shrugged with a small smile “I wanted to say yes. I really wanted to-” you swallowed glancing at Dean for a second “I really wanted to” your voice was in a whisper “But I said no. And she got angry. She got really angry. Her face got dark a-and for a moment I got scared. Really scared.”

“And what did she do next? She- she didn't by any chance... take your soul, did she?” Sam leaned forward.

You shook your head “No, no she didn't. She said my entire existence is far more worth it. She said that if I didn't want to accept her offer then I left her no choice but to end this... for me. I didn't know what she meant. She looked a little threatened purely at looking at me. For what I did not know but- I didn't have time to think about it more. I felt dizzy and the world started to spin around me. It all faded to black and when I woke up... I was at the hospital with you” you let out a sigh.

“Well, that's something.” he seemed to be deep in thought and when you saw him glance down at your forearm you could literally see him start to realize something. He even seemed to realize something but the smile that had started to form on his lips. A knowing at that.

He looked up in your eyes and you immediately casted yours shyly back down, tugging at your sleeve to hide the new-formed tattoo there.

“Well-” Sam said suddenly, patting his hands on his knees with an awfully cheerful smile on his lips “-you don't have to worry about that anymore. You are here with us, now. And you are safe.” he patted your shoulder softly “You can stay here as long as you want, after all. I don't think Dean will have a problem” he turned to look at Dean with a grin, whom only glared at him with a somehow frightened look.

“Anyway, I'm beat so I'll go sleep. You can stay here and talk with Dean, and he'll show you to your room later” and at those words Dean's look got even more terrified, especially as Sam leaving you and him alone.

A pretty long silence followed between the two of you. You could literally hear a pin drop and you've been holding your breath for some moment to not make a sound. But you just could not help the words that left your mouth the next second.

“You must be disappointed huh?” you could not help the sadness in your voice.

“What?” his voice was just as hoarse as yours. And definitely laced with disbelief.

You looked up at him with almost watery eyes.

“No” he breathed out “No, damn no. Never. Never.”

“I just-” he sighed ”-you should be the one to be dissapointed” he looked down at his own hands.

“What?” your voice held just as much disbelief as his before “Dean you know I'd never be disappointed. I've-” you laughed breathlessly “I've known you my whole life, loved you for just as long. What makes you think I'd be disappointed now?”

Dean's head snapped up in your direction as soon as that small word left your lips. A lump formed on his throat and even if he had heard it before coming from you it all was so much more different now. In reality it all was so much more different. He felt as if he could not breath and even as he held his breath and his lungs screamed for air, burning so much that it hurt, he just did not find it in himself to let that breath out. His heart felt as if it had stopped beating inside his chest and his clenched jaw hurt as he tried to hold himself back together. It all hurt yet... it was the sweetest pain he had ever felt.

It felt as if the entire world had stopped spinning or maybe started spinning in a whole different direction. Everything had changed and even if he should not want it- he just felt so greedy at the moment. To have you there, with him, for real. It was selfish of him, to drag you into this life, but he knew he was long ago a lost case. Ever since that first dream. Ever since that first dream he had of you.

Ever since that first dream you had about each other. The beginning of it all.

“Dunno” he whispered, shrugging “I've changed ever since... the last dream”

You laughed a little. Dean would be lying to himself and the entire world if he said he hadn't missed that sound more than anything else.

“So have I” you shrugged a little as well.

“You've only become more beautiful though” he said, his eyes not leaving yours.

A smile tucked at your lips and you bit your lower lip to keep it from getting bigger. A small blush even creeping up your cheeks. It would be any other man complimenting you and you'd be just fine but with Dean- with Dean you were again that young teenage girl blushing in front of her crush.

Dean felt something he had not felt for a really long time. Something he had not felt ever since his last dream of you. His heart soared and he could not help the wide grin that spread on his face. Suddenly the distance between you, the table, seemed all too far. It was too long away for Dean. He wanted to close it the soonest possible, jump right up and out of his chair and run the way to your side. He'd been waiting for this, fearing yes, but he did want it deep down for all of this to happen someday and here he was.

The woman- girl first, teen later, woman a little later, he'd been dreaming about for so long was standing in front of him. He dreaded for this moment- because he knew that when he met you would mean you'd get sucked into this life and he did not want that for you. He wanted you to be happy, have a nice life, marry and have kids but he knew that that would mean Dean would have to let you go and... he was too selfish to do that. He knew, now that he had you in front of him, that he did not have it in him to let you go. He wanted you out of this life but he also wanted you in his life.

He knew you didn't deserve to get dragged into this. You deserved so much. So much more than him. Dean always blamed himself for not being good enough for you, that he did not deserve you even in his dreams but at the same time he just was too needy for your love to say no. To push you away.

He just did not have it in him and now that he had you for real in front of him, your first word to him imprinted on his arm, and your (Y/e/c) eyes looking at him with the same adoration as when you were younger, Dean for a second wished he could stop time. To keep you safe and at the same time close to him.

“Do you... do you remember the first dream?” your low, tentative voice asked him.

The corners of Dean's mouth lifted into a smile “How could I ever forget” and it got bigger as he saw the wide smile spread on yours.

“I still remember it as well” you said softly, fidgeting with your hands.

“I thought-” you still had the smile on your lips “I thought that it was the best dream I'd ever had. If only I'd known” you let a small laugh, shaking your head, and Dean laughed along with you.

“You tell me” he breathed out and you looked up to lock eyes with his. Wide smiles spread on both your faces.

“Who would have thought” you whispered and he nodded his head.

Indeed. Who would have thought.

Dean certainly wouldn't. He never would have thought. He would have never thought that girl he first saw in his dreams one night, and then every single night after that, was real. Every night he'd go to sleep. Every night wanting even more to do so, even for just an hour, so that he'd see you. His dream girl. Both metaphorically and literally. Every night he'd go to sleep he would see you there. Set during different times or places but always with you there. Sometimes, even when he went to sleep you wouldn't be there and he could not deny that he'd usually wake up moody after that- or mostly sad. But when he did see you?

Oh when he saw you in his dreams his entire existence brightened up so much more. Dean was never one to look on the positive side of things but whenever you appeared into his dreams he just knew that the day to come was going to be a good one. Who would have thought- Who would have ever thought that you did exist.

Dean never certainly did. He never thought the woman he'd see almost every night of his life in his dreams was real. She existed. You existed. You were real. You were there and as of right now in front of him. For him.

Dean never thought he deserved you. He never thought he'd get to have you. He didn't want to because he didn't want to burden you with what he was. With the life he had. But at the same time he wanted to have you more than anything. And there he had you.

His soulmate.

“Remember-”a small giggle left your lips at a memory, making Dean's own smile widen “-remember after a while that you-” you chuckled a little more “-that you tried to ask me out.” you put a hand in front of your mouth to keep yourself from full out laughing in his face.

“....No” he said obviously lying considering the big smile that was on his face at that moment.

“Of course! Because you were not blushing fifty shades of red back then!” you raised an eyebrow at him.

He only scoffed, rolling his eyes at you “Pff yeah right. You were the one blushing”

“No! No I was not!” you defended, feeling a small blush rise up your cheeks.

“Oh right. That was on our first kiss” he only grinned cheekily at you, but it was hard for you to help a small smile anyway.

“Not so much of a first kiss, anyway. It's not as if it really happened” you shrugged, looking down at your mug. Your smile fluttered just slightly.

It was a bittersweet feeling. Having lived so many moments with Dean and at the same time... not having. You tried not to hide your disappointment but it was not that hard for anyone to see anyway. It was something you felt each and every time you had a dream of Dean. You'd always be smiling so widely that your cheeks hurt, when you woke up, but when realization downed on you the smile only fluttered a little bit. Because you knew that none of that was true. You loved every single bit of it, from meeting Dean, to spending time with him in a pretty perfect world, to falling for him and him falling for you and in the end all of those things happening. You loved it more than you should, considering it was only a dream. He did not exist, he was just a fragment of your imagination, so it made perfect sense that he was so... perfect, in his own imperfect way. That's what you loved most about him.

How even in your dreams he was not the ideal guy with no flaws. He had a lot, just like you did- leading quiet a few times to the both of you fighting- but even with those you still had found yourself falling helplessly in love with him. You thought you were crazy at some point. The guy did not exist (as far as you knew anyway) and you had fallen for him?

But of course there was that part of your heart, other than the one that loved him so deeply - more than you thought it was possible even in real life - that broke every time you thought that he did not actually exist. Sometimes you even wanted to kick yourself for even spending time daydreaming about him.

'He's not real!' you shouted at yourself in your mind. You wanted to believe that because you knew it was the truth- Dreaming about a guy that actually did exist and knowing so much about him was impossible to be true. Maybe the world he described you to live in sounded just as crazy but then it was you dreaming. When were ever dreams that logical? It confused you a little bit in the beginning: when you started having dreams about him constantly one after the other, like you meeting him in real life- only you knew you were dreaming. You practically grew up with him.

Well, who would have ever thought that this day would come and you'd get to actually meet him. In real life. And not only that, but also have his first words to you now tattooed on your arm. You had read about this once, when he even in the dreams had started talking about the supernatural and his life. You had done lost of research about it when you had woken up. The fact that it had come to be real to some point -as far as you had managed to find out - you tried not to let get your hopes up.

“Shut up” you grumbled, fidgeting with your hands.

“It just so happened to be my first kiss whatsoever, so I have a reason ok?” your crossed your arms over you chest.

“Hey I'm not complaining. I gotta say that you were pretty damn adorable back then” he shrugged still with a wide smile.

“And how can you say. It's not like you still remember” you tried to brush him off but his answer this time really did catch you off guard.

“I do” he shrugged like it was nothing, looking down at his own mug.

You chewed on your lower lip, looking sheepishly at him, not sure if you should say it but speaking anyway “I remember as well. Everything”

Dean looked up at you, a soft smile spreading on his lips as he merely looked back at you. You had to say you had missed those green eyes more than anything else.

He bit his lower lip to keep his smile from getting bigger, in vain though “Remember that one time- in that one dream where we-” he snickered “-we went to that uh theme park and you- you were afraid of getting up in the ferris wheel that you- once we boarded and it started moving your eyes- your eyes widened and nearly jumped of your seat a-and y-you grabbed m-my-”

“Dean!” you could not keep yourself from exclaiming as the older hunter could hardly keep his laughter in “I was scared! You know I don't do well with heights a-and I was going for your hand ok?! Shut up!” you shrieked, covering your red face with your hands.

“H-hey-” his laughter died off a little “I didn't say I had a problem with it” he raised his hands in mock surrender.

You only peeked through your finger to glare at him “You're the worst” you groaned, avoiding eye-contact with him at any cost, knowing that if you so dared to look at him your blush would only get darker.

“Hey!” you exclaimed as he could not stop laughing at you “Now, I did not point out how you were a stuttering mess during our first date, ok?!” you tried to get him back.

He only scoffed “Was not”

“Oh yes you were! And remember on that day- or night, or you get it, that we went on the beach oh you were stuttering then!”

“No! No I wasn't! Nuh huh. I was merely... trying to make you feel comfortable by being exceptionally... cute?” he tried and failed to excuse himself but you only raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh yeah sure. And that was totally not because 17-year-old you, back then, just so happened to, I don't know, actually feel awkward?”

He tried to look at you with a serious face but it soon broke “Oh shut up.”

You only rolled your eyes at him, taking a sip of your coffee as to hide your smile.

“Hey” Dean's softer voice caught your attention “Do you-” he swallowed “-do you remember when we went to that trip on the forest?”

A smile immediately spread on your lips at the memory, you chewed your lower lip as you looked at him through your eyelashes “On that small house by the lake” it was more of a statement than a question. You knew that he remembered it all too well just like you did.

Dean swallowed thickly but smiled nonetheless, it was more of that nostalgic-kind-of smile of his that just made your heart swell in many more ways than possible.

“How would I ever forget” you mumbled, mostly to yourself, the smile on your face making your cheeks almost hurt as you fidgeted with your fingers. It felt as if something was missing there, but just the memory of it sometime actually happening just gave you that small spark of hope – especially as you heard Dean speak about it himself- that you had a chance again.

“When I also got sick” you added with a small groan, trying to even lighten the mood.

You knew that thinking about that time was probably a happy one but when you realized the situation you were in, with Dean being a hunter on top of all, and the darkness free and on your trail was just not the most ideal one... for those scenarios.

Dean chuckled deeply “You were pretty cute, though. With your red nose and wrapped in so many blankets I could barely see you anymore”

“Hey! It was not funny! I was hoping for an escape from all those tissues on real life- I didn't wanna get sick on my dream as well!” you groaned which only made him laugh more, throwing his head back.

“Well, to be honest it was kinda funny” he chuckled some more and you could not help a small smile as you saw those all-too-familiar wrinkles by his eyes.

“Whatever” you rolled your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest.

You opened your mouth to say something more but instead a yawn escaping your lips cut you off.

“Sorry” you put a hand in front of your mouth.

“No need to. You're tired, I get it. Come on. I'll show you to your room” he said, getting up from his seat. You doing the same.



“And this is it. I know it's not that much but trust me it's the best I can give ya from the other rooms here. A-And if you want anything my room is just- opposite so if you need me, yeah...” he trailed off, clearing his throat, rubbing the back of his neck nervously,

You smiled sheepishly at him “It's alright. It's more than enough anyway” you said shrugging.

“O-Ok then. I'll uh- I better leave you to sleep”

“O-Oh ok. See ya in the morning?” you asked softly, just before he could turn to leave.

“Sure” a small smile played on his lips.

For just a few second he only looked at you, you doing the same. You didn't want him to leave, he didn't either but you just did not find it in yourself to tell him to do so either. Honestly you wanted him to stay. More than anything else.

He looked at you, breathing in and out deeply, as if he was not sure. Not sure if he should move to leave or not. If he should stay. Ask you if you wanted him to stay... just as much as he did. But then, as he thought about it- maybe he didn't have to ask.

For the first time, just like you, Dean had to remind himself that this was not a dream. That this was real. And it would happen tomorrow again. For sure. And the day after that. And the day after that. Because now there were no ifs, anymore. No if he was going to see you in his dreams. Because he had you there, in front of him. In reality.

With a small smile he took two long strides and cupping your face he pressed his lips to your cheeks in a soft kiss that made a shaky breath leave out your lips. He pulled away and looked in your eyes deeply, his face merely inches away.

He smiled ever-so-softly at you and reluctantly pulled his hand away “Godd night (Y/n)” his voice was low and rough.

“Good night Dean” your voice was barely above a whisper.

He finally pulled away and slowly took the final steps towards the door. He turned for just a second to look at you, giving you a half smile, before turned back again and exiting; closing the door behind him.

You for a first time after long fell asleep with a smile on your lips because you knew you were going to see him again. And not in your dreams, but in reality when you woke up. And you surely could not wait.
Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 14

You let out a content sigh, for the first time in a long while feeling all the weight lift off your shoulders and as if you had not a single problem. Being in Henry's presence was the best thing that had happened to you and you could not be more happy to have him with you. He made you feel like no-one ever had and certainly not Dean.

Dean. His name popped up in your mind in a split second and you actually found yourself starting to doubt everything. Everything that you felt and everything that you thought was right or wrong. Should you be thinking of him when you were kissing Henry? Should you be comparing how Dean made you feel to how Henry did? Should you be thinking of how Dean made you feel , whatsoever? Should you be thinking of how you still felt about him? Should you be thinking of Dean in the first place?

Dean. Dean. Dean.

His name kept being repeated in your head and you tried your hardest to block it out. You were with Henry. You were kissing Henry. Henry was kissing you. You should not be thinking of Dean and certainly should not be feeling that way- that was so similar to how you felt for Henry.


Dean who watched with a pain-filled look on his face. He felt his heart break into a thousand pieces and just as that it was still beating, making him feel like a thousand pieces of broken glass moved inside his chest; like small stabs but on the inside, making his breathing as well hurt. His eyes moved back and forth as he tried to take in everything that was happening in front of him. He wanted to believe that none of this was true, that everything was just a dream- a nightmare like the many he had over the several days of Henry's stay in the castle. But no, this was true and it hurt even worse than what he had thought it ever would. Because this only verified it. You no longer felt anything at all for him. You had feelings for Henry and obviously wanted nothing to do with Dean.

He closed his watery eyes, letting out a breath that only came out as shaky. He bit his lower lip, praying on the inside to anyone that could listen that when he opened his eyes there would be nothing in front of him, that all of this was some kind of illusion. That his mind was playing tricks on him and he was seeing what he feared the most because he could not stop thinking about it. Once again in vain. Sure as hell when he opened them he saw you and Henry still there. A pained smile formed on his lips as he heard you let out a small giggle.

At least the one of us is happy he thought bitterly to himself.

He looked down at his feet, lips pursed in a pain smiled. His eyes were filled with tears as he fought to keep them in. He shook his head, closing them again momentarily, one tear managing to roll down. He smiled painfully still, through the tears, and opened his eyes to look up again at the two of you. He could clearly see how much you wanted Henry now. How it was Henry, how it was always going to be Henry. Not him. Maybe never him.

"At least she's happy" he whispered, voice almost inaudible. He tried to smile, at least for you but he could't help it. His smile quickly fluttered and with a last shake of his head, and glance, Dean turned his back to you- his back to the pain, and started walking away.

His chest had bled a lot of times at the battles he had been in, he didn't need a deeper wound and certainly more painful one than any other before.

You let out a small giggle as Henry's facial hair tickled your cheek, which of course earned a chuckle from him as well. He pulled his lips away from yours for just a split second before he reattached them to yours and he tightened his grip on your waist, bringing you even closer to him. The kiss was sweet, slow and soft. Just like Henry himself. A true gentleman, putting your needs above his and making you his main priority. His lips moved in synce with yours and it felt like they were meant to do just that. Like two puzzle pieces finally having found each other. Pleasant goosebumps rose all over your skin and you sighed in content through the kiss. This felt so good, this felt amazing in fact, it completed you, made you feel whole. Like there was nothing anymore that you needed, yet-

Yet you couldn't help but feel as if something was not right. That something was missing. That even if you wanted to feel happy there was still something holding you back. That this- was just not right. And as you tried to push the thought away you found yourself thinking about it even more. You wanted to feel happy and complete, because you knew that you didn't have to worry about anything anymore, but there still was something holding you back. You did not feel complete. There was something that made this completely different but not in the good way. Not at all.

"Something the matter?" Henry's worried voice snapped you from your trail of thoughts and only then did you realize how you had pulled away.

"Yeah, yeah you don't have to worry yourself. I'm fine" you smiled reassuringly up at him but as it seemed he was not believing any of it, as a frown was set on his face.

"If you wish to not talk about it then I won't pressure but I must know- is it because of..." he trailed off and you quickly caught what he meant to say.

"No, no" you shook your head "No, Henry of course not. If anything-" you let out a small laugh, a big smile on your face that made him ease up a little bit "But, no it definitely is not you. It's just... it's me. I just need to sort some things out first. That's all." you let out a small sigh, looking dow.

You certainly could not be looking in his eyes at the moment.

"As you wish then" he gave you a reassuring smile. He put two fingers under your chin and lifted your head so that you were looking at him "But know that if you want to talk, I am here for you. Anything that bothers you, I am here to listen. Know that you can tell me anything"

Can I? you wanted to ask but you already knew the answer.

You simply couldn't and shouldn't tell him what was bothering you. How could you after all?

"No, Henry no. I am fine" you gave him a reassuring but fake smile.

~ Next morning ~

You walked a little grumpy towards the garden where your mother was waiting for you. She had sent one of her maids to inform you that she wanted to talk with you and you couldn't be more angry for having been woken up in that way. Anna had come early as always but you had told her you were going to sleep a little more- something that of course the maid your mother sent did not know and she had just barged in and woke you up. You would have not had a problem if it was any other case but you had not gotten any sleep last night, managing to fall asleep only at the morning. You could not stop thinking about the way you had felt when Henry kissed you, nor the thoughts that had run through your mind at that specific moment. Thoughts that should have normally not crossed your mind when you were kissing Henry.

Because you simply should not have been thinking of another man at that moment. You should not have been thinking of Dean.

And even now you could not stop but think about it. You had began to have doubts. Both about the kiss and not. You knew that you liked it just like you knew you had feelings for Henry and that you did not regret what had happened between you but- at the same time there was that feeling, or more specifically there was not a feeling, something was missing as if something was not right, as if it was not right and you partially knew why.

Because it was not Dean that you were kissing.

And that only made you doubt that this was the right thing to do. You hoped that Henry was going to make you forget about Dean but you actually could not stop thinking about him. And you really shouldn't. Nor should you keep comparing them to one another and notice their differences. But above all- you should not have feelings for both of them at the same time.

"You asked for me to come?" you asked as soon as you approached your mother.

Upon hearing your voice she immediately turned and greeted you with a smile "Yes, yes I did. I need to talk with you" she said and gave a small nod to the maids that caught the sign and one after the other left to leave the two of you alone.

"What is it mom?" you asked frowning, you had not seen this look on her face before.

"(Y/n)- I wanted to talk with you first before jumping into assumptions or getting excited over nothing."

"Mom what are you even talking about?" you cut her off before she could say more.

She smiled even more coming close to you and putting her hands on your shoulders "Your father came last night and seemed really happy. When I asked him what was going he told me that... he saw you... and Henry... kissing. Is that true dear?"

"Wh-what? When did he see us? Did he tell anybody?" knowing your father he would have made a big fuss about it for sure.

"Last night. So it is true. Oh dear I am so happy about you. I am not going to think about a wedding like your father, already, but-" she started again but you cut her off before she could continue.

"Whoa hold on. Wedding? Where did that come from?! Just because he saw me with Henry that way does not mean- oh gosh mom, Henry and I did kiss - and I am not going to point out how my father was there to see that - but this does not mean I am going to marry him!" you tried to keep yourself from exclaiming.

"But... do you not love him?" her question caught you off guard.

You really did not know how to answer to this. Did you? Did you not?

"(Y/n)" she said your name in a firm yet soft voice "Do you love Henry... or is there something else that you are not telling me?... Somebody else?"

You looked down at your hands for a little while, opening and closing your mouth to respond but not find the words to. What could you say? What should you say?

You were about to speak but before you could manage that somebody else cut you off.

He cleared his throat to gain your attention before speaking up "My Queen I apologize for interrupting but- Our King has requested your presence at the moment" Dean said, voice almost void of emotion and not once glancing at you.

"Now?" your mother asked after a while, all the time Dean not taking his eyes from her. Obviously he did not want to look at you.

You frowned at the mere thought of it, feeling your heart tighten in your chest.

"Yes your majesty" he said, nodding his head.

Your mother let out a long sigh "We will talk about this later. I really want to know the answer to that question" she said softly to you, putting on a hand on your shoulder "Better think about it, alright?" she said in a low voice, meaning for mostly you to hear.

Not that you were paying much attention anyway. Your focus was on Dean who just seemed to find interest in everything- his eyes anywhere else but you. You didn't know how or why but he seemed to be trying to avoid you as much as possible and oh it did hurt.

"Yeah" you whispered back, your eyes not leaving Dean.

She gave you a nod as you glanced at her for a second "Alright then, let's go Dean" she said getting Dean's attention whose head immediately snapped up to your direction.

He looked at you now as he meant to look at your mother. He seemed to be caught in a daze for a while, a sad expression almost on his face but he quickly managed to mask it by putting on an emotionless expression, jaw clenching and lips pursing, and quickly averting his eyes from you to look at your mother "Yes your majesty" he nodded his head and turned his back to you, moving on the front as your mother followed him.

He not once turned to look at you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, a frown was set on your face as you watched him leave. There was something in his expression that made your heart ache as soon as you made eye contact even if it was for just a little while. And you couldn't help but think if he had heard something or worse... if your father had told him something. No, as much happy as your father was probably at the moment to know that you were with Henry he was surely not going to say it to everybody just like that.

You tried to keep yourself from letting any of your emotions show and as a much needed distraction a voice was heard.

"Good morning" Henry's voice was heard next to you and you turned to look at him immediately.

"Or probably not" his smile fluttered "Darling" he said with a sigh.

"No, no. Sorry, I was just deep in thought. Good morning to you too, Henry" you smiled up at him.

"Are you sure?" he raised an eyebrow.

You bit your lip, glancing at Dean's figure getting even more far away and then back at Henry "Yes, Henry. Don't worry yourself."

He didn't seem to believe you this time either but he let it slip anyway "Then, care to join me for a walk?" he asked, motioning to his left towards the garden with the roses.

"Sure" you nodded.

You wished you could say that after your talk with your mother, spending time with Henry would manage to get your mind off what she had said and above all the way Dean had acted towards you. You wished. But it didn't happen.

You thought you were going to be thinking almost the whole time you were with him about the kiss and from one point of view you were but for some reason you just could not help but think about how it didn't make you feel the way you expected... the way it should. The way Dean had made you feel. Up to some point it had made you feel great but this day you just couldn't help but note all the things in it that just did not feel right.

You reached only to one conclusion. It wasn't Dean that had kissed you.

You hated to admit it because you did not want to feel that way anymore about him but you tried to think of the bright side of things- if you could really call it that way. And that was one reason why you felt happy to have kissed Henry. You had feelings for him and the kiss and the way it had made you feel (even if it was not to a great extent) verified it.

What really made you have doubts at the moment was how that one thing you had began to love in Henry was how he managed to make you forget about all your problems and feel great just by being in his company. The walk you had taken through the gardens with him was a first sign- how you talked with him but could not keep your thoughts from drifting to everything else. You found it hard to even concentrate on him and you were glad that even if he noticed it he didn't point out. Of course he was polite and a true gentleman, always smiling whenever you had not heard what he had asked you. But above all you were glad how subtle he was about things and the kiss you had shared last night. And that was one of the things that made your doubts fade away for the moment.

Henry was such an amazing man that it was impossible to not fall for him- it would be impossible to deny it as well. He was not only handsome and charming but the way he treated you made you feel things you had never felt before. It was amazing to have somebody finally show you that they were interested in you and wanted to know more of you other than the 'Princess' you were. You felt special and needed as a person and not just because you were a royalty. Henry treated you mostly as a person than just the pureblood you were and you could see how you meant a lot to him. You felt important to somebody -for who you were - and that meant a lot to you. Henry was literally perfect and you could have not asked for more but- at the same time there was something missing.

That thought alone made all your focus on Henry slip away and even during dinner you could hardly concentrate on him. You tried not think of your father and what kinds of thoughts were running through his mind- especially as you saw the smile he had on his face when he looked at you and Henry sitting next to each other and occasionally talking. Just like you tried to ignore his comments and innuendos when he talked to Henry or you. Whether it would be about Henry staying a little more or you looking really happy today.

Not to mention all concentration slipped away when Dean entered the dining room to tell something to your father... not once glancing your way. You could see how his posture was rigid and firm, hands almost clenched at his sides. You could not take your eyes off him, not as he talked to your father and stood there for a while to hear his order, and the second his eyes locked with yours - even if it was for a second - you could see how he was trying to mask his feelings. Although you could not pinpoint it you could see that he was trying to act brave and put on a hard facade as of a way to hide all of the things he really felt. And you didn't dare think of what that feeling possibly was. But the eye-contact once again did not last long because he immediately (like in the morning) averted his eyes away from yours and once again straight forward ignored you. It hurt, you were not going to deny it, but you tried to not let any of your feelings show and instead decided to look ahead of you and focus on something that Arthur was saying- and of course trying your best to reassure Morgana that was looking at you with a frown. Whether it would be smiling or laughing at something or eating. Anything to make them believe that you were alright with the fact that Dean seemed to hate you at the moment, like it was not killing you on the inside.

Not Henry though.

Despite Morgana's eyes on you almost all the time - especially as Dean was with you and you could not help but sneak glances at him (only to end up sighing and looking back at your food that kept being moved around on your plate - apetite all gone) - you tried to put on a smile and act as if everything was alright. You tried to brush her off and when she later (after dinner) tried to talk with you, you tried your best to act as if you were not living a nightmare.

"So you are alright?" she had asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, Morgana don't worry. Everything is fine"

"And you are happy... with Henry?" you had not missed to notice the tone in her voice or how she had raised an eyebrow at you.

You had tried your best to not let your emotions show and spoke in the most calm voice you could "Yes, yes I am" you had said, after trying to swallow the lump that had formed in your throat.

But you had instantly wished you hadn't because hearing Dean clear his throat as of a way to ask you to open the way for him to walk by. The almost glare- mixed with a look of hurt- had your heart breaking into a thousand pieces.

But you tried to not let it show again as in a haste you bid Morgana goodbye - coming up with an excuse - and walking away in a hurry. It was the only way to not let her realize anything. Because you knew that if she saw the look on your face she definitely would. Anybody would.

Henry did.


A knock on your door broke your trail of thoughts and your head perked up at the sound.

"Come in" you mumbled softly but audibly enough, setting the book whose first sentence you had been reading for the past two hours.

"Hello" Henry's soft voice was heard as a small smile was on his lips.

"Hey" you said just as softly, this time managing to put on just a small and clearly fake smile.

He only let out a sigh, his eyes being cast down as he made his way to you "Forgive me if-" he hesitated, looking at you "Forgive me if this is personal. I'd like to believe we have come to be close to a personal level so that we can talk about such things but I am wrong after all" he let out a... rather sad laugh. He let out another sigh, shaking his head and running a hand down his face.

It hurt you as well. Despite everything you knew you had feelings for Henry "Henry" you mumbled softly and he dared to give you a small though sad smile.

"Apologies" he said coming to take a seat next to you "I just..." he let out a sigh "I wished to speak to you all day but could not find the chance or the courage to. I do not know if it is because of what happened last night- I hope not, but I would like to know what it is that bothers you."

You let out a small sigh but before you could say anything, he spoke again "I know that I probably do not have the right to ask. We are not that close-"

"We are" you cut him off in a soft voice "And you have the right. You've earned it Henry" you put a hand on top of his.

He smiled ever so faintly, taking your hand in his and bringing it up his lips to kiss it softly "That you have no idea how happy makes me. But I want to ask you- what is it that has been troubling you all day? You didn't seem alright in the morning or the rest of the day and I could not help but think that I might have to do something with it...?" you noticed how he felt guilty about it although it was not entirely his fault.

"Oh Henry, no. No of course not. It's not you and... it's not the kiss. If anything, I don't regret it in the least bit. It is just- I am so confused that I have no idea what to do. Everything has changed so suddenly and I don't know how to cope... how to feel." you said looking down.

"Oh so that's it" he nodded his head, seemingly having caught to more than you intended to let out.

"Well, I would wish to make this all better but... that is only up to you, dearest." this made you look up at him "Maybe you think that everything is lost, that you are lost in the darkness and the unknown but there is always a chance, a spark of light... a choice."

He got up without a warning, he took your hand and placed a soft kiss on your palm "I do not wish to pressure you, to make you do things you do not want. I am happy for, even if it was for a short period of time, I got the chance to see that the beauty inside you matches that of the outside. Being in your company is the greatest treasure I have ever gained and the memories we shared shall always be with me." he smiled softly at you "It is now only up to you whether you want more or not. I will not ask you nor force you. I will be happy as long as you are happy, my love. I, for now, thank you for everything you offered me. The feelings are irreplaceable and I will cherish them forever. You can only decide whether you want more or not. I shall wait and despite everything respect your choice. Goodnight, (Y/n)" he let go of your hand and with a final, bittersweet, smile he made his way to the door. He turned one last time to glance at you, smiled ever so slightly and then opened the door to exit the room.

Leaving you to your own thoughts, clouding your vision.

He knew. Of course he knew.


You let out another sigh. It seemed like the millionth time this day but you could not help it. You looked up at the sky to see the full moon and stars shining brightly matching the tears that threatened to spill on your cheeks. You had thought that a walk through the garden even at this time of the night would help you at least clear your mind. You had not been able to stop thinking after having talked with Henry and your head had began to hurt. At least it matched your aching heart.

You felt awful. Not only guilty that you had feelings for both Dean and Henry at the same time but also that Henry had realized it. You did not want to hurt him. You under no circumstances wanted to cause pain to Henry- he simply did not deserve it. You didn't want to drag him into all this from the beginning but- you could not help the feelings you had for him either.

Just like you could not help your feelings for Dean.

Dean. Henry.

Henry. Dean.

That was the thought that had been running through your mind for the past hours and you found yourself actually getting dizzy. How could you chose? Who should you chose?

You tried to think of all the things you felt for the one and then the other. You tried to think of how the one made you feel and how the other did. You tried to think of who you felt more things for- who you were in love with but only reached a dead end.

"Oh gosh what am I going to do?" you mumbled running a hand through your hair.

You had an idea about what you were going to do but you didn't know. Was that the right choice? What would happen next? Did you love the other most? Were you doing the right thing? What was going to happen to the other?

Both of them were so close to your heart you did not want to hurt any of them but... you knew you had to.

Because, as you walked through the garden wishing for some kind of sign and saw him there... you knew that your choice was the right one.

Because you were in love with him in the end.

"Seems like I am not the only one that cannot sleep after all" you said softly, letting out a small chuckle.

You caught his attention and he quickly turned to look at you, shock almost washing over his face, but he allowed a small smile to spread as well.

"Yeah I guess" he let out a small chuckle that soon died out.

You only smiled softly at him and decided to gaze back at him and into his eyes. The eyes of which color you had began to love.
Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU) - Part 5

“He’s a lot older to be considered a boyfriend per say” he finally whispered to your ear and you felt your eyes widen.
Oh no.

You felt your heart stop in your chest and as if the entire world stopped spinning. He should not know- Jensen could not know about you and Castiel and yet... he did?


Was the only question that kept being repeated in your head. You'd always been so cautious and careful, not wanting anybody to know and Jensen more than anybody else. So how come he had found out?

No, he surely must have been joking. Trying to find a way to push your buttons so that you would react. Maybe even try to get a reaction from you so that he would come to realize the truth. Yeah, it was probably that. Not showing how this affected you was probably the best solution.

“I don't know what you're talking about Jensen”

He chuckled slightly, though you took notice of it being humorless and forced “You said that before but come on, let's be honest now (Y/n). You know very well what I'm talking about” his voice was low and rough with a small hint of anger in it.

You swallowed the lump in your throat “No, Jensen. I don't. So shut up now, we're watching a movie” you whisper-hissed at him, trying your best not to let anything show.

You glanced even for a second at Jared and saw him looking at you with a deep frown, as if sensing that something was wrong, so you just offered him a small reassuring smile. Not that he seemed to believe it anyway.

Jensen let a small chuckle, leaning in again close to you so that you could only hear “Now you and I both know you're trying to not let anything show but- you're not doing an all that good job at that (Y/n/n)” you could hear the smirk in his voice, and you felt the blood boil up inside you. Although it was not for exactly that.

“Don't call me that” you all-but-growled at him, turning your head to look at him in the eyes with the coldest look you could ever muster.

His 'cool' and 'teasing' attitude immediately fell off, even for a second, along with his smile as he clearly regretted using that nickname on you again... after all that time. He swallowed, looking almost apologetically at you but did not say anything more and you simply turned your head to look at the TV, your arms crossed over your chest. A frown was set on your face, just like for most of the rest of the night.

And it actually matched your mood. For the entire night. Even at Brendon's or mostly Chris' and Robert's attempts to make you smile you just were not willing to. Movie after movie you were unable to concentrate and think of anything else but... that.

The use of that nickname by Jensen brought back so many memories that made you want to cry and scream. You thought you had buried all that in the past, but no of course you hadn't. As long as you got to see him you knew that you were never going to probably get the chance to forget everything. Never, you were never going to forget what had happened all that time ago. The betrayal of all that still burned fresh and like a deep wound in both your flesh and soul it was not bound to heal any time soon. Maybe never, who knew? Certainly not with Jensen reminding you about it with his mere presence. And better not get started with his words. Every time he spoke to you, saying something in particular or flirting, images of all that time ago flashed back and you always had a hard time keeping yourself from reacting. It was hard enough as it was, trying to keep your sanity in all this, not to mention hiding how you truly felt.

The remainings of what he had done were still there and not matter how hard you tried you knew you were never going to be like you were before... that.

Maybe, just maybe that was one of the reasons why you and Castiel were together. His ability to understand you like nobody else and offer you that much needed comfort and reassurance maybe was what kept you close to him for all this time. Sure, you were never going to deny that you did feel things for him- there was no way you were going to go to these extends, being in a relationship with your teacher, just because he was like some angel, being able to heal your emotional wounds in ways you could never describe. No, you had feelings for Castiel that much you knew.

But, not being able to take all the memories and feelings you still had with and about Jensen was a whole other issue.

You had to admit, though, for a moment that you were actually thankful to the guys for trying and doing their best to make you smile even in the least bit. At some points they managed that – no need to say how, cause if anybody saw them they'd think they had all lost their minds but you actually knew them pretty well to know that that was not the truth. They were all just amazing friends and you could never be more grateful about them. Even about all those innuendos and smirks and remarks that would make any other girl blush but not you. Although not to you, to anybody else it would seem like they were flirting with you- Richard certainly seemed to think that as he straight forward glared at them, snapping occasionally as well. And he was not the only one.

Whenever either Chris' hand would move a little too much, surpassing the friendship borders for sure, or Brendon got a little too close for your comfort it seemed as if Jensen would burn a hole through their heads, he was practically glaring daggers at them most of the time. Whenever Robert or the other Chris would make some dirty comment about you, only to make you laugh, Jensen seemed to beat Richard at snapping at them for it. The way his eyes were narrowed at them, his lips pursed and his jaw clenched. His comments and remarks at them, the way he almost growled every word or even hissed it, made you think that even for a second that was what had led to his previous reaction. That probably he was jealous and had resorted to speaking that way. Jealousy, after all, sometimes made people react in ways they would not in other situations. You wanted to not think about it, not let your hopes up but you couldn't at the same time. Because, the way he had looked at you when you told him to not use that nickname ever again made it pretty obvious that he regretted speaking the way he did in the first place. That he did not mean it that way. And it almost reminded you of the Jensen you knew before.... that.

You swallowed thickly as the memories flashed back and you literally fought with tears. You could never, really, be more grateful to the guys for managing to even take your mind off that.

However, it did not seem to be enough for Jensen. His attitude had gone from being sorry and obviously feeling guilty for something – you both knew all too well what it was – to straight forward angry. Snapping at anybody that would talk to him- or basically the guys that would flirt with you, getting in the middle and quiet obviously trying to hold himself from doing something much worse than snapping at them or saying something sassy to make them shut up. You had occasionally noticed how he was bouncing his knee up all the time while you talked with Robert and Chris and certainly how his eyes were dangerously narrowed at them and... you as well. Only when you locked eyes for a second you could see the facade of tough fall off but that was only for a second before Robert came a little too close and his eyes would be angrily glaring at you as well. Though a little differently than the guys that he obviously seemed ready to rip their heads off.

At this point, anymore, and after so many movies (as expected with the guys) they had all fallen asleep. Well, almost all.

You walked down the stairs to take a glass of water (you were unable to sleep with thoughts of those moments rushing through your mind) after having decided to not be with them during the last two movies- it was hard to put up with Jensen's looks anymore - only to find them all sprawled over the couches and floor and asleep. Well, almost all.

You heard a noise behind you but decided to ignore it, and just proceeded to drink your water.

“Can't sleep either?” Jensen asked you.

You only looked at him, a little bit glaring, from the corner of your eye but did not respond. You set the glass back down on the counter but did not even so react or acknowledge his presence.

You turned, ready to walk away from him only to find it impossible as he blocked your way. You looked up at him with the hardest look you could muster “What?” you hissed- or well, basically willed yourself to hiss at him. There was a small hint in his eyes that, even as he had his jaw clenched and tried to look strong, you could see. You could see that small flash of emotion through his eyes that reminded you so much of the Jensen you used to know. The one you used to know and love before.... all that.

“We need to talk” he spoke firmly, still trying to keep a slight edge in his voice though.

“Why? So that you can harass me now? Blackmail me?” you raised an eyebrow, almost regretting the tone you used at seeing how his face fell for a second.

“You know I never would” he seemed angry at hearing you could believe something like that for him “I just want to talk”

“You didn't make it that obvious. Though I doubt there's any choice left for me huh?” you crossed your arms over your chest, leaning against the counter as Jensen took a few steps back.

You had on a stoic face but still felt as if he could see right through you. And you lies. The feelings you were trying to hide and above all the things you ere trying to hide, but obviously failing at, because-

“What? Thinking your boyfriend is going to get jealous?” he raised an eyebrow at you.

You tried not to let any of the emotions show “I thought this was you trying to have a civilized conversation and not having that attitude all the time.”

“Sorry, it is kinda hard to help it. I can't, really.” he shrugged his shoulders at you... almost a little drained of energy.

“I pretty much noticed” you said back just as sarcastically.

“Not my fault they can't keep their hands to themselves” he said with a small growl in his voice “But you are not denying it, now, are you?” he smirked slightly at you.

“What do you want Jensen?” your voice had an edge in it.

“For you to answer my question”

“And then what? What will you do if I answer? What will you do if I fucking accept it? What if I say that yes I am in a relationship with my teacher? What will you do? Blackmail me? Threaten to tell everybody if I- if I don't give in to you? Huh? What?!” you tried to keep your voice as low as possible so that nobody would hear you and wake up but just in the right tone to show him that this was not something you were joking about.

“You really think I'd go to that extent? That I'd do that much... to you? So little do you think of me?” it was hard not to notice the hurt in his voice, just as it was hard to keep your touch facade up.

“I think so little of you because I don't know you anymore Jensen.” you spoke, looking him dead serious in the eyes. It was the first time after so long that you were being honest with him. The first time after... that.

You took a step closer to him “You... are no longer the person I used to know and that is just why I treat you as that. You are no longer my friend whom I trusted with my life, all my secrets and worries. You no longer are the person that I-” you kept yourself from completing the sentence, instead swallowed and looked him seriously “You are not that person anymore, Jensen. I may act as if everything is ok between us, even if you've cut all ties, but you and I both know the truth. Nothing is ok Jensen. Nothing will ever be and you know it... Not after what you did... to me. Not after what you did that time. I may act as if I've forgotten but-” you swallowed trying to keep in your tears “-I haven't. And I never will. Know that no matter how much time passes I will never forget. And I will never forgive you for that. It would be different if it was somebody else but no- not you Jensen. Not the only person I could trust with my own life. Not you that I thought would never... do something like that to me.” you tried to not let any emotion show but it was hard near impossible.

It was too hard when you thought about... that.

“I will never forget. Just like I will never forgive you. For, you now are a stranger to me Jensen. You are and will never be the person I used to know. And as that I will never be the person you used to know.” you swallowed the lump in your throat “So, yes, if you want a clear answer- yes, I am seeing him- I am in a relationship with Castiel. And you are free to go and do whatever the hell you want to. Either say it or post it online so that everybody knows. That way you can make me pay for it. I will not give in to whatever you want me to do.”

You were about to move away from him, mostly not wanting his to see the tears that had welled up in your eyes and for you to not see the hurt written all over his face. The emotion that reminded you so much of the Jensen you knew before... that. But you of course had to will yourself to forget. To forget him- who he was before all that happened and who he could probably still be. Because, if you did not will yourself to forget who he used to be, who he had become you knew that you'd give in... again.

His hand taking hold of your arm stopped you though, and you abruptly turned your head to look at him with a hard look. Not saying a word anyway.

“Do you love him?” his voice seemed strained as he clearly tried to keep himself from letting all of his emotions show. He had his jaw almost clenched and his lips pursed, but his eyes gave away everything he felt.

You looked back and forth between his eyes, trying to decipher his feelings but not really being able to.

“I wouldn't be with him if I didn't” you said with a stoic face.

“Unlike you-” you snatched your arm from his grasp sharply “-I give myself to the ones that I only love. But love must be a word long-ago erased from your vocabulary, huh?” you smiled sarcastically at him.

He didn't say anything more, obviously your first words still echoing through his mind. It was obvious how he was still trying to process it, his jaw clenched but he was obviously not angry. No, certainly not angry. That was no way anger. That was-

Pain? Regret? Maybe both.

With a final cold look, you brushed past him and walked away. Jensen stayed put in his place, his eyes were cast on the ground and even if you felt the smallest hint of regret as you looked back at him, having stopped midway on the stairs, you shook your head and just continued your way upstairs.

Almost running to your room so that you wouldn't even be in his presence anymore- scared that he was probably going to hear the sob or basically sobs that one after the other left your throat. You entire body started to shake as the tears that you had been struggling to keep in started to now stream down your cheeks. You buried your face in your pillow, biting your trembling lip furiously as you were unable to keep yourself from letting the tears and sobs out.

The memories of that time were impossible to keep back and just like your tears they came in waves, making your heart tighten unbearably in your chest as you remembered... that.
Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 13

~Next morning~

A soft knock on the door of your room woke you up from your peaceful slumber. It seemed like it had been an eternity ever since you had a good night's sleep while in actual reality it was just a few days. Just like it had been a few days since you and Dean broke it off. All those days, till your birthday last night, you had been struggling to focus on anything else but him. During daytime you tried to do as many things as possible, anything that was good enough to keep your mind occupied was good enough for you as well. Because honestly that's what you wanted to do. Keep your mind and self as much occupied as possible so that you wouldn't think about Dean and all the things that had happened between the two of you.

You had once run out of things to do, all preparations for your birthday ball were done, and you had immediately caught yourself thinking about Dean, your heart in the meanwhile aching like hell. And after that one time you certainly did not want to find yourself in the same situation. Sure you could not stop the thoughts or feelings whenever you saw him but at those times you could take something up and occupy yourself with whereas at nights...

At nights you just had to endure the pain that losing Dean brought to you. It was one of the hardest times of your day- harder than facing him and having to pretend as if everything was alright between the two of you. At night, especially when you could not sleep, the thoughts and (above all) memories would not stop rushing back to you. Memories of beautiful moments you and Dean shared, memories of the funny moments you and him had and memories of all those loving moments that every time were so different yet, at the same time, so similar to each other. And that was just because there was that one particular feeling – among all the others Dean had managed to make you feel – that was always present. Love. Among all those other feelings, the safety of being held in his arms, the swelling of your heart whenever he smiled at you, the butterflies in your stomach whenever he laughed or even blush on your cheeks whenever he complemented you, there was love. Yes those were things that happened often but what you always knew you felt for him, whether you were at that moment in his presence or not, was love.

You always knew you felt love for him- You always knew you were in love with him but just were too scared to even admit it, in fear of something happening and you in the end being forced to say goodbye to all of the things you and Dean had and felt. And you were (partially at least) right at that.

But those were memories you had to forget. And as much as it hurt you had to. Even if all those thoughts of beautiful moments between you and Dean were something you wanted to cherish forever you knew you just couldn't. It was not just the pain you felt as you thought back to all those moments at nights as you laid almost numb on your bed, not having the emotional strength or courage to keep the tears from rolling down your cheeks and to the pillow. No, it was not just the pain os reminiscing those moments that were over that hurt you but it was just that fact that brought the most pain. The fact that those moments were over. Gone. Done. Finished. And were not going to happen again.

Dean was not going to ever hold you in his arms like he used to, you were never going rest your head on his chest again and fall asleep to the soothing sound of his heartbeat while he ran his fingers through your hair. You were never going to be able to see that dazzling smile of his directed at you, nor would you ever get to hear him laugh for real and not pretend. You were never going to get the chance to see his freckles from upclose as he leaned his forehead on yours and you two merely gazed at each other. You were never going to get to feel his skin on yours, touching you tenderly as his lips slowly but surely came closer to yours. And then he pressed them to yours in a kiss that every time varied from slow, to soft, to hectic, passionate and sometimes full of lust. But every time managed to make you feel the exact same way. Your knees going weak, the air being knocked out of your lungs, your heart beat miles per hour and your hands shake in anticipation as you felt your stomach tighten. You were never going to feel any of that again because simply you were not going to live any of that again.

And it hurt like hell.

Or well, sort of. More specifically speaking?

It used to.

It seemed to be so hard for you to explain it yet so easy at the same time. And it all started last night. Last night that you did not have to try to forget about Dean and what was happening all these days. No you didn't even in the last bit try to forget the pain. Because you just simply did not feel it anymore. The weight that seemed to be on your shoulders all the time and managed to keep you awake at nights was gone. Your heart did not feel heavy like a rock anymore, although it did hurt. Let's be honest, you were not going to get rid of all the pain so quickly and easily especially at the feelings you had (and still do) for him.

You did not want to let yourself get lost in this, like you previously had done with Dean, but the more you thought about it- no, the more you thought about him the more you found your smile getting bigger. It was inevitable and you certainly could not deny it, at least to yourself, that the thought of a certain blue-eyed king had you grinning to yourself til late at night when sleep finally had enveloped you. At some point you could still hear his words echoing in your ears, his soft and accented voice seemed to be what had actually lulled you to sleep in the very end. But you clearly remember your cheeks burning hot as you merely thought of what he had told you that night and you surely could not deny that a huge grin spread on your lips as you remembered what he had said about not having a woman by his side that night- or in general.

It was hard to ignore the flutter of your heart as you thought of the way he smiled at you last night or how his sky-blue eyes shone with a spark you had never seen before in anybody and certainly drew you in. Not to mention the pleasant shivers you vividly remember running down your spine as his hand came in contact with the bare part of your back. Or the way he reacted after that. He truly was a gentleman. But then he had that mischievous glint in his eyes and that smirk that only promised more to come that you could not expect. And all that was certainly something that excited you. And let's not get started with his accent. Dear lord, you thought your knees were going to give away any given second the more you heard him speak. Maybe it mostly had to do with what he was saying that it affected you so much. The way he expressed things.

You still caught yourself biting your lip to keep the smile from getting bigger. If possible. Henry had you on cloud nine and acting like a lovestruck little girl in a matter of just a few hours of knowing him.

Wait what?

No. You shook your head to dismiss the thought. You didn't know him that well, you certainly could not be feeling that way about him especially when you knew you still felt things about Dean... could you?

You did not want to let yourself fall in love with him- or have any sorts of feelings anyway. Yes, your father and him were best friends and you were pretty much sure everybody would love to see the kingdom's only princess be with England's King and this only meant that nobody would raise objections but- something still did not feel right. You could not point your finger on it and- you didn't have the time to, either, as another knock on your door was heard.

You let out a small groan and rubbing your eyes to get the sleep out of them you spoke “Come in”

Without waiting a second, as expected, Anna along with the rest of the maids burst through the door.

“Aren't you a little early today?” you asked groggily as they literally dragged you out of your bed.

“Yes, but our king requested your early presence at the table. Forget not that we have guests, my princess” she said as she combed your hair.

“How could I ever forget” a smile immediately spread on your lips at the thought of the British king- one you could certainly not hide even if you tried and that Anna of course took notice of.

“You and King Henry seemed to be really close last night. You did not dance with anybody else but him. And you usually save one dance for prince Arthur on every birthday ball you have” she said with a small smirk. Anna was more than just a maid and you wanted to treat her as a friend, that's why she spoke more freely to you.

You felt a blush creep up your cheeks as you looked down at your hands. You shrugged casually “I guess. He's just a nice man”

“And certainly a handsome one” she noted and you could not help but chuckle and nod your head in agreement.

“Although-” she spoke up again “-I believe Dean is far better.”

“Dean?” you asked, frowning deeply.

“Yes, you know your father's knight? You know he is quiet 'famous' amongst the maids. They all seem to have taken a liking to the green-eyed knight. Who wouldn't though?” she ended with a question and a chuckle.

“Yeah” you breathed out in a low voice but did not say anything more and let her do her job.

“With that smile-” Anna continued, it seemed that you were not done just yet “-and those eyes and that body! Oh gosh I would be willing to get thrown in the battle if it meant having him save me. And let's not forget-”

“Yes Anna yes! I get it!” you snapped, effectively cutting her off “I get it” you said in a much lower and calmer voice tone. You bit the inside of your cheek, frowning at the clearly unpleasant feeling in your chest.

You could not be jealous, right?

“Pardon me princess” she mumbled.

“No, no it's ok. I'm sorry” you gave her a reassuring smile.

“Your father seems to be really happy though. I mean about you and king Henry. It is obvious that he trusts him and considers him a good friend but- it is about you and him being so close that seems to make hims even more happy. I guess it is understandable after you declined to be with prince Arthur.”

You rolled your eyes “Arthur and I are merely friends, no matter how hard it seems to be for my father to understand that. As for Henry-” you let out a soft sigh “-he is merely a friend as well. For the time being at least. So my father better not start making assumptions” you said as firmly as you could. It had started to get on your nerves how your father saw every guy as a potential husband for you. You feeling things for Henry had nothing to do with it.

Anna didn't say anything further, she just proceeded to do her job like the rest of the maids. Once they were sure their job was well done and that you were ready they, well mainly Anna, escorted you to the dining room- or well, she mainly tried to catch up with you as you ran towards the room where you were sure they all waited for you. And sure there they were.

“Sorry” you mumbled, head slightly bowed as an eery silence surrounded you all as soon as the doors opened. All talking immediately stopped.

Your father let out a sigh and although you expected a glare from him you only got a chuckle and a shake of his head.

“It's alright. Come (Y/n)” he said, motioning for you to move.

Although initially a little shocked you started walking and finally made your way to your arranged seat next to your father.

“Overslept again (Y/n/n)?” Arthur asked with a small chuckle and you rolled your eyes at him but did not respond anyway, so of course he continued speaking “I'm guessing you staid up till late at night huh? Is there something we don't know?... Somebody maybe?” a smirk spread on his lips as soon as he noticed your eyes almost widen. Although Arthur liked to flirt with you he was at the same time like an older brother, teasing you all the time whenever he knew you liked somebody and of course getting overprotective in the end.

“Arthur!” Morgana hissed at him.

“Hey we're practically a family here! All I'm saying is that if there is somebody I want to know. So is there a lucky somebody whose thought kept you awake at night or what?” he grinned at you but you just glared at him.

“A lucky somebody indeed. To have even a few hours of our princess' thoughts” a different voice was heard and all heads turned to look at Henry standing at the door next to... Dean?

Probably he had been sent to escort him here, by your father.

You averted your eyes from Dean, whose own eyes seemed to be glued to you, and looked at Henry looking at you with a soft smile.

“Not just a somebody” you said with a small shrug, not taking your eyes off him, as his smile only widened. And the butterflies went crazy in your stomach.

“So he must be special?” he raised an eyebrow.

“He certainly is” you spoke softly and his smile turned into a smirk.

“So there is somebody!” Arthur pointed out with a satisfied smile and you just rolled your eyes at him again.

“Good-morning Henry” your father told his friend with a smile.

“It surely is” he replied with a smile, looking at you and then back at your father “Good morning to you too as well”

“Please come take a seat” your father said, motioning to the seat next to you.

You could hardly keep the smile, just like Henry himself, as he slowly made his way towards you. You eyes were locked and you didn't dare- didn't want to tear yours from his.

But you did for just a split second and you saw Dean walk next to him and then make his way towards your father, standing behind his seat. His eyes all the time were on you while you wanted to avoid eye-contact as much as possible. And as much surprising as it seemed you did not have to try hard because as soon as Henry sat next to you all your attention was on him.

Dean swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyebrows knitting together as he felt his heart tighten in his chest in a clearly unpleasant way. He tried not to let it show, though, and as usual put on a stoic face and took his place behind your father.

“You slept well?” your father asked and Henry's attention was immediately snapped away from you.

“I certainly did” he smiled politely at him.

“After the war in France ended then I believe everything is alright?” your father asked again.

“And it is. I would have not achieved anything if it was not for you my friend”

“I merely did what I had to. I was not going to let you go on your own after all”

“Indeed. But the courage and will you showed at the battle was unparalleled”

“I told you I fought for a purpose. The ones I love” your father said, looking at your mother and placing a hand on top of hers.

“And I now understand what you meant” Henry nodded his head with a smile, turning to look at you which only made the smile get bigger and a blush creep up your cheeks.

A smile crept up your father's face but he tried to cover it up.

“So, Henry it is great to know that you'll be staying for longer. You don't visit us often” your mother said with a warm smile.

“I know and I wish I could come more often but it is hard to leave the kingdom entirely on its own.” he said apologetically.

“So you won't be staying for long?” you caught yourself asking before you could comprehend it. A frown set on your face.

“Even if my kingdom does need me I can't find it upon myself to do anything different than what you wish me to. I am here upon your request and I shall not leave earlier than you want me to” he said, voice ever so soft and calm and you found your own smile getting bigger.

“Oh please if it is up to (Y/n) then you better forget England whatsoever” Arthur said with a roll of his eyes, a small scoff and laugh leaving his lips.

Your eyes immediately widened “Arthur!” you exclaimed, Morgana doing the same.

Arthur just raised an eyebrow, looking between you and Morgana but then shook his head and proceeded to eating his food.

“I'm sorry” you said in a low voice to Henry.

He shook his head with a smile “It is quiet fine. Besides, I do not believe I would mind it if I was able to see your beauty every day” he said softly so that you could only hear.

You looked sheepishly at your hands, a blush on your cheeks but a smile on your lips, even if you tried to keep it off by biting your lower lip. You looked shyly up at him “I would certainly not mind having you here for as long as possible” you said softly.

“Then I shall” he smiled even more, putting a hand on top of yours that only made you blush more.

You didn't miss to notice how his smile turned into a small smirk, but what you did miss was the smile that spread on your father's lips and...

...the deep frown that set on his face as he tried to hold himself together. The pain in his chest only increased.

The rest of the morning along with your breakfast went by rather smoothly, fact you were glad about. Just like you were glad about Arthur not making some comment towards Henry, either embarrassing for you or rude for Henry. At some point he had stopped being playful and making remarks or teasing you. He had just ended up straight forward glaring at Henry, especially when you seemed to show more interest in him or he would be a little more affectionate towards you.

You of course didn't mind in the least bit. The feeling of his hand on top of yours, his skin in contact with yours, brought pleasant shivers down your spine. It was certainly a feeling you enjoyed and could easily get used to. It obviously was something Arthur did not like, though, as he glared daggers at the young king. And he was not the only one.

You did once or twice hear a scoff when Henry said something to you but you soon came to the realization that it was not Arthur. You turned your head and caught sight of Dean's eyes being glued to Henry and as soon as he sensed your eyes on him he turned his head to look at you. His jaw was still clenched but you did not see the same emotion in his eyes as before. Although he was previously angrily glaring at Henry as soon as he looked at you, you saw the pain flash through his eyes. You saw the hurt even as he tried to mask his feelings, and you'd be lying if you said you didn't feel your own heart shatter. He only pursed his lips and visibly turned his head the other way so that he was not looking at you, his jaw even more clenched, lips pursed and a cold glare set on his face as he obviously did not want to look at you anymore.

You bit your lip and looked away from him after that, your heart aching to see him so clearly ignore you. Luckily, Henry once again managed to get your attention off Dean and make you forget even for a second about him. You could not be more thankful to him about that.


And that is how the rest of the week went on. With you being grateful to Henry for the distraction he offered to you from all your problems and... much more.

It certainly was not just a distraction and he certainly could not be described as only that. It was hard, nearly impossible for you to believe it, but every time you came face to face with Dean and his either heartbroken or emotionless look all it took was for Henry to just say a word and all your attention would once again be on him and as if by magic the pain and guilt you'd start feeling, every time, just left as he smiled at you. It was always being replaced by a warmer feeling, as if everything was alright and finally falling into place.

You could not deny that every time you saw Dean you still felt your heart skip a beat, a feeling of longing to have again what you once had was always there along with the pain it brought to you to see him this way. You'd heard the maids, Anna herself even had made a mention, how he just was not his usual self and these days had only become worse. No jokes or teasing had been done by him, as he rarely would be with somebody. Whenever he did not occupy himself with too much work to the point he could barely think of anything else other than that, he'd often be on his own walking around the gardens and always thinking- although, when you had once seen him yourself, you could say that you clearly saw how he was struggling to keep himself from thinking.

And the situation seemed all too familiar.

At some point you had caught yourself contemplating on walking towards him and talking to him- although you had no idea what you were probably going to say. You just felt that pull towards him, to ease his pain that you felt guilty to admit was because of you. But every time you found yourself not making a single move and instead watching him from the corner of your eye as he sunk further into his pain. Every time you just turned your head away from him and were... thankful for that.

You were thankful to Henry for always managing to captivate you with his words and all of your attention to be on him in an instant. You didn't know if you were a bad person for doing this to Dean- you didn't actually know how to call this but at the same time wasn't that what he had done to you not a long while ago? Well, it was not exactly this but you were the one begging him just three weeks ago to not let you, that you could work this out no matter what everybody else said and he was the one to pull away because he thought it was the right thing to do for the kingdom. You were the one just two weeks ago to be hurting like hell because of him wanting to do the right thing for your people.

Well, here you were doing just that. And, if you were completely honest, it didn't feel like a chore as with the rest of the things you did as a princess. It felt like...

...when you were with Dean.

The thought alone scared you but at the same time you had to remind to yourself that you did not have a reason to, because Henry was not Dean in so many ways. It hurt but at the same time felt like the biggest relief knowing this and every day realizing it even more. Henry managed to make you feel so many things at the same time and just when you were feeling guilty for doing this to Dean- you'd say betraying but... you and him were not together, not anymore, so you could basically do whatever you wanted to. Just like he did- and that was something that even if you wanted to deny it made you extremely jealous- point was that, even if you did feel this bad there in an instant Henry managed to make you feel ten times better by just offering you one of his warm smiles or in general being there to listen to you. Even if he denied it, he was a great listener and always paid attention to what you told him. He always knew how to comfort you, the right things to say or the right moves to make, whether it be a hug or a hand on top of yours. And of course you always spoke in general lines to him, not daring to say the truth behind all this.

How could you even say- hell, even admit to yourself that you were falling for the blue-eyed king while you still were in love with the green-eyed knight?


It was hard for you and you dreaded to even think about it. So you were once again thankful to Henry for offering you the relief you so much longed for. You did not know how he did it but with just a few words he instantly managed to make you feel better, like it was not actually your fault, but above all- he managed to take your attention away from what was really happening. To take your attention away from Dean- and, really, that seemed to be easier and easier for him with each day passing.

"You're wearing the gift I brought to you" Henry had once said in almost disbelief as he glanced at you. You were taking a stroll in the woods, as usual, and your father could not join you so instead it was just you, Henry, a few soldiers and... Dean. Yeah, your father just could not trust you with any other knight but him.

You and Henry were really close at that time and you could not help but notice as you walked how Dean would either glare at him or look at you with a heartbroken look on his face.

"Yes, I just could not let it. It was so beautiful" you had said, your attention fully on Henry in just a split second.

"It certainly cannot match your beauty, my princess" he had smiled that half smile, half smirk of his that made you weak to the knees "I tried to find the most beautiful and bright precious stone to adorn the necklace and when I did I thought it was perfect. Shining so bright like a star. Forgive me, though, for your beauty shines brighter than the sun. I shall try next year to find a better one" his words had instantly brought a blush on your cheeks and it had been really hard for you to hide it, just like the smile that was on your lips.

"So you will be here till next year to wish me my Birthday?" you had asked, looking up at him with a smirk.

"Do you want me to?" he had asked back just as slyly and it was impossible for you to hide your wide smile or keep yourself from giggling at him. He had once again managed to take your attention away from your problems and make you feel better in an instant, hope and true happiness filling your heart for the first time in a long while. And you were thankful to him for that.

What you did not notice, though, was how the look on Dean's face got darker and the frown only deepened as he pursed his lips in a firm line. It hurt him to see you so close with Henry, it hurt him to hear you laugh or giggle and know that it was not because of him- because he could only bring you pain because of who he was. It hurt him seeing you and Henry so close just like it hurt him to see how easily you had forgotten about him. As if he did not matter- as if he never mattered. But above all it hurt him seeing you and Henry close in this kind of way, the blush on your cheeks as he complemented you or the shy smile on your lips that could only indicate one thing... you were falling in love with him.

And Dean knew it. He knew it because he had once seen that kind of smile directed at him, that kind of blush rise on your cheeks because of him, but would never again happened because he had acted so stupidly and pushed you away.

And it hurt him to no end. It hurt him knowing that... all of this was true. That you were indeed falling in love with another man and forgetting everything about him. Because it was not just him that had come to that realization. He was not the only one that could see it.

And that could only mean it was true.


You saw the tall and slim figure of the British King standing with his hands folded behind his back as his eyes followed the movement of different knights fighting with each other. You had been looking for him everywhere until your father told you that he was at the training arena of the knights and soldiers (the smirk that had spread on his face you tried not to pay too much attention to as you asked him about the blue-eyed man) and so you made your way here where you finally found him.

"I didn't know fighting fascinated you so much" you spoke up as you stood next to him, your hands in front of you.

He smiled and turned his head to look at you now "As a King it is my right to know how to fight so that I can protect my kingdom, this does not mean I am fascinated by it. But if you wish, I could say that I try to view it as... art"

"Do tell?" you raised an eyebrow, smirking just slightly. Even at the most simple question the answers he gave you, and the way he did, always managed to astound you.

"If not meant for death and chaos, then yes" he shrugged his shoulders.

"But as a king you are bound to fight. Most of the time at least. Right?"

"As my father used to say, a wise king never seeks out war. But he must always be ready for it. And so I am." he gave a small shrug again "Besides, if you do think about it there is art in all of this. Like the art of archery" his gaze turned to a few knights with arrows in their hands practicing at archery.

"Do you know?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

"What? Archery?" you laughed shaking your head "Oh no. I did try once but did not have any luck. It didn't even hit the target"

"Well, you probably didn't have the right guidance. Allow me to show you" he smiled that half smile and half smirk of his that could only mean he had something else in mind and you of course could not deny his offer. You were really curious to know what it was.

"Oh please, be my guest" you said with a smirk of your own that only made him laugh.

"Very well then" he smirked and opened the way for you to walk first, his eyes all the time on your form; following your movement.

You loved how he could sometimes be such a gentleman, talking like a poet and making you feel like the most beautiful girl on the world and in just a moment he could turn into a mischievous man that just hinted on more than he let out.

You lifted your dress slightly and you both made your way through the different training parts to the archery. The few soldiers that were there moved to the side as one of them offered Henry a bow and a set of arrows and followed with the others, a good few feet away.

"A demonstration first" he said, picking an arrow and turning to look at the target far away from you. You moved to the side so that you could still have a good view.

You watched, mesmerized, as Henry drew the bow to his ear. The string stretching just like the muscles in his arms and the muscles in his back. He was one long line of tension just like the bow in his hands. You held your breath, the tension within you too, as he lined up the shot and took aim at the target. He teased you, holding the arrow at full extension for just a half second longer than he normally did, before letting the string fall off his fingers with what looked like effortless grace. Your breath escaped from you with a soft whoosh at the same time as the arrow hit the target with a loud twang, and he looked over at you with a grin.

Damn, how could he make this look so effortless and... hot at the same time? This man was certainly taunting you.

"Now" he says softly "How about you give it a try, my lady?"

You swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed on your throat and nodded you head at him. You went to him willingly, and he moved you to stand in front of him, his hands gentle but firm on your waist. The fact that the dress you were wearing was nothing but a few layers of thin fabric did not help in the situation. Shivers ran down your spine as he rubbed his thumb softly on your hip. You could feel his hips behind your back, feel his breath on your neck. His chest was pressed to your back, moving with each breath. He ran his free hand down your left arm, taking your wrist gently in his fingers and guiding your hand up to grasp the limb of the bow. It’s surprisingly hard for something that is so flexible.

“That’s right, my lady. Feel the bow in your hands. Feel the power of it. It’s such an elegant weapon, don’t you think?” his velvet voice whispered to you, his chest moving and you could feel it.

"Indeed" it came out as breathless and weak, even if you meant for the exact opposite. But it certainly matched the state you were in- the state he had you in.

"Indeed" he nodded his head, whispering in repeat, his voice much lower than before.

You felt him grasp your other hand and bring it up to rest against the string “Just the fingertips, my lady. The string is delicate, and requires a…delicate touch.”

You only nod your head, unable to utter a word. You knew it would probably come out as a stutter or squeak and you certainly did not want to make the blush on your cheeks darker by embarrassing yourself.

He let go of your one hand just for a second to take hold of an arrow. He placed it on your fingers and slowly guided your hand so that you placed it by the bow. He placed the balls of your fingers against the string, his fingers resting lightly over yours, then guided you as you drew the string back. You couldn’t pull it back nearly as much as he could. But he didn’t seem to mind.

“Now breathe,” he whispered in your ear. “And focus on your target.”

You tried to concentrate, the blood pounding in your ears as an unwelcome distraction. Your eyes were on the target, but all of your attention was on the man behind you.

“And then…” he whispered in your ear again, stroking his fingers back along the outside of your hand towards your wrist, “You just…let…go.”

You let the string fall off of your fingers, and it snapped against your other wrist, the stinging's sensation traveling up your arm and down your body like lightning. You couldn't help but let out a breath.

"See, not that hard" his low voice whispered to your ear, his warm breath fanning over your cheek.

A smile spread on your lips when you saw the arrow hit the exact middle of the target.

"Yes. I did it." you couldn't help but let out a small giggle, like an excited kid at Christmas day, especially when his slight beard brushed over your cheek giving you a tingling sensation.

"Of course you did" he chuckled at your own happiness as well.

"I did not doubt it for a second" he added in a low voice and before you could react you felt his lips on your cheek. Your eyes almost widened and you felt yourself jump slightly. You turned just a little so that you could look at him but you could not help the smile that got bigger on your lips, or the blush that rose on your cheeks.

You let out another giggle, looking down for a second as you tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear. You looked sheepishly up at him through your eyelashes "Again?" you asked, bringing the bow higher up as if to motion to it.

His smile only got wider "Absolutely" he gave a subtle nod and so did you, turning to be in your previous position as as he took hold of another arrow.

Your eyes focused on the target again completely, all your attention there- well and Henry of course, but you did not pay attention to anything else but that...

...therefore missing the look that flashed through Dean's eyes, who watched from afar and felt his heart break into a thousand pieces. As if it was not broken enough already. He had brought this on himself, after all.

"They look great together, don't they?" a voice next to him made him tear his eyes from the scene in front of him.

He looked at your father approaching him with a rather pleased smile on his face as he looked at you and Henry far away from the two of them.

"Princess and King Henry?" he asked with a frown.

"But of course. I don't want to rush into things but I think this is going to turn into something really good" he smiled even more "I mean, look at them. Wouldn't they make an ideal couple? Besides, what better choice for my princess than Henry? I mean a prince would be the ideal but Henry is not much older than her, he's about your age, so that's good." he nodded at his own words.

"They are really close after all" he added with a smirk.

Dean averted his eyes from the king next to him and turned to look at you and Henry "Yes, yes they are" he said in a low voice that cracked at the end.

~Time Skip~

After Henry teaching you archery and you managing to shoot an arrow on your own, you and him made a small walk through the gardens, enjoying the sunset until you finally decided it was time for you to go to your rooms. And of course he had to escort you to yours.

"You don't really need to escort me to my room, Henry" you said sheepishly, playing with the flower he had offered to you earlier at the garden.

You had decided to take him to your favorite spot at the garden, the one where you could always find peace at and relax. Especially since not many would visit it.

“It is indeed really beautiful” he had said with a bright smile, looking around him and at the flowers at each of your sides.

“Yes” you smiled “I actually helped pick up the flowers for this part when I was about five” you let a small giggle.

“Really? Oh but I should have realized” you could not help but raise an eyebrow at his words “The flowers here manage to match your beauty. To some point at least.” his next words made the blush darker on your cheeks.

“Thanks” you had said sheepishly.

“And this one in particular-” he bent down, cutting a flower and then coming back close to you “I think would just fit perfectly... here” he mumbled softly, brushing a few strands of hair out of your face and behind your ear, gently tucking in the beautiful flower in your hair.

His hands, though, lingered there for much longer as you both seemed to be mesmerized at looking at each other, caught in your own world.

"Nonsense. Of course I do" he replied truthfully.

You shrugged smiling slightly "I'm actually a little sad the day is already over. I really did enjoy it"

"Time is hard to define, as is happiness but I must say that this week was he most enjoyable for me as well, (Y/n)." he smiled as well.

"You'll probably have to leave soon, don't you?" you asked as you both slowly came to halt as you neared your bedroom.

"I wish not to think about 'soon' as something that is going to happen in the near future. I prefer to enjoy this while it lasts, and we can always make it last more, don't we?"

"Yes, yes of course" you nodded your head with a smile "Well-" you looked at the door behind you "-I guess I should say goodnight then."

"And I will await the morning to see you again" he replied and you bit your lip to keep the smile from getting wider.

You nodded your head and without saying anything he brought a hand up and and cupped your cheek. He slowly closed the distance and leaned in and pressed a soft kiss on your cheek. His face lingered a little more close to yours and when he pulled away his face still was a few inches away from yours. His eyes seemed to do the same as yours as he looked at your lips and you caught yourself doing the same.

Before you could even realize it you felt your eyes slowly closing, his doing the same, as the distance between you seemed to lessen with each second. Before you could comprehend it your eyes were closed and... his lips pressed to yours. You instinctively brought one hand up and around his neck, one resting on his chest as his other hand moved to our waist; bringing you even closer to him, no more distance left between you anymore. Your lips moved in sink with his and you felt yourself letting out a content sigh, as pleasant shivers ran down your spine. Your eyes were closed as you let yourself get lost in the kiss. You kissed him back with just as much passion, your heart beating rapidly in your chest and-

Completely unaware of Dean's filled-with-pain eyes watching you as his heart broke into a thousand pieces.
Knight in shining armor -Dean x Reader -Chapter 13
A little bit of a long wait but hey the chapters I think makes up for it right? 
You felt yourself being pulled out of your peaceful sleep by the light shining over your face. It felt a little weird as if you were not in your own bed where you had originally slept in last night but decided to brush of the thought.

You let a small sigh, burying yourself deeper in your covers that felt uncharacteristically soft this morning. Maybe your mother had seen you fall asleep while watching Supernatural and had decided to throw a blanket over you?

Yes, it was probably that.

Still, you could not help the strange feeling that had set in your gut. It felt as if you did not belong here, that something was wrong. It was not the feeling you got every morning after having fallen asleep to watching a re-run of some Supernatural episode, wishing (like always) by the end of the episode and just before sleep could envelope you that by some chance you got to live that life. Or any life for that matter as long as it was close to him.

Yes, your crush on Jensen was quite well-known, for many reasons at that. Besides, a fangirl could dream, right?

You let a small groan, your eyes not opening but your brows frowning as the light that shone over your face started to annoy you even more. You began to wonder how that was possible. First; your mother would rarely just pull the curtains open and leave you to sleep, she’d probably make a big fuss about it. Especially if you were late for your classes. But two and most important; your window was not placed directly next to the head of your bed (letting the sun shine right to your eyes) but more specifically at the end of the room, opposite your feet and end of your bed.

So yes, this was really strange.

But you did not have time to think about it even more as you felt and faintly heard somebody’s deep breathing. Their breath fanned slightly over your cheek as they obviously picked over at you to see if your eyes were open.

You wanted to think it was probably your dog but a) this seemed to be a human, considering the feeling their presence gave, along with their breath fanning over your cheek, and not your mother or father that were for sure at work, b) if it was your dog it would have certainly made a sound by now or most probably licked your face and c) and most important-

-it would have just sneaked its hand under the covers and gave your ass a squeeze!

Your eyes snapped wide open as a loud squeak left your lips, close to a small scream, your hands instinctively flying up to slap and hit whoever the person was but the shock being too much which made you tangle yourself in your covers and as you tried to push them away you fell off the bed.

you let out a loud groan as your butt hit the hard floor but as soon as you heard the person laugh, quite out loudly in fact, your eyes snapped open as you came back to reality. Taking hold of the bedside lamp you pointed it whoever it was- you had yet to see.

Though the laugh seemed all too familiar.

And it got even harder, as he obviously was amused by this. It obviously was a man, considering the deep voice as he laughed.

“Well, I knew one day you’d probably do that but didn’t really think it would be after marriage.” the deep and rough voice said, full of amusement and if your eyes were wide before they now widened even more.

You moved the lamp out of your eyesight so that you could see his face and sure as hell… it was him.

“J-Jensen Ackles?” you breathed out, your eyes roaming his features as you were unable to believe if this was real or just a dream.

“Thought we had already gotten over that.” he chuckled deeply, his bright smile stood out in his not-shaved-for-a-long-time and make-up-less face.

“But I guess it is impossible to expect anything from you, even after ten years.” he added as he looked down at you from the bed he was still up in.

“W-what?” you could not form many words, the lump in your throat prevented you from doing so.

The water that had started to form at the corners of your eyes, the unspilled tears, making it even hard to breath as you only stared back at him. He was so much more than you expected from up close. So much different and so much… perfect, even with his small imperfections.

“Oh does somebody need a reminder maybe?” a sly smirk spread on his face, matching the blush on your cheeks as you quickly got to understand what he meant.

You opened your mouth to speak, not really sure what you were going to say, and certainly not trusting how your voice would be but you didn’t have time to even utter a word as another voice spoke up this time.

“Mommy? Daddy?” it was a soft childlike voice.

You turned your head to the doorway only to see her standing there as well.

Oh dear you thought as your eyes widened.
French mistake in reverse? - Jensen x Reader
Decided to upload this while we wait a little bit about the nexg chapter of knight in shining armor! Opinions? Also, yeah I know it's real people but as I've said I only view this a story. Nothing more.

A/N: Sorry if there are any mistakes and errors in this this version is still not checked and just waiting on my pc for upload.

Tumblr No9b9ncjfr1qmw13co1 500 by angelmewmewTumblr No9b9ncjfr1qmw13co2 500 by angelmewmew

“Sam” you whispered, voice barely audible yet so loud in the silence that had surrounded you after you returned the bunker. Dean was now out for drinks, leaving you and Sam alone.

“Don’t, (Y/n). Just don’t” Sam said and then pursed his lips, deciding to look down at the sandwich he was making for you - because you had burned your hand.

You were leaving a flower on top of Charlie’s burning body when you heard Dean say ‘I think it should be you up there and not her’. Your eyes had widened at hearing Dean say something like that to Sam and you had momentarily forgotten that your hand was above the flames. When you realized it it was too late. If it wasn’t for Dean coming to your aid immediately you would have been left with a really bad burn right now, that was for sure.

“But Sam-” you whispered to him with a pained look on your face.

“Don’t say it, (Y/n). It’s ok. Really.” he turned to give you a tight smile - obviously forced - and then turned to look back at the food “It’s ok” he whispered, mostly trying to reassure himself.

You started taking in deep breaths, your lips pursed as you stared intensely at his back “No, no it’s not. And you know it” you said firmly.

“(Y/n)-” he started but you cut him off.

“No, don’t ‘(Y/n)’ me Sam. It’s not ok and you know it!”

He let out a sigh as he handed you your food “I know (Y/n). But just listen-” he started and you cut him off once again.

“No Sam you listen!” you said in a harsh voice.

You let out a sigh and looked back up at him “He didn’t mean it Sam. He didn’t really mean it. Dean- he would never say something like that. Not to you. Never to you. He was just- It was too much for him. That’s just it. Charlie dying was just too much for him to take but you know that he would never say something like that and actually mean it. You’re his brother Sam.” 

“I know (Y/n)” he smiled just slightly at your trying to reassure him “But I know perfectly well that it is true. Maybe I didn’t expect him to actually say it. Maybe that shocked me a little bit but-” he let out a sigh “-I know that it is true. You do too, just don’t want to accept it” he smiled sadly, shrugging slightly.

“No, Sam. No.” you said firmly “I don’t think that it is true. And neither does Dean. He didn’t mean it, Sam. He didn’t!” you emphasized your words, trying to make him believe that he was worth saving. That his own brother did not think that he was unworthy.

You let out a sigh and shaking your head walked towards hims. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in his chest, biting your lip to keep the tears from rolling. Seeing the brothers like this broke you. And you were not able to stand seeing them apart.

Sam hesitated but hugged you back “It’s ok” he whispered “It’s ok”

“Sam” you breathed out, lip trembling just slightly at seeing the look in his eyes.

“He didn’t mean it, ok? He didn’t. Dean would never say something like and actually mean it when it comes to you. You’ve been through so much together. So much and yet you managed to pull through. Together. Because you are brothers. And the bond you two have is much more than just that. It is much more than just blood relation, Sam. Dean- Dean would never wish that for you. Hell, if it happened I am sure that he would trade his life for yours. Once again! Sam he would never be able to live without you. You, Sam, are his brother. And no matter how many arguments you’ve had. No matter how many things you have said to each other. No matter how many bad and unforgivable things you’ve done, you always pulled through. Together. Come Hell, Heaven or Purgatory you two always made it through. Together.” you let out a breath, pulling completely away from him.

“You’re his brother, Sam. There is no chance on this Earth that Dean Winchester would put anything else above you. There is no chance that he would chose anybody else before you, if need be.” you added in a softer voice, smiling when you saw a smile appears on Sam’s face.

“You always are right (Y/n).” he looked at you with a true smile and you nodded with a bigger one of yours.

“Just not this time” he added and your smile fell. A perplexed look was on your face as Sam kept smiling. Mostly since it seemed to be a true one.

“Even though Dean might not admit it, now or ever, there is one person that he would chose above everyone. Above himself. And above me.” he put a few strands behind your ear “He would chose you over me any given second, if need be”

You shook your head at hearing Sam’s words, a sting in your chest. You both wanted and not to believe Sams words. Mostly because you could not deny the deep feelings you had for Dean for a really long time.

“Sam-” you let out a sigh “-He doesn’t see me that way. Dean and I are just friends we-” Sam’s deep chuckle made you stop.

“You may be oblivious to it, (Y/n). And Dean may not have said anything openly to me but- I see the way he looks at you. He has never looked at a woman like that. Hell, it is so obvious even a blind man could see it. I have seen it for a while now, (Y/n). The way he talks to you, the way he tries not to show how he’s worried about you, the way he feels for you is impossible to hide. Even though he might try. I haven’t gotten to say it before and I don’t think I will get to say again, to another woman anyway but- (Y/n). Dean’s in love with you” he said with a sad smile.

“Sam-” you bit your lip but he cut you off.

“He would chose you over me, (Y/n). Dean would chose you over anyone, even himself, even me, any given second.” he cupped your cheek and smiled at you, though it only made you feel even more sad.

“We both would” he added and leaned down to kiss your cheek. His face lingering close to yours for a little longer than needed.

When he pulled away he just smiled down at you, brushing his thumb on your cheek and then completely pulling away to leave.

While you just stood there, eyes wide and heart hammering in your chest at what Sam had said.

Sam had just told you what you wanted and feared to hear.

Maybe some thing were Better Left Unsaid, after all.


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Soon enough
I won't think about you every single day
And I may forget to mention your name as I pray
Soon enough
I'll be able to survive without you
Cause soon enough
you'll be gone
and I'll be left to look at our broken pieces
Soon enough I will be nothing but a fallen angel
Cause you are my heaven

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