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Till next time - Prince!Castiel x Princess!Reader

You let out a frustrated sigh as you smoothed down your dress. Today was definitely not your day and having to go to a ball made it all the more worse. In the morning the maiden had spilled coffee all over your night gown and as if that was not enough, she had started apologizing non-stop. Pleading for you not to fire her, or worse execute her. It sounded really crazy to you but that actually happened in your days. A king, a queen, a prince or, in your case, a princess could execute anyone they wanted to just because... they wanted to. It wasn't irrational for you to hear from your once friend, princess Ruby, that she had made her father execute a girl because she had made several mistakes with her breakfast. The poor girl had even started crying and it took you quite long to convince her that everything was alright and you would not punish her.

Then there was the rest of the day that you had to prepare things for your upcoming birthday. It wasn't as if you were the one to arrange things but, even though there was still a week left, you were needed to give your opinion on things such as the decoration, the cake, the music and so on. The fact that your brothers, or mostly Dean, would not stop intervening really got on your nerves. Sure you adored Dean, he was a great brother, but when it came to food, well, things got out of hand then. Literally. Four cooks would run behind him to stop him from taking the pies they were making for you to taste. Sometimes he would sneak behind you to grab what was supposed to be in your stomach and not his. Sam, your other brother, would only roll his eyes at the oldest prince; never bothering to bug him. That was left for you to do.

Needless to say, the whole day was really tiring. And then came the ball. You knew that the ball itself would not be really tiring. You would attend for an hour or two and then you and your family could leave. And it was not as if you were forced to dance with somebody anyways, so you wouldn't get really tired. It was the preparations you had to do before that had you exasperated. Being presented with more than plenty dresses, trying a few of them on, having to choose the shoes, getting your hair ready and the worst of all putting a corset on, seemed like a nightmare to you. It wasn't always like that. You used to like it, only in the beginning though. Now, at the age of (y/a) you'd gotten more than tired of that same routine.

You puffed out a breath and looked around you, trying to realize where you actually were this time. Of course your parents had been talking about this during the whole ride but you were not paying attention to them even in the least bit.

"Looking for someone special (Y/n/n)?" Dean asked you with a smirk.

"No, Dean" you snapped at him, rolling your eyes.

"Hey, hold your horses, ok? I just wanna know if my little sister has the hots for someone, you know that I care for you after all. And I want you to trust me with anything" Dean said with a little shrug.

"Why? So that you can chop the poor guys head off?" Sam that was next to you asked Dean with a smirk.

"What?! No! Of course no!" Dean asked in fake hurt "I would never do that!" he said.

"Probably would first plung my sword to his chest and then cut something of his off, for touching my sister" he muttered mostly to himself.

"Dean!" you exclaimed, looking at him with wide eyes.

"Relax, I'm just kidding" he said chuckling.

"Are you?" Sam asked him with a raised eyebrow and your eyes widened more.

"Shut up Sammy! Or else I will do all those things to your boyfriend!" Dean retorted and Sam rolled his eyes.

"You're unbelievable. Jerk" Sam muttered under his breath.

"Yeah, whatever you say. Bitch" Dean didn't miss a beat to respond.

"Assbutts" you mumbled rubbing your head.

Silence - almost, seeing the amount of people that were here - surrounded you but your mother's voice broke it.

"Are you alright, (Y/n)?" Mary asked you and you nodded smiling.

"Yeah, mom. Should we get going?" you asked and she nodded.

Your father came next to her and they both walked ahead of you, up the stairs to the palace, you and your brothers following closely behind.


“I shall see you later, gentlemen” Meg said with a small smirk though it seemed more like a predatory one.

She was talking to Gabriel and Castiel but it was clear that she was directed to the youngest son of the king.

“Of course” Gabriel said curtly with a forced smile. Castiel merely nodded with pursed lips. He tried to be polite since his parents were the ones that had organized the ball. He was practically one of the hosts so he needed to make sure that his guests felt at home.

Gabriel rolled his eyes once Meg was out of sight and muttered something under his breath.

“What?” the youngest prince asked.

“Nothing, it’s just about Meg. She’s so- so-” Gabriel struggled to find the words.

“… gorgeous” Gabriel breathed out, his eyes widening. Though Castiel didn’t notice.

Castiel frowned as he looked at the opposite direction from where Gabriel was looking. He frowned and pursed his lips even more.

“I-I don’t really think that that would be a title that fits her. I mean she may be beau-” Castiel started speaking but was cut off by Gabriel.

“Not her dumbass. I mean her!” he grabbed his brother’s face and made him turn his face so that he was looking directly…

… at you.

You walked through the crowd of people going to a different direction from where your parents had gone. They were going to meet up with the king whom you had found out was a good friend of theirs.

You let a sigh through your lips and looked down at your hands. Luckily, this time you had not worn gloves so felt a little bit more at ease in the clothes you were wearing. The tight corset you were wearing literally sucked the air out of you.

"And there he is! Back from the dead, aren't ya Cas?" Dean's voice broke your trail of thoughts and you looked up from your hands to see what he was talking about.

You looked up and at that moment you could swear you felt your heart skip a beat. In front of you stood the most handsome man you had ever seen in your life. He was a little shorter than Dean but still taller than you. He wore a white suit with golden parts here and there, white shirt underneath it and a small blue diamond on the scarf around his neck. Gold wings on either side of it. There was a slight scruff on his face and his dark brown - almost black - hair seemed rather messy, as if he was running his fingers through them. What stood out mostly, though, was his ocean blue eyes. You could literally find yourself drowning in them.

You looked at the for a while and then you eyes locked. Sparkling blue eyes locked with bright and shining (e/c) ones, and you could swear that your heart skipped a beat once again. It seemed so cliche but it was real. He made his way through the crowd, another man next to him. That one had longer light brown hair, and golden - honey-like eyes. Not that you cared anyway. You had found yourself captivated by the blue eyes of Cas - wasn't it?

You stood frozen in your place staring at those piercing blue eyes that gazed back at you just as intensely. It seemed as if he was trying to read your soul, to see through you, yet… he couldn’t. Frozen. Just like everything around you. And nothing existed. Nothing but him and those piercing blue eyes.

"Cas, man! How long has it been?" Dean asked with a chuckle and slowly and painfully Castiel teared his eyes from you to look at your brother.

"Hello Dean" he said with a small smile "Sam" he nodded to Sam who did the same. His voice was rough, like you would have never expected, raspy even and it sounded like angels singing to you. Shivers ran down your spine.

He hugged Sam after Dean and then turned to look at you, almost too eagerly. Not that you minded anyway.

"Oh yeah, that's (Y/n). Our little sister, I don't think you've met her" Dean said gesturing to you.

"(Y/n), that's Cas. Well, name's Castiel but eh too long, so we call him Cas" Dean introduced you to each other.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Castiel" you said his full name, trying to see how it would sound rolling from your lips.

"The pleasure is all mine, princess (Y/n)" he said in a smooth voice, taking your hand in his kissing it softly. The kiss left a tingling sensation and you could not help yourself but wonder how it would feel to kiss those lips with your own.

He eyes never left yours and you found yourself smiling widely at the what he made you feel all of a sudden.

"What?" it was Dean's voice "Oh no. No no. No way. Don't you fucking dare think of it Castiel-" Dean started speaking and, knowing what he was about to say, you cut him off abruptly.

"Dean!" you all-but-shouted, heat rising to your cheeks.

"Excuse my brother, Castiel, please" you said with a small, apologetic smile.

"It is quite alright. I know, Dean sometimes tends to be..." he paused for a minute to find the right word to describe your brother "...Dean." he said a little bit more to himself.

"You tell me" you muttered under yous breath.

"You tell me" the man's, who was next to Castiel, voice was heard saying.

You turned to look at him and he smiled widely "Gabriel. Name's Gabriel" he said.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Gabriel" you found yourself smiling at him.

"Oh believe me, the pleasure is all mine (Y/n)" he smirked at you and you couldn't help but giggle. The smile did not leave your face but only got bigger when you saw Castiel glare daggers at Gabriel.

"Oh no! This time definitely no!" Dean started protesting and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Dean!" you hissed at him but he ignored you and opened his mouth to speak more. Only to be cut off by Sam.

"Come on Dean, let's get some food into that mouth of yours. It's better than hearing you talk" Sam muttered and before Dean could say anything he dragged him off away from you.

Gabriel soon followed behind them after muttering something about not letting Dean eat all the sweets and silence followed between you and Castiel.

It wasn't uncomfortable at all and you could honestly do that forever. Staring into those beautiful blue eyes was the only thing you want to do right now.

"You've got so beautiful eyes" you murmured without realizing it. It was what you were thinking after all.

Once you realized that you had actually said it out loud, though, heat rose in your cheeks and you averted your eyes down to your hands.

Castiel's soft chuckle was heard and you dared - mostly out of need to see him smile - to look up at him, only to see those beautiful blue eyes shining more brightly than ever.

"Thank you very much. And your smile is the most beautiful one I have ever seen" he said, suddenly having gained some courage.

You blushed even more and couldn't help but smile "Thank you" you murmured.

"Would you, maybe, like to dance?" he asked in a low voice, extending his hand to you and you couldn't help but accept his offer.

"Of course" you almost whispered and took his hand. You felt chills all over your skin at the contact and couldn't help but smile more; heat rising in your cheeks.

You both slowly walked at the main ballroom and then turned to each other. On of his hand went behind your back while the other held yours. Your hand rested on his shoulder and you both slowly started dancing to the soft music. Before you could realize it you found yourself lost... in him.

You both danced to the music, swaying to the faint sound of it; getting lost in the crowd of people that did the same as you. But you didn't really care. All you cared about was staring into those eyes that seemed to take your breath away. Castiel doing the same. You both found yourselves unable to tear your eyes from each other or care about anything else. You were so lost in the moment that you thought everything else had faded away; had disappeared as if only you and Castiel existed.

Castiel let go of your waist and swirled you, your dress following your movement. You stood away from him for a split second before he brought you back, swirling you again and making you crash into his chest. Your hand went on top of his chest and you could feel his muscles flex and his heart beating wildly; just like yours. You had both stopped moving and just stood like that for a good few minutes. You looked up at him to realize how close you actually were, your faces inches apart and your bodies pressed to each other.

You didn't dare move but only gazed into each other's eyes. The song had started coming to an end but none of you cared. Both your eyes were half closed and his mouth hang slightly open; your breath mixing with his warm one.

You hadn't realized it in the beginning but you could see it now. He had started to lean in and you couldn't help but want to do the same. There were just a few inches separating when-

"Cassie, come on father wants to talk to you" a man that stood behind Castiel spoke.

"(Y/n) come on we have to get going" it was Sam's voice saying behind you, though he was further away.

You blinked a few times and took in a shaky breath. Him doing the same. You both pulled away and you looked behind you to see Sam waiting for you with a small and a little bit sad - for ruining your moment - smile. You gave him a small nod and then turned to look at Castiel. You had not even realized that you were actually dancing for such a long time.

"I-" you said.

"I-" he said at the same time.

You both stopped and then chuckled softly.

"I think this is goodbye then" you mumbled, looking up at him with a sad smile.

Castiel pursed his lips. He looked behind him to see the impatient man that was waiting for him and then turned to look at you.

He gazed at you for a few seconds before a smile appeared on his lips.

"Till next time, is better" he said and before you could react, he grabbed your hand again and cupping your cheek; he kissed your other one.

His lips stayed there after the kiss, brushing your cheek and causing a tingling sensation there with the combination of his warm breath. He hand rubbed your other cheek and when he pulled away he looked in your eyes for a good few seconds; your faces really close.

"Till next time" you whispered almost out of breath.

He rubbed once again your cheek and smiled warmly, his eyes sparkling with happiness. He gave you a small nod. He pulled away and made his way to the man that was waiting for him, not missing a beat to glance one last time at you. A smile was still on his lips and he nodded at you once again, mouthing the same words again; like a promise.

"Till next time"
Till next time - Prince!Castiel x Princess!Reader
This was an AU requested some time ago on my tumblr.
A cute Castiel x Reader one-shot.
Hope you like it~! xx'
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader - The End

~Time skip to a week after~

Dean let out a soft sigh as he walked down the pavement, making his way to his destination. He was dressed in a dark blue suit, a red with blue stripes tie was on, and a black coat on top of his suit. His head was bowed as he walked, hand in one pocket and his eyes never leaving the pavement until of course he reached his destination.

He looked around him seeing the scenery. The sun was shining brightly above his head and a warm breeze was blowing. He let out another soft sigh and brought his hand up. He bit his lip as he looked at the bouquet of flowers he was holding. It was (Y/f/f), your favorite as he had found out a while ago. He bit his lip harder trying to keep the tears from flowing. His heart hammered in his chest, beating so rapidly that he thought it would come out from minute to minute.

His lower lip trembled. He closed his eyes and took in a shaky breath. His hands were shaking, his head even hurt, all kinds of thoughts running through his mind. He opened his eyes and looked down at the flowers again, his eyes were still glistening from the tears that threatened to spill. His heart tightened and his stomach felt tight as well, heavy like a rock. He swallowed the thick lump in his throat and took in a couple deep breaths; trying desperately to get some air into his lungs. It felt like fire, burning through his throat, his oh-so-dry throat. He licked his lips and took in a last deep breath, trying to control his shaking body.

He never knew a moment like this would come... but here he was.

Memories of just a week ago swimming in his head


"No..." Dean breathed out.

He felt his heart stop beating, tears welled up in his eyes as he stared at at the green straight light on your heart monitor. The line that indicated that your heart had stopped beating.

"Someone call a doctor!" he heard a voice shout but it sounded so far in the distance.

"No! No! (Y/n) no!" he heard another voice shout. He recognized it as Meredith's.

"No (Y/n)! My daughter!" he heard your mother shout. He saw Kieran trying to pull her away from you. Tears on both their faces.

"What's going on here-?" it was a doctor's voice.

"Everybody out!" the same voice now shouted frantically.

Dean could not tear his eyes from you. He was frozen in his place. It was impossible for him to move. He felt as if someone had just stabbed him in the chest and he was dying whereas...

Whereas you were the one that was dying.

"No" he whispered, mostly to himself. Trying to convince at least himself that this was not happening. That it was not real. That it was just a nightmare from which he'd soon wake up.

"Out! Out! Out!" another voice shouted and Dean felt himself being pushed.

That's when he blinked for the first time after he turned to look at you.

He blinked again and looked around him. More doctors and nurses had rushed in. Some of them trying to push him along with your parents out of the door.

"No" he whispered "No!" he shouted as he realized he was taken away from you.

"No!" he shouted again and tried to get away from the nurse that was keeping him back and out of the door.

"Sir please!" the nurse tried to reason with him.

"No (Y/n)!" he shouted frantically, not caring about anything or anyone else.

"Sir please!" the nurse repeated but Dean didn't seemed to be one bit phased by it.

"Dean" Sam said putting a hand on Dean's shoulder, the other one holding Meredith close to his chest. She was crying and shaking, just like your mother who was in your father's arms.

Dean turned to look at his brother with glistening eyes.

"Sammy..." he only managed to breath out. He was breathing hard, trying desperately to hold onto faith. Faith was something that Dean Winchester never really had but he now needed more that anything.

Quickly we're losing her! a frantic voice was heard in the background. More specifically from inside your room.

More nurses were rushing in, bringing weird equipment with them and pushing past Dean who stood in the middle of the hallway frozen in place. Looking frantically around him.

The oxygen! I need more oxygen! the same voice was heard saying urgently.

"Sam I can't..." Dean managed to say but then he chocked on a sob. He wanted to say so much more but he couldn't.

I can't lose her, Sam. I can't live without her. I can't breath without her. I won't be able to make it without her. I can't face life without her. I can't, knowing that she is dead. I can't let her die. I can't let her leave. I don't want to let her leave. I won't be able to live without her, Sam. I love her, Sam. I love her.

"I know, Dean. I know" Sam mumbled gripping tightly on his brother's shoulder trying to comfort him. He brought Meredith closer to him, hugging her tightly as she cried into his chest.

Dean turned his head and looked at the window of your room. Doctors and nurses were everywhere. All around you. Trying their best to save you.

Hurry! a voice shouted frantically. It sounded a bit far away.

We're losing her doctor! another one said. It sounded even more far away.

That's it. Bring the defibrillator. NOW! the doctor's voice was heard as if it was far in the distance.

Everything was repeated in Dean's head. Everything was heard again and again.

Charge. Clear!

Dean closed his eyes for a moment.


He opened them again and he could swear he saw the whole place spinning. Everything was a blurry. Voices were heard around him but he could no longer focus on anything. The sound of his rapidly beating heart was the only thing that could be heard in Dean's ears.

"No" he whispered. It was barely audible.

Dean looked down, clenching his fists and shutting his eyes closed. He gritted his teeth and tried to keep the tears from flowing.

Voices and all kinds of sounds could be heard all around him. All muffled up, making Dean feel dizzy. Noise. Loud. And so much.


... silence surrounded the place.

Dead silence....

-End of flashback-

Dean let out a shaky breath. He looked up from the flowers to look...

... at you house.

He tried to calm his nerves that seemed to have gotten the best of him. He smiled despite his nervousness and walked towards your house, a smile was resting on his lips. One of relief and happiness.

He walked at the small porch and stood in front of the door. He knocked on it a few times and fixed his tie, trying to look the best he could.

"My- Dean, hello" your mother smiled widely as she opened the door.

"Hello, (Y/m/n)" he smiled back.

"Please come in" she said and moved from the side, letting Dean get inside.

"How are you?" she asked him warmly.

"Uh fine, thank you. What about you?" he asked politely.

"Pretty well" she smiled "So how can I help you?" she asked.

"I uh-" Dean cleared his throat "I uhm came to see (Y/n). Brought her some flowers and uh-" he tried to say more but really found himself unable to form more words. Unable to explain himself. How could he explain why he, your teacher, had come to your house; showing so much care about your well-being and bringing you flowers as if he was your boyfriend- he really wished he could be that.

"Of course" your mother said suddenly and Dean frowned. He was starting to think that she had realized something, but he could never be sure. Even if she knew his feelings for you it would still be too much for her to act so casually. Dean was your teacher after all.

"Follow me" she said with a small smile and Dean did as told.

"This is her room, now if you please excuse me I have a pie to finish. I remember that you used to like pie when you were young. You still do?" she asked him and Dean smiled.

"Yeah" he said with a slight frown. Was she really just going to leave him alone with you that easily?

"Very well then, you're staying for dinner!" she said warmly.

"No, really I don't mean to bother I-" he started talking but she cut him off.

"Nonsense. You are no bother, Dean. You are family" she said putting a hand on his shoulder "Now if you'll excuse me, that pie is not going to be baked by itself" she chuckled and after a final smile left Dean and walked downstairs.

Dean smiled after she left, thinking of how much she was like his mother. No wonder they were best friends.

He shook his head, dismissing any thoughts, and turned to look at your door. He knocked softly and waited impatiently.

"It's open!" your voice was heard from inside and had never felt more happy in his life. Hearing your voice sounded like hearing angels sing.

He put his hand on the door-handle and slowly opened the door. He was greeted by your figure, back turned to him as you were searching through your bookshelves.

He closed the door behind him, his eyes never leaving your figure. A smile was plastered on his face at seeing you this well. Healthy. And above all alive.

"What is it mom?" you asked, back still turned to him. Clearly thinking it was your mother. You got no answer though, so you decided to turn. Only to be met by green eyes looking back at you with happiness and... love?

"Dean" you whispered in disbelief, the book you had picked fell from your hands.

You winced as it hit your foot and you bent to pick it. Only for your hand to touch not only the book but Dean's hand. He had rushed to help you. Of course.

You looked up from your hands to his eyes only to realize that you were just a few inches apart. You stared at him eyes a little bit wide, your cheeks burning hot. While a small smile played on Dean's lips.

You were lost for a few seconds but then broke your gaze. You averted your eyes from his and clearing your throat you took the book from his hand and turned to place it on your desk.

"Hey" he whispered in a rough voice.

You didn't say anything, feeling too awkward to talk, so he did that instead of you "Oh I'm fine, thanks for asking. What about you?" he said chuckling, trying to lighten the mood.

"Sorry" you mumbled, turning to him but looking down at your hands.

"It's ok" Dean said smiling "Here, these are for you" he said handing you the flowers.

You took them from his hands and stared at them in awe. You looked back at Dean "How did you-"

"Meredith told me they're your favorite" he cut you off.

"Oh" you nodded "Thanks" you said in a low voice.

"No problem" he said putting his hands in his pockets.

You put the flowers on your desk and turned to look at Dean. Silence surrounded you, awkward and surely intense.

"Dean-" - "(Y/n)-" you both said at the same time but stopped mid sentence.

You giggled and Dean chuckled. You motioned for him to go on but he shook his head.

"No, please go on" you said softly and looked up at his eyes.

He paused for a while, looking at you with a soft gaze until he decided to speak "Oh (Y/n)" he breathed out bringing a hand up to cup your cheek.

You looked at it and then back at him. It seemed as if he was not thinking of what he was doing. Just acting upon what he felt.

"You have no idea how happy I am that you are finally here" he rubbed his thumb on your cheek "Alive" he added in a whisper.

He bit his lip to keep the tears in. The tears that formed in the memory of everything that had happened a week ago.

You stared at him blankly for a while and Dean felt his heart pound in his chest.

A smile slowly appeared on your face and you closed your eyes. You brought a hand up and held his hand that was cupping your cheek, leaning into it.

You opened your eyes and looked up at him with a soft gaze "Me too"

Silence followed once again but this time a felt ten times better. It was comfortable and you could stay forever like this. Just gazing into each other's eyes.

Before you could realize it Dean had started to lean in and was no just mere inches away from your face. Just as his lips were about to touch yours , though, you turned your head away and they instead brushed by your cheek.

Dean's eyes widened and he immediately backed away "Oh I uh- I'm sorry, I thought you- I- shit" he cursed under his breath and quickly pulled his hand away from your cheek; taking a few steps back, eyes glued to the floor.

"What?" you whispered "Oh no, no Dean, no" you said urgently grabbing his hand that was previously cupping your cheek.

He quickly looked up at you, hope filling his eyes.

"I would never deny that of you. Damn, no. Never." you ended up whispering, cupping his cheek with your other hand. His eyes never left yours.

"It's just- " you started speaking again "-my mother's downstairs and I- I need to bring it out to the smoothly" you said softly.

A few minutes of silence followed till Dean finally grasped what you were saying "Wh-what?" he asked.

You smiled softly but instead of saying anything you just motioned for him to come closer "Come." you said and he obeyed like a puppy.

He didn't do or say anything, just let you remove his jacket. Watching you with curious eyes.

"Let's seat" you mumbled softly after putting his jacket on your chair and taking his hand.

He followed closely behind and sat on your bed next to you. Your hands never leaving his.

"I uh- talked with Caroline. Before the accident, I mean. I uh- After- after the kiss that night I was really lost. I didn't know what to do. What was right and what was wrong. That's why I run away that night. And that's why I didn't come to school that week. I needed time to think. About the kiss. About what I wanted. What I should do. What you wanted. If you wanted-" you started speaking but Dean suddenly cut you off.

"I did." he stated firmly "I did want it. Because I did want you. I still do. Look (Y/n)-" he let out a sigh, holding your hands tightly in his "-I meant everything I said and did that night. And, honestly, I would repeat it a thousand times, no matter what. Because I want it. I want you. Damn it, when Sam told me you were in a coma I felt my whole world crumble down. I-I couldn't breath. I couldn't speak. Hell, I couldn't feel my heart beating that moment. And when I saw you- Damn, when I saw your almost lifeless body lying on that hospital bed I-I almost lost it. I couldn't- I couldn't take it (Y/n). I just couldn't. And I realized- I realized that I didn't care anymore. I didn't care if I was your teacher. I didn't care if I was older than you and everyone would be against it. I didn't care even if I lost my job because- Because all I actually cared about is you. Damn it (Y/n), when we were apart I-I just..." he let out a frustrated sigh, putting his face in his hands.

"Dean..." you said in a low soft voice; putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Damn it (Y/n)! I can't live without you!" he all-but-shouted, quickly getting up "When your heart stopped beating I-I could swear I didn't breath. I almost lost you, (Y/n), for good and I-I can't bear the thought of it. I can't bear thinking that there was and still is a chance that I would lose you that-" he took in a shaky breath and turned his back to you, putting his hands behind his head.

He chuckled bitterly "This probably sounds the cheesiest thing I have ever said but-" he swallowed the lump in his throat.

"It's not" you mumbled.

"I just- Just please give me a chance. I uh- I- damn" he gritted his teeth, running a hand down his face. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists.

"Dean" you said with a soft smile, getting up and put a hand over his.

He let you take them off his face and he slowly opened his eyes to look into yours. Silence followed for a while. But that was only what it took for Dean to know for sure that-

"I love you" he mumbled and your eyes widened.

"I love you. I am in love with you and I-" he started saying but you cut him off.

"I love you too" you whispered, a soft smile on your lips; eyes glistening with tears.

Dean's eyes widened now and a huge smile broke on his face. But before he could say anything you closed the distance between you, crashing your lips to his. You kissed him with all your love and passion just as he did. Your hands went around his neck and his around your waist, trying to bring you as close as possible. The need for air was too much for you to bear so you both pulled away.

Dean closed his eyes and rested his forehead against yours. A smile rested on his lips and you found yourself smiling widely at seeing the peace and happiness written all over Dean's face. Silence followed but it was soon broken by Dean.

His eyes snapped open and he looked at you a suspicious look. "Wait-" he said "-you had this all planed since the beginning, didn't ya?" he asked with a playful look.

You giggled slightly and looked around you "Maybe..." you trailed off and he groaned.

"You, woman, will be the death of me!" he said and attacked your lips. You smiled through the kiss. He pulled away just slightly and started kissing your neck.

You giggled as he bit playfully at your neck. Maybe not the reaction he was expecting. He groaned and you tried to shush him.

"When were you going to tell me?" he asked.

"When was I going to tell you that I wanted to be with you either way?" you asked and he nodded.

"Well, I was going to but then you started saying all these 'cheesy'-" you made air quotes "-staff and I just found myself unable to stop you. You were so cute. A total softy" you said with a giggle and he rolled his eyes.

"Just promise you won't tell anybody. Especially Sam" he pleaded and you giggled.

"Sure thing" you pecked his lips "Alpha" you added and his eyes snapped to you.

He frowned and tilted his head slightly "What...?" he only managed to ask before you started speaking.

"When I was in the hospital-" you let out a sigh "-I don't really know how to describe it but- there was this time when I heard a voice. I was surrounded by darkness, couldn't see or feel anything. I was completely alone, fore sure but then- then there was this voice. Talking to me. I couldn't understand a single thing. Everything sounded muffled and didn't make sense but I was sure- I was sure I had heard this voice before. I struggled to focus and when I did, I understood everything. I would have laughed at the irony of it. How could I not recognize the voice that I wanted to hear more than anything whenever I was at school. The voice that every time would sent shivers down my spine. That every time would give me the chills. The voice that I had grown to love... Because it belonged to the man that I loved." you rested your forehead against his; closing your eyes for a split second.

"And then-" you opened your eyes to look at Dean "-I could hear. Words. Phrases. You. You saying that my Alpha demanded me to fight. My Alpha... you..." you shook your head with a small laugh "Everything made sense after that. Everything. I sat and thought about everything and it all made sense. But... Why Dean? Why didn't you tell me from the beginning? This could have been so much easier. So so much easier. Why didn't you tell me that you were my mate?" you asked in a low and soft voice.

"I- I didn't want you to feel objected to- objected to love me. I wanted you to actually have feelings for me like I did. Didn't want you to feel like you needed to love me because we were mates. I wanted you to... just like I did." he said apologetically and you found yourself smiling at him.

"For a person that has managed to get into university and be a licensed teacher you are pretty stupid, Winchester" you giggled and he chuckled.

You both leaned in and kissed each other softly. Silence followed, save for the small sounds you two made until-

-it was broken by a door opening. The door of your bedroom.

Your eyes snapped open once you realized what was actually happening.

Dean's eyes opened too and he looked at you frowning but soon realized that something was wrong till he followed your gaze and his eyes locked with what yours had.

Your parents standing at the doorway.

Your mother had almost no emotion on her face although a smile seemed to from on her lips. Your father on the other hand had a completely blank expression. His face stoic and you feared what was to come.

"Dad..." you whispered "Please let me explain. This is not-" you started saying, breaking free from Dean's arms and making your way towards your father.

Kieran raised a hand and stopped you. You swallowed the lump in your throat and looked at him with wide eyes.

"You-" he pointed a finger at Dean.

"-Better take good care of my little girl or else I'm going to hunt you down your Alpha ass with the help of your own father!" he said and both you and Dean frowned.

"What-?" Dean didn't manage to say more before he was enveloped into bone-crashing hug by your father.

Your eyes widened and you opened your mouth to speak but your mother cut you off.

"Told you so" she referred to your father.

He pulled away from Dean and rolled his eyes "Of course you did" he mumbled and turned to look back at Dean.

He put his hands on Dean's shoulders and smiled at him warmly "Couldn't think of a better Alpha for my little daughter. Thank you Dean" he said and Dean found himself smiling too.

"You don't have to thank me about anything, Kieran. You know I will take care of her no matter what" he said and your father nodded approvingly.

He clapped Dean on the shoulder and mumbled a "I know".

"Come on, let's leave them alone. Dinner is going to be ready in a while" your mother said and made her way out of your room, your father following closely behind. He closed the door behind him.

"Did he just...?" you trailed off unable to believe what was happening.

"Approve of us together" Dean said with an equally stunned look.

You both looked at each other for a while until smiles spread on both your faces "He did!" you exclaimed with a laugh and run towards Dean. You jumped onto him but he was not fast enough to catch you so you both fell on the floor with a loud thud.

You giggled and Dean groaned for a little, chuckling shorty afterwards. He gave a soft moan when you kissed him though and you giggled more.

"Take is easy you in there!" your father's voice was heard and you pulled away looking behind you for a split second.

You then turned to look at Dean and you both laughed.

"I love you, Dean" you whispered, resting your forehead against each other's.

"I love you too..." he mumbled softly

"... My beautiful Omega"

The End
My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader- P17
Part 17 is here and this is the end of My beautiful Omega.
I really hope you enjoyed this roller coaster of a fanfiction as much as I did!
Enjoy~! xx'
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

"Please wake up soon, baby" he whispered refusing to realize that there was a chance, a high one at that, that...

... you might never wake up.

Sam stared at his brother for a while, his own heart aching at seeing him so hurt. It was obvious that he was in pain. He was hurting at seeing you like this and knowing that he could do nothing to help you make it, completely crashed him.

"I'll just leave you two alone, then. I'll be outside to inform you if anyone's coming" Sam mumbled and, although he doubted his brother even heard him, he exited the room; closing the door softly behind him.

Dean stared at you for a while, his hands still holding yours. He slowly brought one of his hands to cup your cheek. He felt a shiver run through his spine as your cold cheek came in contact with his hand. It felt like fire was touching ice.

"Why?" he whispered, basically to nobody "Why did you do this to me, baby?" he added. He shook his head and looked down at your hand.

"It's not your fault, of course it's not. I could never blame you for anything. I am the one to blame. It is all my fault. I should have known. I should have known better, baby. You were scared, I knew you were scared of what would happen between us and yet I- Damn, I should have told you. I should have told you from the first minute that you belonged with me, baby. You deserved to know. And yet- yet I didn't tell you. You didn't know the truth and instead blamed yourself for all of this. For the kiss we shared, for being attracted to me although I'm your teacher, for everything... Up to the fact that you were going to be the reason I would lose my job for." Dean let out a dry chuckle in the end.

"Oh baby, I could never blame you. Even if you weren't my Omega I would repeat that kiss again and again. Even if that meant losing my job. Even if it meant that I would not be able to teach ever again. Princess, you- you are far more important than anything else. And I don't care any longer, baby. To hell with it. I want you. Alpha, Beta, Omega or whatever anything else the hell you are. I don't care. Because I... I love you (Y/n). More than you could ever imagine. So please. Please, wake up soon princess. I need you in my life." he said and leaned up to kiss your forehead, his eyes shut tightly.

"I'm sorry for everything wrong that I did, baby. Please, forgive me." he took in a shaky breath and looked down at your hand "I'm sorry that I let you down. Seems like the only thing I do anyway" he muttered to himself "But I can't bear it without you. You have to stay (Y/n)." he said with determination in his voice.

He looked up at you and continued speaking "You have to fight. I don't know if you can hear me now but- don't give up (Y/n). I know you can do it. I know you can fight it. And you have to. You hear me? You have to fight Omega. Your Alpha demands you to fight!" he said sternly, his eyes glistening; a small smile appeared on his face as a few tears ran down his face "I know you can do this, baby" he mumbled softly and kissed your hand.

Silence followed for a while. Grave silence.

Dean cringed at the thought. Wrong choice of words.

The constant beeping sound was the only thing that could be heard. But Dean was glad that he could actually hear it every split second, knowing for sure that you were still there. Your heart beating. You fighting for your life.

The almost-silence was broken soon, though, by-

"Kieran, (Y/m/n) hey!" Sam suddenly exclaimed, maybe a little bit too cheerfully; considering the situation. All he was trying to do was be loud in order to warn Dean, though.

Dean's eyes snapped open and he furiously brushed away the tears that were on his cheeks. He cleared his throat and quickly got up, almost knocking off the chair in the process (but he didn't).

"Wait Kieran there is someb-" Sam started but before he could finish his sentence, your father had already opened the door and entered the room.

The sad look on your father's face was soon replaced by an, almost, suspicious one. He looked from Dean to your sleeping form, clearly not pleased by the close proximity that you and Dean had. The deep frown was evident on his face and he didn't hesitate to ask the question that almost everybody would ask "Who are you?"

Dean opened his mouth to speak but didn't manage to say much "I uh..."

"Dean" Sam said instead of him "That's my brother Dean" he said and Kieran's features changed; a small smile made its way on his face.

"Dean? Dean Winchester? John's older son?" Kieran asked with what looked like a look of surprise.

"Uh yeah" Dean cleared his throat "Yes, that's me."

Kieran chuckled slightly looking at Dean with a stunned expression "My, have you grown up boy"

Dean found himself smiling at Kieran's excitement "Yeah, there has been a couple years" he chuckled.

"That is true. I'm sure you have turned into the man your father wanted you to be. He has told me a lot over the past years but I didn't have the chance to see you. How are you son?" he asked after shaking his hand.

"I've been... good" Dean struggled to say that last word, concerning the situation you were in.

Your mother that was next to your father decided to speak up "Are you sure? You don't really seem like it" she said with a soft (an almost knowing) smile.

"Uh yeah, yeah I am fine" he forced a smile but it was clear that you mother was not convinced.

"If you insist. Its strange how we meet again, though. Why are you here anyway?" she asked with a (again knowing) smirk; after glancing at your sleeping form.

Kieran frowned too, once he realized how the situation was like. He looked back at Dean with an expecting look. The look of an (almost) angry Alpha. An angry Alpha father that cared about his little Omega girl.

"I uh-" Dean did not know what to say exactly. He looked at Sam and Meredith that were near the door and had shock written all over their faces. Sam's eyes were wide but not as much as Meredith's who was holding onto Sam tightly. He saw her mouth a small "No" and he knew fully well that she meant no to him saying the truth. It was not the right time, that was for sure, but Dean knew that that's what he should do. Tell them the truth.

"I am her teacher" he said; looking back at your parents.

Ok, maybe not the whole truth.

"I am a teacher at the local school and (Y/n) is at one of my classes. I uh- I found out from Sam that she and another student of mine were in a car accident and wanted to visit her- them, both, to see how they are. I care about- my students, all of them. We are a family here in Mystic Falls so, yeah, I needed to make sure that she is alright." Dean ended up mumbling.

"Oh, I see then" Kieran mumbled with a small smile "That explains it. Your father's told me that you actually had the guts to tell him that you wanted to study psychology and I have to say that I admire that in you young man. We all know how John is." Kieran said proudly, putting a hand on Dean's shoulder.

Dean smiled softly "It was hard, yeah, but it's not that big of an achievement sir, really." he chuckled awkwardly.

Kieran laughed too "No need for formalities, son. Even if you don't remember I helped that old dog, your father I mean, to raise you ever since you were just one year old. I basically was there when you had your first steps. Somebody needed to to give your father a shoulder to cry on, cause believe it or not he was really happy when he saw you walk towards him. Or more like try to." Kieran chuckled.

"That is true. But I think you mean that Mary and I raised Dean and Sam seeing as you two were too 'lost'." your mother said with a smile "I tell you Dean, there was not even one single time when John or even Kieran tried to feed you that they ended up being covered from head to toes with what was supposed to be in your stomach" she chuckled and Dean did the same.

"I tried to, alright." Kieran tried to defend himself.

Dean chuckled "Well, I don't remember that for sure but I think these are some pretty interesting information as far as blackmailing my father is concerned" he said and your parents chuckled too.

"Well, I see that you haven't changed one bit young man. You're just like your father" Kieran said with a proud smile and Dean smiled too at having gained his approval.

"You know, I would give anything to have a son like you. Even if it was just in law. I managed to have that with Sam at least" Kieran said with a chuckled and Meredith didn't miss a beat to speak.

"Dad!" she protested, a blush forming on her cheeks.

Kieran merely smiled at her but soon the mood changed; as he looked at you. He let out a sad sigh and looked at you with a pained expression "I just wish for her to wake up" he mumbled and Dean felt his own heart clench.

"She will wake up. I know it, she will" your mother said, trying to sound optimistic. She put a hand on your father's shoulder and smiled at him; him doing the same, although the smiles were both bitter.

"She has to" Dean mumbled mostly to himself, not tearing his eyes from you for even a split second. The longing to have you with him again was evident in his eyes. So evident for anyone to see... for your mother to notice.

Sam and Meredith exchanged a look and after letting out a small sigh Meredith spoke up "We better get going. We should leave her alone for now, at least. It's better that way"

"I'll stay for a while" your mother said.

"Alright, but just you, mom, and only for a little while. You can come later in." Meredith reluctantly agreed.

Dean wanted to speak too, to say that he wanted to stay back with you too but he knew he couldn't. Slowly one by one exited the room and Dean did the same, although really slowly. He wanted so much stay back for a little more, to be close with you, hold your hand, kiss it, kiss your forehead. Anything. Anything as far as he was next to you.

The deep want to be near to you and love was written in his eyes as he slowly made his way to the door. His eyes were fixated on you, as he bit his lip to keep himself from tearing up again. He missed the way that your mother looked at him, though. The knowing smile that was forming on her lips. She knew the look Dean had on his face. She had seen it before. She had seen it long ago... long ago when she first met you father. She knew that look because that's the exact look that you father had when he met her. The love that was written all over his face. The love of an Alpha for his Omega. For his mate. His true mate.

Dean slowly and rather painfully teared his eyes from you and continued walking towards the door where his brother stood; looking at him with a pained expression on his eyes. Dean looked at him with the same broken look and after a small sigh he looked down; walking towards the doors.

Silence had surrounded the room as he took the final few steps to the exit until...

.... until he stopped dead on his tracks. The sound that was heard made his eyes widen and he could swear he felt his heart stop.

The constant Beeping sounded that kept being repeated every second was now replaced by a long lasting BEEP. The one that indicated the worst.

That your heart had stopped beating.

Everybody suddenly walked back in and Dean heard your mother almost shout 'No'. He felt frozen in his place for a while but then suddenly turned around to look at what he feared most of. His eyes were wide as he looked at the green line on the heart monitor that indicated that actually your heart had stopped beating.

And Dean felt his own heart stop beating for real this time.

"No..." he breathed out.
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

There was only one question left unanswered, though.

Why had Sam, his brother, lied to him?

Because Dean was more than sure that Sam had lied to him. He had lied to him about your being an Alpha while you were in fact an Omega, his Omega.

Dean's mind drifted to other kind of thoughts, although he didn't want to, and gripped the steering well tighter; his knuckles turning white. He did not want to think of such things, Sam was his brother after all, but he was an Alpha and Dean could not help the possessiveness he felt over his Omega, over you, even if it was his brother he was jealous of.

He gritted his teeth and parked the Impala outside the hospital. He exited it and slamming the door behind him, for the first time not caring to think about his precious baby, he made his way towards the hospital. Passing by nurses and doctors that seemed to be constantly on the move and making his way to his brother's office.

He saw him inside, saying something to Meredith that was there, and without missing a beat he pushed open the door; startling the both of them.

"Dean-" Sam only managed to say before Dean spoke.

"Why did you lie to me?!" Dean shouted angrily and Sam and Meredith looked at him with wide eyes.

"What-?" Sam did not manage to say more.

"Don't you dare deny it!" he pointed a finger at Sam "You knew she was an Omega, you fucking knew it! And you lied to me! You told me she was an Alpha so that I would stay away from her! You fucking lied to me!!" Dean roared and Sam avoided eye contact with him anymore.

"Dean I-I didn't-" Sam tried to explain himself but Dean didn't let him.

"No Sam! YOU DID! Stop denying it damn it!" Dean gritted his teeth and with a swift movement of his hand he threw away from Sam's desk some papers and other things that were there.

"I believed you Sam! I fucking believed you because you are my brother and would never do anything to harm me but Sam - damn, you lied to me! She is not an Alpha and you know it as well! She's an Omega! I'm not the only Alpha that could smell it. Lockwood, Parker and many more Alphas at the football team could smell it too. I was not mistaken! I was right! You knew she was an Omega, MY Omega Sam - she is MY Omega and you lied to me! You told me to stay away from her because that was the right thing to do, and I did. I stayed away from! I ripped out my own heart Sam, because I trusted you, because I believed you. I stayed up every night thinking of what I wanted and what I should do. I was a wreck, Sam, because I couldn't have her. Because, according to you, I had to stay away from her! Why did you lie to me damn it?!" Dean had by now grabbed Sam and pinned him to the wall behind him; Meredith was behind Dean, pleading for him to stop. But Dean did not pay even the least bit of attention to her.

"I-" Sam swallowed the lump in his throat and looked down, not daring to look his brother in his eyes. He knew Dean was right. He knew it from the beginning but decided to lie to him nonetheless, risking everything to... protect Dean from heartbreak.

"I didn't want you to get attached" Sam mumbled and Meredith looked at him with a sad look, knowing fully well what was to come.

"Didn't want me to-" Dean stopped himself, looking at his brother in disbelief "What the hell are you even talking about Sam?! She is my Omega, Sam, despite the age gap and the fact that I'm her teacher, she is my mate and I hers! Nobody could ever bring any objection-" Dean started speaking again but Sam cut him off.

"I didn't want you to get attached in case she didn't make it!" Sam shouted at him and Dean frowned at him.

He took a few steps back, letting go of Sam and looking at him with a deep frown; breathing heavily "Wh-what do you mean with that?" he asked, fearing to hear the question.

"Sam?!" he asked again in panicked voice tone.

"She was in a car accident" Meredith that had went next to Sam, spoke instead of him. Tears had welled up in her eyes "(Y/n) was in a car accident. Her and Caroline. Caroline is fine but she-" Meredith almost choked on a sob "She's in a coma Dean. And we don't know when she will wake up... If she wakes up"

"What?" Dean breathed out "No, no no. She can't- (Y/n) can't-" he started shaking his head frantically "She can't die! (Y/n) cannot die! She will wake up. She has to wake up! She- she will be fine. She needs to-" he started saying, mostly to himself; trying to convince himself that you were going to be alright.

"Dean, please. Calm down" Sam tried to make him relax, in vain though as Dean seemed to be on the verge of having a panic attack.

"Calm down?! How the hell can I calm down when I don't know if the woman I love will survive tomorrow or not?!" Dean shouted at his brother. He looked down, taking deep breaths and trying to calm himself down. He run a hand down his face as the tears started to well up in his eyes.

"Dean" Sam said softly, putting his hands on his brother's shoulders.

Dean looked up at him with glistening eyes, pain written all over his face "I can't lose her, Sam. I love her" he whispered, his voice cracking at the end.

Sam looked at his brother with a sad look, his own heart aching at seeing him like this; broken on the point of no repair "I know, Dean, I know" he mumbled and hugged his brother tightly.


"Are you feeling better?" Sam asked Dean as they both made their ways to your room, strong coffees in hand.

"I will feel better only when I see her" Dean said firmly.

Sam smiled softly "She will wake up, Dean, I'm sure of that" he said in an encouraging way, putting a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I hope so" Dean mumbled and looked down at his coffee.

"Here we are" Sam said after a while of walking in silence.

Dean looked up at the closed door and felt his breath hitch on his throat.

"Her parents are here too and Meredith is talking to them right now. She won't be able to keep them distracted for a long time, though, so you better do quickly. You can stay after, too, but when they are here try to show only professional worry- don't let them suspect anything. Not until the results of the blood test are ready at least" Sam told him, reminding to keep some distance till the verification that you were his mate was out.

Dean nodded, not really having payed attention to what Sam said and without hesitating he took a few remaining steps till the door.  He put his hand on the handle and slowly opened the door. He stepped into the room and he felt his eyes widen, his mouth hanging open and his heart... oh his heart had never ached so much before.

He felt as if he couldn't breath at seeing the sight he had in front of him. All kinds of machinery were around you. Wires connected to you from every point, bandages wrapped around your arms and one around your head, a breathing mask was over your face. Your face. It was drained of any color. Pale and lifeless, that's how you looked. Your eyes were closed, not moving; just like the rest of your body. Clear indication that you were in a state between life and... death.

The mere thought of it made Dean choke on a sob. He gave his coffee to his brother and walked around into the room, towards you; his eyes never leaving you.

"Oh baby" he whispered in disbelief, brushing your cold cheek with the back of his hand.

He grabbed a chair from nearby and sat on it. He took hold of your hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it softly. He shut his eyes tightly and held your hand in his, close to his lips. Kissing it every so often and brushing it against his cheek as if you were actually the one doing that.

"Please wake up soon, baby" he whispered refusing to realize that there was a chance, a high one at that, that...

... you might never wake up.
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

"How can I not worry about her Sam, she's my mate. My Omega" Dean said with a small sigh of relief.

"That's the thing" Sam said in a low voice, and Dean frowned.

"Dean" Sam said in a firm voice, looking Dean straight in the eyes "She's not your mate. (Y/n) is not your Omega. She is not your mate because she is not an Omega. She is an Alpha." Sam said and Dean's eyes widened.

"Dean, (Y/n) is an Alpha" Sam repeated the truth, handing Dean the medical files.

Dean stared at him with wide eyes, not moving an inch. He looked exactly like a statue, save for his eyes blinking.

"Dean?" Sam asked worried, seeing Dean's shocked face and not moving body; he even did not move his hand to take the files.

"Dean? Dean are you ok?" Sam asked more urgently "Dean say something!"

"Wh-what?" Dean breathed out in a really low voice; blinking.

He shook his head slightly "Sam wh-what did you just say?" he asked in disbelief.

Sam let out a low sigh and looked down at his hands "I'm sorry, Dean. But that's the truth. (Y/n) is not your Omega. She is not even an Omega" Sam mumbled but Dean had gotten over the shock and was now angry.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" he roared; grabbing Sam by the hem of his jacket.

"Whoa whoa Dean, calm down man. Calm down" Sam tried to soothe him.

Dean seemed to relax as he let go of Sam but that was only for a few seconds "How can I calm down Sam? Do you even hear what you're saying?! It's my mate you're talking here about, not just any other woman. It's (Y/n) damn it!" Dean gritted his teeth "My mate, and you're telling me she doesn't belong with me?! How the hell would you feel if they took Meredith away from you, huh?!"

"Dean, please, just hear me out ok?" Sam looked up at his brother with a sad and pleading look that made Dean relax for a little bit "She came a couple days ago by the hospital. Meredith made her come to check for any illness, because (Y/n) said that she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to go to school. So of course we had a blood test carried out too. I only got to see the results today. She's fine as long as health is concerned but... something weird caught my eye, in a cellular level I mean. She... she is not an Omega, Dean. I noticed that her cell construction doesn't match one of an Omega so I had an extra test carried out and... I confirmed it. There is no doubt left... (Y/n) is not and Omega, Dean, she's an Alpha" Sam let out a sigh as he finished explaining.

"What? No, no no. No, Sam, no. She can't be- It can't be- It can't be possible! I-I know it! I smelled it, when I first met her, I could smell it every time she was next to me, Sam! She-she can't be an Alpha, Sam. She's an Omega! She is my Omega!" Dean said frantically, tears welling up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Dean" Sam said once again "But she's not."

"No, Sam, no. She- I-I know it she-" Dean started to say again, breathing in and out quickly as if he was having some sort of panic attack.

"Dean!" Sam said firmly, cutting off his brother "I'm sorry but she's not your Omega. You have made a mistake. It could be because of your wishing to meet your mate that you confused her scent but the truth is that  she's an Alpha. Not your Omega. She's not your mate... and thus... you will have to stay away from her. You must stay away from her Dean. You must not even so think about her. You have to Dean." Sam said and pursed his lips.

Dean only stared at him with wide eyes. He slammed back to his chair and only stared at his brother, mouth hanging slightly open. He kept shaking his head in disbelief, his heart pounding loudly in his ears. Or more likely what was left of his shattered heart.

Sam's words echoing in his head.


Just like they did for the rest of the week.

He found himself unable to think of anything else. Anything else but Sam's words and, although he shouldn't, you. During the weekend he was unable to do anything but think about everything that had happened between you and him. His heart ached at the thought that the girl he had actually grown to love could not be his and even more so when he thought that you were not meant for him but for somebody else. That thought alone made Dean clench his fists both from anger, jealousy at who your mate would be, and... pain. He had never felt this much pain in his life before.

Not when Lisa found out about his feelings for you. Not when she left him, the hurt look on her eyes making guilt wash over him. Not when he saw her, his fiance and woman he had spent so many years with, walk away from him. No.

This time it was a thousand times worse. Learning that you were meant for somebody else, and not him, and Dean was not allowed to even so think about you - completely forbidden to love you - tore him on the inside. He could swear he felt his soul and heart being ripped apart when realization down on him.

He had to stay away from you. Not touch you. Not see you. Not love you. Not think of you on any level that was more than friendly.


He groaned as he walked into his last class for the day. It was Friday already, a week having passed since Sam told him everything, and he really was not in the mood to go to school. He wasn't in the mood to go to school the previous days either, but he did. Getting his mind off you was something he needed to do - not wanted, cause he would never want to not think about you. Although his mind told him to stay away from you, because that was the right thing to do, his heart always found a way to take over.

He could not help the feeling that was always present in his heart. The love he felt for you.

He wanted more than anything for all of this to be a dream. A nightmare from which he would soon wake up and - although he was not going to find you sleeping next to him - at least see you at school. Ready to talk to him about the kiss you had shared two weeks ago. The kiss. The kiss he could not stop thinking about. But he had to. Just like he had to stop thinking about you.

He let out a sigh and walked into the classroom, not even bothering to greet the few students that were there. He took a seat on his chair - or more like slumped himself on it - and with a sigh looked around the class to see if somebody was absent. His eyes immediately fell upon your empty seat and Caroline's - next to yours. He frowned at realizing that this week Caroline was absent too, but he was really not in the mood to think about it too.

He had done a lot of thinking during this week. And the pain he felt in his chest - mostly the emotional one - had deprived him of any strength to think anymore. His head hurt - mostly from the lack of sleep. He didn't dare go to sleep, though. During the weekend, whenever he had actually decided to get some shut eye he found himself, in the end, greatly distressed. All of his dreams consisted of you. Of you and him having a family. Of you and him being happy together. Of you and him getting married. Of you and him having a child. All of you. From the way you looked at him with adoration, awe and - he really hoped - love to the way you kissed him - and had kissed him that Friday night - to the way you made love to him - or at least the way he imagined and dreamed of it.

No, after those kind of dreams - dreams that showed him what he wanted more than anything in his life and could never, ever have - he did not dare to go to sleep. He knew fully well how he would wake up. Either sweating or trembling, clenching the sheets tightly into his fists, gritting his teeth to keep the tears from rolling... but failing miserably at it.

He let out a low sigh but then frowned, putting a hand on his chest. The last week he hasn't been feeling just emotionally sick but also physically. His chest hurt, especially when he took in a big breath, and he still hadn't figured out yet why. He had a suspicion that it was because he stayed up in the middle of the cold night - till morning basically - in just his sweatpants and and thin shirt after having woken up from yet another dream, but he had decided to go by the hospital and ask Sam to have a look.

"Oh come on Parker, what harm will it do?" Tyler's voice broke Dean's trail of thoughts. Class hadn't started yet so some students were having a conversation among them.

Dean looked at Tyler with a scowl on his face.

"I told you Tyler. I'm not interested. Go find someone else to help you in your plans" Kai told him.

"Come on, Parker. Why are you such a coward" Tyler insisted, clearly trying to convince Kai to take part in yet another one of his brilliant ideas that surely involved drinking and more.

"I'm not a coward. I'm just not the kind of Alpha you are, ok? I don't like messing with innocent Omegas like you do, so drop it" Kai said gritting his teeth.

Dean stared at them for a while waiting for the words to sink. Slowly. One phrase after the other till...

...Realization down on him.


Tyler opened his mouth to retort to Kai but was stopped by Dean getting up abruptly, knocking off his chair in the process. Everybody looked at him with almost wide eyes but he did not really care.

He said quickly a "Class is dismissed" and got out of the classroom, almost like running. Not caring what the students had to say or what Crowley was going to tell him when he came back. All he cared for was to go at the hospital and find his brother to...

... ask him why the hell he had lied about your being an Alpha.

Dean was more than sure now and would not take a no for answer, even if Sam presented him with a thousand files that said you were an Alpha. Dean knew that none of them would not be saying the truth. He was not mistaken. Neither now, nor when he had first met you all that time ago. You were, are and will be an Omega. His Omega. His mate.

And even if Sam denied that fact, Dean had enough evidence to prove him wrong. He would have accepted that he had made a mistake and thought that you were an Omega but... he was not the only one. Tyler, Kai and even a few Alphas from the football team had caught your scent and knew for a fact that you were an Omega. No Alpha could be wrong on that. So, with more than plenty of Alphas knowing that you were an Omega Dean was 100% sure that you were his mate and that his brother had lied to him.

There was only one question left unanswered, though.

Why had Sam, his own brother, lied to him?
When Misha was not an angel but a priest. Have I told you this story... nah, I don't remember doing so. This is a somewhat late post but... here you go anyway!

tumblr inline mpr33aLean1qz4rgp by angelmewmew

Yes, yes. Cause actually Misha was a priest on Divine the series. A very handsome at that. Can’t believe I’m saying this for a priest. It’s Misha, though, so I think I am completely justified.

tumblr mezpn03gHX1rv8b97o1 500 by angelmewmew

I mean come on, look at that face! He’s so cute! So damn adorable! And the priest clothes look really good on him! At least the way his black shirt is buttoned up til his neck! Oh father Christopher (that’s his name), you’re so damn cute!

That man is love! Amazing as always, Misha!

Tumblr Mtaiv7vusl1seoq4ao1 500 by angelmewmew

Look at that face! Man I can’t help but squeal~!

Or write a fan fiction for that matter… long fan fiction... a series...

tumblr mezpn03gHX1rv8b97o2 500 by angelmewmew

Yes, yes. I intend on writing a fic with priest Misha-father Christopher x Reader. Forbidden love and all that. Besides, it is going to be a crossover with Supernatural…

…and a love triangle.

tumblr lsi4r2wIVK1qe8a0fo1 r1 500 by angelmewmew

Hm, maybe not what the gif above suggests but sort of...
... oh I like being mysterious!!

P.s. Ignore my last sentence! XD


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