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My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

"Ready?" Dean's husky voice said from behind you.

You turned, looking at him with a straight face, and nodded slowly.

Mumbling a soft "Yes" you took in a shaky breath...

... knowing that what was to come would be the hardest ordeal of your life.

Boy, was it the hardest ordeal of your life. In fact it was even worse than how you thought it would be. The silence that surrounded you all the while you walked was nothing but comfortable like it used to be. Every second seemed like an eternity till you finally reached your house. Dean kept glancing at you frequently, you doing the same; and when your eyes locked you would immediately avert your eyes and look anywhere but him. Dean would do the same, although more slowly, eyes would look down and he would sometimes bite his lip; trying desperately to keep in the tears that threatened to spill at seeing you act so cold to him. His heart aching at seeing you act as if he was some stranger. He kept opening and closing his mouth, clearly wanting to say something - anything - but he found no words.

You glanced at him from moment to moment, desperately wanting to change the sad and heartbroken look on his face but every time you bit your lip and tried to contain yourself. Knowing that there would be no coming back if you spoke up. You pursed your lips in a thin line, willing yourself not look at him (because if you did you would not be able to keep pretending anymore) and hugged your jacket closer to your body, deciding to think of how cold it was instead of him. Hell, you wanted to think of anything as long as it was not him.

"You're feeling cold?" Dean's raspy voice broke your trail of irrelevant thoughts.

You looked at him for a split second "Just a little bit"

"You can take my jacket if you want to" he immediately offered, getting ready to pull off his jacket.

"No, no" you shook your head "It's fine. The house is just a few blocks down, I can manage" you said and he nodded slowly.

"Ok" he mumbled and went back to looking at the ground as you walked.

Silence once again surrounded you and you wanted more than anything to take back what you had just said and accept his offer. The cold that made you shiver from head to toes and the fact that you wanted to smell that amazing scent of his that had you hooked over him added to the reasons.

You let out a sigh of relief once you saw your house but you soon regretted it when you saw the look on Dean's eyes.

"Thank you from walking me home Mr. Winchester." you said once you reached your house "Have a good night" you added and you saw him nod. He did not have the emotional strength to speak and, to be honest, you were surprised by the strength that you found in yourself to speak. Your heart was shattered at seeing Dean like this but you had to hold on. Keep going.

After a small smile you turned and started walking towards the door of your house. Glad that Dean did not say even a single word. Because if he spoke, if you so much as heard his voice, if all of the emotions that were written on his face were heard in his broken voice then you-

"(Y/n)" his oh-so-broken voice was heard.

'Damn' you thought to yourself. You stopped in your tracks. Swallowing the lump in your throat you turned to look at him

"Can I talk to your for  sec?" he asked.

"I uh- It's kind of late, maybe we could on Monday, at school if you-" you started but he cut you off.

"No, please, I need to talk to you now" he pleaded, his eyes almost glistening, and you found yourself unable to say no.

"O-ok" you mumbled and made your way back to him.

"What would you like to talk about Mr. Winchester?" you said with a blank face, trying your best to not show any emotion.

"I- I just-" he let out a breath, shaking his head. He run a hand down his face and then looked at you, mustering all the courage he could "I'm sorry" he said in low yet firm voice tone.

"I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry for everything I did" he started apologizing and you could swear you heard your heart break at the look on his face. He was apologizing to you, although he had done nothing wrong. Blaming himself, although you were the only one to blame. Beating himself up for something he had not done.

"I don't know what I did to make you- stay away from me but I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I did something wrong that put you off. Please forgive me. I know I'm a total ass sometimes and a complete jerk, I don't think of the consequences of my doings sometimes and I- Please, (Y/n) I can't bear the thought of- the thought of all of this. Damn-" he groaned running a hand down his face "-These days have been a literal hell for me and I- I can't take it (Y/n). All this distance between us, the formalities and- and cold shoulder. I'm sorry for anything I did, I really did not mean to. You can keep this up if you want to but- Just- I want you to know how fucking much I want to be like before. The first few days were the best of my life (Y/n) and I- I want that back. So if you want to, we can go back to-" he swallowed the lump in his throat "-Being friends, I really want that. But... if you don't want to, then... It's ok, I understand" he ended up mumbling, looking down at his feet.

"Oh Dean" you whispered and he looked up at you. Glistening green orbs locking with your glistening (Y/e/c) ones. All the walls you had tried so hard to build, had now crumbled down.

"You- you did nothing wrong. Really. I-I am to blame. If it is somebody's fault then that's me. I am the one who should apologize. I really never meant for any of these to happen. I never wanted to be away from you or so formal. I'm so sorry for everything. I never wanted you to-" you stopped mid-sentence, swallowing the lump in your throat "I-I just thought that that was the right thing to do" you mumbled.

"We can never be sure of what's right or what's wrong, (Y/n)." Dean let out a sigh, walking closer to you and taking hold of your shoulders; making you look up at him "Tell me" he said in a low voice "Did it feel right?" he looked at you with a soft gaze, one you had missed so much and made your heart melt.

You didn't answer, too enchanted by his eyes. So you merely shook your head a 'no'.

"Then why did you go away from me, princess?" he asked in a low, soft voice tone, showing so much adoration and... love.

"I had to" you said in an even lower voice tone.

"Why?" he asked in an almost inaudible voice tone.

"Because..." was the only word that left your mouth, all the reasons as to why you tried to cut off ties with him fading in the silence of night.

Because you are much older than me and my parents won't approve. Because you are my teacher. Because if I let myself be close to you I will not be able to contain myself any longer. Because if I don't contain my feelings any longer and act upon them then I will be your destruction. Because you will lose your job. Because I love you so much that I can't never let myself cause so much harm to you.

All of those reasons faded into the night as well as your mind. The only thing present being those three words. I love you. Your heart had taken over your mind too and you could no longer think of anything.

Anything but his sweet lips that got closer to yours. And before you could realize it they were on yours, or more like yours on his since it was you that initiated the kiss. In the beginning it was hesitant and slow but it soon turned into passionate.

A passionate kiss with Dean Winchester.
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

From this moment you decided you would not think about him anymore. You would not think about...

"Dean" you breathed out once opening the door, eyes locking with forest green ones.

So much for not thinking about him...

An almost surprised look flashed through his eyes but it was soon replaced by a different one. One that people usually had when they saw a loved one after a long time of being apart.

'I'm not a loved one damn it' you thought angrily to yourself. You felt angry with yourself that even at the sight of him, your hopes got up.

"Hey" he all-but-whispered, voice somewhat rough and eyes looking at you with softness, an almost invisible smile on his face.

"Hi" you said in an equal voice tone.

Silence followed after that. The beating of your heart was the only thing you could hear. It was so fast and loud that you feared that he would be able to hear it too. The silence was of course soon broken by Sam.

"Hey Dean, finally man! Thought you weren't going to come in the end" Sam said with a chuckle and you opened the door more for Dean to come in; not leaving each other's eyes no matter what.

"Yeah, told you I wasn't going to miss it" Dean said looking at his brother for a split second and then back at you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, licking your lips that suddenly felt really dry. The sound of your heartbeat pounding in your head. You tried to look away from his eyes but, yet, you felt yourself being pulled to them like magnet. You could not look anywhere else but him. You could not think about anything else but him. Damn, it was just a few minutes that he had come into the same room with you and you felt yourself going over the edge already. You could not deny to yourself how much you had missed being this close to him, acting like normal people with no boundaries between them, no teacher-student relationship separating them.

"Well then-" Sam's voice broke your trail of thoughts "- Don't worry, we're going to make you have a great night and you will surely get your mind off those problems you're having" Sam said, clapping his brother on the shoulder.

Dean chuckled "Already feel better" he said in a low rough voice, eyes fixated on you.

You could not help but smile at him, no matter how much you wanted to put distance between the two of you; build some sort of wall that would separate you, he always found a way to get to you. No matter what.

Sam smirked knowingly at his brother, happy to see Dean like this - in love with somebody, true love (though Dean was never going to admit it openly).

"Wait to taste (Y/n)'s pie! Meredith's told me she's the best at it!" Sam said grinning and you tucked your head down.

"It's not much, really" you said with a small, shy smile; scratching the back of your neck.

"Oh we'll see! I will be the one to say that!" Dean said grinning "I have eaten many pies in my life, with Sam's being the worst of all! So, believe me, no matter how bad you think it is- I can tell you for sure that it will be like a pie out of heaven compared to Sammy's!" Dean added and you giggled.

"Hey! I did my best, ok?!" Sam said shooting him a bitch-face.

"Yeah, tell that to that poor dog of yours that was sick for an entire week after eating it!" Dean said matter-of-factly.

"My dog? Wait, you fed my dog the pie I made for you? You didn't eat the whole of it?!" Sam asked.

"Like hell was going to eat all of that thing!" Dean stated and Sam shook his head.

"I can't believe you" he muttered.

"Neither can I" Dean didn't waste time and responded.

"Jerk" you hear Sam mumble.

"Bitch" Dean quickly retorted.

"Here" he soon added, extending his hands to give you the wine he had brought with him.

You took it from him, hands touching for a while and staying like that for more than a while. More than it was needed for someone to look at you suspiciously. Not Sam, who knew, of course. But for Meredith, for sure.

"Hey" she suddenly said after a while of looking at you and Dean, quickly putting on a happy face instead of the suspicious one she had before.

"Oh hey Mer" Dean said after clearing his throat "How are you?"

"Good, you?" she asked back.

"Good, good" he mumbled glancing at you (who couldn't tear your eyes from him no matter how much you tried) and then quickly back at her, not wanting to look suspicious.

"I'm glad then" she smiled and turned to look at you "How about you take that in the kitchen (Y/n)" she said and, after a quick glance at Dean, you nodded.

"Come on then, Dean. Let's sit while waiting for dinner. You could also give a hand to your brother who is clearly failing, too" your sister said laughing and you could hear Sam respond with a simple (and of course over-dramatic, fake) gasp.

"Hey, I'm doing my best ok?" he tried to defend himself.

Dean did as he was told, walking towards the living room, but his eyes were still fixated on you; yours doing the same. You had stopped at the kitchen's door, looking at him. Until you shook your head and turned to walk inside; knowing fully well that if you didn't break your stare now and put an end to this, there would be no coming back.


The rest of the night went by smoothly- You wished you could say that, really.

All you wanted was to get your mind off him but of course luck was not with you. And the worst of all was that... there were moments that you found yourself not wanting to think of anything else but him. It hurt like hell to be torn between what you wanted and what you should do. Your heart and mind refused to co-operate.

There were moments that you found yourself relaxing, forgetting what you should do (stay away from him) and letting your heart take over you. Or more like all of your emotions. You found yourself laughing more than often at his jokes that, although Sam said they were lame, you actually found really funny. It was something that you had missed very much, just like his laugh, his smile, his eyes, his presence next to you- Hell, you had missed the man himself in general, and you had just realized it.

But then, after that... the whole reality downed on you. More like a ton of bricks. Everything that you had thought all those days ago, coming back to you. All the thoughts of what was right came back to you. You felt your heart ache at realizing that that was actually what you should do. Stay away from him.

All of your mood vanished after that. Although you wanted to laugh at his jokes and puns, although you wanted to be close to him, although you wanted to share small talks with him just like you had done a few hours ago (when you actually did not think of anything - anything but him and the great time you were having) you found yourself suppressing any kind of feeling, only thinking of what was right. You chose not to show any kind of emotion, face completely blank, instead of letting your heart take over once again. And, so, you did just what you had done all those days ago. Treat him like just your teacher, maybe even a little bit more - seeing as his brother was your sister's boyfriend and your families had been good friends for a long time - but nothing more.

Putting some distance between you was the only thing you thought right. Even though it didn't feel like it.


"Thanks for having me over, Mer" you said after a hug with your sister.

"You don't have to thank us (Y/n)" she smiled "You know you can always come over. This will always be a home for you too" she said and Sam didn't miss a beat to nod.

"She's right (Y/n). You can always come by if you want to" he smiled.

You hugged him too and made your way to the door, taking your jacket and wearing it.

"You're gonna go home all alone, though? At night?" Sam asked with a frown and you shrugged.

"Yeah, it's not so far from here after all. Besides, it's Mystic Falls. Nothing bad ever happens here" you said.

"But-" your sister, who of course did not want you to go home alone, spoke up "We can never be sure. Hey! How about Dean comes with you?" she suddenly said enthusiastically. It was really weird, seeing as just a few hours ago she would glare and look at Dean with suspicion whenever he came closer to you and now her mood had changed and she seemed to trust him with you more than anyone else. Maybe the fact that she had a small talk with Sam helped in that, although you had no idea about what they said.

"No!" you said a little bit too fast, a hurt look flashed through Dean's eyes.

"I mean, there is no need for Dean to be put in all that trouble. I-I can walk there myself" you tried to reason with them, your heart beating rapidly in your chest.

"It is no trouble, though" Dean piped in.

Just what you wanted so much (spending some alone time with him) and feared even more.

"But-" you tried to protest but Meredith cut you off.

"No, 'but's (Y/n)" she said in her older-protective-sister voice "Since it is no trouble for Dean to walk you home, then you are going with him. It's better be safe than sorry" she said and you nodded slowly, not once daring to look at Dean's direction. Dean, who had a look in his eyes like one of a kicked puppy; not wanted by the ones he loved.

You grabbed your keys before turning and exiting the house. The cold air immediately hitting your face, sending goosebumps all over your body. You wrapped your arms around you, the jacket doing little to no job at keeping you warm.

Silence, almost, surrounded you; save for a little few sounds. You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath, knowing that what was to come would be the hardest moments of your life.

Walking next to Dean, being so close to him, with nobody else around you, would make it really hard for you to hold yourself. To keep your heart from completely taking over.

You let out a breath that created clouds in the cold of the night, as the closing of a door was heard. You opened your eyes and looked ahead of you.

"Ready?" Dean's husky voice said from behind you.

You turned, looking at him with a straight face, and nodded slowly.

Mumbling a soft "Yes" you took in a shaky breath...

... knowing that what was to come would be the hardest ordeal of your life.
My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader- P10
Chapter 10 is here and there are some really interesting moments coming after this, I promise! C;
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

You smiled more, looking up at him and without even so thinking of it... you closed the distance between you. You crashed into his chest, burring your face into his chest and wrapping your arms tightly around him, gripping tightly at his suit jacket.

Dean hesitated for a while but slowly brought his hands up and wrapped them around you, his grip soon tightening; trying desperately to bring you as close as possible.

He buried his face in your hair, breathing in your scent; a smile spreading on his face. He had never felt better in his life. He had never felt this way in his life. He had never felt so...

Complete. He now realized it. He was never actually complete. He was never complete or happy because you were missing. His mate was missing. His other half was missing.

No longer, though.

Dean's smile widened as realization sank in. You were actually there, in his arms. Nothing and nobody could ever pull you apart. Never.

You breathed in his scent, that you (weirdly) found yourself greatly attracted to, enjoying the warmth that his body radiated. His heartbeat was the most soothing sound you had ever heard in your life and you could stand like that for hours, listening to it to no end.

"Thank you, Dean" you whispered softly with a small smile.

You cupped his one cheek and stood on your tiptoes, kissing his other; not caring even in the least bit that he was actually your teacher and engaged to another woman. You could not keep holding your feelings anymore. Besides, what harm could do an innocent kiss on the cheek?

You pulled away from him, your face staying a few inches away from his; noses almost touching, but letting out a small breath you pulled away completely.

"Goodbye Mr. Winchester" you whispered, eyes glued to the ground; biting your lip as heat rose to your cheeks. You quickly turned and made your way out of the school.

Dean let out a shaky breath, putting a hand over his eyes. He run his hand down his face and then opened his eyes to look at the way you went from. A smile spreading on his face.

"Oh my beautiful Omega" he whispered, biting his lip.


The following three weeks passed by without your even realizing it. The only thing in your mind every morning was to go to school, a shocker yeah, but seeing Dean was everything you wanted to do, so you didn't care about anything else.

The hug and the kiss you had given him constantly played on your head, again and again. Just like what had happened before that, with Tyler and Dean pulling him away from you. Furiously shouting at him for 'hurting' you and even getting ready to punch him. You could not help yourself but smile at the thought of that side of Dean. The protective one. The protective one he showed when you were in 'danger', when you needed somebody's help; although you would have surely handled that Alpha's drunk ass if he continued like that, for sure.

There were moments that you started feeling guilty for what you had done. Although it was a harmless kiss on the cheek you could not help but think about his fiance. Lisa was an amazing woman, you had realized that from the lessons you had had with her, and you did not want to do that to her. Not that you had done anything wrong, no. You had done nothing wrong, nothing that could lead to more. There could not be more than that, you thought to yourself sadly every night; after having spent hour on thinking about how your day was spent with Dean. Whether it would be some small talk, a joke here and there, or even a glance, you found yourself seeing him more and more with each day passing. Everything done in almost secrecy as if you two were actually a couple and wanted nobody to know. The few times that you actually talked in public were really hard for both of you because you had to put some actual distance between you. You didn't want anyone to realize anything or even speculate something of the two of you; not that anything was going on anyway.

You could not deny, though, what a relief and happiness you felt when you found out, from Caroline of course, that Dean and Lisa were no longer together. You felt bad when you thought of how actually pleased you were to hear that but at the same time you could not help it. You could not help the fact that your heart would beat a little bit faster than before when you saw him; knowing that there was no longer something that would keep him back - away from you.

'What the hell am I thinking' you thought to yourself, shaking your head to dismiss the thoughts that every time found a way to creep into your mind. You knew fully well that Dean was your teacher and forming a relationship with him would cause nothing but harm, mostly to him; and that was something that by no means did you want.

You tried desperately to keep a distance from him after the first two weeks of you spending time with him every chance you got.

You did everything you could to avoid him.

Pretending you didn't see him and looking the other way, walking past him and acting as if you were occupied with your things, pretending not to have heard him and that you were focused on something that Elena, Caroline or Bonnie had said. You really tried to do all of those things in order to keep distance between you; although you didn't want that at all. You wanted to be close to him, like the first few days. You wanted to get to talk with him before all the students gathered and he started the lesson, again. You wanted to share lame jokes with him, again, laughing uncontrollably just like two good friends. You wanted, more than anything, to feel him put his hand on your back and comfort whenever you were down. You wanted to have him close and be able to smell that amazing cologne (or natural scent - you hadn't figured it out yet) of his that drove you insane. You wanted to be able to hear him laugh, see him smile at you, his eyes shining with happiness. You missed terribly the small crinkles by his eyes when he smiled widely.

All of those things you wanted so desperately to do again, but you couldn't. You couldn't because he was your teacher and you cared about him so damn much that you didn't want to harm him in any way. If you even so dared to let your walls down for him again then you knew that you would not be able to put up with just being his friend. That alone put his job at stake. You knew that if you dared to let yourself get close to him again then you would be damned; both of you would. You were sure that you wouldn't be able to resist him. You wouldn't be able to resist and would fall harder in love with him, if it was even possible. You cared so deeply for that man that you could not do that. If any of that happened and you two got together, there was no chance that he would get by with it so easily. He would surely lose his job, denied to teach at any other school and even get in prison; seeing as you were only 17. All that unless he was your mate, your Alpha...

...'But he isn't' you thought bitterly.

So you did the only thing you knew you could to keep your distance from him. Take interest in another guy. That seemed really hard in theory for you and it actually was even harder in practice. Every guy that actually seemed nice and you would have surely found yourself being in a relationship with (before coming in Mystic Falls) was simply not enough. You could not keep yourself from comparing all of them to Dean. How much different they all were from him and the traits of him (in both personality and appearance) that they did not have.

There was one guy, though, that actually managed to grasp your interest. It was Kai, whom you had firstly met at your psychology class. There was no denying that he was cute, funny, sweet, kind and all around perfect. He even had a rough past, like Dean, (both having to do with their fathers) but that had only made him become a better person. You could not lie to yourself (and Caroline, who demanded to know everything, of course) that you were greatly attracted to him. Maybe it was he cheeky smile or maybe the way he laughed, his jokes and sarcasm always present to make you laugh too, all of that making your heart beat fast. Not as fast as with Dean, though.

You had soon realized that bitter fact and decided that no matter how much you liked Kai, spending time with him and all, he was never actually going to make you feel like Dean did. Forming a friendship, a close at that, with him was the only thing you could do. Spending time with him and enjoying his company you still did, but you no longer tried to convince yourself that he maybe was your Alpha or that he could actually make you forget Dean.

Dean of course had a really hard time keeping himself from attacking the poor lad. He really found it hard to contain himself when he saw Kai put an arm around your shoulder, talk to you with little distance separating you and being with you what seemed like every second of your day at school; the fact that you had almost the same classes added to it. And he couldn't help but feel his heart break at the sigh of you getting closer to him, laughing at his jokes like you never laughed at his, smiling sweetly at him and above all... chose to pay attention to Kai, all focus on him, whenever Dean walked by. Not even a glance sent at his side. Not even a 'Hello Mr. Winchester'. You had long ago returned to the last name basis and formalities, from your side of course. There was not much Dean could do. There was nothing he could do. Not when you had decided to cut off any ties with him and treat him as yet another teacher.There was nothing you could do either.

There was nothing either of you could do and yet... so much.


You let out a sigh after putting the pan in the oven. Finally dinner was ready, all it needed was to be cooked and you would finally get to eat. The pie you had made with your sister Meredith (although it was mostly your doing) sat on the counter after having just gotten out of the oven and was seriously making your mouth water.

It was Friday night and since your parents would be staying at some friend's of theirs, the Mikealson family, you decided to spent the night with your sister and her boyfriend instead of those troublesome Mikaelson children. You got along with Rebeka and even Elijah but Klaus along with Kol and his arrogance really got on your nerves. All you wanted was a nice, relaxing Friday night. The only thing that would be able to help you get your mind off Dean.

Luck was not with your side this day.

"(Y/n) can you go get that?" Meredith asked after you heard the doorbell ring. She was cleaning the counter and at the same time balancing a couple plates at one hand, surely not in position to go open the door.

"Got it" you smiled at your sister and exited the kitchen.

You made your way past the living room but stopped for a second to see Sam struggling with fixing the coffee table's leg. You giggled at his clearly failing attempts.

"Want help with that Sammy?" you asked with a smirk; having gotten more than close to Sam after knowing him for all this years.

"No, (Y/n), thank you very much for you offer" you heard Sam say exasperated.

"Ok" you shrugged, laughing slightly at him.

Your laughter was cut short when you heard him mumble something that sounded like "So much like my brother".

The mere thought of Dean now brought a huge wave of sadness through you. If it had been a just week ago that you would be smiling like an idiot even just at the mention of his name. Now, though, that you were apart and you tried to keep your distance from him you could not help but feel sad. It hurt. Being away from him hurt like hell. Seeing him still try to get close to you only to get rejected hurt more than you thought it would.

Damn, being with him would cause harm to him. Being away from him would cause harm to both of you. There was nothing left for you to do. Nothing. Nothing apart from not thinking. Not feeling. If you didn't think about him then maybe you would not feel anything about him anymore either. Maybe after a long time all of this would be over, none of you hurting anymore. Yes, that was the best solution. Not thinking about him.

From this moment you decided you would not think about him anymore. You would not think about...

"Dean" you breathed out once opening the door, eyes locking with forest green ones.

So much for not thinking about him...
My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader - P9
Plot twist! Tehe of course a plot-twist! You thought it would be so easy when I am the author? Hehe nope, no way!
This basically describes what happened after the incident with Tyler and then it is a description of how the following three weeks went on. Things take a turn for the worse, though, and hearts are broken. Time for the drama to begin!
Enjoy~! xx'
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

"Sit (Y/n)" his voice softened when he spoke to you, a comforting hand was put on your shoulder.

After a small glance at Dean and a shy smile, you turned and took a seat. Tyler, and his gang, seemed like they would bring you a lot of trouble but maybe, just maybe, with Dean by your side things would be ok. He made you feel safe and...

... for the first time you actually thought that things would go well.

And they did. As long as the lesson lasted, though. Once it was over, well, that was a whole different story.

The bell rang and everybody got up without missing a beat. Tyler and his gang of course made sure to walk straight past you and (of course) he winked at you. He thought you were interested while the mere thought of it made you want to vomit. No offence he was handsome but his attitude really put you off. The fact that you had eyes only for a certain Alpha, green-eyed Alpha, added to the fact that nothing was going to happen between you and him.

'Not that anything is going to happen between me and Dean, either' you thought sadly to yourself, daring to sneak a glace at Dean.

Caroline's voice broke your trail of thoughts "Are you coming or what?" she asked with a smirk.

You shook your head slightly and looked at her "Yeah, sure" you said with a small smile and gathered up your things, ready to leave.

"Uh sorry?" a voice asked behind you and you turned to look at Kai. It was the cute guy that had smiled at you when Dean introduced you to the class. You found yourself blushing at seeing him smile at you.

"This fell from your bag" he said handing you your notebook.

"Oh thanks" you said, taking the book from his hands.

"No problem" he smiled cheekily at you and you couldn't not keep yourself from smiling more.

"I'm (Y/n) by the way" you said extending your hand.

"Yeah I know" he chuckled awkwardly, and certainly in an adorable way "I'm Kai" he said; shaking your hand.

"Yeah, I know that too" you chuckled the way he did before.

You looked at each other for a while, comfortable silence (for the two of you basically) surrounded you. It was soon broken, though, by Dean clearing his throat.

He got up to clear the board, all the while his eyes threateningly looking at Kai who seemed a little bit intimidated. It seemed more like a glare, and Dean seemed to be on the verge of struggling the poor kid.

"I'll better get going." he muttered "See you tomorrow Car, Mr. Winchester" he said turning to Dean who nodded sharply with a stern look "(Y/n)" he said smiling at you and you returned the smile sheepishly.

He exited the classroom and after you put your notebook in your bag you got ready to leave, not forgetting to bid goodbye to Dean of course. A soft smile on his face as he responded.

"Shit" you mumbled as you and Caroline made your way out of the school.

"What?" she asked, seeing you search in your bag for something.

"I forgot my sketchbook at my locker" you huffed.

"What are you waiting for then? Go take it, I'll wait here" she said and you smiled.

"Be right back" you said and ran quickly inside, making your way to your locker.

You reached it quickly and after grabbing your sketchbook you closed it and got ready to leave.

Only to be stopped by a figure in front of you.

"Oh my God" you put a hand on your chest from the shock.

"Hm close enough" Tyler stood in front of you with a smirk.

You immediately put on a stern face, his arrogance having gotten the best of you.

"What do you want Tyler?" you said deadly serious.

"Oh come on, don't be so moody babe" he said, same smirk still plastered on his face.

"I'm not your babe, Tyler" you gritted your teeth.

"You will soon be" he chuckled.

"No, thanks. I'll pass. Now let me go" you tried to push him away, only for him to grip at your arm more tightly.

"Tyler. I told you I'm not interested" you spoke slowly but threateningly, trying to get it through his thick skull "Now leave me alone" you gritted your teeth.

"Girl, you haven't been with me yet. I assure you, once you try it you won't-" he had no time to continue as your hand collided with his cheek in a rather loud slap.

"You- you jerk" you said but he merely chuckled.

"Feisty, I like it. I bet we're going to have a really good time" he smirked more and your eyes widened.

"No!" you found yourself screaming as he went to kiss you, you luckily managed to avoid it; turning your head to the other side. You did everything in your will to get out of his grasp. Everything to push him away from you, but with no luck.

"Come on little Omega, you know you want me" he smirked more, his breath that smelled of alcohol hitting your face.

What the hell?! you thought Since when do they let students drink at school?! though you had more important things at matter.

"Tyler, no! Leave me alone!" you shouted again, but he seemed to not get it.

You shut your eyes tightly, not knowing what was to come from the drunk Alpha, but soon they snapped open when you felt his weight being lifted from you.

"She said leave her alone you son of a bitch!" Dean's voice roared. You looked up to see him on full rage having grabbed Tyler by the hem of his jacket and slammed him on the wall.

"I've warned you so many times before, Lockwood, but now you've crossed the line! I've had enough with your arrogance. If you think that your Alpha ass is above everybody else and you can do whatever the hell you want to then you are damn wrong! I'm not going to put up with your anymore, you hear me?! I'll make you regret for even so laying a finger on my-" Dean started shouting at him angrily, only to stop mid-sentence when he realized that he was going to say 'My Omega, my mate'.

"You ain't going to keep this up anymore! I'm not going to let you even so think of laying a finger on any of my students, you hear me?! If you believe that you're the only Alpha here and can treat the Omegas any way you want to then I'm going to show you how fucking wrong you are!" Dean roared angrily and your eyes widened at seeing him clench his fist and get ready to punch him.

"No!" you shouted taking hold of Dean's arm before he could do something that would at least cost him his job.

Dean turned his head to look at you and his face immediately softened, all anger vanishing from his eyes.

"No, Dean" you whispered, giving him a look that he fully understood. He fully understood that if he hit a student of his (or did everything else that he thought of doing to Tyler for touching you) he would never be able to teach at a school again, no school would allow him to. All the effort he had put in it, going to the drain.

He turned his head to look at Tyler, anger quickly returning in his eyes. He narrowed them at him and spoke through gritted teeth "Go. Before I change my mind" and he let go of Tyler's jacket, shoving him.

Tyler stumbled over his feet but managed to get up and quickly made his way to the exit.

"Lockwood" Dean's rough voice made Tyler turn to look at him. Tyler swallowed the lump in his throat and looked at him intimidated.

"Tomorrow. Morning. My office." Dean said slowly and sternly "And then we will go by the principal's office for a visit." Dean gave him a smirk that only made Tyler feel scared.

Tyler nodded and he got out of the school in a hurry.

Dean stayed like that for a while, just staring (or more like glaring) at the direction Tyler left from. You on the other hand stared at him, your face filled with awe and adoration. Only one thought in your mind. Or more like wish. Him to be your Alpha.

The protectiveness he showed when he thought you were in danger, the possessiveness he had over you when another Alpha was close to you, and at the same time the softness he held in his eyes whenever he spoke to you, the adoration with which he talked to you, the way he took care of you even though you had basically just met all the more adding to your attraction to him. You didn't know him, basically at all, but still you felt... at home. You felt at peace with him. You felt safe. As if you had known him your whole life. As if... you two were meant to be.

"Are you alright?" he asked with a soft yet rough voice.

You nodded slowly with a small smile "Yeah" you said and bent to take your bag from the floor.

"Are you sure?" he asked concerned and you felt your heart melt at seeing those beautiful green eyes show actual interest for your well-being.

"Yeah, just... thinking why that asshole actually chose psychology. It's totally beyond me" you mumbled mostly to yourself. Your eyes widened once you realized what you had actually said.

"Oh my- Pardon me" you said lowly, looking down.

Dean chuckled and you slowly looked up at him, his smile making you return it "It's fine. As long as you're ok" he mumbled and put a hand on your cheek, rubbing it softly with his thumb.

You stood like that for a while, just staring at each other. Soft smiles were on both of your faces, and you'd swear you could see adoration written in his eyes. Something else there, too, but not easy for you to point your finger on.

You smiled more, looking up at him and without even so thinking of it... closed the distance between you.
My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader - P8
And here comes chapter 8. I am really excited, just like you will be when you read it *wink wink*, because really interesting things are gonna happen from now on. The previous chapters were just the beginning, the real roller coaster begins now! Fasten your seat-belts! Enjoy~! xx'
My beautiful Omega - Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omega!Reader & Teacher!Dean Winchester x Student!Reader

The weekend, despite all of Dean's hopes, was a long one. The longest in his life. The need to see you and the fact that Lisa was moving out of their house all the more added to his torment. There was really nothing he could do, though. Little to no words were exchanged between them as they both gathered her things and put them in boxes. After that Friday night she had decided that she should move out of their place as soon as possible and Dean was not one to say no. It hurt him to see her like this but he knew that it was something that should be done. Maybe it should have been done long time ago, for that matter. He could see that what he had with her was long ago over and there was nothing that could keep them together. The fact that Dean had found his true mate just made things happen faster, none of them having to wait till some true reason for the break-up was found.

He gave her a last hug, once all of her boxes were put in her car, a tight smile on his face. He wasn't happy. Of course, he couldn't be. Even though one part of him felt relief that all of this was over, there still was a part of him that felt bad about what he had done to her and the way that things ended between them. However, though, there was nothing he could do. He could not control his heart nor his feelings for you.

With a last 'Goodbye' and 'Take care' Lisa took off her ring that Dean had bought when he proposed to her and with a sad smile turned to walk towards her car. Dean mumbled a small 'See you' but a tight smile was on his face, knowing full well that he was not going to see her again. She had decided not only to move out of their house but the town in general. Staying in Mystic Falls (seeing as the town was a really small one) meant that she would have to see him almost every day. The fact that they worked at the same place, the local school, making sure of that.

Dean put his hand with the ring in his pocket and waved at her with the other one. Only one thought running through his mind...

'Tomorrow I will see her'


'Tomorrow I will see him'

That was the only thought that was running through your mind on Sunday. You found it impossible to explain what had gotten over you, but you could not wait to see him. Hear him talk to you. Feeling his hand on yours again, leaving that tingling sensation behind. It got all the more strange when you thought of the fact that the person of whom you couldn't stop thinking was actually your teacher who also happened to be engaged (thank Caroline for all the information).

You tried to reason with yourself during the weekend, tried to get him out of your head, but that was impossible. The man even hunted your dreams, which was totally crazy as you had seen him just once. Talked to him for no longer than an hour and yet... Yet, he had found his way into your dreams. Dreams that at the mere memory of you found yourself blushing furiously. You were not that type of person, never the kind of girl that would actually made those dreams come true, but this man... This man with the name Dean Winchester managed to make you feel things that you had never felt before in your life. Never even thought of.

And, yet, here you were daydreaming about an older (really handsome - nobody could ever deny that) man, that was your teacher, engaged and totally off limits for you. Daydreaming about him and his perfect face. His strong jaw and full lips (you had a hard time not kissing them), his cute freckles that dusted his nose and cheeks and those mesmerizing green eyes that you couldn't help but stare at. Daydreaming about his short spiky hair that looked so soft and you wanted more than anything to run your fingers through them. And then there was his damn gorgeous body. You had not seen it for real but you were more than sure that under that completely professional suit and tie was a well-toned body, strong arms and (why not) maybe a tattoo? You really thought it would make him look really hot. Not that he wasn't already.

You let out a sigh, shaking your head slightly.

Damn, that Alpha (again, thank Caroline for the information) had you hooked over him like he was a piece of chocolate.

'Maybe he tastes better than chocolate' a thought run through your mind and before you could realize it your eyes widened.

You shook your head, trying to dismiss any further thoughts. Trying your hardest (and failing) to focus on your project for History.

"I'll just ask Ric to give me a few more days" you mumbled and shut the book closed. Opting to do what you were trying to avoid (and failing at) doing all this time. Thinking about him.


And just like that it was Monday and of course last period. You really could not get why they had to do this to you. The only thing you wanted to do today was see him (even if it was just during lesson) and they had to put Psychology as the last class for your day. Needless to say, it felt like centuries instead of hours till the last hour came.

But it did. And here you were, walking into Dean's class. Your heart hammering in your chest as you expected to see him.

"Are you ok?" Caroline, who was next to you, asked concerned.

"Yeah" you smiled "Just a little bit tired, that's all" you said as you entered Dean's classroom. You didn't miss a beat to look at the desk and see if he was there, but to your disappointment he wasn't.

"Don't worry, you will be able to relax. Mr. Winchester always makes his lessons interesting and not boring. Unless the king of hell decides to take his place today" she mostly said the last part to herself as you both took your seats.

"King of hell?" you frowned at her.

"Oh yeah, that's how we call the principal, Crowley. He's helpful in general but really knows how to punish somebody when they break the rules of the school. I swear there are moments I think he's a demon!" Caroline said over-dramatically and you giggled at her.

"That's nonsense Car. Besides, why would he give us a lesson instead of Mr. Winchester?" you asked her.

"Because, believe it or not, that demon is actually a licensed psychologist! And I'm telling you, he really does know about causing mental torture to the naughty ones" she made a sign at the back of the class where a group of boys sat laughing, rather loudly. They were for sure Alphas. Arrogant at that!

"I mean, he has done it a few times. Gave us a lesson when Mr. Winchester was absent from school so, why not today?" she asked, rhetorically, and you found yourself frowning at the idea.

That's the only thing you've been looking forward to, all day, seeing him, and you were really hoping that you weren't going to lose your chance because-

"Hello class" a rough voice said and your head snapped at its direction. A big smile soon spreading on your face at locking eyes with green forest ones.

"Hello Mr. Winchester" everybody said in unison, you too. Your voice was more like a whisper, though, it was nowhere near audible.

Dean looked through the class, as if counting to see if somebody was absent, but stopped abruptly when he spotted you. A smile (although he tried to suppress it) appeared on his face and you felt your cheeks heat up. You immediately averted your eyes and looked down at your notebook, biting your lip nervously.

Dean smiled more at your reaction but as soon as he realized he was staring, he averted his eyes from you and, clearing his throat, he made his way to his desk; setting there his few books.

"Ok class, so before I start with my lesson today I would like you all to meet someone" he said and you felt your eyes widened.

Oh no, he wasn't going to give the 'New Student' speech for you, was he?

"(Y/n)" he said your name and you immediately felt like crawling into a whole and dying there "Please sit up" he added and you reluctantly did as he told you.

"I want you all to meet (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n). She's a new student here so I expect you all make her feel comfortable and welcomed" he said and you turned at the class, giving them an awkward smile.

Some girls smiled back, they seemed really nice, a few guys doing the same; a cute one giving you a charming smile that would surely have made you melt. But of course the moment had to be ruined by the arrogant Alphas at the back of the class.

"Oh don't worry Mr. Winchester, we will make sure she feels welcomed" he said with a cocky smirk that really made you want to punch him; winking at you.

"Just as much welcomed you will feel at the principal's office, Tyler, if you continue like that" Dean all but growled at him.

"Sit (Y/n)" his voice softened when he spoke to you, a comforting hand was put on your shoulder.

After a small glance at Dean and a shy smile, you turned and took a seat. Tyler, and his gang, seemed like they would bring you a lot of trouble but maybe, just maybe, with Dean by your side things would be ok. He made you feel safe and...

... for the first time you actually thought that things would go well.
My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader - P7
Chapter 7 is up as promised. Hope you like it~!
When Misha was not an angel but a priest. Have I told you this story... nah, I don't remember doing so. This is a somewhat late post but... here you go anyway!

tumblr inline mpr33aLean1qz4rgp by angelmewmew

Yes, yes. Cause actually Misha was a priest on Divine the series. A very handsome at that. Can’t believe I’m saying this for a priest. It’s Misha, though, so I think I am completely justified.

tumblr mezpn03gHX1rv8b97o1 500 by angelmewmew

I mean come on, look at that face! He’s so cute! So damn adorable! And the priest clothes look really good on him! At least the way his black shirt is buttoned up til his neck! Oh father Christopher (that’s his name), you’re so damn cute!

That man is love! Amazing as always, Misha!

Tumblr Mtaiv7vusl1seoq4ao1 500 by angelmewmew

Look at that face! Man I can’t help but squeal~!

Or write a fan fiction for that matter… long fan fiction... a series...

tumblr mezpn03gHX1rv8b97o2 500 by angelmewmew

Yes, yes. I intend on writing a fic with priest Misha-father Christopher x Reader. Forbidden love and all that. Besides, it is going to be a crossover with Supernatural…

…and a love triangle.

tumblr lsi4r2wIVK1qe8a0fo1 r1 500 by angelmewmew

Hm, maybe not what the gif above suggests but sort of...
... oh I like being mysterious!!

P.s. Ignore my last sentence! XD


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Soon enough
I won't think about you every single day
And I may forget to mention your name as I pray
Soon enough
I'll be able to survive without you
Cause soon enough
you'll be gone
and I'll be left to look at our broken pieces
Soon enough I will be nothing but a fallen angel
Cause you are my heaven

Ariana's Stamp by BlueFrizzleEyes Supernatural by Arunaudo Ariana Grande Support Stamp by hyuga-hime Supernatural by kicsianna Ariana Grande by GoddessSellyGomez Stamp :: I Heart Supernatural by homestucktroll123 Meeting in the purgatory Stamp by Tsuki-Nekota castiel smirk stamp by Bloody-Changeling +Icon de Ariana Grande (Pedido) by RockMeYeah69 +Ariana Grande {Icon} by ImAMoustacheGilr +Dean's Cute Expression+ by FallenAngelRuby Ariana Grande Icon by CelebPngs Dean icon by Cross-EyedMary Gif Ariana Grande by ComeAndTakeMyHand +icon42 by 1Dforeverandever Castiel - stamp II by Flaminia Ariana Grande Icon (: by WasabiSky +Castiel's Awesomeness+ by FallenAngelRuby Ariana Grande Icons by LucyyHale Castiel, Cassiel... by JensenLuvr9614 Ariana Grande Gif by NeverCanSayGoodbye Castiel Icon by shdwslayer Ariana Grande Icon by dopebiebas Castiel Icon1 by NikkyJamez +Gif Icon Ariana Grande by lalalaElmosworld Dibs on Castiel stamp by IFuckingHateDallas Dibs on Dean stamp by IFuckingHateDallas Ariana Grande Icon 2 by Enchancer Castiel - to the light icon by poundingonthedoor Ariana Grande Icon 1 by Enchancer Castiel by Pholelove Ariana Grande Icon by ArianaRush Castiel Icon5 by NikkyJamez Ariana Grande Icon. by faithrauhl Jensen Ackles avatar 2 by me969 Ariana Grande Gif 1 by Glitteroxy-ArtFans Icon: Heaven Sent by EmonyJade My Man Dean Supernatural Stamp by daydream--believer Ariana Grande GIF by StylishPurpleGirl14 Dean - stamp V by Flaminia Dean - stamp I by Flaminia Castiel - stamp VII by Flaminia Ariana Grande by GoddessSellyGomez Only Heaven by zerotozune Ariana 1 by EditionsUnbroken Cas Stamp 4 by angiezinha Papa WINCHESTER stamp by Evgenya Cas Stamp 1 by angiezinha Dean Stamp 5 by angiezinha Sam Stamp 6 by angiezinha Ariana Grande by MissMeliszz the angel on your shoulder by mummy16 Innocence of loki by Gatewhale Icon by ChristieBrenner Loki icon by Skiebear Ariana Grande Icon by glowinginthedark13 loki (icon) by DayDreamingGal7 +Ariana Grande (Icon) by KiaraTutorials Robert Downey Jr Icon 3 by pfeifhuhn Ariana Grande icon by GoddessSellyGomez Robert Downey Jr. Stamp - smile and nod by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - proof that Tony Stark has a Heart by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - smile Tony by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - Party Time by The-GreenGoblin Icon Ariana Grande by ArianaRush Iron Man Stamp - Tony + sunglasses by The-GreenGoblin Vampire Diaries Stamp 2 by wyldflower The Vampire Diaries Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art The Vampire Diaries by fantasy-rainbow Vampire Diaries Stamp by wyldflower Sexy Vampire Diaries Stamp by sugarpoultry vampire diaries stamp by Meybeline Vampire Diaries Stamp by SuperFlash1980 Why We Love The Winchesters: Mad Drumming Skills. by moonymistress Ariana Grande GIF (Click Para ver) by RosiiEditions Kitty Cat Gif 49 by KittyCatGifs Why We Love The Winchesters: This Way Up. by moonymistress Flirty Dean by Cherry619 Gif #9 - Ariana Grande by MarisolCyrus Castiel Icon10 by NikkyJamez Ariana Grande Gif 2 by Glitteroxy-ArtFans Castiel's Wings by thebearlylovable Gif #11 - Ariana Grande by MarisolCyrus Gif #13 - Ariana Grande by MarisolCyrus Supernatural Bottle by LonelySadWanderer Finally Understood by LonelySadWanderer Ariana Grande Icons by LucyyHale Supernatural 'It's homemade' by LonelySadWanderer Ariana Grande Icon 1 by Enchancer Supernatural That's it! by LonelySadWanderer Ariana Grande with her little dog by isaaxo Gone - Castiel x Angel!Reader x Gabriel
Gone - Castiel x Angel!Reader x Gabriel
He was gone.
Away from you.
He had killed him.
Lucifer had killed him. In front of your eyes.
You would never forget that scene. Never.
The pain in Gabriel's eyes. His brother's betrayal.
You never expected Lucifer to do something like that. Kill his brother. No never.
You had known him since you were a little fledgling. Yes he would always brake the rules and refuse to do as told when it came to humans. But never, never would you think that he was capable of doing something like that. Kill his brother.
No. Never.
Gabriel would always be a little trickster which caused fights between him and his brothers but they always loved each other. And they all loved Gabriel.
Or that's at least what you thought til now.
Lucifer had killed him. Gabriel was dead and there was no coming back.
He was gone. Forever.
And you could do nothing to bring him back.
Cause along with him your sould had died too.
Gabriel was your everything.
And now th
Sam x Pregnant!Reader - Dean Jr
You were preparing lunch when you feel a kick in your belly and smiling say:
“So little man, let me just finish preparing things for lunch and then I sit a bit will you? “ You keep saying this and rub your belly until you feel the baby calm down.
When lunch is almost done the front door opens and your bitch, which until then was lying on the kitchen floor watching your every move, get up to go see who had  just walked inside and the she starts barking.
"Hello Nina, have you ported well and watched the lady?" you laugh softly when you hear him saying this.
"Sam I am pregnant, I am not disabled.”
When he enters the kitchen embraces you and your hands down to your belly, he kisses your neck. “How will the two most important people in my life?"
"You know that if Dean could hear what you say that you would be trouble right?" He laughed softly and turns you around so that you're face to face with him. "But we're fine, the baby has started kicking today.” He
Timber ( Clint X Reader )
"Alright, alright, I admit that you are the better dancer than me." You said, putting your hands up in surrender, a small teasing grin curved upon your lips.
Clint laughed triumphantly and slammed back another shot, "Yes I am! But Hey Babe," He lifted his hand to take your chin in his hand. "I am amazing at everything." He smirked, laughing again as you rolled your eyes.
You two were at one of Tony's many, many parties, and you and your fiancé had just finished another one of your signature dance competitions.
You smirked and sipped at your Strawberry Daiquiri, you sighed in content at the small buzz it gave you. "I am a better singer than you." You say, smirking even more as he looked at you with a mischievous expression.
"Nuh-Uh, I am." He countered, pointing a finger at his chest. You grinned and hopped to your feet, pointing your finger right in his face.
"You're on."
You ran up to the small stage and everyone's attention was on you, you smirked and swayed your hips as you w
Assbutt Angel (Misha Collins X Reader)
"Just one day together is all I'm asking here Misha." (Name) said frustratedly, putting a hand on her hip. "I understand that, but I need to go to this party." Her husband responded, pulling on his jacket. "You don't need to go, you want to go." (Name) pointed out, pressing her toes deeper into the carpet. "That's not true." Misha replied annoyed. "That is true! Jensen isn't going, Jared isn't going." (Name) stated. "And how would you know that?" Misha asked, cocking an eyebrow. "Genevieve, Danneel, and I happen to be close friends." His wife replied.
"You really would call them wouldn't you?" Misha said exasperated. "Yes actually, yes I would. The only reason I did was because you haven't been home for reasons other than sleeping! Don't think I don't know that you can pick most of your hours Misha!" (Name) shouted, running a hand through her hair. "Goddamnit, why do you have to make everything difficult?" Misha growled. "Why do you have to be such an asshole!" (Name) snapped.
Misha op
I'll never admit (Tony X Reader) One ShotI'll never admit(Tony X Reader) One shot
"Admit it!" He shouted, following you through the corridor with his annoying smirk. You kept walking and hiding every single emotion, drowning them.
"I have no idea what you are talking about, Mr. Stark" You said with your usual cold tone and poker face.
You were responsible for the Avengers public relationships, making sure people saw them as heroes and not as a threat (You had a particularly hard time cleaning Tony's and Hulk's images). For that job to be done, you had to live under the same roof the Avengers lived. Even though you moved to the Stark Tower for over a month now, you kept your professional life completely apart your work.
Unfortunately, things started going down in the moment you met Tony Stark. He (obviously) tried to flirt with you during the entire first week, but when he noticed you simply wouldn't even smile at any of his pranks or his partners jokes, his goal changed from getting laid to making you laugh.
"Oh, please (f/n)
Time Will Tell (StevexReaderxLoki) Oneshot
"Hey... Tony." Steve said awkwardly while he stood next to a civilian woman inside Stark Tower.
Tony, who had been working on something on the computer near the bar, turned his head to look at the couple. Steve's awkwardness told him exactly what his friend was up to. 
"What's up?" He asked, though he probably didn't need to.
"This is ___. She's a friend of mine." Steve said, trying to sound level headed, but falling just short.
"Uh huh." Tony said, glancing at the lovely woman with curious eyes. "And is there any particular reason why she's here?"
"Well, you told me to look for people to help Pepper and-"
"You think she's cute don't you?" Tony smirked.
The young woman blushed lightly, while she stood beside the Captain.
"N-No!" Steve said, very flustered. "I mean yes. I mean, yes she's umm... I-I just thought she'd do a good job." Steve said, matching the woman's blush on his cheeks.
Tony chuckled lightly, truly realizing how inexpirenced Steve was with women. "You need to get ou
:thumb407191107: We All Get Tired [AdamxReader]
    Walking down yet another seemingly abandoned street, you surrendered to your momentary boredom and pulled your ipod from your pocket, carefully untangling the mess of wires that was, on occasion, a pair of barely working, green and black earbuds. You had to be careful as you pulled the wires through their entangled loops, because one forceful tug too many and they would be broken for good. It really didn’t matter how expensive a pair you could buy, you were cursed with earbuds that didn’t work proper. Maybe you just got stuck with all the defective ones, or maybe you were actually rather brutal to the poor things and you just didn’t realize it. Either way, broken earphones were all you ever seemed to have.
    But enough about that…you had successfully untangled your earbuds and were happy to find that they still worked. You had to turn the volume on your ipod up roughly 75% of the way to hear at a comfortable level, but hey, it worked!
I Was Hungry (AdamxReader) One-Shot
It was the usual cold, snowy day and Adam was walking back from the grocery store to his house. He rarely left the house and when he did it was to pick up simple things for his house. Adam only left the house at night, not particularly fond of the sun but then again what vampire was? He held the plastic bag in his arms as if it were so much work. He let out a heavy sigh, his breath leaving his thin lips in small swirls before drifting upwards into the night sky. The snow crunched as his heavy feet hit it. His footprints would be gone by tomorrow due to the snow. He stopped walking when he heard a strange noise. It sounded almost like a whimpering. 
Adam's eyes flickered here and there before he pinpointed where the sound had come from. He walked past a few tree's and bushes and his eyebrows furrowed when he saw blood splattered across the snow. The drops of blood were light at first, almost like someone had gotten a paper cut. But then further down the trail the snow was covered i
Pillow Fight (Tom Hiddleston X Reader)
You laughed uncontrollably as you watched your boyfriend’s interview. The interviewer had dared him to dance, and he was now jumping around like an excited child. He then switched to moving his hips rapidly in a circling motion, and you burst into a fresh fit of giggles. After that, Tom did the robot, then he “vogued”, all of which amused you greatly. After that, Tom pop and locked, before ending with gangnam style.
You laughed so hard that Tom came out of the bathroom where he had been showering, and into the living room to make sure you were okay.
“I-I’m fine.” You managed to get out between laughter as the video finished. Tom glanced over your shoulder at your laptop and saw that you were watching his interview, and understanding blossomed on his face. With a smirk, he grabbed a pillow from the couch, where you were currently residing, and proceeded to whack you on the head with it.  
You let out a shriek and practically threw your laptop on
The Pocky Game (Tony Stark X Reader)
You sighed in contentment, lounging on Tony’s floor of Stark Tower while munching on a stick of pocky. You were Bruce’s cousin, and you worked with him and Tony in the lab, living at Stark Tower with them. Over time though, you had developed a crush on the self-proclaimed genius, billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist. And truth be told, it sucked. He was, obviously, a Playboy, a fact which you hated. Why would he ever like an average, boring scientist like you?
You were watching some shitty reality show, snorting when the several of the main girls got in a cat fight, scratching at each other and pulling each other’s hair.
“You know, they’re actually very lovely people in real life.” Tony said thoughtfully, sliding onto the couch next to you and snaking an arm around your shoulders.
“Oh really?” You asked sarcastically, extracting Tony’s arm from around your shoulder.
“No.” Tony said flatly. You took in his dead serious ex
:thumb430348945: Future... - Dean x Reader x Castiel
Future... - Dean x Reader x Castiel
To say that the Apocalypse had taken its toll on Dean Winchester would be an understatement...
To be honest if you had asked Dean how he was managing it, he would have answered that he was going well, considering the circumstances of course...
... but after the whole 'traveling' thing... well, he wouldn't say that.
It was true. After Zachariah had sent him in the future, many things had changed...
You had changed...
Well not you. But practcally the way Dean would see you...
What he had seen had completely changed the way he would see you...
Dean walked in to find Cas sitting down, women around him. He was completely different from the way Dean was used to seeing him.
After all the women left you entered accompanied by a very angry future Dean.
"Didn't I tell you to stay where you were?!" he hissed mainly referring to Dean.
"Well I..." Dean started but was cut off by Castiel.
"(Y/n)?" he said frowning, taking a few steps closer to you "Is it you?"
Jealous Girl (TonyxReaderxSteve) One-Shot

You say you want your own life well I do, too
You wanna' lead me all night well I'll show you
C'mon girls march it out show him what you're all about it

Whoopin' the house down, show him who's the leader
Bring ya' baby down, down
Go cheerleader

"Damn it, he's doing it again," You fumed when you Tony Stark flirting with another woman. 
"M'am are you alright?" Steve asked uneasily. By the way your nails were digging into your glass, he could tell that you were very, very mad. 
You and Tony had a complicated relationship. You weren't together yet you were. It was quiet strange yes but it worked between the two of you. Not having a label made things easier in some way. But because of this, the two of you often strayed from one another. If it wasn't you flirting with Steve or Bruce, it was Tony who was practically chasing some young girl in a mini skirt. It drove you wild, almost insane. What you
First impressions - Avengers x Reader
First impressions - Avengers x Reader
All the Avengers made their way towards the main room where Fury had called them. It hadn't been a long time since the whole incident with Loki and everything had changed completely.
First of; Thor had returned to Earth after some time and not only that but he had also joined the Avengers, again, that strangely enough had remained a team.
Well, there were a lot of reasons. One of them being that Earth or just New York wouldn't stop being attacked by whatever evil power someone would think of. Hell there have even been attacks from vampires.
"IT'S TWILIGHT!!!" Tony had said in an all-too-dramatic voice tone.
Tony was the other reason that the Avengers where still together as a team. After things with Pepper had not gone so well she had decided to move to Europe to work there. Not that Tony minded, after all he was the one to propose the whole 'separate our ways' thing, yet leaving him alone which for Tony Stark was not usual at all.
Yes h
Temporary Bliss (Dean Winchester X Reader)
WARNING: Slight sexual references
I come over
Quarter past two
Love in my eyes
Blinded by you
Just to get a taste of heaven
I'm on my knees
I can't help it
I'm addicted
But I can't stand the
Pain inflicted
In the morning
You're not holding on to me

“Dean, we need to talk about this.” You grumbled as Dean’s lips attached themselves to your neck.
“Later.” Dean growled, pushing you onto the bed and crawling on top of you a moment later, lips already attacking your neck again.
You sighed, but your arms wound around his neck anyway, knowing that ‘later’ would never come. You’d wake up in the morning, covered in sweat and alone, like always.
But for now, you pushed the thoughts out of your head, and allowed yourself to sink into the bliss that Dean had to offer, even if it was just temporary.
You muttered something in your sleep, rolling over and reaching out for Dean, whimpering slightly when you came in contact with t
Dean WinchesterxReader-RainDean WinchesterxReader-Rain

Rain.You loved rain.Most people would find you insane for preferring rainy days than sunny ones but you just did.You even liked standing in the middle of the rain feeling the hundreds of drops hit your face and closed eyes.Making you wet to the bone,something that for you was really exciting.Not having to care about anything and just take few moments to feel the world behind all this madness you were living in,called hunting.
Yes you loved rain.A contributory fact to which,that it was raining when you met him.You had bumped into him in a crowd of people rushing to get somewhere dry and avoid the rain.All apart from you and him...He didn't seem to even try and avoid not getting wet.He just continued his way as if nothing happened.Just like you...
You were holding some books for the hunt you were in town for.And bumping into him made you drop them.He helped you and that's w

Such a simple word once yet so important and meaningful now.
Yes meaningful now. Meaningful since you had met him. Since the moment his piercing blue eyes met your (e/c) ones. Sine the moment his rough yet warm hands touched yours.Since the moment you heard his voice. Since the moment he spoke to you.
And since the moment his lips touched yours. Since that moment when he told you those three simple words "I love you" so simple and yet so full of meaning.
You fell.
Meaningful. Even more considering the fact that you both were angels. Ment to feal nothing or only love for your Father.
And that's when you had completely fallen for him.
That's what you both were. Fallen. Fallen for love and fallen for each other.
But how could you prevent something like that? How?
You had fallen for him since the very first second and that was something inevitable.
That voice.
Those eyes.
Avengers/DoctorWho/Sherlock/SPN CastXFamous!Reader
*3rd Person's P.O.V~*
Today is the Comic Con 2013 in New York, and what's special is.. It is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who! And the cast of Supernatural and Sherlock decided to come celebrate.
Yup, the 50th Anniversary! And that means, all the cast of Doctor Who is there. And, there is another surprise that NO ONE expects. Not even she knows.
All of the casts came, including Matt Smith, Jenna Louise Coleman David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and the birthday girl, ____ _____! A.K.A the Most Favorited Character on Doctor Who. (Though you're faved No.1 in ANY shows/movie)
There was about 1 hour left before the Comic Con for answering so ____ waked around and gave autographs to fans and pictures, her fans giving her some arts for her Birthday with Cosplayers like Kratos, Sephiroth, Booker DeWitt, and even one of her biggest fans as herself as Cyborg Slasher.
When it was almost sta
Bed sharing - Dean x Reader x Sam
Bed sharing - Dean x Reader x Sam
The constant driving always got on your nerves. But it was something you just couldn't avoid. Since being a hunter ment that you had to be constantly on the road.
Luckily it wasn't you the one that was driving but Dean. So luckily you had the opportunity to sleep and rest during long drives.
And even more luckily you didn't need to fight over a bed with any of the Winchesters. And the few times that you had stayed at a motel Dean had been able to find room with three beds.
Which also ment that you didn't have to share a bed with one of them. Not that you would mind.
Well sort of...
You wouldn't mind sharing a bed with Sam atall but Dean... well yeah you knew very well that he would just settle for side to side sleeping.
And he had shown that lots of times...
Not that you minded whatsoever...
Yes he would constantly flirt with, compliment you, try to find ways and places to be alone with you, get closer invading your personal plac
What the Crowley?! - Sam x Reader x Dean
What the Crowley?! - Sam x Reader x Dean
What the Crowley...
You remember having come up with that expression once and using it with your best friends but never had you thought that you would be using it with the whole meaning of it...
Yeah what the Crowley was definitely the only way you could be able to describe what was happening to you...
And you still remember how it all had started...
You were so happy that day.
Not only the summer holidays had started, not only had your parents let you spend it at a house they owned that was near a lake - meaning you could go swimming whenever you wanted to - but also they had bought you all 8 seasons of Supernatural that you would definitely be watching over and over again the whole summer.
This summer was going to be awesome, that was for sure. After all watching Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki almost all day long while waiting for your best friend to send you the photos from the comic-con she would go was... yeah AW
TonyxReader- His GirlsIt was a peaceful night in New York city, the sound of cars could be heard and the sound of people talking also was heard. The night was alive with people out and about, either having meals or just enjoying a drink out.
_____ was not one of them.
She hummed as she turned the page of the magazine she was reading. Sitting comfortably on the sofa in Stark tower, the sound of the TV blaring in the background with the occasional giggles from little Janet Stark were heard. She sighed quietly.
She tried to get Janet to go to bed but the little girl insisted she would wait for her Daddy to return home. So _____ simply dropped it and said nothing else.
Besides, how can you resist a pout from a small child?  
She snickered to herself, with the pout. Janet more or less has the Avengers wrapped around her tiny little fingers, mostly Clint and Thor.
A sigh escaped her mouth and she looked to the windows which was a replacement of a wall and then she looked to the TV as the movie Mulan was play
Dean x Reader x Sam - Supernatural Summer (2/2)
Dean x Reader x Sam - Supernatural Summer (2/2)
Living with Dean and Sam Winchester was not one of the easiest things in the world.
From one aspect it was fun, teasing Dean with the help of Sam and all, but from the other... well, it wasn't.
Simply because you could not write...
Yeah, writting was one of your most favorite things to do. Writting, and mainly fanfictions, which was what you couldn't do with a certain Winchester in the house.
Although you had managed to write quite numerous fanfics, which you had uploaded, you could no longer do so, since whenever you took your pc just to write a small one-shot he would pop-in almost out of the nowhere.
And that's what he had done today...
Sam was sleeping at the moment since some certain green-eyed Winchester had not let him sleep atall, because he asked him constantly whether he was still at his bed...
... obviously thinking that he might leave during the night and sleep in your bed, something that had not happened but Dean
Dean x Pregnant!Hurt!Reader - One more Winchester
You were trembling like there was no tomorrow that pink stick signalizing that you were expecting a baby for a couples of weeks by now. You were happy and you knew that Dean was going to be happy as well but you couldn’t tell him anything at least not now, you needed to go with him and Sam on a hunt you needed to finish this one job and then you would stay on the bunker until the baby born
You were so into your own thoughts that you almost didn’t hear Sam calling you.
“(Y/N)! You coming or what?”
You put the pregnancy test on top of the counter and get out of the bathroom.
“I am own my way Sammy.”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Ahaha..... try to stop me.”
You pick your bag and your gun and get out to the car, you put everything on the trunk and slide to the front sit. During the all trip you were thinking of what you had discovered, once again you are so deep in your thoughts that you didn’t hear what Dean said. You only b
The Warrior (SifxReader) One-shot
The sound of swords clashing with each other as warriors and future warriors could be heard throughout the training room. Grunts as well as the sound of said warriors falling on their backs could also be heard along with the sound of something being smashed every once in a while. You were one of these said warriors and you were battling with Sif. 
Out of the two of you, Sif was the first one to become a warrior. You had become one just a year later. It wasn't a shock to you though how quickly Sif had become a warrior. She was very skilled with her sword and could take on any man, any woman, anything. She was strong not only in the battlefield, but a strong person at heart as well. She had always been there for you when you had a problem. Plus, Sif was very beautiful. She long, wavy jet black hair that flowed so effortlessly in the wind. Her tanned skin practically glowed in the sunlight and her vibrant olive colored eyes stared into your's with such intensity that you felt
What I Need [AdamxReader One Shot]
    The street lights had just come on as you glanced out the window of the small coffee shop where you worked. You watched the near empty street for a moment as with a sigh as you returned your attention to wiping off the tables and counters around. Your shift would soon be over, and you were graciously looking forward to it. Today had been a slow day, and certainly it had been long. It wasn’t so much that today was any different; you were just eager to leave as soon as you could. There was somewhere you wanted to be, and it wasn’t here.
    You finished clearing up the tables of their coffee stains and sugar spills, and as you slipped back behind the counter towards the sinks to clean up, you glanced at the clock on the wall. Only a minute or two before your shift ended. You glanced around the empty shop and smiled. “Hey, I’m gonna get going,” you called to the other barista who was in the back room, a girl name Veronica, as you slid
Thor x Pregnant! Reader |One More Try|
It had become a normal thing for Thor to return home and not find his bride (Name) attending the celebratory feasts in his honor, or joining everyone at any meal or social gatherings. It had merely begun a month and some days ago, but it was becoming increasingly concerning for everyone, even Odin, when the activity, or lack thereof, persisted.
“Thor, my son, I believe it would be wise to retrieve your wife and return here to dine with us. Do you not feel the same way?” Odin asked softly, earning a swift silence around the table.
Thor shifted, placing the leg of turkey back onto his platter with a grimace.
“Do not think that I haven’t tried, but (Name), she...refuses to move from her place by the window anymore. She hardly sleeps, let alone eats. No matter how long I am gone, I have yet to see her move whenever I return. I fear that this will not end for a long time.” He explained, casting his gaze down. His mother could only smile sadly at her son, offeri
Adam x Reader One Shot
    You sat by the edge of the bath, watching as the water level slowly rose. The sound of the faucet was obnoxiously loud, but you would only have to put up with it for a few more moments, and then you could enjoy complete silence. You stood up and slowly paced around for a minute as you waited. Patience may have been a virtue, but it certainly wasn’t one you had.
    As you stepped back to the bath you turned off the water, glad to hear the sound of the faucet immediately stop. You grabbed a small bottle of bath salts you had been given a long time ago and carefully removed the lid. There wasn’t much left in the bottle so you just poured all that remained into the water and dipped your fingers in to swirl it around. The water’s color turned a slightly orangish-red tint as the faint scent of oranges filled the room.
    You dried your hands on the towel that was on the edge of the bath before carefully sliding off the long summer dress y
Clint x Pregnant! Reader |We'll Be Okay|
Women usually don’t hold sticks very often. In fact, there are only a select few times a woman would actually hold a legitimate stick, no matter what size.
Usually it’s if you’re pretending to be a warrior or a fairy princess as a child, where the stick would hail from a tree, and it would be used as a “sword” or a “wand”.
Another instance would be if she’s a loving wife helping her husband pick up the ugly sticks littering the yard. Of course, the same scenario could be used for a lady who is just self conscious about her yard’s appearance, apartment or house.
An even deeper analysis would be if the woman was a nurse, and used a thermometer to check the temperature of a patient, or a tongue depressor to look down their throat to check for abnormalities.
However, in the case of (Name) Barton, she had a very specific and rather different use for this alleged “stick”.
You see, her “stick” was actually a pregnan
Story Of My Life - Tony Stark x Reader
Story Of My Life - Tony Stark x Reader
Tony walked in a place he had never thought he would walk again...
... never say never...
Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days

This place... this apartment reminded him so many things... it brought back so many memories...
... it broke his heart...
She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones
Seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone

It broke his heart remembering all those beautiful times he had spent with you... this place that you had abandoded remined his of all those beautiful moments... all those unique moments that he would never forget...
And I'll be gone, gone tonight
The ground beneath my feet is open wide
The way that I been holding on too tight
With nothing in between

That would hunt him wherever he was... Your smile... your laugh... your eyes... your fragrance... hunting...
Right There - Tony Stark x Reader
Right There - Tony Stark x Reader
That was the only word that could describe Tony's day.
Boring and depressing.
He walked towards the living room looking for someone. A certain someone that, he knew for sure, would enlighten his day just by a smile.
And he kept looking for you, yet not finding you nowhere.
"Hey, Cap have you seen (y/n)? I have been looking for her all morning and I just can't seem to find her." he said as soon as he saw the super soldier.
"Uhm I think she is in her room. How about you look there?" he suggested and Tony nodded.
Without hesitating a moment Tony made his way towards your room, leaving Steve do whatever he was doing, he didn't care after all.
He just wanted to find you and talk to you.
It wasn't only because he was bored or in a bad mood and wanted you to cheer him up.
Aside from that he wanted to try his luck... once again...
Yes try his luck...
That's what he has been doing since you had joined SHIELD. He had been constantly flirting with
Smile - Loki x Reader x Thor
Smile - Loki x Reader x Thor
Loki remembered.
He remembered how he always lived...  in his brother's shadow...
His brother...
How their father always favored him...
How everyone was sure he was the one that was going to become the king of Asgard...
How he was the righteous son of Odin that did nothing wrong...
How he was perfect...
How he achieved whatever he wished for...
How he was the charismatic child that got whatever he wanted without even trying...
Because he was Thor...
And Loki remembered that...
He remembered it every morning he woke up... every day... every hour of the day... he remembered it...
And that's why he hated him...
Yes he hated Thor... he hated him for always achieving whatever goal he set... for getting what he wanted... for getting... what Loki wanted...
He hated him for that... for always being better than Loki... for getting what Loki wanted... for doing what Loki thought of doing, better than him...
And that's how and why he had started to ha
Little Me - Steve Rogers x Reader
Little Me - Steve Rogers x Reader
Your life.
You hated your life.
You hated everything about your life.
You hated having to go to college every day and have to put up with everyone telling you what to do and critisize you whenever you made a mistake...
You hated it when they deprecated you...
She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl
Voice so quiet you don't hear a word,
Always talking but she can't be heard,
You can see there if you catch her eye,
I know she's brave but it's trapped inside,
Scared to talk but she don't know why,

And they deprecated you every day... just because you had made a mistake all that time ago and now... now you were cursed...
Wish I knew back then
What I know now.
Wish I could somehow
Go back in time and maybe listen to my own advice.

Not that you viewed it anymore as mistake, after all that had given you the opportunity to join SHIELD, and if you could go back in time you would do the same thing...
... you would take the bullet instead of your b
Tattooed Heart - Steve Rogers x Reader
Tattooed Heart - Steve Rogers x Reader
He couldn't believe it.
Steve couldn't believe it how Tony had managed to drag him to one of his parties. He never was good at interacting or being social whatsoever, so whenever Tony tried to convince him to come at his parties Steve would just refuse.
So why did he say yes this time?
Maybe it was the fact that all the Avengers would be there, or the fact that it was a some sort of goodbye party to Pepper who the following day would be flying to Europe where she would live from then and on or even the fact that he had not much to do and Tony would not stop bugging him.
Yes maybe all of those reasons.
All of those reasons had made Captain America take Tony Stark up on his party invitation and go along with all the other members of the team on one more party organised by the one and only Tony Stark.
But what he came face to face with was just... well unexpected.
It wasn't like the parties that Tony organised and he had seen on TV or read or
Look Around You (Jensen Ackles X Reader)
Jensen opened his eyes to the bright morning light, the seagulls flying past the window and the large view of the ocean. It was beautiful, but not as beautiful as the woman curled into his side. Her hair was splayed over the pillow in soft waves. Her lips were parted slightly, small puffs of air blowing onto his neck. 
He didn't want to wake her, but they had an agreement that Jensen had to say goodbye before he left for work. He wasn't sure how long filming would take today, but he wanted at least see his girlfriend's smiling face before he left. 
"(Name)" He whispered, poking her side. As usual, (Name) squirmed away with a huff, obviously tired and annoyed that Jensen would use such torture to wake her. "(Name)." Jensen whispered once more. "Mhmm, lemme sleep." She replied, pulling the covers over her head. Jensen smiled softly, watching the way the light highlighted her hair. "I have to go to work." He informed. (Name) whined, grabbing Jensen hand, as if it'd prevent him f
Dean x Reader x Sam - Snowball fight - Part 1Dean x Reader x Sam - Snowball fight
Part 1

Christmas. Your favourite time of the year. You loved christmas. You loved gathering all the decorations from whatever place you had put them last year and start decorating the whole house and of course your favorite, the Christmas tree.
You loved going out to buy Christmas presents for Dean, Sam and Bobby and choosing what they would like for a present even thought they said they didn't want any. That's how it went every year. Them denying they wanted a present, you buying them one for each and in the end them liking it.
You also lovined trying to guess what present they were gonna buy you, they always did. Every year. And every year you tried to make them tell you what they had bought you. And you made it, well sort of. You managed to make Sam tell you what he had bought you just by using the puppy eyes, that he had taught you and that every year he said that he was not
BrucexReader-Calming Mr GreenIt was another 'normal' day. _____ yawned as she rubbed her eye. She typed on the computer, the keys clicking as she scanned the screen with her (e/c) eyes, Director Fury had asked her to hack into top secret files which she was more than happy to do since she was the best hacker in SHIED, well ,Tony was more awesome than her (After he had announced it loudly I may add).
She sighed and then stretched to get feeling back into her tired body. A yawn escaped her lips as she stretched more, sighing in relief as her back and other joints popped, she grumbled and continued to type.
She paused as there was a commotion but ignored it and continued to type.
_____ jumped from fright as the vent next to her gave way and Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye jumped down from the vents.
“What do you want Clint?” She asked as she didn't take her eyes off the screen.
“We have a slight problem.”
“What problem? Can't you sort it out.”
She jumped and Clint froze as there was a ro
LokixReader- Green Silk PajamasA groan escaped your lips, you had a long but hard day, not to mention a bad one too.
First you had woken up late, then your car had broken down, you barely got to work and you were harassed by your boss, lost your job when you lost your temper after he had the nerves to spank your ass and what else? Oh! That's right, your so called 'friend' spreading rumors about you which were full of bull, the rumors are that your an attention seeker, and the ironic thing is that she's being a hypocrite, you don't bring attention upon yourself unlike her who would do anything for attention.
And then your car gave way once again, but this time you can't fix it at all. And you had to walk since the bus you took won't go all the way to the bus stop, you had a feeling the bus driver hates you.
The bus ride. Oh, you wanted to murder someone so badly as some little kid. (Or punk as you called him.) decided to kick your seat all the way to the stop area. You had lost it and yelled at the little brat to kno
Dean WinchesterxReader-Not falling for you-Chpt. 1Dean WinchesterxReader-Not falling for you
Chapter 1

Dean and Sam were on town hunting. You knew it. And how couldn't you? Wherever you went you would always hear some hunters talk about it. It didn't exactly bother you or annoy you. You just didn't like their presence on town. Because that meant that they were here for the vampire nest you were hunting too. And the worst, if they found out that this was your hunt they would want to maybe team up with you which would lead to having to put up with that jerkass, as you would call him, Dean Winchester.
It is not that you hated him. He just really gave on your nerves. His arrogance and the fact that he thought he could get any girl he wanted without even trying, without any exeptions.
But you had been the exeption to his rule. And you remember how it all had happened.
You were currently working at the Roadhouse with Ellen and Jo. You had known them for almost all
Dean WinchesterxReader-Promise-Chapter 1Dean WinchesterxReader-Promise
Chapter 1

~Your P.O.V.~
Dean, Sam and I were now in a small town and were hunting a spirit. A lot of people were saying that their close ones would see nightmares every night before ending  up dead under uncertain circumstances. Yeah preatty much like the "Nightmare on Elm Street" with the exeption that this was real.
To be honest I didn't really like the idea of having to hunt, who knows, Freddy Krueger himself. And to be more honest I was scared. Scared that Sam or Dean would see a dream, scared that something would happen to them.
We arrived at our motel and checked in. The room wasn't really big or anything impressive but not small either. Typical motel room, would say someone. But at least  I was lucky to get the one bed, Sammy on the other one already sleeping just like a puppy.
Dean as always claimed the bathroom first. I highly doubt that there will be any warm water

You were a singer. Singer, yeah sort of. Basically you were a hunter pretending to be a singer, just to earn a living. And you had a good voice. Well at least that's what most of people told you. That's what he had told you. You remember how it all had started.
Third Person's P.O.V.
You were in the same town for almost a few months. Mystic Falls. A town full of supernatural beings, full of cases for a hunter like you. You were currently singing at Mystic Grill, a place were not only were you able to earn a living but also spy on most of the vampires that came here. Although it was a bar for humans, no hunters, there would always be some vampires or other supernatural being around. So basically it was the perfect place for you to work at.
You were singing one of your favorite song (f/s), an acoustic version to be specific while your attention was not on it but on t
In fact... - Dean Winchester x Reader
In fact... - Dean Winchester x Reader

Waking up early in the morning wasn't really your thing.
It wasn't that you would sleep til 12 o'clock every day (and in fact being a hunter didn't allow you that) but you would sometimes sleep til that time only under certain circumstances.
One of which being the fact that you slept really late at night due to searching and the other one being the fact that it was one of those days that you didn't want to leave the bed no matter what...
But now you had to get up.
First; it was 11:35 and second; you really wanted to take a shower, even a long-night's sleep hadn't helped you relax completely from the previous hunt. It was quite a rough one.
So although you were still a little bit sleepy you got up from bed kicking the sheets off and walked towards the bathroom, eyes half open half closed.
'Yep definitely need a cold shower...' you thought rubbing your eyes to get the sleep out of them, your head down as you reached the bathroom's door.
You r
Loki x Reader x Steve Totally Different
“What?” The pair of men said in unison, staring at their close friend in bewilderment. She shuffled her feet, looking out the suddenly very interesting sky outside the Tower window.
“What do you mean, ‘what’?” She asked, glancing over at them.
“How is it you can like both of us at the same time?” Steve questioned, still surprised by the confession. She shrugged, averting their stares again.
“I don’t know, I just...I just do.” (Name) said quietly, watching them closely for a reaction. Loki just shook his head, still confused.
“But we are both such different...people.” He managed, gesturing to them both. “He is a Midgardian human beast, whereas I am a benevolent, graceful and cunning prince.” He explained, holding out an arm rather triumphantly. Steve just rolled his eyes.
“Surely you would want to choose me over that.” He commented. (Name) looked over at him curiously,
Cherry Pie - Sam x Reader x Dean - EpilogueIt had been five months since then. Five months since I had left it all behind. I abandoned Sam and Dean. I left everything behind. All I had grabbed was my clothes, shoving several them into a bag, my car keys and any small essentials that I thought I might need- especially money.
I raced out of the house with Sam following me like a puppy, begging me not to go. I honestly thought it would be the other way around. I thought that I would be the one running out of the house after Sam as he threw his things in the back seat of the car, begging him not to leave me and to come back inside.
Sadly, I was the one that left. I was the one crying my eyes as I threw my things in the back seat. I was the one that slid into the front seat, slamming the door and not looking him the eyes as I drove away from my home and my family.
The longer I drove my car down the road the harder I cried. Once I was knew that I was in another town - city even - I stopped my car on the outskirts and screamed. I scre
All I Want (Dean X Reader)
It had been over 12 years since Dean had last seen you. You two hadn't exactly parted on the best of terms either. Sam was happily married and living in California. Dean was still hunting, it was something he wasn't sure he could stop even if he tried. He knew he could have picked up the phone and call you at anytime to check up on you. But he never did, just tucked his phone away and busied himself with something else.
Finally, after a day long internal battle, and another day to build up courage, Dean had Bobby find your location and took the drive to North Carolina. Here he was now, fiddling with his clothes, waiting to see you again for the first time in years. He was so lost in his own mind that he didn't even hear you say come in.
The door opened and Dean looked to see you staring at him shocked. You were just as beautiful as he had remembered. Your body was filled out, you were taller, your lips fuller, hair longer, but your eyes seemed almost, darker. "Dean?" You whispered brea
Clint x Reader |Just Be Careful|
Clint Barton wasn’t well known for relaxing. He was dedicated to his job, after all. But when Clint Barton relaxed, Clint Barton relaxed. It was about 9:30 p.m. at his apartment, and he was sitting contently on his couch, running through his mission reviews determinedly.  The lights were dim and he was wearing his favorite pajamas of all time; Classic navy tank top and black pants.
While it was his favorite, he hardly ever got to wear it at home. And that was thanks to (Name), who told him that it was the forbidden fashion rule to ever wear navy blue and black together, “no matter how sexy the guy wearing it was”.
He smiled at the thought of her scolding him every time he tried to wear it when they were both at home. But his smile faded when he realized she wasn’t home yet. A pang of worry hit him, and he slipped out his phone.
‘She should have been home 20 minutes ago...’ He thought, sliding through the contacts. But just befo
Clint x Sick! Reader |Little Bit Sick|
(Name) always wondered why people used the term “I feel like Death” when they were sick. It must suck to be Death if he really feels hot and cold all the time, coughing, hacking, splitting headaches, etc. So, while she felt sick and terrible that morning, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for Death, too.
She sighed, attempting to bring herself back to reality, but instead she erupted into a coughing fit. Her husband groaned softly next to her, shifting but not really responding. Her head hit the pillow again, the splitting headache beginning to take effect.
“Is this what it’s like to feel like Death?” (Name) croaked, squeezing her eyes shut when the arrow of pain pierced through her skull. She felt Clint shift next to her again.
“(Name), I have no idea what you’re taaaaaaaaaand you’re sick.” He realized, watching her hand go up to her forehead.
“Uh, yeah, just a little bit.” She replied with wh
Supernatural life - Supernatural x Reader(SPN/TVD)
Supernatural life - Supernatural x Reader (SPN/TVD crossover)
That's what was only in your mind.
Running... to save your life.
Your life. You had no idea how your life had come to this. All of a sudden you had found out that every supernatural being that you had ever imagined, read or heard of, was real.
How? You even couldn't answer that question.
It had just happened to be that group of mysterious guys that had come to your school as 'exchange' students and all of a sudden you had found out that they were... vampires. And not only that, but you were one too.
Crazy right? Well not to them.
To cut a long story short you had been informed that indeed you were a half vampire, just that your vampire side was 'sleeping' and that's how it would till the end of your life unles... unless you were killed during the year of the 'Bloody Moon'. And that year happened to be this year...
So in order to prevent anyone from killing you, and thus bringing every supernatural de
Dean x Reader x Sam - Supernatural Summer (1/2)
Dean x Reader x Sam - Supernatural Summer (1/2)
After you explained everything to Sam and Dean you guided them towards the room they would be staying.
You had to admit you couldn't still believe it. Living in a house with Dean and Sam Winchster themselves was simply amazing. They seemed to be just like you had imagined them that they would be in real life.
Sam was the sweet and gentle brother, that you completely got along with. He obviously was smart and kind. And you had to admit he was incredibly cute when he shuttered and blushed as you talked to them about Supernatural and the fact that you had seen and still remembered every scene.
While Dean... well, Dean was Dean and that explained everything. He was flirty non-stop and always made remarks. Though you had to admit he was quite funny and you had quite a lot in common, which was something you hadn't realised despite the fact that you were a Dean-girl (not that you were going to let him know).
So you all walked upstairs as you gui


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