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Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 5

A hand covered your mouth and a dagger was placed over your throat.

Your eyes widened and your breath hitched on your throat. Maybe you should have followed Dean after all and not staid here all by your own.

It was common to hear about thieves attacking passers by in the woods. Most times the victim ended up dead and that was actually a thought that scared you to no end.

"Don't say a word. Or else I won't hesitate to cut this beautiful throat of yours open" the man's voice whispered to your ear and you had to keep yourself from scrunching up your nose at the terrible smell that came from him to you. Obviously he'd been drinking. A lot.

When he saw you give him a small nod he slowly removed his hand from your mouth, but kept the dagger there "Good" he slurred and you whimpered slightly when he pressed he knife closer to your neck.

"I'm just going to take your money and if you are a good girl we could have some fun as well" he said laughing.

"I-I don't have any money. P-Please just let me go" you said with a small whimper.

He let out what could only be described as an irritated growl and grabbing you by your shoulders he turned you and slammed you into a tree, your back aching from the collision. He kept the knife on your neck and eyed you up and down.

"Well, look at that. Princess (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n). Well, isn't this my lucky day" he smirked at you and you bit your lip to keep the tears in. This could mean no good for sure.

"Pl-please just let me go. I-I won't say anything. I promise. J-Just let me go. I don't have any money with me" you said in a shaky voice, tears welling up in your eyes.

"Now why would I need any money. You, my dear princess and your innocence-" he started saying, dragging his knife over your neck and jawline without cutting "-Are much more worth it." he smirked evilly and your eyes widened.

"No!" you all-but-shouted, the tears that had welled up in your eyes started to run.

"Come on sweetheart, I won't bite. Hard" he laughed on his own, gripping at your waist painfully tight and making you scream in pain.

"No, no!" you tried to fight him off but in vain.

You shut your eyes tightly as you tried to fight him back, pushing him with all your strength and as if by a miracle you felt the weight lift off of you.

Your eyes snapped open when you realized what was going on.

"Take your hands off her!" Dean roared, attacking the thief.

He grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and immediately collided his fist with his face in a rather painful - as it seemed - punch. And then another. And another. And another. Whether it be a punch to the face or Dean hitting him with his knee on the stomach, the thief was certainly being violently beaten up. Dean grabbed him by the hem of his shirt again and slammed him to the truck of a tree, giving him another violent punch.

The thief fell limp on the ground but Dean kept beating him nonetheless. With each punch uttering a few words "Don't you dare touch my princess ever again." his words filled with venom as he hissed some of them.

"Dean" you said softly "Dean, no it's ok. It's ok now. It's over. Stop." you said trying to calm him down, running to his side and taking hold of his bleeding hands to stop him.

He was fuming, literally, as he looked down at the unconscious man anger boiling in him. When he turned his head to look at you, though, his gaze immediately softened.

"It's ok" you whispered, forcing a small smile on your face.

"Oh (Y/n)" he breathed out in a quick move he had you wrapped in his arms.

You hesitated for a while but hugged him back, wrapping your own arms around him. You let out a shaky breath but felt a smile form on your lips when you felt his grip tighten on you. You buried your face even deeper in his chest and breathed in his soothing scent. His arms were wrapped securely around you while his one hand rubbed your head comfortingly. A sense of comfort and safety washed over you and you couldn't help but smile more at that.

"I'm sorry" he mumbled and you pulled just slightly back to look at him.

"What?" you asked with a frown.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't here with you to protect you in the first place. I'm sorry I didn't come earlier. I'm sorry I left you. Damn it. I shouldn't have left you for even a second to begin with." he groaned the last part but you shook your head at his words.

"No, no Dean. Don't. Don't blame yourself. It is not your fault" you tried to reason with him.

"Like hell it is. Damn it, it's my job to protect you and I just fucking left you all alone here" he grumbled, angry with himself.

"It is your job and you did well on that. Dean, please. I am fine. Thanks to you" you whispered and buried your face once again in his chest.

With a small sigh he wrapped his arms around you more tightly and kissed the top of your head. You stayed for a good while like that but when he heard a sob come from you he immediately pulled away to look down at you.

"Sorry. It's- it's just that I'm still a little bit shaken" you said with a forced laugh and he only frowned more.

"It's ok. It's ok." he murmured, wiping away the tears on your cheeks "I'm here. I won't leave you again. Ever again."

"I know" you whispered, resting your forehead against his.

He didn't say anything more, just like you didn't. You just gazed back at each other in silence, Dean cupping your face and rubbing his thumb over your cheek. Your eyes were roaming his face and before you could realize it you found yourself gazing at his lips, subconsciously licking your own. When you realized you had been staring at them for a good while you immediately averted them to look up in his eyes only to catch him staring at yours and biting his own. Once he caught your eyes, his widened slightly but he did not say anything.

He only stood frozen in his place as he saw you lean in. Your breath mixing with his, your face slightly red, surely burning hot as you inched yourself more and more close to him. The distance between you was significantly becoming less, and your lips were just inches apart. You were hesitant but when you saw Dean was not about to pull away from you all hesitation left you. On the contrary he seemed to be leaning in as well, fact that made a small smile itch on your lips. You leaned in closer to him, wanting even more to press your lips to his, to taste him, to-

"My princess!" a voice exclaimed from behind you and both you and Dean jumped, putting some significant distance between you.

"What- what happened?!" one of the soldiers asked frantically, as they all ran towards you and Dean. Obviously they had heard all the noise from before.

"A thief. He threatened the princess" Dean grumbled, offering you a hand as he got up "Take him. We will get him to the castle where the king will decide of his punishment" he said firmly.

"Be quick. The princess and I are going to be waiting for you by the lake" he added, and while still holding your hand he made his way with you towards the lake.

Some time completely alone for the two of you was much needed right now. But you obviously were not going to get that.

"Wait! I am coming with you in case something happens again" one of the soldiers quickly came by your side.

You let out a small giggle at the visibly irritated look on Dean's face. He mumbled something under his breath and turned to look at you when you squeezed his hand. He looked at you with a small frown but his eyebrows raised when he saw you wink at him.


As much as you wanted it you didn't get the opportunity to spend lots of time alone with Dean. Neither that day nor the next couple days. Sure you got the chance to see hm often, every day for that matter and you could not be more happy about that. You were also glad that you got the chance to talk to him for a little while alone.

Just like when you had went on the stroll into the woods you had gotten to know Dean more. Even if the talks were quick and did not last long you always found yourself laughing more than any other time. You loved hearing to his lame jokes which quite frankly you thought were funny but above all you loved hearing to his stories. Adventures he's been in ever since he was young. The pranks he played on his brother (and vice versa) along with the pranks he would play on others here in the castle. Most of the time your father being the victim of Dean's doings.

What you loved more about your talks was how open he was with you and how he trusted you with everything. Telling you things that you were sure he had not dared to say to anybody else. Those talks were the ones that you loved the most. Because those talks were the ones that gave you a true idea of who Dean Winchester actually was. Most times he would be like 'no chick-flick moments' which quite frankly you had a hard time grasping but you could see how all of that was simply a facade for him to hide how he actually felt. How he missed his parents, his brother most of all, how he wanted to visit them so much but his position here required his presence all the time.

There were moments when you could clearly see how broken he looked on the inside. He had seen so much death from a young age and you could see that he blamed himself for his friends' death whenever he talked about how they had died on a war. You could see how he was beating himself up for not having managed to save them and every time you tried to reassure him that it was not his fault.

You had to admit that you hated the fact that whenever you were alone with Dean and the conversation drifted to the two of you someone had to interrupt. Whether it was some other knight asking to talk with Dean, your mother wanting to talk with you about the preparations for your birthday ball or Anna along with your maids telling you that it was time for you to do something.

No matter how many times you had come to the point of being just inches apart from each other someone seemed to be there to ruin the moment. And honestly it was becoming frustrating. Dean seemed to be bothered as well but it looked as if he thought that that was for the best anyway, which you couldn't really understand. Sure he was a good few years older than you, probably in his early thirties - you hadn't really asked him openly, but that was not what really mattered to you. Your father was actually ten years older than your mother but none of them cared and nobody else raised any objections. Not when both of them seemed so happy and in love with each other. It happened frequently after all with the royal families. Princesses could be married to older and even younger princes as long as they were from royal bloodlines.

But you actually thought that his problem was that he was just a knight and you his princess. He had said it once after all.

"I am merely your servant, my princess. It is... wrong" his words echoed in your mind even in the silence of your room.

A knock on the door snapped you from your thoughts and straightening your back you spoke "Come in"

You got up as the door opened and turned your back to them.

"You asked for me, princess" Dean's rough voice was heard behind you as he closed the door.

Damn formalities you thought exasperated.

"I thought it was (Y/n), not princess" you looked at him over your shoulder.

"My apologies" he said looking down at his feet. Fact that only made you more angry.

Dean never said 'my apologies'. Never. He was not this formal with you. Not when it was just you and him anyway.

You groaned "Will you just stop with that. It's (Y/n), Dean. Ok? Simple as that." you let out a sad sigh "Please"

He looked at you for a good while before nodding "Sorry. You wanted me anything?" he asked with a small Dean-smirk.

"Yes" you nodded with a smile of your own as soon as you saw him loosen up.

You walked towards him and turned your back to him "Untie it" you said.

"Wh-what?" he stuttered.

You looked at him over you shoulder "Untie the strings. I want to change in something more comfortable" you said with a small smirk.

"That's- that's what you called me for?" he asked, swallowing the lump in his throat.

"No. I wanted to talk with you but I just don't feel really comfortable in this dress." you shrugged.

"But-" he swallowed again "-What if someone comes in and-" you cut him off before he could say more.

"Nobody will. I told Anna and the rest of the maids that I'm going to sleep early and they should not come in to help me with the dress or anything else. And my parents won't come either... We're alone" you ended up saying in a whisper.

"O-ok" his voice sounded rough and husky.

Silence surrounded you as Dean moved your hair out of the way and over your shoulder so that he had better view on the strings of the dress (you had no corset on). He slowly started untying, the dress becoming all the more loose around your form. He pulled the straps away and soon the dress was loose enough for you to take off. In fact it would have fallen if it wasn't for you holding it.

No sound could be heard as Dean pulled away the final strings. No sound other than his breathing that had suddenly become really slow and heavy. You looked over your shoulder to see Dean looking down at you and your bare back, a hand tentatively extended as if he wanted to touch you, as he breathed heavily. His mouth was half open as his eyes roamed your back, a look of awe in his face as if he was looking at something he had never seen before. He surely was captivated by the sight in front of him.

You bit your lip and turned your head away from him, closing your eyes as a smiled formed on your lips. Dean's hand finally coming in contact with your bare back sent pleasant shivers down your spine and you could barely help yourself from letting out a small moan. You just put up with a deep breath.

And you could barely keep yourself from taking in a shaky sigh as he ran his hand down your back, his fingers brushing over your spine making goosebumps spread all over your skin. You bit your lips as his rough hand traveled all over the skin of your back making you wonder how it would be to feel them elsewhere.

Just like Dean could not stop but think how it would be to see and touch more of you. How it would be to-

"The white one" you mumbled and Dean seemed to snap from his daze and his trail of thoughts that was about to get a turn for a whole different direction than appropriate.

"The white one there" you motioned to a white dress hanging there along with many others at the open wardrobe.

"Y-yeah. Sure" his voice was more rough than before and you had to bite your lip to keep the smirk off your face.

He seemed to be taking some extra time, searching for your dress although it was pretty obvious which one you wanted. There was just one white dress among the others. But as it seemed Dean was taking his time for another reason. His heavy breathing proved to the fact that he was trying to calm himself down and that he was trying to control himself more as (as you imagined) all sorts of thoughts ran at the moment through his mind. He ran a hand through his hair, clearly frustrated but not because he could not find the dress you wanted.

That was for sure.

Biting your lip and smirking you made your way towards him "This one" your voice was low as you said that, reaching for the dress he supposedly couldn't find.

"Yeah I uh-" he abruptly stopped himself when he turned his head to look at you, his eyes only widening.

You had dropped your previous dress a while ago and now stood half-naked next to him. But Dean averted his eyes quickly from your figure, a blush creeping up his neck. A deep on at that.

"Princess you're..." he started but trailed off.

He swallowed hard, trying his hardest not to stare. For too long at least.

"Yeah. What, haven't you seen a naked woman before?" you raised a playful eyebrow at him

You tried to be confident but at the same time could not help a blush that rose in your cheeks, anyway. You subtly tried to cover yourself a little bit, still trying to provoke him though. You saw that no matter how hard he was trying he couldn't help himself but look at you from head to toes, licking his lip subconsciously as he took every little detail in.

"Y-yes. B-But you're the princess a-and it's- it's not right. I-I'm not- I mean I'm just a knight a-and-" he started stuttering and you had to keep yourself from giggling.

First him blushing and now stuttering. This was priceless.

"Well, I certainly don't mind" you shrugged and smirked at him.

"What, do you?" you raised a playful eyebrow at him and you saw his eyes slightly widen. He swallowed hard, opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water.

You giggled slightly and bit your lip, winking at him.

You threw the dress over your head and wore it "Some help?" you asked again turning your bare back to him so that he could button it up for you.

"Yeah" his voice was lower than before and definitely huskier. He started buttoning up the back of your dress, this time his hands coming in contact with your back more than plenty of times. Brushing over your skin as he button up the dress, sending occasional jolts of electricity through your body. He soon finished his job and you turned to look at him

"Thank you Dean. I don't know what I'd do without you. You've done so much for me that I cannot even begin with. I don't know... What can I do for you?" you tried to say as innocently and yet seductively you could. You cupped Dean's cheek and looked up at him with adoring eyes. Something that was not really hard when it came to this man (considering the feelings you had developed for him over the course of time).

He swallowed hard as you pressed yourself closer to him "N-Nothing princess- I mean (Y/n). I-" he started stuttering but you cut him off.

"A reward maybe. Yes, yes a reward. You deserve it." your voice was low, barely above a whisper and 100% seductive.

"Princess please. Don't." his voice was extremely low and you could see the inner battle in his eyes. He wanted this but was afraid of the consequences.

So were you... but you didn't care anymore.

"Oh but I have to Dean. To thank you. For everything" you whispered and without any more words you leaned forward, bringing him closer as well, and closed the remaining distance between you. Pressing your lips to his.
Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 4

You let out a soft sigh as you sat down on your bed. You took your book in your hands but only fidgeted with its pages instead of reading some. You had woken up extra early today and as usual Anna and the rest of the maids had come to help you get dressed. It surely was something you could do on your own, especially in this case that no corset was involved, but they insisted nonetheless. They had gotten you ready quickly, mostly since they did not have to do much other than help you put on a quite simple and yet elegant dress and style your hair.

Now you were just sitting on your own in your room playing with the book in your hands with plenty of time to kill till... Dean would come for you.

You bit your lip at the thought of it and the fact that you were going to spend the entire day with him. You would occasionally go on stroll in the woods with your father, riding your horses and chatting while enjoying the warmth of the sun. As your father had told you yesterday night, though, he would not be able to come with you because he had some sort of business. He had told you, though, that Dean would be by your side the entire day. It seemed as if he was the only one that your father thought would be enough qualified to not only protect you properly in case something happened but also keep you good company. Sure you would have a few other soldiers, just like every time, there with you to make sure you were alright but luckily for you your dad did not think that was enough.

"If I am not there, then the only person that I trust to take good care of you is Dean" he had said and you clearly remember being unable to hide the smile from your face.

The thought of getting to spend an entire day just with Dean excited you to no end. You loved being close to him, that you had realized from the very beginning. You loved being able to see his forest-green eyes, to gaze into them and try to study Dean. You certainly wanted to know him better. You loved being able to see the freckles that dusted over his nose and cheeks. Every time you were close you tried to count them but as expected you failed. You loved taking in every little detail of his, whether it would be his soft-looking spiky hair, his strong jaw or his full lips that, you would confess to that, you had caught yourself thinking more than plenty of time how they would taste.

Thoughts like that kept running through your mind and thoughts like that had been running through your mind all night, leaving little to no room for sleep. You had barely managed to sleep that was very much true but you found yourself not to really caring. You were so excited for getting to spend time with Dean today that you could not think about anything else, sleep included. You had fallen asleep at some point, yes, but had you also woken up pretty early. Your excitement was taking the best of you and you had to remind yourself a good few times that there was not much to expect from this. Like what could come from it? Him to suddenly confess that he was in love with you?

You scoffed at the thought. No way. You had just known each other - well at least you him - for a day and you suddenly expected him to say it? No you didn't. Why would he even say it when you - that there was no doubt you felt something about him - could not even admit to yourself that you were in love with that man. It was not something that you had experienced before, though, so you could not really know.

But other than being in his presence, having a talk with him was what made you even more excited. The small talk you've had the night before had given you the chance to to know him a little bit more. It gave an insight on his personality and you would be lying if you said you didn't like him even more after that. Just like you would be lying if you said it didn't hurt to hear him talk about himself the way he just had. Hearing him say how he believed he did not deserve something good hurt you and it certainly was something you wanted to change.

A knock on the door made your head snap to its direction and your breath hitch on your throat. A smile spread on your lips as you could barely hold yourself from running to open the door.

"Hey" you breathed out as soon you opened the door.

"Hey. 'Morning" he said with a smile.

"So are you... ready to go or do you need some more time?" he asked and you shook your head.

"No, no I'm good. We can go" you said with a smile of your own, and closing the door behind you you followed him as he lead you to the back of the castle where they kept the animals and therefore the horses.

"So how was your morning so far?" you asked in hoped of starting a conversation with him again.

You saw a smile form on his lips and he soon burst into laughter.

"What?" you asked immediately.

"Nothing it's just- really?" he raised an eyebrow and you crossed your arms over your chest.

"Yes, really. I don't understand what you find funny in this. I was simply asking you a question" you said, trying to fake hurt but the smile on your face said otherwise. Mostly because you were happy to have gotten him to be more open towards you and not formal all the time, calling you constantly princess like last night.

"Alright then" he said the smile still on his lips, putting his hands behind his back "It was quite good. What about you, princess" he faked an accent.

You playfully groaned "Good till now. Why do you keep calling me princess, though?" you looked at him a little bit seriously and a little bit sad because you had yet to hear him say your name "I mean yes I am one but that doesn't really matter to me. Can't you just call me (Y/n)?" you asked softly and he let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry princess but I don't have that right. You are above me. You are the king's daughter and I just a knight in your castle." he said apologetically.

"But... can't you just call me by my name when it's only you and me?" you asked, voice soft and low like a whisper.

Dean bit his lip in thought and you could see his inner battle. Before he could answer, though, you had already reached your destination.

"Princess!" one of the soldiers that had joined you many times before and would join you now came closer to you holding something that looked like a greenish-blue cape.

"It is a really sunny day, your mother insisted that you take this." he said and you gave him a small nod, walking a little bit forward so that he could put it over your shoulders.

But before he could even so touch you Dean stopped him, a small glare evident on his face "No, I'll do it. You go make sure our princess' horse is ready" he said taking the cape.

The soldier was hesitant in the beginning, looking at Dean with a frown but did as he was told nonetheless. Dean was higher in hierarchy after all, so he could not do otherwise but followed his orders.

Dean muttered something under his breath but clearing his throat he turned to you coming behind you he drapped the cape over your bear shoulders. His hands came into contact with them and made you slightly jump at the shot of electricity that run through you.

"You alright?" he asked worried and swallowing you gave him a small nod.

His hands made their way in front of you - even though he was still behind you - to tie the straps of your cape. You slightly turned your head to look at him and felt your breath hitch on your throat when you saw his face over your shoulder and so close to yours. He turned his head and your faces were now just a few inches apart as he gazed down at you and you found yourself unable to take your eyes off his. His warm breath that was fanning over your cheek was now mixed with yours and everything seemed to get hazy.

"There" his rough voice said, breaking you out of your daze; after having tied the straps of the cape so it wouldn't fall off.

"Thank you, Dean" you whispered and he smiled just slightly.

"No problem... (Y/n)" he said and you took in a sharp breath, a smile forming on your lips at his words.

Oh boy, did you love how your name rolled off his tongue and how sweet it sounded even when he said it with that husky voice of his.

"Now..." he came in front of you and put the hoodie of the cape over your head, fixing some of your hair out of your face or behind your ear "Come on. We must get going" he finished, brushing his thumb just lightly over your cheek and you gave him a final and small nod.


You would be lying if you said that you didn't enjoy this stroll in the woods more than any other before. Sure your father was not with you today but what made it better than any other time before it was the fact that Dean was with you.

Just like when it was you and your father, the four soldiers that accompanied you were on their horses but a good few feet away from you that were on the front. They were far enough so that they would not be able to hear what you were talking about but far enough just to be able to see that you were alright and that you didn't need anything.

You and Dean were on your horses on the front talking about anything and everything that came to your mind. You loved even more the fact that you got to hear some more of his stories, adventures that he's been through. This time with his brother Sam. You were having an amazing time with him as you enjoyed the warmth of the sun and the slight breeze that blew through the rustling leafs of the trees. The sound of the birds singing gave to it a more fairy-tale-like environment.

But you actually caught yourself more interested in Dean than anything else around you. You talked more and you were glad you finally got the chance to get to know him better. He was just like you had thought he would be. The first impressions you had from him and your small talk the previous night proved to the fact that he truly a man that cared for his loved ones deeply and would do anything for them. He had a big heart, he was caring and damn was he funny! Your stomach still hurt from the previous feat of laughter he had thrown you in with one more of his lame - but rather funny to you - jokes. He was a little bit cocky as well, you had to point that one out, but you were glad that he was being his true self in front of you instead of just pretending to be someone he wasn't just so that you would like him.

And the best thing of all was that he no longer used that title you had come to hate over the years. Princess. You loved how your name rolled off his lips. It made pleasant shivers run down your spine and a smile always appear on your lips. Even though he would not say it often, every time felt like a true melody. At some point you actually caught yourself wondering how it would be to hear him sing.

"Oh my gosh. You- you have to be kidding me now, right?!" you exclaimed, putting a hand in front of your mouth.

"Nope. Did happen" he said pursing his lips.

You snickered a few times before you burst into a full feat of laughter.

You were now off your horses and you and Dean had decided to take a small walk through the forest while the horses rested next to the small lake that was nearby. The soldiers had stayed back as well, after Dean's orders. And you couldn't be more glad at that. To finally have gotten some alone (completely) time with Dean.

"Oh come on" Dean whined "You promised you wouldn't laugh"

"I-I k-know I-I just- oh my gosh." you couldn't say much in between laughing "I-I know I promised but oh- oh my. Dean! You- you pulled your pants down and shouted what? Pudding?"

"Hey I was five, ok?" he grumbled but you just laughed more.

"That does not justify you. Or wait. Were you really five or maybe you're lying so that I won't tease you more?" you said after your laughter died off a little bit.

"Oh please yes I was five" he said with a playful roll of his eyes.

"Ok, I guess it is to be expected from you. You almost set my father's beard on fire! No wonder he's become a maniac with shaving ever since" you said with a giggle.

"That was an accident ok? I didn't plan on setting it on fire nor did I plan on hitting him while skiing with one of the knights' shields"

"You what? You hit him? How? Where? When?" you asked intrigued.

"Well, it was winter and really long time ago and as per usual I was watching the knights train but after a while I got bored. There was a lot of snow so I decided to have fun. I just was not expecting your father to show up so suddenly so instead of landing on the snow with the shield I... landed on top of him" he said with a small shake of his head.

"Oh you Winchester are unbelievable! Now I know why I every time I asked him to play snowball fight with me he refuses to."

"Yeah uh" he laughed nervously "I don't think it would be because of that. I once – when I was much younger - was playing snowball fight with one of my friends in the castle and you know I kinda like winning so uhm instead of making a small snowball I uh maybe made a quite bidder one and decided to throw it on the head of my friend... but your father just walked in and yeah... I guess I couldn't stop gravity"

"Oh. My. God." you breathed out and started laughing hysterically.

Dean soon joined you and you both could not stop.

"Yeah. And I better not start about what I did with his crown. Actually, it is kinda hard to believe how after all of the things I've put him through he chose me to be his right hand." Dean said with a chuckle and a shake of his head.

"Well, he obviously took a liking on you. And... it's not really hard if you ask me" you said with a small shrug, looking at him. His head immediately snapped to your direction.

"You think?"

"Yeah, he obviously trusts you a lot" you shrugged.

"No, no I don't mean that" he shook his head "I mean, you think it is not hard to take a liking on me? Like... have you- have you taken a liking on me?"

"As I said... it's not really hard to" you said, voice barely above a whisper.

A big grin appeared on his face, like that of a child on Christmas day, as he took a few steps closer to you. Little to no space separating you anymore. As you looked up at him and biting your lip to keep your smile from getting bigger.

"Glad to know that" he murmured.

"And... can I ask you about me?" you whispered.

"I can say that it is not hard to take a liking on you either" he said and you both chuckled lightly.

You looked down, tucking a few strands of hair behind your ear. In vain through as they fell back in front of your face.

"Here. Let me" he mumbled and brushing the strands out of your face he tucked them behind your ear, this time they stayed in place.

Just like his hand, though. Slightly cupping your face.

Almost silence had surrounded you and you actually found yourself enjoying it while you gazed back at Dean. The distance you had became even less as he seemed to lean in. But once again you did not care.

The silence, though, as well as moment was ruined when the horses making a rather disturbed noise were heard. The fact they would not stop was that made Dean pull away.

He groaned, as if he didn't want this moment to be ruined and you actually felt happy for that "Sorry. I better go see what's going on. I'll be back soon ok?" he asked and you nodded.

He gave you a final smile and brushing a hand over your shoulder - creating goosebumps in the meantime let's not forget - and he quickly left towards the direction you had come from.

You turned to watch him as he disappeared through the trees and bit your lip. You heart was hammering in your chest...

...but it soon stopped beating as your blood run cold.

A hand covered your mouth and a dagger was placed over your throat.

Oh no
Knight in shining armor - Dean x Reader -Chapter 4
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Anyway, enjoy~! xx'
Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 3

You walked with Dean in silence for a while. You were biting your lip constantly thinking of something to say, anything to avoid the awkward silence.

"So you've been one of my father's knights for a long time?" you asked out of the blue.

It sounded stupid to you and you were praying he would not sense your awkwardness and slight discomfort. He obviously didn't as he just smiled with a small nod.

"Yes, princess. I've actually been on this castle for most part of my life" he said, glancing for a while at you.

"But don't you have a family. If you don't mind me asking"

"Yes, yes I do. But when in his search for more soldiers your father came at my village I just... I couldn't let him take my younger brother so I volunteered myself" he said as if it was the most simple thing in the world.

"So you basically... sacrificed yourself to save your brother?" you asked again and earned a nod from him.

"That's really... heroic and selfless of you to do" you said in awe and he just let out a chuckle.

"Not really. I wouldn't say so. I just did what I felt like. I know that little Sammy was meant for greater things and I wasn't wrong, after all." he said with what could only be described as a proud smile.

"Well, it is good to know that he has someone that would do anything for him. Wish I had somebody as well" you mostly mumbled the last part to yourself, looking down as you walked.

"Then I guess you're lucky as well 'cause you got me. I would anything for you, princess" he said with a small smirk and you bit your lip to keep the smile from getting bigger.

"Glad to know that" your voice was low as you looked at him and he gazed back at you with a smile. He realized that he had been staring at you for quite long, though, so clearing his throat he immediately averted his eyes from yours.

"But I promise you that if you do something like that when it comes to me-" you started and he piped in.

"Sacrifice myself for you?"

You nodded "Yes, if you ever decide to do something so stupid as that mind my words, you are never going to hear the end of it." you said and he let out a chuckle.

"Very well then. I will have it in mind, princess" he said with a smirk.

"You better should" you said just as playfully "But I was just wondering. How come I have not seen you this entire time? I mean, sure I don't just hang out with my father's knight but I know I have gotten to see most of them. Not you though"

"Probably because you don't just hang out at the training areas. I mean, yeah, I am your father's right hand but when we're not on a battle or on war I spend most of time helping in training the newest soldiers. We have new ones every year and they need training. Kids barely know how to hold a sword properly let alone use it."

"Yeah, but as you said they're kids" you pointed out.

"True but so was I and so was everybody else that came with me when your father asked for soldiers. Don't get me wrong, princess, living here is actually better even if we have to fight. Most of us barely had food to make it by and your father is kind enough to give us money on top, to send to our families. But I'm telling you, when you want to be a knight you have to know the basics." he shrugged.

"I guess you're right" you mumbled.

"And we, believe me, are considered lucky. Taking into account how your father rarely chooses to fight but prefers talking over issues first"

"That's one good thing about my father" you said with a small shrug "But-" you turned to look at Dean "-Don't you miss them? My dad's been gone for over a year and I missed him like crazy. I can't imagine how it would be to have to see them for years"

"It is hard, trust me. But I've learned to manage. It was me or Sam, and that was not an option for me. At least your father was kind enough to give us a choice instead of just taking someone he wanted"

"I see" you nodded "But I am sure they miss you as well. Leaving so many people behind that you knew and loved is hard. Your mother. Your father. Your brother... Your girl." you hesitated to say the last part but did so anyway.

You actually were scared to hear what Dean would say because you were mostly scared to hear him verify it. Not that it would be surprising, after all. He was the perfect type of man. Caring, as it seemed, selfless,  funny and let's not forget handsome. What kind of woman would let him just pass by.

He let out a chuckle and shook his head "No, no girl."

"No girl? Really? Wow that's- that's hard to believe" you said, letting out a sigh of relief you didn't know you were holding.

"Not really. I mean yeah I've had my moments but- when it comes to an actual relationship I kinda... suck" he said and you both laughed "Besides-" he let out a sad sigh "- I don't think I'm made for that"

"Why would you say that?" you asked with a frown.

"I ruin everything I touch. Honestly sometimes I think I'm cursed. I try hard, you know, but never succeed and everybody just expects so much from me" he shook his head looking down.

"You tell me" you mumbled.

"'Sides what woman would want me? All I do is make mistakes, ruin others' lifes and then just drown my sorrows in alcohol. Like would you want a big mess like me?" he scoffed and shook his head "I'm just one big damn flaw, that is for sure. So why the hell drag somebody else with me down in the pit where I belong?" he added and you swallowed the lump in your throat, biting your lip to keep the tears in.

He couldn't really be thinking this way of himeslf right?

You hadn't and you certainly didn't expect to see this side on this man. And what was for sure was that it hurt. It hurt like hell to see him like this.

You never expected so much self-loathing from a man like him. His smile was the brightest you had ever seen and it surely was intoxicating. It was hard to believe that a man that could smile so brightly and lift your spirits so easily was so... broken on the inside.

"Well... I would" you mumbled, looking down at your dress once again.

"What?" you heard him breath out and you slowly and reluctantly turned your head so that you were looking at him.

You felt a small blush form on your cheeks but you could not back down now, could you?

"I said I would certainly want a man like you. You are not one big flaw, Dean. At least I don't think you are. Yes, you probably have your flaws but- we all do. Believe me, my dad has most of them and I have inherited them unfortunately." you let out a dry laugh and he did the same "But- I don't think that takes anything away from who you really are. Sure I can't say much because I don't know you all that well and... in all honesty I would love to know you better but-" you cleared your throat "-I guess that's not the point here. What I want to say is that I believe, no, I know that you're not what you believe you are, Dean."

And you continued "Sure you make mistakes, we all do, and we all have our weak moments but that does not mean that we- that you do not deserve something good. You have the most kind heart I've seen on a person. You are selfless and caring and I- I know any woman would be lucky to have a man like you and they would certainly be damned if they let you go, Dean"

You saw a smile forme on Dean's lips and you pursed yours, looking down at the floor instead of him because you knew that if you continued looking at those eyes and speaking then you would surely utter things that he was not supposed to know... Not yet at least.

"And I know that any man would be damn lucky to have a woman like you" he muttered and your head snapped in his direction as you felt the blush darken at hearing his words.

The look in his eyes made your heart flutter.

You would have asked him what he meant by that but before you could even utter a word you reached the main dining room and the two soldiers that stood by the door opened it for you to walk in.

"Ah there she is!" your father exclaimed with a big smile as soon as you walked close to them.

There was a big table in the middle of the huge room, all sorts of food on it and the servants kept bringing more and more. Pouring wine for the guests that had already taken a seat and others motioning for the ones that were still coming to sit on their rightful place. Soft music was playing and you spotted from the corner of your eye the musicians on the far corner of the room. The curtains were pulled back allowing the light of the moon to shine through the big windows that covered and entire wall, the warm light from the candles mixing with that of the moon and managing to make a pleasant environment for everyone.

"Come, come" he said motioning for you to come sit next to your mother than was sitting right next to him.

Although you didn't want to you let go of Dean's arm and after a final look at him you turned your head and made your way next to your mother. She was looking at you with a small frown but you just shook your head and gave her a reassuring smile. You took a seat next to her but couldn't help but slyly look at Dean walk around the table. You knew he was going to stay, just like most of your father's soldiers and faithful knights had joined you tonight, but what you were hoping was for him to sit close to you.

You got part of your wish come true as you saw him walk straight next to your father and take a seat there. His eyes were locked with yours all the time and you didn't dare break eye contact.

Something that you did all night.

It was pleasant even though you did not expect it. You thought you were going to just be bored throughout the whole meal - something that you always thought you would do and rarely joined such events - but the case was not like that at all. Dean made everything all the more interesting. You caught yourself laughing more times than you could count and enjoying yourself like never before. He would not stop telling everybody stories. Rarely it would be about only him. Most times it would be about things that had happened either on the castle or even during a battle. How that could be funny you didn't know but it surely was. Dean made it sound like that.

He spoke about his adventures with some of the knights that were on the table and he obviously was good friends with. He talked about things that happened to them and even reminded to your father about incidents between the two of them while Dean was still new here and young. About how your father had taken a liking to him and treated him like a son... and about how Dean once almost set his beard on fire. That surely was something you, your mother, Dean, everybody else and above all your father were never going to forget.

All the while you laughed, shared funny stories, and not, you caught yourself sneaking glances at Dean. Most of the time it was when he was not looking at you but was laughing. You absolutely loved to see him laugh. Even when he talked with your father or somebody else you could not take your eyes off him. Sneaking glances at him when he was looking at your direction was something you surely liked. There were times though that he would catch your eyes and even though you would blush you found yourself unable to look away from him. And then there were moments when you would catch him staring. Those you enjoyed the most. When you would just smirk at him and raise an eyebrow and he would quickly avert his eyes, pretending to be occupied with something else. Although the blush that creeped up his neck told you differently.

And of course the conversation soon drifted to you. What with your upcoming birthday, what with your father being absent for so long and not having caught up with what was going on yet, what with so many men on the table (talking about the royals of course - not that your father would even so think about you and one of his knights) he had to ask...

"So come on (Y/n). Your mother has not told me much because she obviously does not know much. But you've been known to keep secrets ever since you were little. However, you're a grown woman now. And there surely has to be a man in your life. Am I right?" he raised an eyebrow and all attention was on you now.

Everybody was interested to know if the kingdom's only princess had found a man.

You looked around you for a second, mouth slightly open ready to speak, until your eyes landed Dean. You looked at him for a while, the soft smile that played on his lips and his green orbs looking at you with an expecting look. The words that he had told you while it was just the two of you ringing in your ears.

You closed your mouth but a smile soon formed on your face "Well, there might be someone" you said in a soft voice, eyes not leaving Dean.

A smile that mirrored yours formed on his lips, as if he had caught to what you were saying and without breaking eye contact he, along with everybody else, raised his golden cup and said 'To the princess!'. Although he just seemed to be mouthing the words as everybody else said it cheerfully.

Well, you now could say for sure that this was one of the best nights of your life...

...and you couldn't wait for tomorrow to be the best day of your life because, as your father had previously told you, Dean was going to be the one to accompany you to your weekly stroll to the woods.
Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader (High School AU) - Part 4

Your heart jumped to your throat, your eyes widening as you felt your breath being knocked out of you.

“Jensen?” you breathed out, jumping slightly when you turned to face an open door and the green-eyed teen standing there.

“What the hell?!” you shrieked “Turn around!” you exclaimed, one hand clenching the towel around you and the other tucking it as down as possible, trying to show as less skin as possible.

Jensen seemed to not grasp onto how you were trying to cover yourself, too occupied by staring at you. If your face was burning hot before it now was on fire. You felt your heart thud in your chest, ready to jump straight out of it, and your knees suddenly become weak. You thought they were about to give out any moment now, especially if Jensen kept looking at you the way he was. His eyes were roaming your figure, almost wide, as his mouth hang slightly open. He subconsciously licked his lower lip and you caught yourself letting out a shaky breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. There was something in his eyes and the way he was looking at you as if you were naked. Not far from the truth anyway.

It seemed like just a few second whereas it surely was more that you two stared at each other but you found yourself breaking from your delirium, realization downing more on you.

“Turn around!” you exclaimed again and it seemed to be enough to make Dean break from his daze as well.

His eyes snapped to your face, widening slightly “Oh. Oh sorry!” he raised his hands immediately turning around “Sorry!” he said again, glancing at you for a second over his shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing here?! Don’t you ever knock?!” you hissed, glaring at his back.

“On the bathroom door?” he asked, and you could hear the smirk in his voice.

“You know what I mean” you growled at him. You were angry at him and he just was not making the situation any better. The fact that he had caught you in this moment, making you really embarrassed, made matters all the more worse.

“Alright alright” he let out a snicker and you glared at his back “Sorry, ok? Sorry”

“Whatever, just wait outside till I change and then you can come inside” you grumbled slamming the door shut behind his back.

You let out a long sigh, running a hand down your face. You swallowed the lump in your throat, putting  hand over your chest as in an attempt to soothe your rapidly beating heart. You quickly got dressed and opened the door to find Jensen still waiting there.

“Here, free now” you said with a hard look and before waiting for a response you started making your way to your room. Or well, you were about to but a hand on your arm made you stop and turn.

“No wait” he said in a rather soft voice. You frowned deeply, looking at him. You tried to glare down at his hand holding your arm  but the look on his face prevented you from doing so. It reminded you a lot of this morning, of how he had gone from playful and cocky to serious and… sad. It actually made you worry now.

“What?” you tried to grumble at him but it didn’t come out like that, more like in a sad and tired way.

“I’m sorry for…” he trailed off, motioning to the bathroom door.

You crossed your hands in front of your chest “Yeah I got that.”

“No I-” he swallowed the lump in his throat “-I’m sorry… for everything. We- we didn’t get to talk this morning and I really wanted to”

“Yeah, well, thank your lovely girlfriend for that” you couldn’t help but hiss the words as you referred to the blonde.

He let out a long sigh “She won’t be that for long” he said seriously and you had to keep yourself from showing that you were really interested in hearing more.

“What, got tired already? Understandable, considering that you’ve been with her for more than a week” you said with sarcasm.

“No, no it’s not that” he said, and you noted the hint of sadness in it “It’s just- look, do you have some time to talk? There are a few things I need to tell you and I-”

“Tell me? Oh so you all of a sudden want to talk with me again?” you snapped at him “Why? Because you are sorry you bailed on me and all of your friends all that time ago? Don’t you think it’s, oh I don’t know, a little late?”

He looked at you for a while but then averted his gaze to the floor and his feet “About that-”

“Save it Jensen. There is no point in it anymore” you growled at him “Just out of curiosity, though, what got into you to all of a sudden to remember what you did to me- us?” you corrected yourself not wanted to let anything out.

“I-” he swallowed, licking his lips “-it’s 13 years today ever since-”

“-We met” you cut him off, completing his sentence.

He smiled softly and a little sadly at you.

You scoffed “I’m impressed you remember that. Thought you’d probably want to forget that day along with the rest of them you spent with us… for good” you growled and the smile immediately fell.

“I’ve hurt you” it was more like a statement than a question.

“Wow you think?” you couldn’t help but say sarcastically at him.

You did not want to hurt him- and considering the look on his face you were- but he had more than hurt you all that time ago. It still felt like a stab to the heart remembering what had happened three years ago, not to mention what he had been doing all these three years. It felt like torture, seeing him with all those girls at school and at the same time flirting with you.

The feelings you had developed all that time ago for him only made the pain worse.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by another voice “Hey what’s going on? We heard voices coming from  here and Richard sent me to take a look” you both turned to look at Misha walking up the stairs.

“Is everything alright?” he asked, mostly you and you gave him a nod.

“Yeah yeah” you said, glancing at Jensen for a second.

“Hey, by the way-” Misha spoke up cheerfully again before any of you could “-why don’t you come join us downstairs huh? Seems like there is a good amount of guys downstairs wanting you to do so” he said with a sly grin.

“What do you mean?” you asked perplexed.

“Well, other than Pratt being his usual self and Evans having joined him today there may or may not be a British guy downstairs asking if you’re here” he smirked at you.

“Tom’s here?” you breathed out with a widening smile.

“Hmh” he hummed, nodding his head “Oh and of course not alone. Hemsworth might not be able to come tonight but hey, you and Downey always have fun together if I’m not wrong, right? Oh and don’t get me started with how Urie seems to find a great interest in the conversation whenever it is about you”

“Misha” you groaned, feeling a blush creep up your cheeks and crossing your arms over you chest.

“What’s up with Urie?” Jensen’s, rather angry, voice was heard and as you glanced at him you could not help but notice how he had clenched his jaw and his eyes were narrowed at Misha, demanding an answer as to why one of his best friends - Brendon and Jensen were two of the most popular kids in the school and therefore friends - and well-known playboy had shown an interest in you.

“Oh nothing. Just, seems like our friend here has a good amount of guys showing an interest in her” Misha smirked, glancing a you “Although there seems to be someone special, cause she just won’t show an interest in any of them. A clear one anyway. What’s left to know is who that special guy is though, she won’t say a thing to us”

“Someone special?” you noticed the small hint of interest and wonder in Jensen’s voice.

Why did he want to know so much? He didn’t seem so bothered by it. Was he thinking that it was… him? And if yes, why did he seem so happy about it? He wasn’t happy, though. He couldn’t. Could he?

“Shut up Misha” you grumbled “There is nobody”

“Nobody? Ouch that Hurt my feelings doll!” another voice said behind you and you immediately let out a giggle at realizing who it was.

“You’d wish Downey” you said with a chuckle as he came next to you, throwing an arm over your shoulders.

Just like with Chris Pratt and Evans you and Robert were really good friends for a long time. You had a teasing relationship, and you’d often flirt with each other but you didn’t take it seriously. That’s how Robert always was.

“Oh please you’d wish sweetheart” he smirked at you, winking.

“But I have to admit I am a little hurt. I thought last night meant something to you! So you just used me for my body huh?” he asked a little over-dramatically and you rolled your eyes with a laugh.

“I thought you’d know it by now, Robert. I’m sorry I hurt you but that’s the truth” you pretended as well.

He gasped in fake shock “So I was just a one-night-stand to you? But I thought you loved me! Oh gosh this hurts!” he put a hand over his chest, groaning in fake pain.

Unable to keep your giggles in anymore you burst into a feat of laughter.

“Yeah come on you two drama queens, we have a movie marathon downstairs. And I don’t intend to miss ‘Civil War’” Misha patted you on the shoulders.

“Are you not coming?” Robert asked you.

“Well, since there is obviously some Avengers there- although Richard told me otherwise, I sure as hell am not going to miss it” you said with a smile and Robert’s only widened.

“Sweet!” he exclaimed “Come on then!” he said, moving his arm around your waist and making his way with you down the stairs, Misha first leading the way.

You glanced behind you for a second to see Jensen following you. Obviously he did not want to leave you alone with all those guys for even a second- especially at seeing the way they interacted with you.

“Look who’s decided to join us tonight!” Robert exclaimed with a bright grin and almost everybody’s attention turned to you. Smiles spread on almost everybody’s faces as soon as they saw you. You knew most of the guys, and by that you meant you would often talk with them here and there. There were just a couple that although you knew who they were you did not talk much with. But it didn’t matter much as, you knew, in the company of Chris Pratt and Evans, Robert, Misha, Jared and even Richard you’d be ok. And then maybe you’d get a chance to talk a little with Tom who at the moment was looking at you with that smirk of his that reminded you a lot of Loki.

“(Y/n)!” Chris (Evans) exclaimed with a wide smile, immediately striding to you. Taking you from Robert’s arms and wrapping his around your waist he lifted you with ease.

“Chris!” you squealed, letting out a giggle as he spoon you around.
“Good to see you too!” you chuckled, as he set you down.

He chuckled, kissing your cheek which earned an eye roll from not only Brendon but also… Jensen?

You frowned as you saw the almost angry look on his face but your attention was snapped away from him by Chris.

“Come on we’re going to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight” he patted your shoulder, motioning for you to follow him next to his seat on the couch.

“Yep, and you better chose the right side” Robert added, sitting next to you with a smirk.

“Uh sorry but I’m going to stay… neutral” you smirked at the both of them and before they could protest you got up and away from them.

You walked to the other couch next to the one where Robert and Chris had you previously squished between them. A somehow satisfied smirk spread over Jensen’s lips at your obvious rejection towards Chris and Robert.

You couldn’t help a small smile that appeared on your lips and the butterflies that danced in your stomach as the slightest spark of hope was felt in your chest.

“I said- Jurassic World first!” Chris (Pratt) exclaimed, shaving a handful of pop-corm in his mouth.

You chuckled “What’s up with you and that movie?” you asked him.

“Well, I was going to suggest 'Guardians of the Galaxy’ but we’re going to see that next Friday. This one’s got a great plot, though, not to mention the main actor rocks” he said with a wide grin “'Sides, it’s got dinos in it!”

“Dinos huh?”

“Yes! And let’s not forget the Alpha. Although I have to admit I am more of a fierce one” he grinned at you, wiggling his eyebrows.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes at him “Oh please, you’d wish”

“You haven’t tried me in bed yet” he only smirked more, coming closer to you.

“Nor am I going to. Ever!” you retorted, rolling your eyes at him although a smile was still on your face.

Chris opened his mouth to speak again but was cut off by your brother “Hey, Pratt when you’re done flirting with my sister mind moving a little to the side?”  Richard glared slightly at him as he squished his way between you and Chris on the couch.

You let out a soft chuckle, shaking your head at your brother’s behavior. Your eyes fell on Jensen to see him glaring daggers at Chris and then glance at you. Although as soon as he caught you looking at him he immediately turn his eyes the other way.

You were made to look away from him when you felt a presence next to you and you instantly smiled when you turned to look at Brendon take a seat next to you.

“Hey again” he smiled.

“Hey again” you said with a chuckle.

“So you are joining us after all?"

"Yeah” you chuckled some more.

“Well, then it is my lucky day, or night anyway” he said with a bigger smile “I have to say I’m a little hurt, though”

“Why?” you looked up at him with a perplexed look.

“Because I wasn’t the one to convince you to stay and it was Robert” he said with an adorable smile.

You couldn’t help a giggle “What? So you are jealous now?"

"Well, I might as well be”  he said with a half-smile, throwing an arm over your shoulders.

You could not help a smirk as you raised an eyebrow at him. You opened your mouth to speak but once again were cut off by Richard.

“Not you too” he groaned “Look I didn’t invite you over so that you could bang my sister which by the way is not going to happen. Ever.” he all-but-glared at Brendon “You-” he looked at you now “-go sit there were I won’t have to worry” he said shoving you to move. You groaned, rolling your eyes at him and made your way to the third couch, opposite the one you were sitting at the moment.

“I wonder why he thinks you’d be safer here” a voice said next to you as soon as you sat and a giggle instantly left your lips.

“He clearly is wrong huh?” you smiled widely as you turned to look into his blue eyes.

“Very much so” his smirk only got bigger and soon your both erupted into a feat of laughter.

“Hey!” Misha protested, throwing pop-corn at the two of you “Quiet!”

You giggled as Tom chuckled in a low voice “Careful there, Hiddles. Your Loki is showing” you laughed along with him.

“What can I say? I may be the god of mischief after all” he said, laughing slightly.

“Well, your eyes are not showing any hints of green at the moment so I think I’m safe” you laughed.

“You’d always be safe with me, love” he smiled softly at you.

You only smiled up at him sheepishly, feeling a small blush creep up your cheeks. You fidgeted with your hands for a while before another voice next to you spoke up.

“It seems you’re having lots of fun with all of the guys here” you heard and turned to look at Jensen looking at you with an almost cold look, although you saw a hint of pain in his eyes as well.

“Got a problem?” you raised an eyebrow at him, glaring.

“Me? No” he shook his head, looking at the TV screen like everybody else was doing, full attention on the movie. None of them realizing what was going on and just focused there. Other than you and Jensen.

“I don’t know what your boyfriend would say though” he said again and you turned to look back at him looking down at you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Jensen. I don’t have one” you tried not to show any kind of emotion.

“I guess you’re right” he shrugged, and you let out an inaudible sigh of relief, turning to look back at the TV.

“He’s a lot older to be considered a boyfriend per say” he finally whispered to your ear and you felt your eyes widen.

Oh no.
Spice - Jensen Ackles x Reader - Part 4
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Knight in shining armor - Knight!Dean Winchester x Princess!Reader - Chapter 2

You clapped along with your mother as your father and the rest of the soldiers got closer to the castle. The villagers around them cheering for their victory. You were doing the same though you could not deny that your mind was not entirely on that but on the man next to your father. You had never seen him before but that was not surprising when you got to think of how you never intervened in his matters or never really cared to know the people he worked with.

"My Queen" your father breathed out with a smile as he enveloped your mother in his arms, her not missing a beat to wrap hers around him.

You had not even realized when they had come to you, much less when he had gotten off his horse.

"Oh (Y/f/n)" she said with a wide smile.

You were looking at them but couldn't help and steal glances occasionally at the green-eyed man. He had gotten off his horse as well but stood just a few steps behind your father. His eyes seemed to not be leaving your form and whenever you caught him staring he would quickly avert them trying not to be too obvious. Something that you were trying to do as well but were obviously failing at, miserably.

"(Y/n)" your father said once he pulled away from your mother. He turned to look at you and you smiled as well. Turning your head from the man - although you didn't really want to - to look at you father.

"Daddy" you said with a big smile and jumped into his arms, his chest shook as he let out a deep chuckle.

"I missed you too, dear" he said with a deep laugh.

"Welcome back" you said once you pulled away from and he nodded, kissing the top of your head.

You couldn't help but glance even for a second over your father's shoulder, wanting to look once again at the man. He had you captivated that was for sure.

Your father caught your eye, though, and immediately spoke "Oh yes, you have not met him before."

He moved slightly to the side and motioned for the green-eyed knight to move forward. He seemed a little bit taken aback but not at all reluctant to walk forward towards you. You fidgeted with your hands and dress as he walked the few stairs closer to you, his eyes not leaving yours even for a split second.

"(Y/n), this is Dean Winchester. My most trusted knight. Dean, please meet my daughter I'm sure you've heard about." he said with a smile, all the while yours and Dean's eyes were locked.

"Pleasure to meet you, Dean" you said extending your hand towards him.

"Pleasure is all mine... princess" he said and you had to hide the disappointment in your eyes when instead of (Y/n) he said 'princess'. Mostly because you would have given anything to hear your name roll off his lips, especially if he was to say it in that deep and rough voice of his.

You couldn't stop the blush from rising, though, as he took hold of your hand and kissed it. A tingling sensation rising and making you bite your lip to keep the big smile from spreading. All the while his eyes were locked with yours and you slowly, but surely, felt yourself running out of breath because of his intense gaze.

"Alright-" your father broke your staring "-Now that you've met let's get inside. Dean-" he turned to look him, Dean letting go of your hand (you would be lying if you said you didn't miss his touch already) "-you know what you have to do. Please follow the orders I previously gave you. My speech will take place in two hours from now." your father simply stated and Dean gave him a small bow.

"As you wish my King" he said and with a final smile your father put a hand on your, and your mother's, shoulders and turned you so that you would get inside the castle.

You couldn't help but have your head turned to look at Dean even as the doors were slowly closing behind you. His figure was still bowed but just before you could lose completely sight of him you saw him look up at you and a smirk play on his lips. You were not sure if he had indeed smirked at you, a playful hint to that as well, but you did not have time to see much more as the doors closed behind you.

You tried to hide the look of disappointment and turned your head to look ahead of you.

"I should better go to my room now" you said and gave your father a final hug "Welcome back again, dad" you kissed his cheek before pulling away.

"Alright but make sure you are there for my speech, ok?" he was quick to say and you nodded.

"I will be there dad, don't worry"

"Oh and (Y/n)!" he said, stopping you again before you could go anywhere.

"Yeah?" you asked.

"Be sure to get ready for tonight and wear something beautiful." you nodded a his words.

"Don't worry dad, I will" you said and with that you left them on their own to make their way to their room where your father would manage to relax a little bit before his speech.

You did not really understand the need as to why he had to make a speech in front of the villagers every time he returned from a battle or war but you did not question it either. You did not care about having to hear him talk about war, death, life and whatnot, for a good while at that, as long as you got to have him back every time.


The rest of the day along with your father's - you had to admit - rather boring speech passed by luckily quickly. You thought it would be boring but it was not anything like that. On the contrary the thought of a certain knight had you smiling like an idiot all the time.

Even when you tried reading a book you couldn't help but think about him. Your mind seemed to only be drifting to those green orbs that had your heart all of a sudden beating like a mad. The few words you had exchanged kept being replayed in your head as you only wished to hear that voice once again. Hell, your only thought at the moment was to see him again. You could not realize what was happening to you, what he was doing, but at the same time you did not want to. You did not care to know what it was that he was making you feel because it felt amazing, and that was the most important of all.

And at least you had gotten part of your wish coming true, right?

Just when you had returned after your father's speech you had started reading a book but, much like now, you had had no such luck and only ended up reading two lines and the rest of the time thinking about Dean. At some point you've had enough and felt as if you needed air, the corset probably had something to do with it, so you walked to your balcony. The view was always something that you loved about your room, that's why you would not change it no matter what. You could see the back of the castle, the garden and various fields with green grass and others with flowers as well. It was something beautiful indeed but not as much beautiful as the person that happened to be walking through it at that moment.

Dean was obviously taking a stroll, enjoying the fresh air and the warmth of the sun. You had immediately spotted him walking close and under your balcony. His head was down as he looked at a small rock. He was kicking it with his feet as he walked. His hands behind his back and someone could have thought that he was sulking about something. The smile on his lips said otherwise and you just realized he was in deep thought. Something pleasant running through his mind, though, considering how he was biting his lip to keep the smile from getting even bigger. He let out a soft chuckle to himself that was barely audible.

You rested your chin on your palm and looked at him for a good while. You let out a soft giggle when he once again kicked the small rock and even though you did not expect it he heard you. His head snapped up to your direction and he just looked at you for a while with a smile on his face. A calm expression was on your face as well as a smile. You looked down at him, not really knowing what to say; biting your lip in concentration. Still with a small smile Dean gave you a small bow, as if recognizing your presence, and despite everything you felt yourself frown at the gesture.

Of course he would bow. You were the princess. The king's daughter. And he was a simple soldier.

The smile fell from your lips and with a small shake of your head, not really because of Dean but because of everything else, you abruptly turned and walked inside your room.

What you missed though was the frown that set on Dean's face and the deep look of hurt in his eyes as he watched you walk away from him.. His heart, even though he did not want to, aching to see you just... ignore him. That's how he could only describe it. He bit his lip and shook his head as of a way to shake of the weird feeling in his chest. It certainly meant no good.

You let out another frustrated groan and slummed your face in your pillow as the thoughts kept swimming through your mind. You both loved and hated the feeling he was giving you but you knew that you were not going to get rid of it so easily - if never, whatsoever.

You laid there on your bed for a good while thinking of how you felt. Was it even possible? You didn't know the man at all. How could he have your heart beating so rapidly with just a smile of his? You had just met him this morning and he already had you feeling like this for him? Sure, it was the first time a man actually made you feel this way and all of these feelings were foreign to you but you were no fool anyway.

You knew it was something that you could not deny but at the same time you wanted to. It was not right, after all. You were a princess and he was just a knight, what could come from that? But the feeling inside you got all the more intense even if you tried to suppress it. Maybe there was no harm in it after all. Maybe it was just your imagination and all of the things you were feeling at this moment were nothing but a fragment of your imagination. Something that was just temporary and would soon be over.

Sure you could enjoy it while it lasted, because let's be honest it felt amazing, but then it would be over soon, right? Besides, there was no way he would feel that way about you. To him you were just the princess. The king's daughter. Nothing more.

A knock on the door interrupted your thoughts and with a sigh you got up from your bed. You put your long-ago-forgotten book on your nightstand and took a look of yourself in the mirror. Your cheeks were slightly flushed and your lower lip slightly bleeding. Something that did not really surprise as you had stopped biting it while thinking about Dean.

What the hell is wrong with me?! you wanted to scream at yourself but only thought of it frustrated.

Letting out another frustrated groan you soothed down your dress, combed quickly through your hair and after you made sure you were presentable you walked to the door where Anna surely awaited you to escort you to the dining room where the meal would be held.

The person that you saw as soon as you opened the door was surely not Anna.

"Dean?" you breathed out and a small smile appeared on his lips.

"What are you doing here?" you felt a frown set on your face mostly because the damn feeling that you had been trying to avoid appeared on your chest just the second you locked eyes with the handsome knight.

"Your father asked me to escort you to them. He said it would be more appropriate if his most trusted knight was next to his daughter rather than a simple maid. This is a meal to celebrate a war victory. So here I am" he said with a half smile.

"You are going to be joining the dinner?" it was a stupid question to ask because you already knew the answer.

"Yes, princess." he nodded his head "Now how about we get going, don't want to keep the king waiting long or else he might think we did something." he said with a chuckle and a wink, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

You felt heat rush in your cheeks and looking down you gave him a small nod. You closed the door behind you and turned to him. You slowly took his offered hand, linking arms with his and took in a deep breath, knowing fully well that this was going to be hard.

A/N: Sorry if there are any mistakes and errors in this this version is still not checked and just waiting on my pc for upload.

Tumblr No9b9ncjfr1qmw13co1 500 by angelmewmewTumblr No9b9ncjfr1qmw13co2 500 by angelmewmew

“Sam” you whispered, voice barely audible yet so loud in the silence that had surrounded you after you returned the bunker. Dean was now out for drinks, leaving you and Sam alone.

“Don’t, (Y/n). Just don’t” Sam said and then pursed his lips, deciding to look down at the sandwich he was making for you - because you had burned your hand.

You were leaving a flower on top of Charlie’s burning body when you heard Dean say ‘I think it should be you up there and not her’. Your eyes had widened at hearing Dean say something like that to Sam and you had momentarily forgotten that your hand was above the flames. When you realized it it was too late. If it wasn’t for Dean coming to your aid immediately you would have been left with a really bad burn right now, that was for sure.

“But Sam-” you whispered to him with a pained look on your face.

“Don’t say it, (Y/n). It’s ok. Really.” he turned to give you a tight smile - obviously forced - and then turned to look back at the food “It’s ok” he whispered, mostly trying to reassure himself.

You started taking in deep breaths, your lips pursed as you stared intensely at his back “No, no it’s not. And you know it” you said firmly.

“(Y/n)-” he started but you cut him off.

“No, don’t ‘(Y/n)’ me Sam. It’s not ok and you know it!”

He let out a sigh as he handed you your food “I know (Y/n). But just listen-” he started and you cut him off once again.

“No Sam you listen!” you said in a harsh voice.

You let out a sigh and looked back up at him “He didn’t mean it Sam. He didn’t really mean it. Dean- he would never say something like that. Not to you. Never to you. He was just- It was too much for him. That’s just it. Charlie dying was just too much for him to take but you know that he would never say something like that and actually mean it. You’re his brother Sam.” 

“I know (Y/n)” he smiled just slightly at your trying to reassure him “But I know perfectly well that it is true. Maybe I didn’t expect him to actually say it. Maybe that shocked me a little bit but-” he let out a sigh “-I know that it is true. You do too, just don’t want to accept it” he smiled sadly, shrugging slightly.

“No, Sam. No.” you said firmly “I don’t think that it is true. And neither does Dean. He didn’t mean it, Sam. He didn’t!” you emphasized your words, trying to make him believe that he was worth saving. That his own brother did not think that he was unworthy.

You let out a sigh and shaking your head walked towards hims. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your face in his chest, biting your lip to keep the tears from rolling. Seeing the brothers like this broke you. And you were not able to stand seeing them apart.

Sam hesitated but hugged you back “It’s ok” he whispered “It’s ok”

“Sam” you breathed out, lip trembling just slightly at seeing the look in his eyes.

“He didn’t mean it, ok? He didn’t. Dean would never say something like and actually mean it when it comes to you. You’ve been through so much together. So much and yet you managed to pull through. Together. Because you are brothers. And the bond you two have is much more than just that. It is much more than just blood relation, Sam. Dean- Dean would never wish that for you. Hell, if it happened I am sure that he would trade his life for yours. Once again! Sam he would never be able to live without you. You, Sam, are his brother. And no matter how many arguments you’ve had. No matter how many things you have said to each other. No matter how many bad and unforgivable things you’ve done, you always pulled through. Together. Come Hell, Heaven or Purgatory you two always made it through. Together.” you let out a breath, pulling completely away from him.

“You’re his brother, Sam. There is no chance on this Earth that Dean Winchester would put anything else above you. There is no chance that he would chose anybody else before you, if need be.” you added in a softer voice, smiling when you saw a smile appears on Sam’s face.

“You always are right (Y/n).” he looked at you with a true smile and you nodded with a bigger one of yours.

“Just not this time” he added and your smile fell. A perplexed look was on your face as Sam kept smiling. Mostly since it seemed to be a true one.

“Even though Dean might not admit it, now or ever, there is one person that he would chose above everyone. Above himself. And above me.” he put a few strands behind your ear “He would chose you over me any given second, if need be”

You shook your head at hearing Sam’s words, a sting in your chest. You both wanted and not to believe Sams words. Mostly because you could not deny the deep feelings you had for Dean for a really long time.

“Sam-” you let out a sigh “-He doesn’t see me that way. Dean and I are just friends we-” Sam’s deep chuckle made you stop.

“You may be oblivious to it, (Y/n). And Dean may not have said anything openly to me but- I see the way he looks at you. He has never looked at a woman like that. Hell, it is so obvious even a blind man could see it. I have seen it for a while now, (Y/n). The way he talks to you, the way he tries not to show how he’s worried about you, the way he feels for you is impossible to hide. Even though he might try. I haven’t gotten to say it before and I don’t think I will get to say again, to another woman anyway but- (Y/n). Dean’s in love with you” he said with a sad smile.

“Sam-” you bit your lip but he cut you off.

“He would chose you over me, (Y/n). Dean would chose you over anyone, even himself, even me, any given second.” he cupped your cheek and smiled at you, though it only made you feel even more sad.

“We both would” he added and leaned down to kiss your cheek. His face lingering close to yours for a little longer than needed.

When he pulled away he just smiled down at you, brushing his thumb on your cheek and then completely pulling away to leave.

While you just stood there, eyes wide and heart hammering in your chest at what Sam had said.

Sam had just told you what you wanted and feared to hear.

Maybe some thing were Better Left Unsaid, after all.


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